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History of Uttar Pradesh
The state was the heart of Mahabharata war and the history of Uttar Pradesh is very much the history of India. The place finds its mentions in Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata.
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 Khandepar Caves
:; Khandepar Caves are four rock cut caves that dates back to the 11th century and are at Khandepar in North Goa District. It is located within 5 km from Ponda and 36 km from Panaji
Mayabunder is situated in the Northern part of middle of Andaman and Nicobar Islands that is Middle Andamans. Mayabunder is one of the popular tourist attractions in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Diglipur is a nice place of tourist importance in North Andaman Islands, located in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Digilipur is a divine place for the tourists for its natural beauty.
 History of Chhattisgarh
History of Chhattisgarh dates back to the era of epics and traces through the reign of powerful dynasties in India like Marathas. The area developed a rich cultural heritage during British era.
 History of Jharkhand
One of the fairly newer states, Jharkhand was carved out of the southern portion of Bihar in 2000. The history of Jharkhand is seeped with a variety of cultural significances starting from the Vedic era to Mughal period and finally the British administration.
style='margin-left:7px;color:#F8280E'>• History of Arunachal Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh possesses a rich historical heritage of culture of the ancient tribes. Being a bordering state of India, Arunachal Pradesh also has a history of military unrest since ancient Indian age.
 History of Manipur
History of Manipur can be traced back to the prehistoric ages and this was followed by a number of rulers who reigned the land from age to age till it came under British rule and later joined the union of India.
 Tourism In Manipur
Tourism in Manipur consists of religious places, scenic lakes, national park, hill station, monuments and gardens. The tourism attracts a lot of visitors from all over the country and even foreigners.
 History of Meghalaya
The history of Meghalaya predominantly comprises of the three tribes of the state- Garo, Khasi and Jaintia tribes. Later on Meghalaya was formed by carving out two districts from the state of Assam.
 Telugu People
Telegu people are rich in culture, values and customary practices. They highlight the ethnicity and tradition of Andhra Pradesh. Their culture is diversified and expanded into several occasions.
 Punjabi Culture
Punjabi culture is acknowledged by India and overseas for its aura of majestic heritage and tradition.
 History of Andhra Pradesh
History of Andhra Pradesh traces its origin back to the 5th century BC. According to the inscriptions, Kuberaka, the oldest Kingdom in South India had an empire in the coastal Andhra during that period.
 Botanical Garden and Aquarium
Botanical Garden and Aquarium is a major tourist spot of Puducherry. Established in 1826 this is one of the most enriched botanical gardens of Puducherry. Along with some exotic flowers, this park is one of attractive sites in Puducherry.
 Godchinamalaki Falls
The Godchinamalaki Falls happens to be one nature created waterfall located on the Markandeya River in Karnataka. It makes a great tourist site and has many visitors attracted to it.
 Culture of Telangana
The cultural weight of Telangana is an amalgamation of the Muslim culture evolving from the Hyderabadi Nizams and the South Indian culture. The state offers a wide range of diversity out of these two.
Duarsini is a small tribal village at Purulia district in West Bengal that offers a tranquil ambiance and an illyric pleasure. It is an appropriate weekend gate away for people looking for solace from the daily life.
 Tagore Hill
Tagore Hill is located in Jharkhand. The place is named after the world famous Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore. The place serves as a beautiful tourist spot for its scenic beauty.
 Mawsmai Cave
Mawsmai Cave is an enthralling limestone cave in Meghalaya. It has extremely beautifully lit interiors, which allow the tourists to have a close look at the awe-inspiring natural rock formations.
 Waterfalls of Chhattisgarh
Waterfalls of Chhattisgarh are spread across the varied landscape of the state. These waterfalls enhance and augment the scenic beauty of the place and attract numerous tourists to the region.
 History of Goa
History of Goa dates back to the 3rd century BC and reflects the rule of the mighty rulers and gained its independence under Jawaharlal Nehru.
 Tourism In Goa
Tourism in Goa offers the visitors a wide array of cathedrals, fabulous beaches, hill-top forts and ferry rides. It attracts travellers from all around the world.
 Culture of Tripura
Tripuri culture owes its exuberance to the tribal populous, comprising of tribes like Maslums, Chakmas etc, each amalgamating the whole of the cultural heritage, its individuality and ethnicity.
 History of Maharashtra
Maharashtra, the land of charismatic Marathas, unfolds the legend of diverse culture and tradition, keeping in pace with the modernity. The gallant history of Maharashtra is still echoed amidst its historical relics and archeological wonders.
 Culture of Odisha
Culture of Odisha exhibits both traditional as well as modern elements. The state is well known for its various cultural elements including the Odissi dance and music, the Rath Yatra and much more.
 Tourism In Nagaland
Tourism in Nagaland is an amalgamation of cathedrals, peaks, valleys, wild life and museums. The state is filled with drool worthy picturesque locations all over. It attracts tourists from all over the country.
 Art of Kerala
Art of Kerala is classified under four groups which include classical art, martial art, folk art and temple music. The various forms of Art of Kerala reflect the outlook and lifestyle of the people of the state.
 Maharana Pratap Singh
Maharana Pratap is the pride of Rajputs. He was the ruler of Mewar belonging from the Sisodiya clan of Suryavanshi Rajputs. He is the representation of courage and power in to the Rajput Community.
 Adi Kailash
Adi Kailash is a mountain in the Himalayan range. It is also known as “Chota Kailash” because of having resemblance with Mount Kailash. It is one of the prestigious hill stations of Uttarkhand visited by tourists and trek lovers from all around the globe.
 Trekking in Sikkim
Trekking in Sikkim provides a glorious opportunity to scale the towering peaks and savour the adrenaline rush. Sikkim is a haven for avid trekkers. There are numerous trek routes in Sikkim that can offer a plethora of scenic places and natural mountains.
 Adventure Sports in Sikkim
Adventure Sports in Sikkim proves to be a perfect way to sightsee and experience the countryside of Sikkim. Sikkim provides numerous adventure sports to please the craving of adventure-lovers.
 Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden
Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden is situated at Rumtek in Sikkim. It houses many rare species of Himalayan plants. It is maintained and managed by the Forest Department of the Government of Sikkim.
 Leisure Tourism in Sikkim
Leisure Tourism in Sikkim gained popularity with an increasing number of tourists visiting this hilly region for its natural beauty. The state is naturally gifted having all sorts of destinations which are worth visiting.
 Vajrai Waterfalls
Vajrai Waterfalls in Maharashtra is the second-highest plunge waterfall in India.
The village of Khonoma in the north eastern state of Nagaland is known to be the first ever green village in the country.
 Kohima War Cemetery
The Kohima War Cemetery is a memorial dedicated to the soldiers of the 2nd British Division of the Allied Forces.
 Gujarat Science City
Gujarat Science City located in Ahmedabad is a government`s initiative to draw more students towards education in science. It also hosts a ‘Vacation Training Program on Bio-resources’ to encourage students for it.
 Parikud Island
The Parikud Island in Odisha is a popular place of tourism that attracts tourists from all around.
 Mon District
A newly formed district in the year 1973, the Mon district is one of the 250 most backward districts in the country.
 Om Beach
The Om Beach is a popular tourist destination in the town of Gokarna in Karnataka.
 Tiruppur District
The Tiruppur district is one of the newly-formed districts in the state of Tamil Nadu which was inaugurated on the 22nd of February 2009.
 Phek District
The Phek district is an administrative district of Nagaland. The district, once a sub division under Kohima District came into existence in the year 1973.
 Pala Dynasty
The medieval history of India narrates about the Pala Dynasty who reined the states of Bengal and Bihar. It was founded during the 8th century AD and existed for about 400 years.
 Panambur Beach
Panambur, situated in Karnataka, is a popular tourist destination. It is famous for hosting International Kite Festival and Panambur Beach Festival, which attract several visitors.
 Chakratirth Beach
Chakratirth Beach is located in the heart of the small island. The beach has a tranquil ambience and has beautiful surroundings.
 Jallandhar Beach
Jallandhar Beach in Diu is named after the demon Jallandhar who was killed by Lord Krishna. The beach is also popular for the Temple of Goddess Chandrika.
 Samdruptse Hill
Samdruptse Hill is a beautiful place for the tourists located in South Sikkim near Namchi. It houses a splendid and huge 135 feet high statue of Guru Padmasambhava. It is believed that the Samdruptse hill is actually a dormant volcano.
 Gomatimata Beach
The Gomatimata Beach is located in Diu and is one of the popular beaches in the region.
 Nagoa Beach
Nagoa Beach in Diu is an ideal and a recommended place for tourists all over the world. The beach is famous for its pristine beauty and swaying palm trees.
 Ghoghla Beach
Ghoghla Beach is the biggest and gentlest beach of Diu. The beach is situated in the north of Diu town surrounded by beautiful landscape and pristine water.
Bakkhim in Sikkim is a quaint village which is popular for a trekking track. This place is located in the South Sikkim district.
 Vanakbara Beach
The Vanakbara Beach is a place of tourism in the union territories of Daman and Diu.
 History of Nagaland
The history of Nagaland mainly revolves around and deals with the customs and economic activities of the Naga Tribes and how the state has evolved since the Indian Independence.
 Ban Jhakri Falls
Ban Jhakri Falls is a 40 feet long waterfall located in Gangtok. Near the falls, Jhakri Falls Energy Park is located which has many picturesque spots to enjoy. It is frequently visited by many tourists.
 Saiha District
Saiha District is located in Mizoram with its headquarters at Saiha town. Initially this district was known as Chhimtuipui District. Pala Tipo Lake is the biggest lake of Mizoram located at Saiha.
 Thimmamma Marrimanu
Thimmamma Marrimanu is a huge banyan tree located in a village in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. It was recorded as the biggest banyan tree in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1989.
 North West States of India
North West States of India consist of three states, which are Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana. All of them are culturally and traditionally diverse and they have been ruled by different dynasties in historical time.
 Self-Respect Movement
Self-Respect Movement intended to restore the self-respect of the oppressed classes in India. The movement was founded by Periyar E. V. Ramasamy in Tamil Nadu. The movement also focused on the concept of feminism.
Zuluk is located in East Sikkim, which was earlier used as a transit point to Silk Route by traders. Zuluk offers great views of Kanchenjunga. It is also surrounded by several wild forests.
The hilly town of Tengnoupal is the district headquarters of the newly reinstated Tengnoupal District and also one of the popular spots of tourism in the state of Manipur.
 Tourism in Mizoram
Tourism in Mizoram consists of popular tourist spots, hill stations, churches, waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, lakes and villages etc. One of the most popular tourist destinations of the state is Mizoram State Museum.
 Yubi Lakpi
With notable similarities to football and rugby, the sport of Yubi Lakpi is one of the indigenous sports in the state.
Mukna is one of the forms of wrestling in Manipur and is known to be played in the last day of the festival of Lai Haraoba as it is an important part of the ceremony.
 Waterfalls in Gujarat
Waterfalls in Gujarat are popular for its remarkable beauty and picturesque views that attracts tourists from all around especially during the monsoon season.
 Sagol Kangjei
Manipuri Polo or Sagol Kangjei is one of the popular sports in the state, which has been adapted internationally as Polo.
 Barehipani Falls
The Barehipani Falls is kwon to be the second highest waterfall in the state of Odisha and attracts visitors from all around.
 Mir Qasim
Mir Qasim was the Nawab of Bengal, who came into power and ruled for a span of 3 years.
Bhismaknagar is a sacred and the oldest place of Arunachal Pradesh. Bhismaknagar Fort is the most popular tourist spot of the state.
 Glow Lake
Glow Lake is located inside the Kamlang Sanctuary of Lohit District in Arunachal Pradesh. It is the most popular water body of the sanctuary, which can only be reached by trekking.
 Senapati District
The Senapati district is one of the districts of Manipur that is visited by tourists from all around.
 Tengnoupal District
The Tengnoupal district is one of the newest districts of the state of Manipur.
 Tamenglong District
The Tamenglong district is one of the smallest districts in the state of Manipur and is a place of popular tourist spots that attracts visitors from all around.
 Bishnupur District
Famous for its Vishnu Temple and other places of tourist attraction, the Bishnupur district in the state of Manipur is one of the popular places of tourism in north east India.
 Jhansi District
Jhansi District of Uttar Pradesh is headquartered at the city of Jhansi. It is predominantly popular for the freedom fighter Rani Lakshmi Bai, who fought against the British rule in India.
 Sadu Chiru Waterfalls
The Sadu Chiru Waterfalls in Manipur is one of the popular tourist spots in the state.
 Khongjom War Memorial
The Khongjom War Memorial is one of the popular tourist spots in the state and was built to honour the martyrdom of Major General Paona Brajabashi.
Mechuka is a small town located in the Shi-Yomi District of Arunachal Pradesh. The prime tourist spot of this region is the 400-year-old Buddhist Monastery.
 Manipur Zoological Garden
The ‘Jewel Box’ of the state, the Manipur Zoological Garden hosts a rich variety of flora and fauna and attracts tourists from all around.
 Sangetsar Lake
Sangestar Tso Lake is located in Tawang District of Arunachal Pradesh. Madhuri Dixit shot a scene of her film ‘Koyla’ in this spot.
 Sessa Orchid Sanctuary
Sessa Orchid Sanctuary, in Arunachal Pradesh, is the home to a vast and vivid collection of orchids. It houses more than 200 orchid species including new and endemic ones. It has also been designated as a birding area by Birdlife International.
 Shree Govindajee Temple
Shree Govindajee Temple is one of the most important historic Vaishnavite centres in Imphal. The temple itself and the festivals it hosts attract tourists and devotees from all around.
 History of Bardhaman District
History of Bardhaman District is traced from about 5000 BC and belonging to the Mesolithic or Late Stone Age. The name ‘Bardhaman’, is an anglicized form of the Sanskrit word ‘Vardhamana’. It was a well-known division of the ancient Bengal.
 Geography of Goa
Geography of Goa occupies a prime location along the Konkan coastal belt on the western coast of India. The state is bordered by Maharashtra in the north and Karnataka in the south. The Western Ghats in the east contribute to the flora and fauna of Goa.
 Telegu Society
Telugu Society is an ethnic group that speaks Telugu as a native language. They are found in the southern regions of India in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Festivals, rites and rituals are a major part of the Telugu society.
 Sports in Manipur
There are different sports in Manipur of different variety and diversity. The games are Manipuri Polo, Manipuri Rugby, Hiyang Tannaba, Thang-Ta & Sarit Sarat, Mukna, Kang etc.
 History of Assam
In the ancient Indian epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata, Assam was known as `Kamarupa` or `Pragjyotish`. In the Mahabharata, the Puranas, the Tantras there are references of Assam as Kamrupa kingdom.
 Music in Karnataka
Music in Karnataka has different variations. The main forms of music of Karnataka are Hindustani and Carnatic Music forms. Until date, Karnataka remains an important centre for learning Indian classical music.
 Pakke Kessang
Pakke Kessang is a town located in Arunachal Pradesh. The town has been carved out of the East Kameng District.
 Kangla Palace
The Kangla Palace stands today as a historical embodiment of the erstwhile Manipuri rulers and the people of Manipur. The palace reflects the centre of Manipur’s power base till 1891.
 History of Chandigarh
In 1947, the British India was partitioned into India and Pakistan. Punjab was also included in this partition. So, there was a need for a new capital for Punjab, as the old capital Lahore became part of Pakistan during the partition. So, in 1948, under the leadership of chief architect Mr. P.L. Verma the construction of Chandigarh city began.
 Culture of Puducherry
Puducherry has different culture as it has the presence of all religions like Christians, Hindus and Muslims. Main languages spoken here are Dravidian languages like Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu along with English and French. People of this region are literate and aware of education.
 History of Puducherry
Puducherry was invaded by different invaders in different times. The invaders include Pallava Kingdom of Kanchipuram, dynasties of the South, Cholas of Thanjavur, Pandyas and Muslim invaders.
 Performing Arts of Jammu & Kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir is rich in culture, which is exhibited through its performing arts. Jabro,Chakri, Karak,Gwatri, Fumenie and Jagarana, Heren, Kud are some of the popular dance forms of Jammu and Kashmir.
 Geography of Jammu & Kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir is encompassed by valleys. Some of the dominant valleys of the state are Kashmir Valley, Tawi Valley, Chenab Valley, Poonch Valley, Sind Valley and Lidder Valley etc. Jhelum River is the only major Himalayan River which flows through the Kashmir valley. Indus, Tawi, Ravi and Chenab Rivers are the major ones flowing through the region.
 Geography of Mizoram
Mizoram is surrounded by hills, valleys, rivers, waterfalls and lakes. The hills range from 1000 meters to 2000 meters. Rivers, lakes and waterfalls also play major role in forming the land of Mizoram.
 Government and Politics in Meghalaya
Meghalaya has a unicameral legislature in the government of the state of Meghalaya. Its legislative assembly has 60 members, selected by direct elections held every five year. Meghalaya has a parliamentary system of government.
 Transport in West Bengal
Once a major centre of trade and commerce, the state of West Bengal is easily accessible from all fronts because of its connectivity to roadways, aviation, railways, including trams and metro along with river port.
 Government & Politics in West Bengal
The state of West Bengal is governed through a parliamentary system of representative democracy and is dominated by major political parties like Trinamool Congress, the Indian National Congress, the Communist Party of India and the Bharatiya Janata Party.
 Geography of West Bengal
The geography of West Bengal is unique with high peaks of the Himalayan range in the north, the Bay of Bengal in the south and the remaining region is covered with both plains and plateaus.
Tipi is an orchid sanctuary located in the Tezpur Town of Arunachal Pradesh. It is the largest orchidarium of Asia with 7500 varieties of native, rare and endangered species of orchids.
 Ganga Lake
Ganga Lake is located in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. It is one of the most popular tourist places and picnic spot of Itanagar. Numerous mythological stories are associated with this lake.
 Culture of Goa
The culture of Goa has been enriched by the traditions of the mighty rulers who have ruled in Goa. Presently it can boast of its rich cultural heritage through its various forms of dance, cuisines and festivals.
 Murshid Quli Khan
Murshid Quli Khan was the first independent Nawab of Bengal after the death of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. During his reign, he changed the Jagirdari system to the Zamindari system. He changed the name of Makhsusabad to Murshidabad.
 Piyali Island
An exquisite tourist destination in eastern India, the Piyali Island serves as the main entry point to the Sunderbans with its flowing rivers, sparse forests and beautiful migratory birds.
Miao sub-division is located in the Changlang District of Arunachal Pradesh. It is popular for its scenic views of Noa-Dihing River and Patkai Mountain Range. Dominant tribal inhabitants of Miao are Tangsa, Singpo and Lisu.
 Namsai District
Namsai District, the 18th district of Arunachal Pradesh, was formed on 25th November 2014. Namsai town is the district headquarters. Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary and Golden Pagoda are the most popular tourist spots of this district.
Likabali is the district headquarters of West Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh. It is also the entry point to Arunachal Pradesh from Silapathar in Dhemaji District of Assam.
Seppa is the district headquarters of the East Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh. It is 412 km away from Itanagar and 213 km from Tezpur.
Dirang village is located in the West Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh. It is an overnight destination for tourists travelling to Tawang. It is popular for it gompas, Dirang Fort and National Yak Research Center.
