Musical Instruments of North-Eastern India - Informative & researched article on Musical Instruments of North-Eastern India
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Musical Instruments of North-Eastern India
Musical Instruments of North-Eastern India, since ages, have accompanied and enhanced the essence of music of this region.
 Musical Instruments of North-Eastern India are an integral part of the cultural heritage of the country. These instruments accompany the regional music of this region and add even more vigour to it. A variety of instruments are prevalent in North Eastern India which include different types of wind instruments, string instruments and percussion instruments.

Musical Instruments of North-Eastern India Musical Instruments of Assam
Dhol is a famous Assamese Instrument. It is a double headed barrel shaped drum. It is played with the aid of two wooden sticks composed of cane wood or bamboo and varies in size from region to region. Gogona is a reed instrument played mainly along with Bihu. It is constructed of a piece of wood or horn with bifurcation on one end. Another instrument of this state is Pepa made up of cane or bamboo, capped at one end with a horn. Taal is used along with traditional songs of Assam that makes a high pitched sound. Khol is a percussion instrument of Assam. It is a two sided drum made of terracotta. Dotara was initially adopted by Fakirs and Bauls as their traditional instrument. It is a string instrument having with two to five strings. Besides these, other musical instruments of this state are Toka, Xutuli, Madol, Baanhi, Nagera, Ektara, Zuri tala etc.

Musical Instruments of Tripura
Music is an integral part of the culture of Tripura and a number of instruments have originated in this state. Among the ancient instruments of the state is Sumui is a famous one. It is made of bamboo and produces beautiful melodies. Sarinda is a string instrument mainly used by the tribal population. Chongpreng is another popular tribal instrument. It is a kind of chordophone lute composed of bamboo. Dangdoo is a combination of percussion and wind instrument. Kham is a double membrane drum used extensively in the regional music of the state. Kham is played by suspending it to the neck and tying to the waist. These are played with strings or hand. Lebang-Lebangti is one of the most special and unique instruments of Tripura. Uakhrap is also a traditional instrument. Its origin can be traced to ancient times. Rhythmic sounds are produced in this instrument with bamboo sticks.

Musical Instruments of Meghalaya
Musical instruments play a vital role in the art and culture of Meghalaya. Dama is a popular percussion instrument made of wood. It is a narrow and long drum producing strong rhythms. Kram is a similar instrument similar to Dama but a little larger one. According to tribal beliefs, the instrument is played only on special occasions. Another instrument is Nagra. It is generally played for assembling people at Nokma's house for some entertainment of feast. Flutes are also a part of the regional music of Meghalaya. Gongmina is also known as Jew's harp and is made up of a thin slit of bamboo. Cymbals are widely used by the regional people of Meghalaya which is played by hitting a pair of cymbals against each other. These are of two types namely Kakwa and Nenggilsi. Other regional musical instruments of this state are Rang, Trumpets, Tangmuri, Singdiengphong, Kynphong, Naila, Padiah etc.

Musical Instruments of North-Eastern India Musical Instruments of Mizoram
A number of musical instruments have also emerged in Mizoram. Khuang is a compulsory instrument for all the regional occasions of the state. It is a percussion instrument. Tawtawrawt is a kind of trumpet made of bamboo whereas Phenglawng is a flute which produces a variety of melodies. Hnahtum is another type of wind instrument which is made of leaves to produce different types of sounds. Tuium dar is a string instrument made of bamboo. It has three strings to create melodies. Tingtang is also known as Mizo guitar. It is also made of bamboo which is fixed on a gourd. Other instruments of this state include Lemlawi, Buhchangkuang, Rawchhem, Tumphit, Seki, Darbu, Darmang, Talhkhuang etc.

Musical Instruments of Nagaland
Numerous musical instruments have also developed in Nagaland that accompany and enhance the beauty of regional music of the state. The instruments of Nagaland enlist Tati, Theku, Asem, Jemji, trumpets, cup violins, bamboo flutes and many more.

Musical Instruments of North-Eastern India are popular among the tribal as well as modern musicians. These instruments have been one of the key elements for the mesmerizing renditions of north east India. Several renowned artists have emerged over time, who have expertise in these instruments and have acquired huge fame throughout the country.

(Last Updated on : 31/07/2013)
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Musical Instruments of North-Eastern India - Informative & researched article on Musical Instruments of North-Eastern India
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