 Rock Garden
The Rock Garden of Ranchi is one of the popular places of tourist attraction in the state.
 Early History of Kashmir
Early History of Kashmir defines the Hindu domination before the Muslim invasion in India and the Aryan settlement in the Biblical era.
Roing is located in the Lower Dibang Valley District of Arunachal Pradesh on the banks of Dibang River. The region is bounded with snow peaked mountains, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, archaeological sites etc.
 Tyrshi Falls
The Tyrshi Falls is one of the popular waterfalls of Meghalaya that attracts tourists from all around.
The riverine town of Williamnagar built on the curve of the Simsang River is the district headquarters of the East Garo Hills district. Seeped with Garo culture and tradition, Williamnagar is a popular place of tourism in the Garo Hills.
 Tourism in Arunachal Pradesh
Tourism in Arunachal Pradesh includes a visit to various wildlife sanctuaries, Buddhist monasteries, lakes and the picturesque landscapes, attending several festivals and traditional sports, experiencing traditional art and craft and witnessing the tribal people of the state.
 Krang Suri Falls
The Krang Suri Falls is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and famous waterfall of Meghalaya.
 Kupli Park
The Kupli Park is an angler’s paradise as it is situated amidst the natural beauty of the Kopili River in Meghalaya.
Burzahom is one of the first Neolithic sights discovered in the Kashmir Valley of Srinagar District in Jammu and Kashmir state. Dating back to 3000BC, Burzahom provides a peep into the Neolithic life. This site reveals the life style of Neolithic people of this region.
 Ialong Park
Popular for its sacred grove, the Ialong Park in the Jaintia Hills district is a famous tourist attraction.
 Jarain Pitcher Plant Lake
The Jarain Pitcher Plant Lake is a unique place of attraction among the tourist because of the sprawling garden of pitcher plants surrounding the lake.
 Indraprastha Park
The Indraprastha Park is known to be one of the longest parks in Delhi and is popular for its children park, amphitheatre among other things.
 Syntu Ksiar
Syntu Ksiar is a tourist attraction in Meghalaya and is a vast stretch of land on the bank of the Myntdu River.
 Nartiang Monoliths
In India, the Nartiang Monoliths are known to be the largest concentration of monoliths in one place.
The village of Smit is the cultural hub of Khasi tradition in the state of Meghalaya.
Mawphlang is a place of tourist attraction in the state of Meghalaya because of its sacred groves.
The village of Laitkynsew in Meghalaya is popular for its Living Root Bridges.
A popular tourist spot in Meghalaya, the place of Ranikor is a haven for anglers.
 Nongkhnum River Island
The Nongkhnum River Island is the biggest river island in the state of Meghalaya and a popular tourist spot.
A popular tourist spot in Meghalaya, Jakrem is famous for its hot springs.
The village of Mawsynram in the state of Meghalaya is known to be one of the wettest places on earth receiving an annual average rainfall of 11,872 mm.
 History of Kashmir
History of Kashmir shows the emergence of Hindu Raj from the early era and later after independence witnesses the battles against the neighbouring country Pakistan.
Bhalukpong is a small town located in the West Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh. It was earlier governed by the Aka tribal people. Fish angling and river rafting are the prime tourist attractions of it.
 Bagh Caves
Bagh Caves of Madhya Pradesh are nine rock-cut caves situated on the southern slopes of Vindhya Range which are considered as the finest monuments of ancient Buddhist art.
Jatinga is a village located in the Dima Hasao District of Assam, which is popular for the phenomenon of birds ‘committing suicide’.
 Sivasagar District
Sivasagar District of Assam is a historical site, which was the center of Administration for Assam. Ahom Dynasty ruled here for almost 600 years. It houses several tourist spots among which Panidihing Wildlife Sanctuary, Talatal Ghar, Charaideo and Sivadol are the most popular ones.
 Thalaiyar Falls
Thalaiyar falls, also known as Rat Tail falls, is located in Tamil Nadu. It is the highest waterfall in the state.
Labpur is a weekend destination located in Birbhum District of West Bengal. This place has the abode of Tarashankar Bandhopadhayay.
 Culture of West Bengal
Cultural aspect of West Bengal is rich with its literature, music and dance, festivals and cuisine.
Bhairabkunda is the meeting point of Jampani and Bhairabi Rivers to create Dhanshiri River, which is the major tributary of Brahmaputra River. Located in Assam, Bhairabkunda is a popular picnic spot as well.
 Savandurga Fort
The Savandurga Fort is currently in ruins and one of the popular historic forts in Karanataka.
 Chandubi Lake
Chandubi Lake in Kamrup District of Assam is one of the most popular tourist spots with scenic beauty. Chandubi festival in this area houses the tradition and culture of the tribal people of this region.
 Channagiri Fort
The Channagiri Fort is a historical structure that is located in the southern state of Karnataka.
 Geography of Meghalaya
The suitable climate, highland plateaus, rivers and the flora and fauna together forms the geography of Meghalaya.
 Bhatambra Fort
The Bhatambra Fort is a historical structure that is currently in good condition in the district of Bidar.
The north eastern state of Meghalaya is one of the smallest states in the country and is a popular tourist hub because of its impressive waterfalls, caves and national parks.
 Living Root Bridges of Meghalaya
A prime tourist attraction in the state, the living Root Bridges of Meghalaya are handmade aerial roots that sustain for over centuries.
 Tourism in Meghalaya
Tourism in Meghalaya is a proliferating business that includes partaking in adventure sports, sightseeing and basically touring the ‘abode of clouds’.
 Caves in Meghalaya
Located in the Garo, Khasi and Jaintia Hills, the caves in Meghalaya are considered to be amongst the longest caves in the world.
 Manyakheta Fort
The Manyakheta Fort is an ancient historical fort that is currently in the process of being restored.
 Parasnath Hills
The Parasnath Hills is one of the most important pilgrimage centres of Jains in the state of Jharkhand.
Massanjore, situated in the Dumka district of Jharkhand state, is a popular tourist spot and contains the Massanjore Dam.
 Waterfalls of Meghalaya
The waterfalls of Meghalaya cascade from a great height and are popular places of attraction among the tourists.
 Rongdong Falls
Rongdong Falls is a waterfall in the Garo Hills of Meghalaya.
 Palakkad District
Pallakad District is one of the 14 districts of Kerala and the largest district of the state since 2006. It became the first computerized collectorate in the country. The popular Silent Valley National Park is located here.
 Bandari Falls
Bandari Falls is located at Dura Banda, 15 kms away from Tura town.
 Central Indian States
Central Indian States, consisted of Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh, signify the rich cultural heritages of Chandella Dynasty and the tribal cult of Chhattisgarh.
 Deopahar Archaeological Site
Deopahar Archaeological Site in Golaghat, Assam is consisted of ancient relics, monuments, Shiva temples along with ancient sculptures and coins. The Shiva temple seems to have been built between 7th and 9th century.
 Pelga Falls
Pelga Falls is an amazing place for tourist in Garo Hills, Meghalaya. This waterfall has a calm ambiance and is tranquilizing.
 Kaziranga Golf Resort
Kaziranga Golf Resort in Jorhat, Assam, is a heritage tea estate bunglow with a unique golf course, which is first of its kind in the world on a 150 acre of land. The golf course has been designed by the leading architect Ranjit Nanda.
Taptapani is a hot water spring and a religious destination in Odisha. This hot water spring is known for its medicinal properties.
 Vaishnavite Culture of Majuli
Neo Vaishnavite culture was initiated in Majuli during 15th century by the Assamese saint Sankardeva and his disciple Madhavdeva. Sankardeva preached about Vaishnavism and built several monasteries or Satras.
 Princely State of Beja
Princely State of Beja formed during18th century and until 1948 was a feudatory state under a ruler. It came under the administration of Himachal Pradesh in 1948. The most prominent insignia of this state is Fort of Beja.
 Aaina Mahal
Aina Mahal palace is located in the Bhuj District of Gujarat, which has been turned into a museum.
 Waterfalls in Tamil Nadu
The waterfalls in Tamil Nadu are mostly located in the Eastern and Western Ghat and are one of the prominent tourist attractions in the state.
 Mahendragarh Fort
The Mahendragarh Fort is an old complex that has been currently restored to attract tourists from all around.
 Sangrur District
Sangrur District is one of the four districts in Patiala Division of Punjab. Situated at the west of Patiala, it is virtually isolated from urban centre of the state.
 Chunchanakatte Falls
Part of the Kaveri River, the Chunchanakatte Falls is famous for the Kodanda Rama temple on its banks. The falls in located in the Mysore district in the state of Karnataka.
 Darbhanga Fort
With a rich cultural and historical significance, the Darbhanga Fort is a popular monument in the area.
 Talatal Ghar
Talatal Ghar is a part of Rangpur Palace of Assam. It has seven floors, three of which are under the ground and they were used as army base. On upper ground four floors were used by the royal families.
 Rana Kumbha
Rana Kumbha or Kumbha of Mewar was the ruler of Mewar between 1433 AD and 1468 AD.
 Bhismaknagar Fort
The Bhismaknagar Fort is one of the oldest archaeological sites in Arunachal Pradesh.
 Marble Rocks
Marble Rocks in Madhya Pradesh, is a beautiful gorge where Narmada River flows through the stunning marble rocks rising high on both sides.
 Vizianagaram Fort
The Vizianagaram Fort is an ancient structure around which the town of Vizianagaram flourished.
 Venkatagiri Fort
The Venkatagiri Fort is a popular tourist destination in Nellore that is known for its architectural splendour.
 Patwon ki Haveli
The Patwon ki Haveli is one of the first havelis of Jailsalmer and is a popular tourist attraction in the city.
 Tourism in Jabalpur District
Tourism in Jabalpur District provides a suitable opportunity to the pilgrims as well as general tourist to enjoy some of its beautiful and ancient temples and a number of places of immense natural beauty.
 Koteshwar Cave Temple
Koteshwar Cave Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva near Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand.
 Gomateswara Statue
Gomateswara Statue in Karnataka is a monolithic statue dedicated to the Jain figure Bahubali.
 Lord Shiva Statue
Lord Shiva Statue is a 76 feet tall statue of Shiva located in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.
 Revival of Vrindavan
Vrindavan lost its essence, which was revived by Mahaprabhu Chaitanya during 16th century.
 Lord Basava Statue
Bidar District of Karnataka houses world’s tallest statue of Lord Basavanna.
 Hanuman Statue of Damanjodi
Hanuman Statue of Damanjodi in Odisha is the second largest one in India.
 Tathagata Tsal Statue
The Tathagata Tsal statue is one of the tallest statues of Lord Buddha in India.
The town of Attur is an important pilgrimage centre in the state of Tamil Nadu.
 Pandavkada Falls
The Pandavkada Falls is one of the popular tourist attractions in the smart city of Kharghar.
 Agasthyakoodam Mountain
The Agasthyakoodam Mountain is one of the highest peaks in the state of Kerala.
 Gates of Rajasthan
Gates of Rajasthan were erected in Rajput era. These gates are mostly established as the symbol of friendship and war against Mughal Dynasty in medieval India.
 Gates of Maharashtra
Gates of Maharashtra are the examples of Persian and Maratha artwork. Now some of the gates of Maharashtra are in ruined condition.
 Bhadkal Gate
The Bhadkal Gate is one of the biggest gates in the city of Aurangabad.
 Dry States in India
The Indian states which have implemented the policy of alcohol prohibition are known as the dry states in India.
Wai town in Satara District of Maharashtra is popular for housing several temples.
 Dhuandhar Falls
The Dhuandhar Falls is one of the popular tourist places in Jabalpur as well as the state of Madhya Pradesh.
 Districts of Gujarat
Gujarat comprises of 33 separate districts. Gandhinagar is the capital and Ahmedabad is the largest city in the state of Gujarat.
 Keoti Falls
Also known as Kevti, the Keoti Falls is the 24th highest waterfall in India.
Kotitirtha is a holy pond located in Gokarna, Karnataka.
 Ram Ghat
Ram Ghat is a centre of ritual activity in the famous pilgrimage spot called Chitrakoot.
 Indian Union Territories
Indian Union Territories are the administrative divisions of India. There are seven Indian Union Territories.
 Triveni Ghat
Triveni Ghat is the confluence of Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswathi rivers. It is located in Uttarakhand.
 Music of Assam
Music of Assam expresses every feeling of Assamese people.
 Mallela Theertham
Mallela Theertham is a waterfall located in the dense Nallamala forest and is a popular tourist attraction.
 Ranga Reddy District
Ranga Reddy District, an important district of Telangana is a melting pot of various cultures and traditions.
 Kusum Sarovar
Kusum Sarovar, a sandstone monument with great historical significance, is located in Mathura District of Uttar Pradesh.
 Turabul Haq Dargah
Turabul Haq Dargah in Parbhani District of Maharashtra is the tomb of Sufi saint Hazrat Turabal Haq Shah.
 Hazaribagh National Park
Hazaribagh National Park near Ranchi, Jharkhand is a popular wildlife sanctuary, which houses several species of animals.
 Chennai District
The Chennai District is the smallest of all the districts in the state of Tamil Nadu but has the highest population density.
 Baba Umer Dargah
Baba Umer Dargah in Solapur, Maharashtra is famous for the baby throwing ritual.
 Pakka Pul Pir
Pakka Pul Pir is a dargah that has five mausoleums.
 Peer Mohammed Dargah
Peer Mohammed Appa Dargah in Kanyakumari in the state of Tamil Nadu is dedicated to Sufi saint Peer Mohammed Sahib.
 Lateef Saheb Dargah
The Lateef Saheb Dargah is famous for its annual 3 days Urs festival that is attended by devotees from all over.
 Jan Pahad Dargah
The Jan Pahad Dargah is a holy shrine that celebrates communal harmony by allowing people from different religions to visit it.
 Mana Pass
The Mana Pass is a mountain pass located on the border between India and Tibet.
 Sundaramudayan Dargah
Sundaramudayan is a coastal village in Tamil Nadu where the grave of Ilme Yaseen Shaheed is found.
 Wajihuddin`s Tomb
Wajihuddin`s Tomb is the tomb of Sufi Saint Wajihuddin Alvi, which is located in the Ahmedabad District of Gujarat.
 Rang Mahal Palace
Rang Mahal Palace is a heritage hotel located in the city of Jaisalmer in Rajsthan.
 Bara Shaheed Dargah
The Bara Shaheed Dargah or the Shrine of 12 martyrs is known for its annual Muslim festival that attracts tons of tourists from all over.
 Mallik Rehan Tomb
The Mallik Rehan Tomb is a mausoleum over the erstwhile Sira province’s governor Mallik Rehan’s grave.
 Rani Ji Ki Baori
Rani Ji Ki Baori is a stepwell located in the Bundi town of Rajasthan.
McCluskieganj, situated in Jharkhand, is a famous tourist spot known for housing the beautiful remains of colonial past.
 Toorji Ka Jhalra
The Toorji Ka Jhalra is a famous stepwell in Jodhpur and is a popular tourist attraction.
 Lakkundi Stepwells
Lakkundi village in Karnataka is famous for possessing several stepped wells, which are popular for their architectural styles.
 Chand Baori
Chand Baori is the largest and deepest stepwell of India located in Rajasthan
 Aravali Hot Spring
Aravali Hot Spring is located in the Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra.
 Vajreshwari Kund
The Vajreshwari Kund has about 21 hot water springs in a 5 km radius of the Vajreshwari Temple.
 Chavalpani Hotspring
Chavalpani Hotspring is located close to the hill station of Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh.
 Phur Tsa Chu
Phur Tsa Chu is a hot spring situated on the bank of Rangeet River in Sikkim. It is believed to cure many ailments of the skin, joints, bones and muscles.
 Atri Hot Spring
Atri Hot Spring is located in Khurda District of Odisha with 55 degree Celcius hot water in it.
 Akoli Hot Spring
The Akoli hot spring is considered to be a sacred spring that is revered by the visitors.
Tattapani is a famous natural hot water spring in Jharkhand and is enjoyed by the tourists.
 Nohkalikai Falls
The Nohkalikai Falls is India’s tallest plunge waterfall and is a popular tourist attraction in Cherrapunji.
 Hot Springs in Sikkim
Hot Springs in Sikkim are known for their medicinal value. The most important are the ones located at Reshi, Yumthang and Ralang.
 Bendru Theertha Hot Spring
Bendru Theertha Hot Spring is the only hot water spring in South India. It is one of the less known natural wonders of Karnataka.
 Unchalli Falls
Unchalli Falls was discovered by a British District Collector named J.D. Lushington in 1845.
 Yumthang Hot Spring
The Yumthang Hot Spring is one of the most popular hot water springs in Sikkim and is a major tourist attraction.
The Unapdev is a hot spring and is a popular tourist attraction in the state of Maharashtra.
 Suryakund Hotspring
Suryakund Hotspring in Jharkhand is claimed to be the hottest spring of India.
 Kudumari Waterfall
Kudumari Waterfall is a magnificent waterfall located in deep forest near Chaktikal village, Karnataka.
 Rajat Pratap
The beautiful cascading Rajat Pratap falls is the 30th highest waterfall in India.
 Gatha Falls
Gatha Falls is the 36th highest waterfall in India.
 Soochipara Waterfall
Soochipara Waterfall is a three-tiered waterfall in Wayanad, Kerala. It is one of the biggest waterfalls in Kerala.
 Duduma Falls
Duduma Falls is located on the border of Koraput and Visakhapatnam districts of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.
 Barkana Falls
The Barkana Falls is one of the ten highest waterfalls in India.
 Lower Ghaghri Waterfall
Lower Ghaghri Waterfall in Latehar is one of the top tourist attractions in Jharkhand.
 Bahuti Waterfall
Bahuti Waterfall is the tallest waterfall of Madhya Pradesh.
 Sweet Waterfall
Sweet Waterfall is located near Happy Valley locality in Shillong. It is one of the steepest waterfalls of Meghalaya.
 Agaya Gangai
Agaya Gangai waterfalls is the amalgamation of valleys, hills and forests located in Tamil Nadu.
 Telhar Kund Waterfall
Telhar Kund Waterfall is a waterfall in Bihar.
 Palani Waterfall
Palani Waterfall is located near Kullu in the district of Kullu in Himachal Pradesh. This waterfall is an amazing one and is visited by tourists from near and far.
 Koosalli Falls
Koosalli Falls in Karnataka is a series of six waterfalls coming down from the Western Ghats.
 Chachai Falls
The Chachai Falls is known to be the 23rd highest waterfall in India in the state of Madhya Paradesh.
 Bappa Rawal
Founder of the Mewar Dynasty, Bappa Rawal was a Hindu warrior who defeated the Arab invaders from entering India.
 Nishat Bagh
Nishat Bagh is one of the most picturesque Mughal Gardens that was built on the eastern part of Dal Lake close to Srinagar City of Kashmir valley.
 Khandadhar Waterfall
Khandadhar Waterfall is the 12th largest water fall in India and second largest waterfall in Odisha. It surroundings form a perfect base for trekking and sightseeing.
 Joranda Falls
Joranda Falls in the Mayurbhanj District of Odisha is the 19th highest waterfall of India.
 Meenmutty Falls
The Meenmutty Falls is the second highest waterfall in Kerala.
 Kune Waterfall
Kune Falls is situated in Lonavala region of Pune. It is a three tired waterfalls located centrally within Lonavala and Khandala Valley.
 Aul Palace
Aul Palace or Aul Killa Palace is located near the Aul town of Kendrapara District of Odisha.
 Khammam District
Khammam, an important district in Telangana, is known for its continuous development and ethnicity.
Kathgola is located near to the Murshidabad city, which is mostly popular for the Kathgola Palace.
 Johar Valley
Johar Valley is located in Uttarakhand. The valley was a major trade route with Tibet.
 Sardar Baugh Palace
Sardar Baugh Palace is located in the Kutch district of Gujarat.
 Jayalakshmi Vilas
Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion is a heritage building located in Mysore city of Karnataka.
 Nilambaug Palace
Nilambaug Palace was a beautiful palace in Bhavnagar that belonged to the Gohil clan. It now serves as a Heritage Hotel in Gujarat.
 Krem Synrang Pamiang Cave
Krem Synrang Pamiang Cave is 14km long cave with five entrances and popular for its Titanic Hall. These caves are also home to many endemic species of flora and fauna.
 Siju Caves
Siju Caves is one the famous attraction in South Garo Hills of Meghalaya. It is the 3rd longest cave in India.
 Moghalrajpuram Caves
Moghalrajpuram Caves is one of the centrally protected sites of national importance situated in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.
 Sind Valley
Sindh Valley is a valley in a mountain range of Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir.
 Tirthan Valley
Tirthan Valley is located in the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh with an elevation of 1600 meters above sea level.
 Solang Valley
Solang Valley is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh.
 Krem Liat Prah
Krem Liat Prah is the longest natural cave in India.
Shiladesh is a valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh, which is 140 km away from the state capital Shimla.
 Saur Valley
Saur Valley is located in the Pithoragarh District of Uttarakhand, which resembles the Kashmir Valley.
 Tosa Maidan
Tosa Maidan is a popular meadow in Jammu and Kashmir that has great historical significance.
 Satluj Valley
Satluj Valley in Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh houses India’s largest bird sanctuary named Harike Bird Sanctuary.
 Niti Valley
Niti Valley is a valley in Uttarakhand. It is situated to the east of the Mana Valley.
 Parvati Valley
Parvati Valley is located in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is a lush green valley offering numerous treks of different grades.
 Culture of Assam
The culture of Assam is formed by co-mingling cultural elements of South East Asian countries.
 Nelang Valley
Nelang Valley is a hidden valley of Uttarakhand. The valley offers a stunning view of the Tibetan Plateau.
 Kunihar Valley
Kunihar Valley is a beautiful valley located between the mountains in Himachal Pradesh.
 Dheeran Chinnamalai
Dheeran Chinnamalai was a freedom fighter and a powerful Kongu leader. He is a symbol of pride for the people of Kongu region.
 Kuthi Valley
Kuthi Valley is a valley in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. It is the last valley before Tibet.
 Lug Valley
Lug Valley, a part of the Himalayan region, is located in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.
 Cumbum Valley
The Cumbum Valley is known to be the most fertile valley in South India.
 Kharahal Valley
Kharahal Valley is a valley in Himachal Pradesh situated on the banks of Bias River.
 Habban Valley
Habban Valley is a village located at a distance of 70 km from Solan near Rajgarh, Himachal Pradesh.
 Dihing Valley
The Dihing Valley is located near the Dihing River in the state of Assam.
 Gwass-Bagi Valley
Gwass-Bagi Valley is a valley in Himachal Pradesh.
 Upper Dibang Valley District
The Upper Dibang Valley District is one of the largest districts of the north eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh and is the least populated district in India.
 Doon Valley
Doon Valley is long and wide valley in the Shivalik Hills of the Lesser Himalayas.
 Chambal Valley
Chambal valley is part of the Vindhyan system consisted of massive sandstone, slate and limestone of pre-Cambrian age.
 Darma Valley
With a rich flora and fauna, the Darma Valley is famous for trekking and exploring the Kumaon Himalayas.
 Satara District
The Satara District is a part of the Pune administrative division and is known to have a rich historical background.
 Chumbi Valley
Chumbi Valley is at the intersection of India, Bhutan and China (Tibet) in the Himalayas.
 Bhilangana Valley
The Bhilangana Valley is a Reserve Forest area and falls under the bio-geographic zone.
 Brahmaputra Valley
Brahmaputra Valley is in Assam that has been created by the deposition of silts of Brahmaputra River.
 Betaab Valley
Betaab Valley is located at a distance of 15 km from Pahalgam in Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir. The valley has been named after the Bollywood film ‘Betaab’.
 Baspa Valley
Baspa river valley, named after Baspa River, lies in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh.
 Hyderabad District
The Hyderabad district is a city district and is the smallest in terms of area but has the highest population density.
 Barak Valley
With three administrative districts, the Barak Valley is part of the eastern state of Assam.
Gadiara is a riverfront which is a meeting point of three rivers, Roopnarayan, Damodar and Hooghly.
 Culture of Gujarat
Culture of Gujarat is vibrant with its uniqueness which varies from food, faith, art, attire, festivals, languages and tradition.
 Chanshal Pass
Chanshal Pass, located atop Chanshal Peak, connects Dodra Kawar valley and Rohru in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh.
Satdhara is an archeological site consisting of stupas and viharas in Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh.
 Chitrakoot Waterfall
Chitrakoot waterfall located in Bastar district, Chhattisgarh, is a 100 feet high waterfall on the Indravati River, which attracts numerous tourists throughout the year.
Situated at an elevation of 2,750 meters, Lachen is a scenic mountain village located in the North Sikkim district.
Ratnagiri in Jajpur district of Odisha is situated near the Brahmani and Birupa river valley.
 Siruvani Waterfalls
Also known as Kovai Courtallam, the Siruvani Waterfalls flows through a dense forest and is a tourist attraction.
 Peace Pagoda, Wardha
Wardha World Peace Pagoda is one of the pagodas in Wardha, Maharashtra erected for the sake of love and peace by Buddhist monks.
 Gudiwada Dibba
The Gudiwada Dibba is a small hillock that has been formed in the form of two flat terraces.
 Tourism in Tripura
Tourism in Tripura deals with a large number of places like Kamalasagar, Ujjayanta Palace, Udaipur, Neermahal and many other places.
Jharkhand, one of the eastern Indian states, is dominated by the tribal people of India and this state has many popular tourist destinations.
 Banka District
Banka District is one of 38 districts of Bihar. It is part of Bhagalpur Division. Banka District shares a common boundary with the state of Jharkhand.
 Angulimala Stupa
Angulimala Stupa is located at the ancient city of Shravasti in Uttar Pradesh. It was excavated during 1863.
 Kunchikal Falls
The Kunchikal Falls is one of India’s highest waterfalls and is a major tourist attraction in the southern state of Karnataka.
A place of pilgrimage, Panchalingeswar is famous for the shrine of Lord Shiva which is located on the hill top.
 Navagraha Sthalas in Thanjavur District
Navagraha Sthalas in Thanjavur District are dedicated to Lord Shiva.
 Key Monastery
Key Monastery or Key Gompa is a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, located in the Lahul and Spiti Valley district in Himachal Pradesh.
 History of Gujarat
History of Gujarat can be dated back to the 14th century that later witnessed the supremacy of many powerful dynasties.
Siraj-Ud-Daulah was the last independent Nawab of Bengal. He lost to the Britishers in the Battle of Plassey.
 Districts of Assam
Districts of Assam consists of 33 administrative districts with its capital at Dispur, Guwahati.
 History of Punjab
History of Punjab dates back to the 16th century; however its formation is traced in the great epic Mahabharata.
 Districts of Karnataka
Districts of Karnataka consists of 30 districts and 4 administrative divisions.
 Districts of Bihar
Bihar is divided into thirty eight districts where the main occupation of the people is agriculture.
 Districts of Odisha
Districts of Odisha are home to many tribal communities, forests, plateaus, hilly ranges, architectural excellence and the natural beauties. It is largely dominated by the tribal population and the wild animals of Eastern Ghats Mountain Range in India.
Known to be the cleanest city in Southern India, Suryapet is known as the gateway of Telangana.
 Hundru Waterfalls
The Hundru Waterfalls is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the district of Ranchi.
Ravangla is located at an elevation of 7000 feet in South Sikkim and offers numerable tourism spots like Pelling, Kaluk, Namchi, etc.
 Bhimkund Waterfall
Bhimkund Waterfall is located in the Keonjhar District of Odisha. It attracts a large number of tourism for its rocky formation and it is an ideal place for photo shoot.
 Hill Stations of Karnataka
Hill Stations of Karnataka are mainly located in the Western Ghats offering picturesque beauty, dense forests and adventure sports.
Kuruvadweep is a protected river delta on the Kabini River in the Wayanad district of Kerala.
 Districts of Jharkhand
Districts of Jharkhand are enveloped in lush forestry and hilly culture. There are twenty-four administrative districts in Jharkhand.
Garhmukteshwar is a town which is situated in Hapur district in Uttar Pradesh.
 History of Bihar
History of Bihar goes back to the very dawn of the human civilizations. Many eminent personalities and leaders from Bihar contributed for India’s freedom struggle.
 Historical Sites of Karnataka
The historical sites of Karnataka reflect the rich architectural heritage of South India.
 South Indian States
South Indian states formed a linguistic unity in independent India and preserved the traditional culture and artwork in spite of having many foreign invasions before its independence in modern age.
 Tiruvallur District
A fast developing district in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, the Tiruvallur District has attributes of both urban and rural characters.
 West Indian States
Part of the western region of India, the West Indian States comprise of three large states, one small state and two minuscule Union Territories.
 Nadia District
With some important centres of pilgrimage and ancient learning, the Nadia District is primarily focussed by the outland tourists for its rich cultural heritage and historical sites.
 Districts of Andhra Pradesh
After the separation of Telangana in 2004, the districts of Andhra Pradesh now consist only of 13.
 Districts of Tamil Nadu
There are 32 districts of Tamil Nadu which came into existence after the Independence of India.
 North Indian States
North Indian States formed the cultural and religious unity in spite of having many foreign invasion and the political disturbances from the early era till the British gained supremacy in Indian sub continent.
 East Indian States
East Indian States comprises of Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha and also the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It defines the cultural heritage, rich historical background and the linguistic unity.
 Districts of Rajasthan
With about 33 districts, the districts of Rajasthan thrive on agriculture and are subdivided under 7 different divisions.
Dawki is a small town in Meghalaya which is located at the bank of River Umngot. Located on the international borders of India and Bangladesh this is one of the picturesque sites in Meghalaya which excite the tourists.
Lachung is a town located in Sikkim at an elevation of about 9,600 ft. It is a picturesque mountain village with imposing mountain peaks, waterfalls and streams.
 Districts of Punjab
The districts of Punjab form the backbone of the country’s agriculture and are also famous for its art, culture and handicraft works.
 Districts of Uttar Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh is divided into 75 Districts and 18 Divisions and each district has its own forte in terms of food, culture, cultivation or tourism.
 Districts of Haryana
Districts of Haryana comprises a total of 22 administrative districts. Some of the districts of Haryana are popular industrial hubs of the country.
 Districts of West Bengal
Districts of West Bengal figure 19 in number. They add to the cultural and artistic heritage of the state of West Bengal.
 Kangra Valley
The Kangra Valley is one of the picturesque valleys of the lower Himalayas and is a popular tourist destination.
Bundelkhand is a significant place, enriched by the contribution of a line of important rulers.
A modern port city with historical artefacts, Hooghly stands by the Ganges River and is about 40 km north of Kolkata.
A cantonment town, Chakrata is a hill station and a famous tourist destination.
Mukteshwar is a popular destination, which is situated at a height of 2286 meters above sea level in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. The place offers imposing view of the Himalayan Mountains.
 Mir Jafar
Mir Jafar was the first Nawab of Bengal, Bihar and Odisha under the British rule in India. He succeeded Siraj - ud - Daulah.
 Frederick Burrows
Sir Frederick John Burrows went on to become the last British Governor of Bengal before India gained independence.
 Natural Valleys of Uttarakhand
The perennial rivers and natural valleys of Uttarakhand offer a wonderful experience to nature lovers and hikers.
 Nandan Pahar
Nandan Pahar is a major tourist attraction site in Deoghar District of Jharkhand.
 Tendong Hill
Tendong Hill in South Sikkim is located at an altitude of 8530 ft. The hill is deeply revered by the local villagers.
 History of Kanyakumari District
History of Kanyakumari District connects it to that of the previous Travancore state. It was called Cape of Comorin earlier.
 Fort of Diu
Fort of Diu is one of the most attractive historical tourist spots of Diu. This was built during the colonial rule of the Portuguese. Located on the western coast of India in Diu, this fort faced a number of wars particularly during the medieval period.
 Dera Baba Nanak
About a kilo meter away from the India-Pakistan border, the Dera Baba Nanak is a city and a municipal council of the Gurdaspur district in the state of Punjab.
 Haleshwar Sthan
Haleshwar Sthan is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Bihar. It bears some mythological and historical significance.
 Important Places of Pathankot
The cultural heritage of Pathankot lies with the Rajputs of the city and its picturesque location, which have made this city a well frequented place among tourists.
 History of Pathankot
An ancient city of historical significance, Pathankot’s history is etched with its glorious past when it was under the rule of a generation of monarchs.
 Takth Sri Harimandir Sahib
Takth Sri Harimandir Sahib is one of the five sacred Takths or seat of Sikhs that is located in the interiors of Patna city of Bihar. This was constructed on the birthplace of the Sikh Guru Gobind Singh who was born in 1666.
Chitrakoot is popularly known as “The Hills of Many Wonders” and it is located in the Banda district of Uttar Pradesh.
 Kotay Village
With the remains of an old city and several ruined temples, the village of Kotay lies on the shore of Greater Rann of Kutch.
 Devka Beach
Devka Beach is one of the most attractive sea beaches of Daman and Diu. It is located at a distance of 5 km from Nani Daman.
 River Cruises in Assam
River Cruises in the state of Assam is a newest addition in the sector of nature and leisure tourism.
 Ballabhpur Wildlife Sanctuary
Ballabhpur Wildlife Sanctuary, situated in Birbhum District, is a popular spot for all nature lovers.
 Moghalmari Monastery
Moghalmari Monastery is a Buddhist monastery, which dates back to 6th to 12th Century BC.
 Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary
Known for its spotted deers and common langurs, the Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary is a reserved forest in the city of Bardhaman.
The village of Bethuadahari is an ideal place for cherishing the bewitching nature and vibrant wildlife.
 Sourenee Tea Estate
Set in the quaint Mirik Valley of Darjeeling district, the Sourenee Tea Estate is another ancient estate dating back to the British era.
Dasghara is famed for hosting some significant historical structures and remains of ancient past. The natural beauty of the place is also immensely inviting.
 Glenburn Tea Estate
A beautifully restored 150 year old colonial tea plantation house the Glenburn Tea Estate which is brimming with charm and style.
 Chimeni, Kurseong
Chimeni is a Himalayan village located on a valley, overlooking the Teesta and Mahananda Rivers and offers a breathtaking view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world.
 Henry’s Island
Henry’s Island is one of the most beautiful islands possessing exquisite beaches, lush green forest, shallow lakes and exotic varieties of birds. It serves as an excellent tourist destination for nature lovers.
 Tiger Hill
Tiger Hill in Darjeeling is the summit of Ghoom and the highest railway station in the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.
Jorepokhri is a hill station in Darjeeling district that gives an astounding view of Mt. Kanchenjungha.
 Happy Valley Tea Estate
Happy Valley Tea Estate, popular tea gardens in Darjeeling, was established almost 80 years ago.
Sitong is a beautiful hill station, enriched with diverse species of flora and fauna.
A popular tourist destination in the district of Howrah, Garchumuk is ideal for a weekend getaway.
Fagu, located at Gorubathan in Kalimpong, is surrounded by endless miles of tea gardens.
With lush green forests, a wide array of wildlife, ancient palaces and royal temples, the municipality of Jhargram is a popular tourist destination.
 Quilon Sea Port
Kollam, anglicised as Quilon is an old sea port on the south-western coast of the Arabian Sea, which stands on the Ashtamudi Lake. It is considered to be the second largest port in Kerala.
 Parasuram Kund
Having great historical and religious importance, the Parasuram Kund is a famous Hindu pilgrimage centre in India.
 Tirap District
Considered to be the 5th most populous district in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, the Tirap District is mountainous and is fully covered with deep gorges.
 Pangsau Pass
The Pangsau Pass stands at the border crossing between India and Myanmar, bearing witness to the waves of migrations over the centuries.
 History of Travancore
History of Travancore has witnessed many struggles among various castes thereby leading to separation of certain regions gradually.
 Baiju Temple
One of the 12 Jyotirlingas, the Baiju Temple is a sacred abode of Lord Shiva.
 Nagin Lake
An offshoot of the Dal Lake, the Nagin Lake is one of the prime tourist attractions in the city.
 Suraj Tal
Suraj Tal is a sacred water-body which literally means Lake of the Sun God. It is one of the prominent tourist attraction sites in Himachal Pradesh.
 Chota Mangwa
Chota Mangwa is relatively a new tourist spot which is located on the top of the Mangwa hill in Darjeeling District.
 Temples of Jageshwar
Jageshwar Temples are a group of over 100 Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple site is located in Jageshwar town near Almora, Uttarakhand.
 Yercaud Lake
Yercaud Lake, also called Emerald Lake in Salem district, Tamil Nadu is a popular tourist destination set amidst lush hills and stunning gardens.
Situated on a hilltop in the Siwalik Hills, Nahan is a town in Himachal Pradesh and is a tourist spot.
Narkanda is a small township which is located at an altitude of 2708 meters on the Hindustan Tibet road in Himachal Pradesh. It is about 65 km from Shimla surrounded by the Shivalik ranges of great Himalayas.
Lansdowne is a beautiful hill station, an unexplored and unspoiled area, with amazing cool breeze and picturesque locale. It is a popular tourist spot.
 Maikal Hill
Situated at an altitude of 340m to 941m above sea level, is the Maikal Hills in Chattisgarh.
 Garh Palace
Garh Palace, situated in Kota, Rajasthan, is a single complex of several architectural structures in it. It is also known as city palace.
 Ganesh Tok
Situated at an elevation of 1981 metres, Ganesh Tok is the highest point around Gangtok. Besides being a place of religious interest, Ganesh Tok has become one of the hottest tourist spots in the area.
The village of Alampur is located in the Jogulamba Gadwal district, in the Indian state of Telangana.
Telangana is a land-locked state in South India. Telangana came into existence after the disintegration of Andhra Pradesh and makes it as the twelfth largest state in India.
Pakyong is a town located in East Sikkim that is resided by Nepalis, Lepcha Tribe and the Bhutias.
 Nathang Valley
Nathang Valley in East Sikkim, which is also known as Gnathang Valley attracts a large number of people to see the Eastern Himalayan Range.
 Anand Bagh Palace
Built during the time of the British rule, the Anand Bagh Palace now serves as the head office of Kameshwar Singh Darbhanga Sanskrit University.
 Museums in Diu
There are two main museums in Diu which displays the history and ancient culture of the place with their collections of unique antique artefacts.
 Jampore Beach
Located 3 km south of Moti Daman is the Jampore Beach with its fine granular and golden sands.
 Sanghol Museum
Sanghol Museum, located in Punjab, is famous for housing a number of ancient artifacts. This museum is the representative of the socio-cultural heritage of different eras.
 Dassam Falls
Dassam Falls in Jharkhand is popular not only to the nature lovers but it is also well known as a pilgrimage site in Jharkhand for Dewri temple that was built by the robbers in ancient India.
 Amravati Stupa
Amravati Stupa is a ruined Buddhist Stupa in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh.
 Sadni Falls
Sadni Falls, also called Sadnighagh Waterfalls, is located at a distance of three kms from Rajadera village in Gumla district of Jharkhand. With an elevation of 934 meters this is one of the most attractive waterfalls of Jharkhand.
A pilgrimage centre for Hindus and Shikhs, Manikaran is popular for its hot springs and temples that are revered by the devotees.
 Achakanya Falls
Achakanya Falls, one of the small waterfalls of Karnataka located in the village of Aralasurali is a popular tourist attraction.
Guptakashi in Uttarakhand is one of the most popular religious sites for the Hindus in India. The town is most famous for the temple of Lord Shiva, the Vishwanath temple.
 Madan Mohan Bari
Situated in the heart of Cooch Behar town, Madan Mohan Bari temple is a famous tourist attraction, where locals go to pay homage to the Gods.
 Chadwick Falls
The beautiful Chadwick Falls of Shimla are located at a distance of 7 km and is a major tourist attraction.
 Gauri Kund
Gauri Kund is a Hindu pilgrimage site and the base camp for the Kedarnath Temple.
 Tapta Kund
The Tapta Kund is a thermal spring located in Badrinath Temple.
 Hathni Kund
Hathni Kund is a small tourist spot of Haryana which is developed at the place where River Yamuna crosses the last lap of the Himalayan foothills.
 People of Andaman
People of Andaman are heterogeneous by nature. The Andamanese, the Onges, the Jarawas and the Sentinelese are the indigenous residents of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
 Art and Culture of Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Culture of Andaman and Nicobar Islands is famous throughout India and also the world. These far away situated islands are used earlier as severe settlements.
 Udhampur District
Udhampur is a district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir which is sharing border with Doda District to the East, Jammu District to the west, Samba District to the South.
 Rajouri District
Rajouri District is a district of Jammu region in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir which comprises six tehsils.
 Wilson Hills
Wilson Hills offers a mesmerizing view of the vast Arabian Sea from a high altitude. The place is immensely enjoyed by the mountaineers and nature lovers.
 Kutumsar Caves and Kailash Gufa
Kutumsar Caves and Kailash Gufa located in Chhattisgarh serve as a famous tourist spot which exhibit splendid formations of stalactites and stalagmites.
 Doda District
Doda District is the third largest district of the state of Jammu and Kashmir after Leh and Kargil. It is in the middle and outer Himalayan ranges.
Neermahal is the earlier majestic palace built by King Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur of the former Kingdom of Tripura. It is situated in the middle of the Rudrasagar Lake.
 Spiti Valley
Spiti Valley is one of the most beautiful spots in Himachal Pradesh. This is the driest mountain valley in the Spiti District. It is a cold desert mountain valley located high in the Himalaya Mountains in the north-eastern part of the Indian state.
 Rudrasagar Lake
Rudrasagar Lake is a natural sedimentation reservoir situated in the state of Tripura. Rudrasagar Lake is a natural sedimentation reservoir.
 Kibber Village
Kibber Village is village located in the foot hills of Middle Himalayas. Kibber Village is one of the most prominent tourist attraction sites in Himachal Pradesh.
 Hamirpur Fort
Hamirpur Fort played a most important role in medieval times. It is in Himachal Pradesh and is now ruined. It becomes one of the major attractions in Hamirpur District.
Tripura is one of the North eastern states of India which is the third-smallest state in the country. It was the independent princely state of the Tripuri Kingdom under the protectorate of the British Empire.
Hanjis are the boatmen of Kashmir who take around the tourists on a scenic trip of the valley in their ‘Shikharas’. They are an important ethnic group in the Valley of Kashmir.
 Chidiya Tapu Beach
Chidiya Tapu Beach is well known as "Sun Set Point" of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is also known as "Bird Island".
 Ross Island
Ross Island is an island of the Andaman Islands. It was the administrative headquarters of Andaman and Nicobar Island before the capital was shifted to Port Blair.
 Bellary Fort
Bellary Fort is a historical site in Karnataka, dated back to the Vijayanagara kingdom. It also gets its mention in the ruling of dynasties like Satavahanas, Kadambas, Kalachuryas and Hoysalas.
 Bahu Fort
Bahu Fort is a sacred place. Within its grounds, there is a temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali, the presiding deity of Jammu. It is situated in Jammu city in state of Jammu and Kashmir.
 Moti Daman Fort
Moti Daman Fort is one of the oldest structures of Daman. Built by an Abyssinian chief, this stands as a ruin in the heart of Daman which is considered as a major tourist spot.
 Hirni Falls
Hirni Falls of Ranchi is 20 kilometres away from ‘Khunti’ village of the West Singhbhum district. This falls attract national and international tourists.
 Buxa Fort
Buxa Fort is one of the prime trekking spots in West Bengal. This fort served as the most strategic fort in the early time of the British Rule.
 Akashiganga Falls
Akashiganga Falls is one of the most sacred pilgrimages for the Hindus of West Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh. It is associated with the legends of Sati which has been mentioned in the Kalika Purana.
 Old Delhi
Old Delhi is one of the most ancient places in the country, which stands a spectator to several empires, including that of Delhi Sultanate, Mughal Dynasty, British Raj and more.
 Chitradhara Waterfall
Chitradhara waterfall near Jagdalpur in the district of Bastar, Chhattisgarh, is a stunning natural waterfall that attracts several visitors throughout the year. It is one of the best sightseeing and weekend vacation of Chhattisgarh.
 Tourism in Manimahesh Lake
Tourism in Manimahesh Lake is mainly the revenue earning of the government of Himachal Pradesh. Manimahesh Lake is commonly known as the Dal Lake.
 Kadaiya Lake Garden
Kadaiya Lake Garden, in Daman and Diu is embellished with exotic fountains and beautiful boats. Although the garden is artificially created, it has fascinating natural beauty.
 Kareri Lake
Kareri Lake is a natural lake in Himachal Pradesh. It attracts the tourists of India and also from abroad.
 Mulkarkha Lake
Mulkarkha Lake is one of the natural lakes in Northern part of Bengal, which is attracted by a large number of inland and outland tourists and the migratory birds.
 Topchanchi Lake
Topchanchi Lake is one of the most attractive tourist spots of Jharkhand. This natural water reservoir receives water from the rivers flowing from Parasnath Hills.
 Burudih Lake
Burudih Lake is one of the artificial lakes, which is located at Ghatshila. This is another tourist spot of Jharkhand which attracts a number of tourists for its scenic beauty.
 Tribes of Kashmir
Tribes of Kashmir are to be found settled all over the state in different parts and have their own unique lifestyles and occupation.
 Backwater Cruises in Kerala
The exotic backwater cruises in Kerala have become the style mark of the region. Kerala’s backwaters form almost half of the state, creating a water set-up stretching about 900 kilometres.
 Bharathi Park
Bharathi Park, Puducherry allures every visitor to enjoy nature. It is one of the greenest attractions in Puducherry.
 Kuki Tribe
Kuki Tribes are one of the most dominant tribes who inhabit the hilly regions of Manipur.
 Tourist Places in Darjeeling
Tourist Places in Darjeeling reflect the magnificence of the natural beauty and splendour of Darjeeling. Darjeeling is one of the most popular hill stations of India.
 Keetham Lake
Keetham Lake is also popularly called the Sur Sarovar. It is located in Agra, comprised of hot windy summers and extremely cold winters.
 History of Malkangiri
The rich and adventurous history of the Malkangiri district, Odisha echoed the mythological episodes which took place in the ancient India.
 Ullakaarvi Waterfall
Ullakaarvi Waterfall is located on the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu. The waterfall is located in the middle of forested hills and consists of two falls, the lower falls and upper falls.
 Tirparappu Waterfalls
Tirparappu Waterfalls is located in Kanyakumari district in Tamil Nadu is a famous tourist destination. It falls from a height of almost 50 feet.
 Ulsoor Lake
Ulsoor Lake is one of the biggest lakes located at the centre of Bengaluru. Ulsoor Lake is marked with a number of beautiful islands.
 Badkhal Lake
Badkhal Lake is one of the popular tourist sights of Haryana. The lake presents a break for fishing and allocates the residents of Delhi and Haryana to organize picnics.
 Coins of Pratihara Empire
Coins of Pratihara Empire, although all struck to a single weight standard, were carefully differentiated by name. However, it is quite uncertain whether the government issued the coins or whether they have been issued privately under official regulation during Pratihara rule.
 Saramsa Garden
Saramsa Garden is a famous garden located in Gangtok. It was established in 1922 that houses a wide range of orchid species.
 Rock Fort
Rock Fort at Trichurapalli is one of the oldest structures of the world. Situated at a height of 83metres it is mainly attractive for its architecture which is stationed above the steep rock hills of Tamil Nadu.
 Vivekananda Rock Memorial
The Vivekananda Rock Memorial is a decent honour to one of the supreme supporters of Hindu philosophy which aims to the never-ending truth of life. Vivekananda Rock Memorial is situated in Kanyakumari.
 Sewaro Rock Garden
Sewaro Rock Garden was developed by the Tourism and Civil Aviation Department of Sikkim. It has become one of the popular tourist attractions in Sikkim.
 North Eastern Indian states
North Eastern Indian States comprises of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura. North East India is truly a paradise unexplored.
 Havelis in Rajasthan
Haveli is a traditional accommodation or mansion in India. These are typically one with chronological and architectural implications.
 Saranda Forest
Saranda Forest is a dense forest. It is located at the hilly region in the West-Singhbhum district in the state of Jharkhand. It is considered as Asia’s best Sal forest.
 Belum Caves
Belum Caves located in Andhra Pradesh were first discovered in 1884. Various excavations conducted in these caves have revealed its relation with Buddhists and Jain monks.
 Waterfalls in Ranchi
Waterfalls in Ranchi serve as famous tourist spots and picnic spots remaining to their exquisite natural beauty.
 People of Lower Dibang Valley District
People of Lower Dibang Valley District are different local tribes who live in this region and follow the regional customs and traditions.
 Araku Valley
Araku Valley is located at Visakhapatnam district in Andhra Pradesh and is a popular tourist spot. It is a valley in the Eastern Ghats which is populated by different tribes.
 Mount Abu
Mount Abu, Rajasthan is noted for its exquisite locales, comfortable lodging and good mode of transportation.
 Plage Paradiso Island
Plage Paradise is one of the most attractive sea beaches of Puducherry. It is an isolated beach from the main land by the Chunnamber backwaters.
 Rock Cut Caves of Bongaigaon District
Rock cut caves of Bongaigaon are a treat to the eyes and currently preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India.
 Rivona Caves
Rivona Caves situated in South Goa depict the influence of Buddhism and is considered to have been dug by Buddhist monks during 7th century.
 Amrit Dhara Waterfall
Amrit Dhara Waterfall in Chhattisgarh falls from a height of 90 feet and serves as a famous tourist spot for its scenic beauty and wonderful climate.
 Tuensang District
Tuensang is a district of Nagaland that is covered by hilly areas, gorges and valleys and thrives to be one of the eight districts of Nagaland.
 Pithoragarh District
Pithoragarh is the Easternmost Himalayan district of the Indian State of Uttarakhand. This district is beautiful with natural landscapes of Himalayan Mountains.
 Rudraprayag District
Rudraprayag District attracts the tourists and pilgrims, as it is the birth place of ancient Hindu culture and this district is associated with much folklore and mythological stories.
 Udham Singh Nagar District
Udham Singh Nagar District geographically falls in Kumaon division. This district was named after a renowned Indian freedom fighter.
 Champawat District
Champawat District is a district full of village life and it is well equipped with natural landscapes.
 Bageshwar district
Bageshwar District is nourished with ancient history and culture of the bygone era. This district is associated with many mythological stories.
 Pauri Garhwal District
Pauri Garhwal District is gifted with the beauty of hills and the mountain ranges. This district has picturesque temples and peaks.
 Chamoli District
Chamoli District in Uttarakhand is popular for the temples, adventure tourism destinations and wildlife sanctuaries.
 Nainital District
Nainital District of Uttarakhand lies in the Kumaon division of Himalayan Mountain Range. Nainital Lake is a popular destination in Nainital District.
 Almora District
Almora District is popular for the presence of temples and the Ram Krishna Mission established by Swami Vivekananda. This district is connected with Dehradun, Bageshwar and Nainital.
 Districts of Uttarakhand
Districts of Uttarakhand consists of thirteen districts, which are mostly the tourism destinations.
 People of Sikkim
People of Sikkim are the identity of their state’s culture, tradition and religion. These inhabitants are rapidly evolving their society and making them unique from the Indian traditional customs and cultures.
 Tourism in West Sikkim District
Tourism in West Sikkim District comprises of the archaeological ruins, ancient Tibetan cultures and national parks.
 Tourism in Sikkim
Tourism in Sikkim offers travelers the opportunity to explore the state through adventure and leisure.
 Kargil District
Kargil District is known for the Indo- Pak War in 1999. This district is located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India.
 Districts of Puducherry
Districts of Puducherry are covered with French art and architectures. Now, these districts are under the Act of Indian Union Territories.
Yanam is a colonial town, located in Yanma District of Puducherry. This town is influenced from the French and Telugu cultures.
 Districts of Delhi
Districts of Delhi are nine in number, each headed by a District Magistrate. All the nine districts of Delhi are known for their tourist places having great historical significance.
Puducherry is an Indian union territory, noted for French architectures and rocky sea beaches. This place is dotted with many tourist attractions.
 History of Delhi
History of Delhi began with the advent of Indian regal dynasties. Delhi witnessed the rise and fall of Hindu dynasties, Muslims and the British as well.
Delhi is decorated with ancient, medieval and modern monuments, gardens and bustling bazaars. The capital city in India is reachable from all Indian states and the cities.
 Tourism in Daman and Diu
Tourism in Daman and Diu offers pleasurable trips in the midst of urban life.
Chandigarh is known as the Shoppers Paradise. It is because, this city is known for the retail trade after Mumbai and Delhi.
 Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Andaman and Nicobar Islands is now a popular tourism destination for the presence of pristine sea beaches and adventure tourism opportunities.
Manipur is known as "Jewelled Land". This North East Indian state is boasted with the unique cultural and social milieu.
 Daman and Diu
Daman and Diu is an Indian Union Territory and it was a part of Goa in Portuguese era.
 Dadra & Nagar Haveli
Dadra and Nagar Haveli is a union territory of western Indian and this place is dotted with a number of tourism destinations which are easily accessible from Gujarat and Maharashtra.
 Hill Stations in India
Hill Stations in India allure the tourist for the natural landscape, beautiful forests, mountain peaks and the mixed culture.
 Beaches of Diu
Beaches of Diu are famed for their exquisite natural beauty. The sea beaches of Diu offer numerous experiences to the tourists including adventurous activities.
Odisha is an eastern Indian state dotted with many pristine sea beaches, wildlife sanctuaries and temples. This Indian State is also popular for festivals, cuisines and handloom artworks.
Bihar is an eastern Indian state, flourished with Hindu and Buddhist temples and archaeological sites. This state in ancient India was known for its education system.
 Hill stations in Uttarakhand
Hill Stations in Uttarakhand appeal the national and international tourists for the adventure tourism, trekking, nature tourism and pilgrimage tourism. These hilly destinations are mostly located on the foothills of Kumaon Division and Gharwal Himalayan Range.
Sikkim is a hilly state in north eastern part of India, nestled on the foothills of Himalayan Mountain Range. This state has many hill stations and tribal settlements.
 Himachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh well known as "Snow land" is popular for the Hindu temples and British architectures.
 Tourism in Leh District
Tourism in Leh district offers the tourists with the monasteries, deep valleys, palaces and educational institutions where, Buddhism mode of learning is dominant.
Madikeri is a hill station in Kodagu District of Karnataka, appeals the tourists for the hills and the architectures of bygone eras.
 Suratheshwar Shiva Temple
Suratheshwar Shiva Temple is an age-old temple located in Birbhum District of West Bengal.
 Halshasti Festival
Halshasti festival is one of the bright festivals observed in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Also referred to as the Harchhat, this festival is mainly celebrated by women.
 Beaches of India
Beaches of India are located along the Indian coastlines and these are the most profitable sites for tourism in India.
 Fairs of North Tripura District
Fairs of North Tripura District are colourful portrayals of the cultures and traditions of this portion of India. Ashokastami Fair and Makar Sankranti are amongst the various fairs of this region.
 Orange Festival
Orange festival is observed in Tripura during the month of November in Jampuri Hills where it is celebrated, a place where delicious oranges are found in abundance.
 Bhai Juntia Festival
Bhai Juntia festival is the regional festival of Odisha which has a great similarity with the Raksha Bandhan Utsav.
Birchandrapur is a town and the notified area in Birbhum District of West Bengal.
 Nandikeshwari Temple
Nandikeshwari Temple is an ancient temple in Birbhum District of West Bengal.
 Lhalung Monastery
Lhalung Monastery better known as Lhalun Monastery or Lalung Monastery is one of the most prime religious spots for Indians and Buddhists.
 Tangyud Monastery
Tangyud Monastery or Sa-Skya-gong-ming gomapa is one of the religious spot in Himachal Pradesh. The Buddhist from China and Tibet come and visit the time with religious fervour.
 Kalimpong District
Kalimpong District is the newest district in West Bengal. This district has several tourism destinations.
 Districts of Presidency Division
Districts of Presidency division in West Bengal are developed from the British rule in East India.
 Districts of Burdwan Division
Districts of Burdwan Division in West Bengal comprises of the best educational infrastructures and tourism destinations.
 Districts of Malda Division
Districts of Malda Division come after the Jalpaiguri Division. The plain lands and the sub tropical climate make the Malda Division, a proper place for the human settlement from early era.
 Districts of Jalpaiguri Division
Districts of Jalpaiguri Division in West Bengal include the tourism destinations. The Lesser Himalayan Mountain Range and Kanchenjunga Mountain Range are easily seen.
 Districts of Mahasamund Division
Districts of Mahasamund Division in Chattisgarh consist of the tribal culture and deep forest tourism.
 Districts of Bastar Division
Districts of Bastar division include the Naxal influenced areas and the mix of Bengal and Odia culture.
 Districts of Ujjain Division
Districts of Ujjain Division are formed with the valleys and the mountain ranges. This part of central India was developed from the time of Mauryan Empire.
 Districts in Shahdol Division
Districts in Shahdol Division include ancient and medieval towns, where the presence of temples, mosques and the forts made these districts historically important.
 Districts of Sagar Division
Districts of Sagar Division include the agriculturally rich areas and the pilgrimage destinations in the central part of India.
 Districts of Rewa Division
Districts of Rewa Division in central India cover the medieval cities and development in agriculture that happened from the time of Akbar. This division is known as the land of forests
 Districts of Narmadapuram Division
Districts of Narmadapuram Division comprises of the agricultural areas and the ancient temples and palaces nearby.
 Districts of Jabalpur Division
Districts of Jabalpur Division in Madhya Pradesh are attracted for the river line and the marble rocks.
 Districts of Indore Division
Districts of Indore Division cover the beautiful temples, mosques, palaces and the natural landscapes. Indore was flourished in British Raj.
 Districts of Gwalior Division
Districts of Gwalior Division cover the medieval history and the dark age of post Mughal era. These districts also witness the rise and downfall of many royal dynasties, which ended in fierce battles.
 Districts of Chambal Division
Districts of Chambal Division are under developed area and covered with dense jungle.
 Districts of Bhopal Division
Districts of Bhopal division are evolved from the ancient era. Vidisha is an ancient city, which was early developed.
 Districts of Central Nagaland
Districts of Central Nagaland offers picturesque beauty of hills and the villages.
 Districts of South Nagaland
Districts of South Nagaland comprise of dense jungles and the mountainous valleys.
 Districts of North Nagaland
Districts of North Nagaland consist of the snow capped mountains and the hilly hamlets.
 District of South Mizoram
Districts of South Mizoram give the description of the natural landscape, beauty of the mountains and the deep valleys.
 Districts of East Mizoram
Districts of East Mizoram have tourism destinations like the archaeological sites and the historical palaces.
 Districts of North Mizoram
Districts of North Mizoram has the capital city- Aizwal. Here the districts show the cultural heritages of North East.
 Districts of South Manipur Division
Districts of South Manipur Division consist of hilly landscape and the picturesque mountain ranges.
 Districts of North Manipur Division
Districts of North Manipur Division are bounded by Sadar Hills and the natural beauty of this place attracts tourists here for a weekend.
 Districts of Inner Manipur Division
Districts of Inner Manipur Division comprised of the spectacular landscape and the beauty of the history.
 Districts of Barak Valley
Districts of Barak Valley in Assam give a clear description of the natural landscape of the mountain river and the beauty of Himalayan Mountain Range.
 Districts of Upper Assam Division
Districts of Upper Assam Division depict the well administrative system in Northeastern part of Assam and the tourist delights.
 Districts of Central Assam Division
Districts of Central Assam Division include the wildlife sanctuaries, tribal population and the age-old Hindu sculptures in the archaeological era.
 Districts of Lower Assam Division
Districts of Lower Assam Division are noted for the presence of temples of Ahom Dynasty.
 Districts of North Assam Division
Districts of North Assam Division consist of tourism destinations and the historical places.
 Districts of Tirap Division
Districts of Tirap Division include the natural landscape beauty of India and Myanmar.
 Districts of Lohit-Dibang Division
Districts of Lohit-Dibang division include the tourism destinations like Dibang Valley, which almost looks like the Jammu and Kashmir.
 Districts of Siang Division
Districts of Siang Division has lush green valleys and Himalayan Mountain Ranges.
 Districts of Subansiri Division
Districts of Subansiri Division show one the religious beliefs and the ancient customs which are now also dominant in the culture of North East.
 Districts of Kameng Division
Districts of Kameng Divison include tourism destinations like the green valleys and the hilly hamlets.
 Districts of Central Tamil Nadu
Districts of Central Tamil Nadu are the eyewitness of medieval Muslim history and the history of trade and commerce from early India.
 District of West Tamil Nadu
Districts of West Tamil Nadu are concentrated with the industrial sections and the hill stations.
 Districts of South Tamil Nadu
Districts of South Tamil Nadu consist of many tourism destinations like archaeological sites and the history of Pandyas and Cholas.
 Districts of North Tamil Nadu
Districts of North Tamil Nadu define the tourism with the natural beauty and Hindu temples.
 Districts of Central Kerala
Districts of Central Kerala are the most cultivated districts. Palakkad District is known as the "Rice Bowl of India".
 Districts of Coastal Kerala
Districts of Coastal Kerala has many tourist destinations. The luxury boat ride and the waterfalls appeal the people most.
 Districts of Mysuru Division
Districts of Mysuru Division is famous for the coffee plantation and tourism destinations.
 Districts of Kalaburagi Division
Districts of Kalaburagi Division is bounded with the temples of Hampi and the famous hill stations.
 Districts of Bengaluru Division
Districts of Bengaluru Division are developed with the urbanization and the booming IT sectors.
 Districts of Belagavi Division
Districts of Belagavi Division includes places of tourism importance like temples and archaeological sites.
 Districts of Rayalaseema
Districts of Rayalaseema in Andhra Pradesh state has urban population and rural settlements as well.
 Districts of Coastal Andhra Pradesh
Districts of Coastal Andhra Pradesh are flourished with the natural beauty, so the tourism here is developed.
 Districts of Central Punjab
Districts of Central part of Punjab are in the map of the three divisions, this part of Punjab is flourished with agriculture, and agro based industry.
 Districts of West Punjab
Districts of Western part of Punjab depict the history of Sikh Empire and its establishment in India in the later Mughal era.
 Districts of East Punjab
Districts of East Punjab are the torchbearers of ethnic Punjabi art and architecture.
 Districts of South Punjab
Districts of Southern part of Punjab depict medieval history of Punjab and the rise of Sikhs.
 Districts of North Punjab
Districts of northern part of Punjab defines the mountainous landscape beauty and the sharing of the landforms with Jammu and Kashmir.
 Districts of Central Rajasthan
Districts of central part of Rajasthan include the capital city- Jaipur (Pink City) and Ajmer Sharif, one of the most popular destinations for Muslims.
 Districts of West Rajasthan
Districts of western part of Rajasthan has dry and arid desert regions of Jaisalmer and the fort city of Jodhpur.
 District of South Rajasthan
Districts of Southern part of Rajasthan share the landforms with Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Here the history began from the Fossil Age.
 Districts of East Rajasthan
Districts of Eastern part of Rajasthan has rich history with Chambal River and the history of Rajputs.
 Districts of North Rajasthan
District of Northern part of Rajasthan is dotted with ancient forts and medieval villages.
 Districts of South Gujarat
Districts of South Gujarat are the epicenter of Jain pilgrimages and the early Hindu kingdoms.
 Districts of Saurashtra Region
Districts of Saurashtra Division mention the medieval bloodshed history and the archaeological excavations from Dwaraka- The Land of Lord Krishna.
 Districts of North Gujarat
Districts of North Gujarat bear some tourism destinations and shares the landforms with Rajasthan.
 Districts of Central Gujarat
Districts of Central Gujarat comprised of many industrialized and the modern towns and the cities. These cities are rich in khadi industry and the IT industry.
 Districts of Pune Division
Districts of Pune Division can be categorized under the developed districts and the under developed districts. The IT sector is the main economical booster in Pune Division area, while of some of the districts are rich in agricultural products.
 Districts of Nashik Division
Districts of Nashik Division have the contribution in agricultural production in western India.
 Districts of Nagpur Division
Districts of Nagpur Division of Maharashtra defines the most industrialized districts and forts that were built during Maratha regime, which are now the popular attractions.
 Districts of Konkan Division
Districts of Konkan Division are one of the busiest districts in India. This district has Mumbai as the business capital of India and the South East Asia as well after Hongkong in China and Tokyo in Japan.
 Districts of Aurangabad Division
Districts of Aurangabad Division in Maharashtra bear the Mughal history and the examples of later Mughal architecture that is during the reign of Aurangazeb.
 Districts of Amravati Division
Districts of Amravati Division in Maharashtra portray the British history with the eruption of colonial power in mid 17th century and the ancient culture and architecture of Vidarbha region, which is now part apart of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.
 Districts of Central Odisha
Districts of Central part of Odisha bear the rich cultural heritages of East India. These districts are the birth-place of many Odiya cultural assets.
 Districts of West Odisha
Districts of West Odisha are associated with medieval history of Mughal era and the establishment of Princely States under British rule.
 Districts of South Odisha
Districts of South Odisha are under developed areas and some districts are under Red Corridor.
 Districts of East Odisha
Districts of East Odisha are developed for the hype of tourism. These districts have ample number of tourism destinations and archaeological remainings.
 Districts of North Odisha
District of North Odisha has Bengal boundary and shares the same culture. These are reachable if one pays a weekend visit to Digha.
 Districts of Kolhan division
Districts of Kolhan Division depict the natural beauty of the artificial lakes, waterfalls and the forests of Narwa Range.
 Districts of Santhal Pargana division
Districts of Shantal Parganas Divisions are now seeing the development in their education and life style with the help of various governmental and non-governmental organizations.
 Districts of South Chotanagpur Division
Districts of South Chotanagpur Divisions in Jharkhand bring the economical base of Jharkhand for the presence of capital city- Ranchi.
 Districts of North Chotanagpur Divison
Districts of North Chotanagpur Division includes the areas, which are under the forest zone.
 Districts of North Bihar
Districts of North Bihar explains the modern history of India where Civil Disobedience Movement started with the hands of Mahatma Gandhi.
 Districts of West Bihar
Districts of West Bihar is comprised of medieval monuments that were built by the different governors of Mughal era.
 Districts of East Bihar
Districts of East Bihar comprised of the regions of Munger area. This area was flourished in traditional arms dealing during the rule of British Raj.
 Districts of Palamau Division
Districts of Palamau Division is attracted to the tourists for the green landscape and vast meadows.
 Districts of Central Bihar
Districts of Central Bihar portray the landscape and the greens of Munger Division and Dharbhanga Divisions.
 Districts of South Bihar
Districts of South Bihar comprised of the rural areas. These are generally under Red Corridor areas.
 Districts of West Uttar Pradesh
Districts of West Uttar Pradesh is dealing with the bloodshed history of Sepoy Mutiny and the prospering city of brass and metals.
 Districts of East Uttar Pradesh
Districts of East Uttar Pradesh consists of more than 2000 villages. Here some of the districts have the age old and important Hindu temples.
 Districts of South Uttar Pradesh
Districts of South Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of Hindu temples and the Islamic monuments, as these areas were ruled by various rulers of Mughals and Delhi Sultanate.
 Districts of North Uttar Pradesh
Districts of North Uttar Pradesh attracts global tourists for the presence of history and the natural beauty that it shares with neighbor country Nepal.
 Districts of South Uttarakhand
Districts of South Uttarakhand has many villages. These districts offer adorable hill stations and the valleys with vast meadows.
 Districts of West Uttarkhand
Districts of western part of Uttarkhand have the high percentage of tourism concentration.
 Districts of East Uttarakhand
District of East Uttarakhand explains tourism opportunity due to the presence of mountain passes, valleys and rivers.
 Districts of North Uttarakhand
Districts of Northern part of Uttarakhand are the cynosure not only to the Hindus, but also it has vast natural beauty, which gives thrill to the trekkers.
 Districts of West Haryana
Districts of West Haryana depicts the dominance of royal people in Mughal era.
 Districts of East Haryana
District of East Haryana is one of the most flourished areas in this state. The districts are located very near to Delhi, the National Capital of India.
 Districts of South Haryana
Districts of South Haryana consists of many cities of industrial excellence. These districts are dotted with popular tourism destinations.
 Districts of North Haryana
Districts of Northern Part of Haryana includes the regions where one can find the Islamic monuments and the Hindu temples along with the natural landscape.
 East Sikkim District
East Sikkim District is one of the most populous districts in Sikkim. This is known as the capital centre of modern day Sikkim.
 West Sikkim District
West Sikkim District is the favourite spot for trekkers and bikers. This district has rich history of mountain tribal belt and royal kingdom of Sikkim.
 South Sikkim District
South Sikkim District attracts the tourists for its beauty of snow-capped mountains.
 North Sikkim District
North Sikkim District is not the densely populated region. It is the favouirte place for one who wants to see the beds of snow.
 Districts of Sikkim
Districts of Sikkim are located in the lap of Himalayan Mountain Range. These districts are not densely populated except the cities like Gangtok and Namchi.
 Districts of West Himachal Pradesh
Districts of western part of Himachal Pradesh is well connected with Punjab and Haryana the neighbouring states.
 Districts of South Himachal Pradesh
Districts of South Himachal Pradesh are defined with the eco tourism parks, populous cities and villages.
 Districts of East Himachal Pradesh
Districts of East Himachal Pradesh includes the districts like Shimla and Kinnaur which are popular in the map of Incredible India.
 Districts of North Himachal Pradesh
Districts of North Himachal Pradesh have the vast tourism opportunities and in this part of Himachal Pradesh is Chamba District, where the history of Himachal Pradesh is well preserved.
 Districts of Kashmir Division
Districts of Kashmir Division includes the temples, mosques and the Sufi shrines.
 Districts of Ladakh Division
Districts of Ladakh Division bears the roads which are best for bike riding. These roads have good connectivity to the Indian border villages of Jammu and Kashmir.
 Districts in Jammu Division
Districts of Jammu Division consists of the places which are popular to the tourists.
 Modern History of Thissur District
Modern History of Thissur District was begun from the rule of Raja Rama Varma, who encouraged in arts and architecture of Kerala.
 Medieval History of Thissur District
Medieval History of Thissur District shows the decline of the ancient port city and the invasion of Muslim rulers from Delhi.
 Early History of Thissur District
Early History of Thissur District explains flourishing of the port cities. Now these port cities are transformed into archaeological sites.
 Rivers of Kerala
Rivers of Kerala are not only the life line of the state, but also add to the tourism culture for the luxury boat rides.
 Early History of Rajasthan
Early History of Rajasthan deals with the evolution of human civilization at about 5000 years ago.
 Early History of Gujarat
Early History of Gujarat reveals the rule of Mauryas that ends in the decline of Solanki Dynasty.
 Rivers of Odisha
Rivers in Odisha are dealing with the Rainfed Rivers which are the life line of Odisha, Jharkhand and West Bengal.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in West Bengal
Pilgrimage Tourism in West Bengal includes the temples that were built from the early era, the mosques in the first half of the medieval era and the churches of modern age.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Jalpaiguri District
Pilgrimage Tourism in Jaipaiguri District is consisting of temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Darjeeling
Pilgrimage Tourism in Darjeeling depicts the temples and the monasteries which are located in the mist of Mt. Kanchenjunga and the hilly forest areas.
 Modern History of Odisha
Modern History of Odisha began with the downfall of Marathas and rise of colonial powers in Eastern India. At first Portuguese East India Company came into power then automatically the power went to the British East India Company.
 Medieval History of Odisha
Medieval History of Odisha witnessed the glorious rule of Eastern Ganga Dynasty and its decline with the hands of Delhi Sultanates.
 Early History of Odisha
Early History of Odisha shows the establishment of Kalinga Empire and its decline with the blood shed battle near Daya River resulted in thousands death there.
 Administration of Bihar
Administration of Bihar comprises of secular democratic structure along with the political culture.
 Monasteries in Bihar
Monasteries in Bihar are the examples of the 5th Century BC art and architecture along with the Buddhist dominance in India.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Himachal Pradesh
Pilgrimage Tourism in Himachal Pradesh deals with the temples that were built in ancient era.
 Geography of Bastar District
Geography of Bastar District gives the scope to the tribal people of Chhattisgarh to earn through agriculture and forest cultivation.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir
Pilgrimage Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir includes the ancient temples of early era, mosques and the mausoleums of medieval era and the Jewish temples.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Jharkhand
Pilgrimage Tourism in Jharkhand shows the tribal and Hindu influences both in the midst of dense jungles.
 Modern History of Punjab
Modern History of Punjab is dealing with the autocratic British rule in India and the freedom struggle for independence.
 Medieval History of Punjab
Medieval History of Punjab shares the bloodshed battles and the establishment of Sikh kingdom in north and north western part of medieval India.
 Early History of Punjab
Early History of Punjab began from the Rig Veda Era and ended with the invasion of Muslims in medieval India.
 Pre Historic Age of Tamil Nadu
Pre Historic Age of Tamil Nadu depicts the advent of human civilization around 3,000,000 BC.
 Modern History of Tamil Nadu
Modern History of Tamil Nadu deals with the coming of French East India Company to trade with the Indians and then followed the clashes with the Sultans, British and the French.
 Medieval History of Tamil Nadu
Medieval History of Tamil Nadu revealed the ruthless invasion of Allauddin Khilji and establishing there the Islamic rule.
 Early History of Tamil Nadu
Early History of Tamil Nadu began from the era of Vendhar rule and ended with the invasion of Islamic rulers.
 Valleys in Assam
Valleys in Assam are the tourist destination for nature tourism in this north eastern state of India.
 Lakes of Assam
Lakes of Assam are the popular tourist attractions. These lakes are now the newest edition of eco tourism in Assam.
 Rural Tourism in Assam
Rural Tourism in Assam is now flourished for the presence of serene villages. The villages of Assam have the potential to attracts the tourists for the nature walks in the midst village life. Here one can witness their culture, traditional costumes and the rituals.
 Tourism in North India
Tourism in Northern part of India includes the snowy hill stations, colourful gardens, pilgrimage destinations, trekking routes, motorable hill passes, archaeological sites and the most flourished cities that were developed from the time of Mahabharata.
 Tourism in West India
Tourism in west India is dealing with the hill stations, sea beaches, forts, temples and the city life.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Chhattisgarh
Pilgrimage tourism in Chhattisgarh includes tours to the temples in the districts of Chhattisgarh that were built in the early era and medieval era.
 Architecture of Mughal Gardens in India
Architecture of Mughal Gardens in India shows the excellence in Persian engineering and art work in medieval era.
 Tourism in East India
Tourism in eastern part of India gives the charm to see the history and rich cultural heritage with the European cultural cultivation in the midst of tribal villages.
 Tourism in Central India
Tourism in Central part of India depicts the sculptural excellence of Chandella Dynasty (Khajuraho Temples) and the deula style of Raipur temples in Chattisgarh.
 Tourism in South India
Tourism in South India is covered with religious destinations, backwater lakes, lagoons, sea beaches and industrially developed cities.
 Tourism in North East India
Tourism in North East is for those who like to have a walk along the green hills. The beauty of north east is only described by the nature and the tribal festivals.
Paradip is a well admired tourist destination for cherishing the vibrant wildlife and captivating natural beauty by the nature lovers in Odisha. Paradip is a perfect weekend destination for the tourists who are stressed out in the din and bustle city life. On ecan also visit the Paradip port here.
 Tourism in Indian States
Tourism in Indian States defines diversity in culture, geographic distribution and the society to the global populace.
 Gates of Uttar Pradesh
Gates of Uttar Pradesh are known for the miniature art work and are fine examples of Islamic art and architecture.
 Gates in Tamil Nadu
Gates in Tamil Nadu are formed as entrance of the temples from ancient era.
 History of Mughal Gardens in India
History of Mughal Garden traced back from the establishment of the Garden of Babur in Delhi which was ended in the formation of Roshnara Bagh by Aurangazeb.
 Mughal Gardens in India
Mughal Gardens in India shows the elegance of art and architectural skill and the Persian conventional architectural design.
 Amusement Parks in East India
Amusement Parks in eastern part of India cover the well maintained parks which are offering rides and eco tourism.
 Amusement Parks in North India
Amusement Parks in Northern part of India are the recreational spots among the urban people of Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Gurgaon, Lucknow and Noida.
 Gates of Karnataka
Gates of Karnataka were erected in different eras. Some of the gates were erected in Chola era or Pallava era or during the rule of Rashtrakutas.
 Gates of Gujarat
Gates of Gujarat depicts the history of bloodshed and victory. These gates were constructed by the Rajputs and the Mughals to mark the victory and independence of Rajputana state.
 Gates of Andhra Pradesh
Gates of Andhra Pradesh are the examples of art work of Kakatiya Dynasty that was flourished in the early medieval era.
 West Indian Gates
West Indian Gates were established by the Delhi Sultanates and Maratha rulers.
 South Indian Gates
South Indian Gates are known for the architectural style of Kakatiya Dynasty, Chola Dynasty, Golconda Sultanate Dynasty and Pallava Dynasty.
 North Indian Gates
North Indian Gates are mostly concentrated in New Delhi and Old Delhi areas. While there are royal gates erected in the modern and medieval era by the different rulers of India. These gates are spotted in different modern Indian states like Asaam, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh.
 Gardens in India
Gardens of India are now projected as the eco tourism spots for the urban tourists.
 Gates in India
Gates of India are erected in different times of Indian history to show the pomp and power of the dynastic rule. These gates are some times used for royal purpose to mark the royal events.
 Aquaria in India
Aquaria in India are popular among the local and national tourists, because it gives recreation and educational feelings.
 Coral Reefs in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Coral Reefs of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are popular attractions among the tourists. Here comes the adventure tourism into life.
 Demography of Indian Union Territories
Demography of Indian Union Territories shows the population density and the literacy rates, as the economy is regulated by the primary sectors and the tertiary sectors.
 Pilgrimages in Indian Union Territories
Pilgrimages in Indian Union Territories defines not only the temples of Hindus, but also it defines with the churches of Portuguese and French line, mosques of Lakshadweep- the architecture inspired from South Indian style and the gurdwaras of Chandigarh.
 Tourism in Indian Union Territories
Tourism in Indian Union Territories covers the historic monuments, sea beaches and the temples.
 Vishnukundi Dynasty
The Vishnukundis were politically connected with other great ruling dynasties of the ancient time.
Pusapati clans were believed have been the royal successors of the Perichhedi kings.
Pericchedi clan ruled ‘Bezawada’ which constitutes the modern-day Vijayawada in the state of Andhra Pradesh.
 Akadi Festival
Akadi Festival is celebrated by the Gonds residing in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The festival is held in honour of Sri Pollam Raju Devara who is said to be the King of the hills and forests and is as such performed in the nearby forest.
 Economy of Indian Union Territories
Economy of Indian Union territories is derived from primary and tertiary sectors. Indian Union Territories are popular places to invest the foreign money in different sectors.
 Culture of Indian Union Territories
Culture of Indian Union Territories is mixed with colonial culture and the traditional culture. Indian Union territories have the prefect blend of population along with their culture. Some of the traditions are influenced from colonial culture.
 History of Indian Union Territories
History of Indian Union Territories began when India gained independence in 1947.
 Coral Reefs in India
Coral Reefs in India are now the popular tourist destinations. These reefs are formed in the pre historic era.
 Hill Stations of Manipur
Hill Stations of Manipur are defined with the lush green meadows, the beautiful mountain range, dark green forests, limestone caves and rain forest.
 Hill Stations of Bihar
Hill stations in Bihar offer one with the caves, Jain pilgrimage destinations and the deciduous forests. These hill stations are accessible from the cities like Kolkata, Patna and Ranchi.
 Hill Stations of South India
Hill Stations in South India are covered with green meadows, low hills and the beautiful lakes.
 Hill Stations in Assam
Hill Stations in Assam are not only popular for the scenic beauty, but also they are popular as the Hindu pilgrimage destination because of the presence of Kamakhaya temple and the number of ashramas of bygone eras.
 Hill Stations of North West India
Hill Stations of North West India include the Mount Abu of Rajasthan and Dhar Kalan of Punjab.
 Hill Stations of Western Ghats Mountain Range in India
Hill Stations in Western Ghats Mountain Range in India gift the tourists with green forest, vast water bodies and the clean mountain roads for biking.
 Hill Stations of Central India
Hill Stations of Central India are set in the midst of green vegetations and waterfalls.
 Hill Stations of Eastern Ghats Mountain Range in India
Hill Stations of Eastern Ghats Mountain Range in India are set with the thick forests, waterfalls, beautiful lakes and the wildlife sanctuaries.
 Hill Stations of West India
Hill Stations of West India cover the destinations which are located on Western Ghats Mountain Range along with the states like Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa.
 Hill Stations of East India
Hill stations of East India are not only concentrated in the Eastern Ghats Mountain Range in India, but also some of the hill stations are located near the Lesser Himalayan Mountain Range in India. These hill stations are located in the Indian states like Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal.
 Hill Stations of North East India
Hill Stations of North East India offers the scenic beauty of Shiwalik Range Himalayas and the mystic feelings of Khasi and Jayantia Hills. The hill stations are scattered in the Indian states like Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura, Mizoram, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh- that is the Seven Sisters States of India.
 Hill Stations of North India
Hill Stations of North India are marked by Pir Panjal Range, Karakoram Range and the Greater Himalayan Mountain Range in India. These hill stations are developed for the tourists with a number of adventure tourism and leisure tourism.
 Beaches of Puducherry
Beaches of Puducherry allures the tourists with rocky beach and the sandy beaches.
 Beaches of Indian Union Territories
Beaches of Indian Union Territories are administered by Government of India. The tourism here is flourished for the clean and serene nature.
 Beaches of East India
Beaches of East India are the located on the coastal belts of Bay of Bengal. These beaches offer the best sea foods, pristine natural beauty and a good stay.
 Sim’s Park
Sim’s Park located in the Nilgiris District in Tamil Nadu serves as an important tourist spot. It was established in the year 1874 by Mr. J.D. Sims and Major Murray.
 Srinagar District
Srinagar District is situated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This district in Jammu and Kashmir gives the detailing landscape of mountains, peaks and valley.
 Culture of Jammu and Kashmir
Culture of Jammu and Kashmir encompasses a rich and distinct heritage comprising the music, dance, festivals, literature, food habits and a myriad other qualities.
 Adventure Sports in Jammu & Kashmir
Adventure Sports in Jammu & Kashmir include various sports like aero sports, paragliding, parasailing, skiing and trekking, which are the centre of attraction to the tourists.
 Waterfalls in Jammu and Kashmir
Waterfalls in Jammu and Kashmir deals with the magnificent glaciers and the falls, which attracts the tourists.
 Nature Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir
Nature Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir defines the snow capped white and grey mountain range in Greater Himalayas and Pri Panjal Range.
 Leisure Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir
Leisure Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir is now increasing through the restoration of palaces, forts and archaeological ruins.
 Adventure Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir
Adventure Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir defines the scopes of having mountain riding, hiking and sking.
 History of Industrial Crafts in Jammu and Kashmir
History of Industrial Crafts in Jammu and Kashmir has revealed that the manufacturing industries were in quite a developed state even in the ancient times.
 Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir
Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir consists of a visit to mountains, scenic valleys, gardens, lakes, cave temples and the historical temples. The tourist attractions in Jammu and Kashmir are the main economic zone in tourism sector in India after Rajasthan.
Kashmir has lofty hills, snow-capped mountains, beautiful glaciers and healthy climate. Kashmir- The Paradise on Earth is one of the most beautiful places in all of India. It lies in the northernmost part of the country and is bounded by the lofty Himalayan Mountain Range.
 Gardens of Jammu and Kashmir
Gardens of Jammu and Kashmir are dealing with the beautiful designs of Mughal times in medieval era.
 Markets in Jammu and Kashmir
Markets in Jammu and Kashmir gives the scope to know the concept of Kashmiri art which is popular even in modern days from medieval era.
 Jammu and Kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir is known as the Paradise of the World and it is disputed region in the northern part of India and Pakistan. The Indian state is blessed with stunning natural beauty.
 Tourism in Achabal Gardens
Achabal Garden is one of the most important gardens and tourist’s attraction in Jammu and Kashmir with the valley of Kashmir as its backdrop.
 History of Nishat Bagh
History of Nishat Bagh depicts clearly the later Mughal architecture, which are simplified form of architecture.
 Architecture of Nishat Bagh
Architecture of Nishat Bagh shows the medieval and Islamic architecture in Jammu and Kashmir, which was built in later period of middle age during the time of Shah Jahan.
 Balasore District
Balasore District is a coastal district of Odisha and is known as the "Granary of Odisha" with stretches of green paddy fields, a network of rivers blue hills, extensive meadows and extraordinary beach. This district is famous for Chandipur On sea and the Panchalingeshwar.
 Verinag Spring
Verinag Spring is a Mughal architecture water body made up artificially during medieval era.
 Nabarangpur District
Nabarangpur District in Odisha is situated among lush green forests in the South-West of Orissa. The unique history and culture of this picturesque district is quite fascinating.
 Boudh district
Boudh district is an administrative district of the state of Odisha and it has a number of deula structure temples and the Buddhist monasteries, which are now in ruins.
 Subarnapur District
Subarnapur district is one of the major districts of Odisha. It is also known as Sonepur, dotted with many temples of Hindu religion
 Kupwara District
Kupwara District is the backward frontier district of Jammu and Kashmir, full of scenic beauty. Kupwara was carved out form erstwhile District Baramulla in the year 1979. Kupwara is the place of valleys.
 Sundargarh District
Sundargarh District is the second largest district in Odisha accounting for near about 6.23 percent of the total area of the state. It has many tourism destinations like Deula Structure temples of Eastern Ganges Style.
 Tourism in Kupwara District
Tourism in Kupwara District is noted for the tourists’ spots which are dotted with numerous nature tourism opportunities.
 Seemab Valley
Seemab Valley is one of the major tourist destinations in Kupwara. It can be reachable by car or by trek.
 Dudhsagar Falls
Dudhsagar Falls or the Sea of Milk is one of the picturesque waterfalls in Goa. This waterfall is one of the scenic beauty and top listed shooting spot for Bollywood and South Indian films. It is listed as India’s 5th tallest waterfall, and is 227th in the world.
 Shopian District
Shopian District is the newly formed district in Jammu and Kashmir and this district is administered from Shupiyan town.
 Rayagada District
Rayagada District, well acclaimed for the tourist’s spots, is known as the most famous region of Odisha because of its history from ancient era to the British rule.
 Kishtwar District
Kishtwar District is a newly formed district in the large town of Kishtwar that attracts a large number of people for the natural beauty.
 Tourism in Kendrapara District
Tourism in Kendrapara District defines the mangrove forestry, the civilised temple of medieval eastern Ganges Dynasty and the Palaces of colonial and pre colonial era.
 Kendrapara District
Kendrapara District is an administrative district of Odisha and it is known for its palaces, Zamindar houses and the lighthouse.
 History of Bhimkund
History of Bhimkund reveals the mythological experiences that are detailed in Indian epic Mahabharata.
 Puri District
Puri District is famous and the popular destination in Eastern India. It is popular for its historic antiquities, religious sanctuaries, architectural grandeur, seascape beauty and moderate climate, which is alluring to every Bengalese people.
 Sanaghagara Waterfall
Sanaghagara Waterfall is the beautiful waterfall in Odisha, especially in the northern part of Eastern Ghats Mountain Range in India.
 Reasi District
Reasi district is a new district in Jammu and Kashmir formed to give stress to the administration system and the civic body in Reasi.
 Ramban District
Ramban District is a newly formed district in Jammu and Kashmir and it is divided into two tehesils.
 Bandipora District
Bandipora district is a newly formed district in Jammu and Kashmir. This district has many tourists’ delights.
 Pangi Valley
Pangi Valley is the mountain valley in Himachal Pradesh. This is a remote and rugged valley and it is known as the tribal belt in Himachal Pradesh.
 Bangus Valley
Bangus Valley in Kupwara District of Jammu and Kashmir gives a scope to the tourists to stay in the midst of green valley.
 Lolab Valley
Lolab Valley draws the landscape beauty of mountains, azure sky and the vast stretch of green fields. With all, Lolab Valley is called the green land of Kashmir
 Early History of Kashmir Valley
Early History of Kashmir Valley portrays a period from the Neolithic era, where there was no government among the inhabitants of Kashmir Valley.
 History of Jammu & Kashmir
History of Jammu and Kashmir involves a series of political and geographical transformations from every ancient era to the modern times also. Even now, Jammu and Kashmir has its political tension between Pakistan and India.
 Medieval History of Kashmir
Medieval History of Kashmir marked the year 1346 when the Hindus were completely demolished by the Muslim invaders.
 Dhauli Hills
Dhauli Hill is located in Bhuwaneshwar of Odisha. It is an important Buddhist tourist destination for the ancient sculptures and the extraordinary art forms that have been found here.
Kakdwip is a coastal area in South 24 Parganas District in West Bengal. It is easily connected with trains and buses from Kolkata and many other parts of West Bengal.
Achabal is the garden area in Anantnag District of Jammu and Kashmir. It was once the pleasure retreat of the Mughal Empress Noor Jahan and is a beautifully created garden in Kashmir.
 Nandi Hill
Nandi Hill is one of the famous hill stations in Karnataka. It is located almost 60 kilometres from Bengaluru. It is the good place for the trekking.
 Kulgam District
Kulgam District is the district in Jammu and Kashmir with the four assembly constituency.
 Kashmir Valley
Kashmir Valley is the place for natural beauty in Jammu and Kashmir. This place is the great point for the trekkers and mountain hikers.
 Education in Odisha
Education in Odisha is on the brink of opening up new channels and newer possibilities for a positive future ahead. This state has many Universities which are providing the best education in higher level.
 Baltal Valley
Baltal Valley is the one of the connecting points in Jammu and Kashmir to go to Amarnath.
 Gopi Talav
Gopi talav is a beautiful lake in Dwarka in Gujarat. It is believed that in this Talab Lord Krishna used to take bath with his gopiyas.
 Natural Remedy for Inflammation of Uterus
Natural Remedy for Inflammation of Uterus involves water therapy. Diet and exercises are also vital to the treatment.
Sisupalgarh in Khurda District is one of the earliest ruined fortifications of India. Located near Bhuwaneshwar, Sisupalgarh is mainly known for its architecture and excellent layout which defines the grandeur of the ancient structure.
 Tourism in Chandbali
Tourism in Chandbali offers with the beautiful lush green vegetations of Bhitarkanika and the sea beach near by.
Sidhra is a fine place in Jammu District of Jammu and Kashmir and this place is popular for Jammu Tawi golf course.
Chandbali was initially a port during the rule of British Empire in India to make ease the import and export from Malaysia, Myanmar and Indonesia. Now it is degraded into a fishing village. Today it boasts of a beautiful national park known as Bhitarkanika National Park, which is a tourists’ delight.
 Lidder Valley
Lidder Valley is the natural region where the cloud, mountain and the river meets. It is a good place to have trekking and camping under the clear sky with the mountain range as a backdrop.
 History of Kalahandi District
History of Kalahandi District traced back from the rule of tribal era, existed 2000 years ago in this region in the midst of forest resource.
Dadhapatna is the city in Cuttack district of Odisha. This town is well connected with all the commercial centres in Odisha.
 Society of Koraput
Society of Koraput has the tribal social culture till now on after the governance of British East India Company in India.
Satapada in Puri District allures the tourists for the lagoon and the Chilka Lake which is situated only a few kilometres from there.
Betor was a major trading centre in Howrah. It was the place now located in Howrah District of West Bengal.
Kujang is a gateway of Paradip Industrial Area and it is the best place for the residential purpose.
 Tourism in Jagatsinghpur District
Tourism in Jagatsinghpur District reveals the temples of bygone era and the natural beauties with the village life.
Devkund is one of the most prominent tourist attractive sites in Odisha. It falls under the range of Simlipal Tiger Reserve.
 Tourism in Paradip
Tourism in Paradip defines the places where the tourists assemble to see the Paradip port and the sea beaches dotted with turtles.
 Jagatsinghpur District
Jagatsinghpur District is the smallest district in the state of Odisha and it has the best literacy rate in Odisha.
Lulung is an ideal weekend destination for the wildlife lovers, offers with mesmerizing natural beauty. The dense forests, meandering rivers and frolicking wildlife, cascading waterfalls are the most attractive features of Lulung.
 People of Odisha
People of Odisha belong to the Aryan race but their origin is not be traced to the Vedic eras. Known as expert warriors, the early people of Odisha have been mentioned in the Hindu religious texts as well.
Duttapukur is a town and here one popular attraction is Duutapukur Observatory, which is now the hub for the school students.
Barasat is a city located in North 24 Parganas District of West Bengal. This place is also known for the British establishment and the bamboo fort of Titumir. But now the bamboo fort cannot be traced.
Sodepur is a textile area of Kolkata, located in the North 24 Parganas of West Bengal.
Khardaha is an administrative town in North 24 Parganas District of West Bengal and this area has the connecting area with Sealdah and Ranaghat.
Hasnabad is the town in West Bengal and it is located nearby Kolkata. This area is famous for the presence of serene Ichhamati River.
 Waterfalls in Odisha
Waterfalls in Odisha are dotted with the landscape beauty in the midst of mountains, plateaus. Now, the Tourism Department of Odisha is a revenue earner from these waterfalls.
 Nature Tourism in Odisha
Nature Tourism in Odisha gives the scope to the tourist to feel the smell of lush green thick natural vegetation, wildlife and the coastal trek.
 Mawlynnong Village
Mawlynnong is a village in the East Khasi Hills District in Meghalaya.
 Bengal Subah in Medieval History
Bengal Subah in medieval history falls with the decline of Islamic Dynasty and the rise of Mughal suzerainty in India.
 Nature Tourism in West Bengal
Nature Tourism in West Bengal gives the scope to explore the green Bengal from the coastal part of Ganges to the hilly terrain of Dooars region.
 Tourism on Lonar Lake
Tourism in Lonar Lake provides the tourists with pilgrimage and nature tourism experience in Buldhana district of Maharashtra.
 Adventure Tourism in West Bengal
Adventure Tourism in West Bengal gives the scope to trek or a wildlife safari or to know the lesser known destinations in Bengal, which defines Bengal.
 Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib
Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib is a Sikh temple in Chandi Chowk area of Delhi. This area is a busy area in India.
Muzhappilangad located in Kerala is popular among tourists for its peace and calmness. In this area, there is one private beach named Dharmadam Island.
Shantipur is the hub of Bengali sarees after Dhaniyakhali and it is situated in the Nadia District in the state of West Bengal.
 Chandni Chowk
Chandni Chowk is a busy market area in Delhi. Here the market is famous for shoeboxed shops and the famous Ghantewala’s sweetmeat shop.
 Raman Reti
Raman Reti is a place in Uttar Pradesh that has a religious significance. It is a place, where Lord Krishna and Balarama played during their childhood.
 Serolsar Lake
Serolsar is a beautiful lake in Himachal Pradesh and it is apt for trekking. It is one of the easiest trekking routes in Himachal Pradesh.
 Shalimar Railway Station
Shalimar railway station is a new railway head in West Bengal located just a few kilometres from Kolkata.
Saptagram was a major port town in ancient Bengal. It was the capital of southern part of Bengal and it was the major commercial centre in the early era and the medieval times.
 Darjeeling Mall
Darjeeling Mall is a famous concentration point located in Darjeeling area in West Bengal. It is one of the main shopping hubs in the hilly area of West Bengal.
Pipili is most widely acclaimed destination in Puri District of Odisha, famous for the applique works.
 Bhalki Machan
Bhalki Machan is a place for short escape admired for natural beauty with forests, water bodies and the rural areas.
 Buddhism in Kashmir
Buddhism in Kashmir was popularized under Emperor Ashoka’s reign and later carried its glorious regime by Kushanas. In medieval era, the Buddhism was declining with the attacks of Islamic kingdoms.
Chandikhole is a place in Jajpur District of Odisha. This place is well known for the presence of temple dedicated to Goddess Durga.
Phulbani is a place in Kandhamal District of Odisha that attracted the tourists for the presence of temples and the waterfalls.
 Gridhakuta Hill
Gridhakuta Hill is a residual and sedimentary hill in Rajgir, which is famous for thousands of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain shrines built during the time of Mauryan Empire.
 Modern History of Gaya
Modern History of Gaya marked the formation of Gaya District with the hands of British Government in India.
 Tourism in Gaya District
Tourism in Gaya District deals with the tourists destinations that are usually attracting the national and international tourists.
Kundalpur is one of the sacred places of the Jains as it is the birthplace of three out of the eleven disciples of Lord Mahavira.
 History of Gaya District
History of Gaya District is documented from the very early era of mythology that are described in the Purana, which is known as the detailed history book of political and social culture of early India.
 Gaya District
Gaya district is an Indian district in Bihar, whose origin involves mythological history according to the Hindus and the Buddhists.
Pawapuri is a holy site for Jains. It is located in Nalanda District in the state of Bihar.
 Nalanda District
Nalanda District is an administrative district of Bihar. This district has an ancient university called Nalanda which is now in ruins.
 Shivanasamudra Falls
Shivasamudran falls are best during the monsoons, nevertheless their beauty mesmerizes tourists throughout the year.
 Limestone Caves
Lime Stone Caves are some of the unique sites of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. As the name suggests these are a group of caves made up of lime stone.
 Palghar district
Palghar District is a district in Maharashtra of Konkan Division has many tourist destinations.
 Pilgrimage Tours in Gujarat
Gujarat is an important pilgrimage center for Hindus hence pilgrimage tourism is an integral part of Gujarat.
 Leisure Tourism in Gujarat
Leisure Tourism in Gujarat comprises of the temple of Indian freedom fighting - Sabarmati Ashram.
 Indroda Nature Park
Indroda Nature Park, in Gujarat, is the abode of a variety of flora and fauna and the serene ambience of the place invites visitors to spend a relaxing time.
 Buddhist Caves of Uparkot
Buddhist caves of Uparkot in Gujarat are above 2000 years old and portray Buddhist traditions and culture.
 Aji Dam Garden
Aji Dam Garden, in Gujarat, is a beautiful garden located besides the Aji Dam which offers a pleasant time to the visitors amid its serine environs and exquisite flowering plants.
 Adi-Kadi Vav and Navghan Kuwo
Adi-Kadi Vav and Navghan Kuwo are two legendary stepwells in Gujarat have been created from a single stone, dug out from various layers of subsoil and rocks
 Rohtang Pass
Rohtang Pass is one of the highest jeepable mountain passes in the eastern part of the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas. It is one of the most sought after tourist destinations, closed to access during the winters.
 Junagadh District
Junagadh district is located in western part of the state of Gujarat and is surrounded by Arabian Sea to its south.
 Historical Places of Gujarat
Historical places of Gujarat unfold the bygone era of the state that has enriched its cultural heritage in diverse ways. Being the place of Mahatma Gandhi, the place holds immense significance in the history of Indian freedom struggle.
 Nigambodh Ghat
Nigambodh Ghat in Delhi is the oldest ghat of the city for performing the Hindu funeral rites. Said to have been established by Prince Yudhishthira, it is situated along the banks of Yamuna River.
Jaffrabad is a census town in the North East Delhi district of Delhi, the capital territory of India.
 Fairs of Gujarat
Fairs of Gujarat showcase the vibrant cultural heritage of the state. These fairs also contribute in augmenting the economy of Gujarat.
Gujarat is recognised as one of the most affluent states in western part of India.
Ghitorni is a census town in the South West Delhi district of Delhi, the capital territory of India.
 Sabarimala Temple
Sabarimala Temple is the best-known pilgrimage destination in Kerala.
Ramgarh is a small hill station in the Nainital District of Uttarakhand, popular for its cool and resplendent natural atmosphere that has inspired eminent poets and writers.
 Jakhoo Hill
Jakhoo Hill is the highest point of the tourist famous town of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, prominently popular for the ancient Jakhoo Temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman and one of the world’s tallest statues, also depicting Lord Hanuman.
 Flagstaff Tower
It is a one-room, castellated tower, built around 1828 as a signal tower.
 Feroz Shah Kotla
The fortress contains palaces, pillared halls, mosques and a baoli (stepped well). A polished sandstone pillar from the 3rd century BC, one of the many pillars left by the Mauryan emperor Ashoka, was transported here from its original location in Ambala.
 Motibagh Palace
Motibagh Palace is the royal palace of Patiala which is inhabited by the royal family of Patiala which is now converted into a museum.
 Savana Durga Hill
Savana Durga Hill is the first largest monolithic hill, which is located at a distance of 33 kms west of Bengaluru. This hill is one of oldest hills in India that formed a part of Gondwana land in the south.
 Summer Hill
Summer Hill is one of the tourists’s paradises in Himachal Pradesh.
 Lamkhaga Pass
Lamkhaga Pass is the pass located in the Himachal Pradesh. The Lamkhaga Pass is the natural passage which is attracted by the people of India and abroad for having adventure tourism.
Takdah was originally a British Cantonment, but now it offers a tourist spot in West Bengal.
 Kamrup District
Kamrup District in Assam is named after Kamarupa, a name by which Assam was known in the ancient times, and is the administrative district of the state.
 Golaghat District
Golaghat District of Assam is an administrative district formed in 1987 with its headquarters located at Golaghat. This district, which is mainly dependent on agriculture, offers extensive tourism options to the people.
 Barpeta District
Barpeta District is the administrative district of Assam with its headquarters located at Barpeta. Interestingly, this district derived its name from its headquarters only.
 West Khasi Hills District
West Khasi Hills District is the largest district of Meghalaya with its administrative headquarters located at Nongstoin. West Khasi Hills District was formerly a part of Khasi Hills District and it came into existence in the year 1976.
 Fort Naroa
Fort Naroa in Old Goa is situated on the island of Divar and is presently in a state of ruins.
 Ayodhya Hills
Ayodhya Hills, the beautiful hill spot in the Southern part of West Bengal enchanted the adventure lovers in doing trekking.
 Yadavindra Gardens
Yadavindra gardens of Haryana are well known for its great architecture and colourful combination of flowers.
Kausani is a hill station in Almora district of Uttarakhand. It is a tourist destination. It is popular for the 300 km wide panoramic view of the Himalayan Mountain Range.
 Morni Hills
Morni Hills are offshoot of Shivalik range which surrounds the outskirts of Chandigarh and Panchkula. These mountain ranges are located at a distance of 35 kms that contribute immensely to the scenic beauty of Chandigarh and Panchkula.
 United Liberation Front of Assam
United Liberation Front of Assam or ULFA was formed originally by dissidents from the AASU and the All Assam Sangram Parishad.
 Chandrapur Bagicha
Chandrapur Bagicha is a census town in Kamrup district in Assam.
Sultankot is a township in Rajasthan, established by Malik Bahauddin Tughril in Bayana town of Rajasthan. It was a fortified township of the medieval era, the fort been built by Qutubuddin, son of Nahar Singh in 1679 AD.
 Tourism in Assam
Tourism in Assam depicts the nature, leisure and the pilgrimage tourism. This state in India, Assam, nurtured by Brahmaputra River, is a major tourist destination in North-East India.
 Industries in Assam
Industries in Assam are significant contributors to the economy of Assam.
Assam is an Indian State which is endowed with tea, petroleum, natural gas, coal, limestone and other minor minerals such as kaolin, clay, feldspar and so on.
Antpur is a community development block in Hooghly District of West Bengal. It was the city in medieval era and during the time of British East India Company.
 Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta
Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta is a hill in Chamarajanagar district that allures the tourists to the pilgrimage places and for trekking. It is also known as the highest peak in Bandipur National Park.
 Makaibari Tea Estate
Makaibari Tea Estate in Darjeeling is one of the oldest tea gardens, established in 1859.
 Nagri Tea Estate
Nagri Tea Estate, located in the southwest of Darjeeling, is the cultivation land for tea and orchids.
 Avongrove Tea Estate
Avongrove Tea Estate is located in the Rungbong Valley of Darjeeling district in the Indian state of West Bengal.
Eravinalloor is a beautiful village in Kottayam district of Kerela.
 Tourism in Kottayam
Tourism in Kottayam in Kerala offers ample tourist attractions including vistas of green hills, mangrove forests and religious places.
 Culture of Kottayam District
Culture of Kottayam district is contained in the various art forms typical to the state, such as the Margamkali and Arjuna Nritham. Significant contribution has been made in the field of literature by well known literary figures from the Kottayam district.
 Education of Ernakulum District
Ernakulum is first District that experiences the liberty of having 100 percent literacy by 1990.
 Culture of Ernakulam District
Important temples of the district are Shiv temple of Aluva, Chottanikkara, Thrikkakkara, Thrippunithura,etc.
 Tourism in Ernakulum District
Amidst the fascinating and pristine treasure of Ernakulum, the tourism in Ernakulum has gained a marked diction.
 Kottayam District
Kottayam is an important commercial center in Kerala, that is also the most spellbinding backwater destinatination.
 Geography of Ernakulum District
Many types of sands, soils and rocks that are of geological importance are found abundant in Ernakulum District.
 History of Odisha
History of Odisha goes back a rather long way. Most of the history of the state is replete with the dynastic as well as tribal struggle for territorial superiority. Odisha is a place where one can find the religion, culture and history flow in away that lead to cultural amalgamation of early India.
 Education in Wayanad District
Education in the Wayanad district is consistently being improved. Though primary and higher education are well managed, the situation of tribal education is still a major issue in the district. Residential Schools are now being set up specifically for the education of tribal children.
 Geography of Wayanad District
Geography of Wayanad district is determined to great extent by the Western Ghats mountain range situated here. The district has quite a strong river system. The main river flowing through here is the Kabani, a tributary of the Kaveri River.
 Ernakulum District
Ernakulum, popularly known, as the commercial capital of Kerala is a district with cent percent literacy rate.
 History of Wayanad district
The authoritative history of the Wayanad district unfurls the emergence of Wayanad as an important district of Kerela.
 Wayanad district
This district has a picturesque beauty with its hills, rivers and vast green paddy land.
 Tourism in Wayanad District
The fabulous scenic manifestation with deep blue mist covered hills, green paddy field and rivers are really mesmerizing
 Geography of Kannur District
Geography of Kannur District is marked by a humid climate. The district is divided into three geographical regions, namely, highland, lowland and midland region.
 Kannur District
Kannur District is a key contributor to the cultural, religious, political and industrial heritage of the Indian state of Kerala.
 Geography of Alappuzha District
Geography of Alappuzha district is marked by a flat unbroken sea coast of a length of 82 Kms length. Major rivers in the district are the Manimala, Achankovil and Pampa.
 Kathua District
Kathua District is located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and constitutes 1.9 percent of the total area of the State.
 Talakona Waterfall
Talakona Waterfall is one of the most beautiful ecotourism sites, in the religion and tourism thriving state of Andhra Pradesh.
 Rivers and Lakes Of Alappuzha District
The varied rivers and lakes of Alappuzha has added to the beauty of the district.
Susunia is a famous archaeological site as well as tourist destination located in Bankura district, West Bengal.
 Kesarval Waterfall
Kesarval Waterfall is one of the popular springs of Goa that attracts many tourists.
 History of Kozhikode District
Kozhikode is a busy coastal area of northern Kerala, which was earlier known as Calicut.
 Tourism in Kozhikode district
There are some important places that can be visited while coming to the Kozhikode district.
 History of Alappuzha District
History of Alappuzha District unveils the ethnicity of the district. Alappuzha also known as Alleppey, is a landmark between the broad Arabian sea and a web of rivers flowing into it.
 Tourism in Patan District
Tourism in Patan District of Gujarat boasts of renowned heritage sites like ancient stepwells as well as a large number of Jain temples with lavish interiors.
 Thiruvananthapuram District
Thiruvananthapuram district is situated in the state of Kerala. A number of beautiful places of tourist interest are located here including the famous Kovalam beach.
 Kozhikode District
The Kozhikode district is known as the most important city of Malabar region and was a popular trade and commerce center
 Lokrang Festival
Lokrang Festival in Madhya Pradesh is a local festival stressing the rural culture, now acts as a promotional organ of Madhya Pradesh Tourism.
Salher is a hilly area in Maharashtra, located in Nashik District. This place carries the mythological beauty.
Dhodap is hill in Nashik District of Maharashtra. It is one of the historical hills that emerged into prominence during the rule of Shivaji.
 History of Kollam District
History of Kollam district has shown that it functioned as an important town due to its location along the Arabian coast. Kollam was the capital of the enlightened and liberal rulers of Desinganad.
 Economy of Kollam District
Economy of Kollam district is primarily agriculture-oriented. Industries are up-and-coming in the district, and the country’s main cashew trading and processing industry is located here.
 Geography of Kollam district
Geography of Kollam district is defined by a tropical humid climate, with an oppressive summer and plenty of rainfall. There are two major rivers flowing through the district and consequently it is endowed with a perennial supply of water.
 Administration of Kollam District
Administration of Kollam district is headed by the District Collector. The district has been divided geographically into taluks and functionally into departments in order to facilitate administration.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Udhampur District
Pilgrimage Tourism in Udhampur District comprises places like Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine, Sudh Mahadev temple, Shiv Khori Shrine, and Pingla Mata shrine.
 Nature Tourism in Udhampur District
Nature Tourism in Udhampur District has a lot to offer to its tourists. Nature lovers take delight in visiting the Mansar Lake, Patnitop, and Sanasar.
 Leisure Tourism of Udhampur District
Leisure Tourism of Udhampur District in Jammu and Kashmir State is definitely a traveller’s delight. Sheesh Mahal, Babore, Bhimgarh fort are some of the must visit destinations for the leisure tourists.
 Folk Art of Rajouri District
Folk Art of Rajouri District in Jammu And Kashmir State presents matchless and unimaginable beauty of the culture of the region.
 Culture of Udhampur District
Culture of Udhampur District is rich and diverse and plays an important role in the life of the people.
 Tourism in Udhampur District
Tourism in Udhampur District is a traveller’s delight. There are several places in the district which are thronged by visitors from all across the globe.
 Art and Crafts of Rajouri District
Art and Crafts of Rajouri District define the cultural heritage and ethnicity of this district of Jammu and Kashmir.
Fullara is a temple in West Bengal. This temple is located in Murshidabad- Birbhum area near Labhpur.
Sonajhuri is a small village of red soils at Shantiniketan. Sonajhuri is a tourist spot but even a heritage sight amidst the serene atmosphere of Shantiniketan.
 Nirmithi Kendra
Nirmithi Kendra is a ten years old agency under the Chairmanship of District Collector.
 Tourism of Idukki District
The tourism industry of the idukki district of Kerala is welcoming million of tourists every year
Thekkady creates an image of elephants, unending chains of hills and spice-scented plantations.
 History Of Mandya District
History of Mandya district is full of the tales of valour of the great Tipu Sultan; after constant tussles with then British, the district finally came under the rule of the Mysore royal family in 1881.
 Geography of Karnataka
Geography of Karnataka comprises the Deccan plateau on the western edge and the evergreen forests cover the total state.
 Culture Of Mandya District
Culture of Mandya district is seen preserved in its various art forms; drama is a passion among the people of the district.
 Adi Chunchanagiri Peacock Sanctuary
Adichunchanagiri Peacock Sanctuary is located at Mandya District and as the name suggests it is famed because of its presence of variety of peacocks.
 Tourism In Mandya District
Tourism in Mandya district has a lot of fun trips to offer; many places of historic interest as well as parks and places of natural beauty are found located here.
 Ramanagara District
Ramanagara District located in Karnataka was carved out of the erstwhile Bengaluru Rural district on 23 August.
 Districts of Jammu and Kashmir
Districts of Jammu and Kashmir are sixteen in number and the districts are the administrative units of the state.
Bheemeshwari is the pristine place located in Mandya District of Karnataka. This place of greens and waters will give one the mental peace and it’s a perfect place to have a weekend hangout.
 Kankalitala Temple
Kankalitala Temple is a Kali temple at Bolpur sub division of Birbhum district in West Bengal. This place has the mythological significance as the waist of Sati fell in this region.
 Manjuguni Lord Venkataramana Temple
Manjuguni Lord Venkataramana Temple is one of the oldest temple in Uttar Kannada District in Karnataka.
Harpanahalli is a `panchayat town` that is located in the Davanagere district of the Indian state of Karnataka.
 Pilgrimage Tourism In Mandya District
Pilgrimage Tourism in Mandya district will involve visiting the various temples located in the district; most of these ancient temples were built during the reign of the Hoysala kings.
 Tourism in Maharashtra
Tourism in Maharashtra includes a number of places which include some popular pilgrimages of India as well as some popular hill stations which attract the tourist from far off places.
 Nayakas of Chitradurga
Nayakas of Chitradurga were the rulers and the pillars of the administration whose role as the rulers has painted a history of its own.
 People and culture of Idukki
The varied types of people and culture of Idukki echo the rich ethnicity of the district.
 Idukki District
Idukki is the most gifted district in the state of Kerala with hills, forest and abundant wildlife.
 Districts of Kerala
Districts of Kerala are mainly revenue districts. The 14 districts are divided into 62 taluks, 999 revenue villages and 1007 Gram panchayats.
 Western Ganga Dynasty
Western Ganga Dynasty was patrons of religion and built many temples of brilliant architecture.
 History of Karnataka
History of Karnataka comprised of the different rulers of different dynasties of various religions like Hindus, Buddhists, and later the Muslims.
 Gangas of Talakkad
Gangas of Talakkad were the scholars of high literary value.
 Architecture of Western Ganga Dynasty
Architecture of Western Ganga Dynasty was influenced by the Pallava, Badami Chalukya architectural features and Jainism.
 Culture of Karnataka
Culture of Karnataka is reflected in their art forms, majestic and colourful festivals, music, drama, and royal cuisine
This is a famous plantation town takes its name from Peer Mohammed who was a Sufi saint .
 Geography of Idukki District
Idukki, the fresh natural queen of Kerala is a tourist paradise, which is the most, gifted district of Kerala.
 Tourism In Dakshin Kannada District
Tourism in Dakshin Kannada district includes the nature tourism sites and the leisure tourism sites in Karnataka.
Kateel is the temple town in the Dakshin Kannada District of Karnataka.Peopel from far off places come and offer the prayer to Goddess Durga.
 Dakshina Kannada District
Dakshina Kannada, which has a rich cultural heritage, is a district in the state of Karnataka in India.
 Waterfalls in Karnataka
Waterfalls in Karnataka are mostly located in the Western Ghats.
Kerala is one of the most beautiful states of South India. It is also known as God’s own country. Thiruvananthapuram is the capital city of Kerala.
 Maharaja Ranjit Singh
Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Bharatpur was the ruler of the Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Bharatpur. He succeeded Nawal Singh, Maharaja of Bharatpur.
 Pabitora Sanctuary
Pabitora Sanctuary is situated in Assam. Known for its tranquillity, Pabitora Sanctuary is enriched with various types of animals, and plants which add to the scenic beauty of the sanctuary.
 Nature Tourism in Assam
Nature Tourism in Assam comprise of amazing visits to the some of the best wildlife parks of India.
 Leisure Tourism in Assam
Assam with its lushness promises great leisure tourism to the tourers.
 Adventure Tourism in Assam
Adventure Tourism in Assam include sports, such as, angling, river cruises, river rafting, trekking and others.
 Terracotta Work of Assam
Terracotta work of Assam symbolises the skills of the traditional craftsmen. Earthen lamps, plates, diyas, incense sticks holders and cups are some of the items prepared by them
 Kakaijana Reserve Forest
Kakaijana Reserve Forest in Bongaigaon District is one of the nature tourist spots in Assam.
 History of Bongaigaon District
History of Bongaigaon District includes several political decisions and major changes. History recounts that this district of Assam was created in 1989 with its headquarters in Bongaigaon.
 Culture of Bongaigaon District
Culture of Bongaigaon District reflects the past historical changes of this district. The architectural remains in this district show the prominence of Buddhist culture in the region.
 Tourism in Bongaigaon District
Tourism in Bongaigaon District includes several places with historical and architectural importance. The several tourist attractions of the district attract a large number of tourists every year.
 Kumortuli, Kolkata
Kumortuli is known as potter`s quarter located in northern part of Kolkata, West Bengal, known as the Bonomali Sarkar Street. This place is a photographer`s paradise during the autumnal season.
Chamba is a small town situated in the state of Uttarakhand, and perfectly placed at the junction of roads leading from Rishikesh, Mussoorie, Tehri Dam Lake and New Tehri.
 Red Hills Lake
Red Hills Lake located in Tamil Nadu is a rain fed reservoir. The lake also known as Puzhal Lake has a full capacity of 3,300 million ft³.
 Maenam Hill
Maenam Hill located near to Ravangla town in Sikkim is a famous tourist spot. One can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Kanchenjunga Peak and waterfalls.
 Religion of Odisha
Religion of Odisha is varied. There is seen the presence of diverse religious forces in the state.
 Chingleput District
Chingleput District is a South Indian district in Tamil Nadu, belonged to Madras Presidency of British India. It covered the areas of Kanchipuram and Tiruvallur and some parts of the city of Chennai.
 Tourism in Papum Pare District
Tourism in Papum Pare district offers huge range of sightseeing options that allow the travellers to explore the region completely. The tourist places of interest attract people across the globe.
 Musical Ideology in Tamilakam
Musical Ideology in Tamilakam speaks about the use of variety of musical forms to approach several events, rituals and festivities.
 Rituals of Tamil Nadu
Rituals of Tamil Nadu signifies the various aspects of religious inclination in the state. These rituals of Tamil Nadu are performed during various festivals like Onam, Pongal and many others.
 History of Tamil Nadu
History of Tamil Nadu reveals that this ancient place in South India was ruled by various kingdoms like the Pandyas Dynasty, Cholas Dynasty, Nayakas Dynasty and Pallavas Dynasty.
 Transport in Tamil Nadu
Transportation of Tamil Nadu includes the proper and modernised transportation systems like railway networks, airways and road ways from district to district and from city to city.
 Culture of Tamil Nadu
Culture of Tamil Nadu defines the rich heritage brought by the legacy of the rulers like Cholas, Pandhyas, Pallavas and the Satavahanas Dynasty.
 Tourism In Tamil Nadu
Tourism in Tamil Nadu encompasses the Hindu temples of South Indian architecture, the beaches, the hill stations of Tamil Nadu multiple pilgrimage sites and heritage sites.
 Travel Information on Rajasthan
Travel Information on Rajasthan will come handy for both national and international tourists, who want to visit Rajasthan.
 Jodhpur District
Jodhpur District is located amidst sand dunes and thorny vegetation and it is the pride of Rajasthan for its leisure tourism and pilgrimage tourism.
 Leisure Tourism in Baran district
Leisure tourism in Baran district comprises of visiting places of historical interests like forts and temples for the national and international tourists.
 Geography of Nagaur District
Geography of Nagaur district is manifested by its location in the Thar Desert Region of Western part of India- Rajasthan. As such, Nagaur district has a dry climate and hot summer, with frequent sandstorms. Geographically, the district is a combination of plains, hills and sand mounds.
 Sawai Madhopur District
Sawai Madhopur District is an administrative district in the West Indian state of India, Rajasthan. Sawai Madhopur District is an important tourist destination in the state of Rajasthan.
 Transport in Rajasthan
Transport in Rajasthan covers the growth of transport in the state further supports the tourism industry of Rajasthan.
 Tourism in Jhunjhunu
Tourism in Jhunjhunu is dotted with a number of interesting places Jhunjhunu and it is an important tourist destination for the presence of forts, temples, and Baoli.
 Bali Dewanganj
Bali Dewanganj is well populated census town in Hooghly District of West Bengal, where one will find the aatchala temples, which are the pride of Bengal, that were built during medieval and modern India.
 History of Sikkim
History of Sikkim declares the pre historic culture and the colonial era hilly politics and the rules of Sikkim.
 Demography of Rajasthan
Demography of Rajasthan is figured out in the year 2011 with a population of 6.86 Crores.
 History of Lakshadweep
History of Lakshadweep defines the first settlement on these islands under the Union Territory of India that was ruled by Cheraman Perumal, who was the last king of Kerala.
 Geography of Bharatpur District
Geography of Bharatpur district is marked by its location, a 100 metres above sea level. There are three main seasonal rivers in the district, namely Ban Ganga River, Rooparel and Gambhir River.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Pathanamthitta District
Pilgrimage Tourism in Pathanamthitta District comprises of visiting the various temples and churches situated here. Also known as the ‘headquarters of pilgrimage tourism’, Sabarimala which lies in the district is one of the most revered sites in Kerala.
Rajputs were the warrior tribe of Kshatriya origin who became the suzerain in the post Harsha period.
Gahunbari of Dooars is a tourist attraction sight in West Bengal. The main highlights of this place are Chapramari forest, Gorumara National Park, Jaldhaka River etc.
Wair is a town in Bharatpur of Rajasthan within the administrative sub divisional section near Bharatpur, Rajasthan is famous for its inbuilt attractive features.
 Bharatpur District
Bharatpur District has a rich history and in present day it is considered as the Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan.
Latpanchar, a tourist attraction site in Darjeeling, is known for deep forest, Cinconha plantation, Ahal View Point and the natural habitat of the endangered Himalayan Salamander.
 Godwar Region
Godwar region in Rajasthan covers the western part of the Aravalli Range. It is attractive to the torurists for its rugged landform and the dry climate.
 People of Rajasthan
People of Rajasthan comprise of Rajputs, Muslims and a number of tribal communities.
 Geography of Rajasthan
Geography of Rajasthan defines the dry topography with arid climate of the western mountain region.
 Culture of Rajasthan
Culture of Rajasthan depicts the serene desert of Thar, which bestows upon Rajasthani culture a class of exclusivity, perfectly manifested in its features.
 Tourism in Lakshwadeep Island
Tourism in Lakshwadeep Island describes the scenic beauty of the place and the many beautiful islands are great spots for rest and relaxation.
Lakshadweep is one of the Indian union territories and the only coral island in India that has a rich flora and fauna, to its credit.
 Thakurbari Temple
Thakurbari Temple is one of the oldest temples located in Sikkim. It was constructed in 1935 on a land donated by Sir Thutop Namgyal.
 Cheppad Village
Cheppad is a beautiful village in Alleppy district (presently called Alappuzha) in the southern state of Kerala.
 Anantnag District
Anantnag is a district located in Jammu and Kashmir and is one of the districts which make up the Kashmir Valley. The district is famous for various historical sites as well as some Hindu Temples.
Rangaroon is a scenic tea garden in Darjeeling. The garden produces some of the world’s best quality tea and is notable for its famous "Rangaroon" tea.
 Tourism of Bheemili
Tourism of Bheemili or Bheemunipatnam defines the tourism opportunities, like the sea beach of Bheemunipatnam, Vizag, and many other pilgrimage centers and fisher men’s side.
 Gajapati Empire
Gajapati Empire enabled Odisha to usher into a period of glory, success and developments in all forms of art. All the rulers belonging to the Gajapati Empire were great lovers of art and culture, especially dance.
 Kannauj District
Kannauj district is an administrative district headquarter of Uttar Pradesh. Kannauj is an ancient ground which is famous for perfumes popularly known as ‘Attar’.
 Vaishali District
Vaishali was an ancient city and the capital of Licchavi in the sixth century BC. This city is located in the state of Bihar.
Darasuram is a place in Tamil Nadu, which is famous for its well-known Airavateshvara temple.
 Puttabong Tea Estate
Puttabong Tea Estate, also known as Tukvar, is a beautiful tea garden in Darjeeling, West Bengal.
 Tourism in Odisha
Tourism in Odisha boasts on numerous religious sites, beautiful beaches, forests and wild life. Odisha is the place of all year tourism sector based on the pilgrimage, nature tourism and the leisure tourism.
 Salihundam Beach
Salihundam beach is an ideal beach for any tourist, who loves history and nature.
 Shrubbery Nightingale Park
Shrubbery Nightingale Park is a tourist spot located in Darjeeling district. The park offers a package of cultural programmes that are performed daily during the tourist season.
 Triyuginarayan Temple
Triyuginarayan Temple is said to be the place where the marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvathi took place. There is the Akhand Dhuni Temple housing a 2 foot silver deity of Lord Vishnu.
 Batasia Loop
Batasia Loop in Darjeeling, a tourist attraction, was build to lower the slope of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.
 History of Vaishali
History of Vaishali dates back to the time period of Ramayana. The place derived its name from King Vishal.
Bheemunipatnam is a town situated at Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh. As per legend, Bheemunipatnam had been originated in the days of the Mahabharatha.
 Sri Kurmam Beach
Sri Kurmam Beach is the most secluded beach and a visit to this place will attract the national and international tourists.
Dhupjhora is a forest land in West Bengal, where the eco tourism is conducive. This spot is one of the popular weekend destinations in Dooars in West Bengal.
 Dharchula Dehat
Dharchula Dehat is a town in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. This town is important for having the scenic beauty of this place.
 Rehala Falls
Rehala Falls of Himachal Pradesh is a waterfall, which is very near to Rohtang Pass.
 Thiruparappu Waterfalls
Thiruparappu waterfalls located in Tamil Nadu is a famous tourist spot. A Shiva temple has been constructed beside the fall.
 Kakinada Beach
Kakinada Beach is a sea beach in Andhra Pradesh, famous for the temple of Koti Lingeswara Swami.
 Chamoli Gopeshwar
Chamoli Gopeshwar in Chamoli District of Uttarakhand is a township in Garhwal Hill range that attracts a large number of tourists for the Middle Himalayas.
Athirappilly is village in Thissur District of Kerala, famous for the waterfall, attracts a huge number of tourists.
 Jonha Falls
Jonha Falls is one of the most sacred waterfalls in Jharkhand. In the location of this waterfall, tourists can find the natural beauty and the Buddhist shrine.
 Vattaparai Falls
Vattaparai Falls is situated in the Kanyakumari district in Tamil Nadu. It is a famous tourist spot with a Kali temple located in the vicinity.
Thiruvambady is a hilly town in Kozhikode district of Kerala. The town is surrounded with beautiful mountains, waterfalls and temples.
 Usri Falls
Usri Falls, one of the major tourist attraction sites in Jharkhand, acts as a popular tourist attraction picnic spots.
 Theme Parks in Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu has a large number of theme parks and beaches like the Kishkinta Park, V.G.P. Golden Beach etc.
Singell is an offbeat tourist destination in Kurseong. This hill station has several attractions such as lush tea gardens, colonial churches and pine forests.
Gavi is a tourist spot in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. This hill station and eco tourism spot is famous for Periyar Tiger Reserve.
 Cachar Hills District
Cachar Hills District is an administrative district of Assam, which was divided from Dima Hasao District. Cachar Hills District has the district headquarters is situated at Haflong. Cachar Hills District is located in the central region of the state of Assam.
Berinag is a small hill station nestled in the Uttarakhand. It is surrounded by scenic surrounding, beautiful valleys and snow covered mountains. The region is popular for tea estates developed during the British rule.
Thenmala is tourist place and the village in Kollam District of Kerala. This place is famous for trekking.
Aryankavu is a village in Kollam District of Kerala. This village in Kerala is famous for the azure sky and the hills.
Kulathupuzha is a beautiful village in Kollam district of Kerala. This village is famous for the Sastha temple.
 Baruva Srikakulam
Baruva Srikakulam is one of the oldest beaches in Andhra Pradesh. It serves dual purpose of a beach and a village in the state.
 Tenneti Beach
Tenneti Beach is one of the charming tourist destinations of Andhra Pradesh. It is named after the Tenneti Park which is located near the beach. The beach is blessed with peacefulness, scenic beauty and pristine water.
 Narmada Waterfall
Narmada Waterfall is a famed tourist destination of Gujarat adorned with exquisite natural beauty. The place is also ideal for adventure lovers where activities like trekking and camping can be enjoyed.
Chittar is a village located in Pathanamthitta district in Kerala. It is famed for swaying rubber trees and several tourist destinations.
Malayattoor is a village in Ernakulam District of Kerala. This village in Kerala is the complete amalgamation of mountain, river and the landforms.
 Hrongkhols Tribe
Hrongkhols Tribe, a small tribal group, is the inhabitants of Dima Hasao District. They have their indigenous customs and traditions and they are mainly engaged in jhum cultivation.
 Sita Kund
Sita-Kund is a famous Hindu pilgrimage site situated in Bihar. Legend has it that Sita, the wife of Lord Rama, after being rescued from Lanka had to appear for a test here to prove her purity.
Manjhar is a small and beautiful village situated in the Gaya district of Bihar.
 Panch Pandava Hills
Panch Pandava Hills are the group of hills which surround Ghatshila on either side.
Nedumkandam is a town situated in Idukki district of the South Indian state of Kerala. It is well known for its production of spices like cardamom and pepper.
 Tourism in Kemmannugundi
Tourism in Kemmannugundi covers the hill stations, the summer retreat of Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, and the Raj Bhavan. This tourist spot also offers the beautiful scenic beauties to the national and international tourists.
Chikkamagaluru is one of the prominent hill stations in Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka. This hill station is favourite spot for the adventure lovers for its presence of the number of hilly ranges and view point.
 Biligiriranga Hills
Biligirirangana Hills is the hill range of Biligiriranga Swamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary of Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka
Talaguppa is the hill station in Karnatka. This village in the hilly area attracts a large number of tourists of both national and international level.
 Gokal Pur
Gokal Pur is a census town situated in North East Delhi district in the state of Delhi.
Sagara is the city located in Karnataka. This place is famous for Jog Falls.
 Dallo Pura
Dallo Pura is a census town located in the East Delhi District in the National Capital Territory of Delhi.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Yanam
Yanam, an old town in Puducherry, has developed into a tourist spot with its number of temples as well as other prominent features of the town.
Located in the Puducherry of Indian Union Territory of the same name, Kurumbapet is an example of Gram Panchayat
Dondaicha-Wawade is the census town in Dhule District of Maharashtra. This place is special for the Hindu pilgrims, because of the presence of the number of temples.
Nandurbar is a place in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra. This place is well known for the scenic beauties and the number of temples dedicated to the Hindu Gods and Goddess.
 Hanuman Gundi Waterfalls
Hanuman Gundi Falls is one of the prominent tourist attraction sites in Kudremukh in Karnataka.
 Nani Daman Fort
Nani Daman Fort is an ancient fort of Daman which is mainly marked by its lavish architecture. Built in 1614 AD this is one of the most splendid tourist spots in Daman that describes the Portuguese settlement in India.
 Suruli Falls
Suruli Fall located in Theni District in Tamil Nadu is a magnanimous bounty of god which is a famous tourist destination in Theni. There are many temples situated in the vicinity of the falls.
Junga is a census hilly town in Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh.
Khirsu is laden with snow and offers a picturesque view to the visiting tourists. It is situated 19 kms away from Pauri at an altitude of 1700 meters.
 Pattumala Hills
Pattumala hills or Hill draped in silk is situated in the Idukki district of Kerala. It is also known for tea plantations.
 Dian Thlen Falls
Dian Thlen Falls is one of the most attractive waterfalls of Meghalaya which is known for its smooth flow.
 Sathodi Falls
Sathodi Falls in Karnataka is a popular tourist destination. It is more popularly known as mini-Niagara of the south.
 Vantawng Falls
Vantawng Falls is among the most attractive sites of North east. Tumbling down from a height of 750 feet, this attracts the tourists with its mesmerized scenic beauty.
 Hanuman Tok, Sikkim
Hanuman Tok located in Sikkim is dedicated to lord Hanuman. It is nestled at an altitude of 7200 feet and is maintained by the resident units of the Indian Army.
Uttarey is a small village in Sikkim that is located at an elevation of 6500 feet. The village houses many beautiful places surrounded by scenic beauty.
 Yumthang Valley
Yumthang Valley is located at an elevation of 3575 m in North Sikkim. The place has been a popular tourist spot for its scenic beauty.
 White Hall
White Hall located in Gangtok was built in 1932 in memory of Sir John Claude White, the first Political Officer of Sikkim. A famous flower show is organised here.
Singhik is a famous tourist spot in Sikkim that offers view of the panoramic waterfalls, and snow capped Kanchenjunga Peak. It is a perfect calm and serene place to relax.
Monchasha is a village and eco- tourism site in East Midnapore District of West Bengal. This village is located very bear to Badga River and Mondarmani Sea Beach.
 History of Nahan
History of Nahan deals with the foundation of the Nahan city in the medieval era.
 Solan District
Solan district is a place in Himachal Pradesh. This place has a royal elegance in Himachal Pradesh.
 Tourism in McLeod Ganj
Tourism in McLeod Ganj covers the tourism sites which are important to all the national and international level tourists.
 Elk Waterfalls
Elk Waterfalls is one of the unique spots of Tamil Nadu. Known for scenic beauty, the waterfall is frequented by a number of tourists.
 Arvalem Caves
Arvalem Caves are among one of the ancient monuments of Goa and a place of tourist interest. These ancient caves are believed to have been built sometime in the 6th-7th century.
 Killiyur Waterfalls
Killiyur Waterfalls is one of the most attractive waterfalls in Tamil Nadu. The waterfall collects the surplus water of the lake and remains most attractive during and after the monsoon.
 History of McLeod Ganj
History of McLeod Ganj deals with the glorious history of late medieval era to medieval era.
 Tourism in Shimoga District
Tourism in Shimoga district involves visiting the various waterfalls and dams located here. The world-famous Jog Falls are situated here.
 Kutladampatti Falls
Kutladampatti Falls is an artificial waterfall in Tamil Nadu. It is nestled in a picturesque location and known for its scenic beauty.
 Panchghagh Falls
Panchghagh Falls, located in Jharkhand, consists of five streams which fall from a small height. It is one of the popular tourist attractions of the state.
 Lodh Falls
Lodh Falls, also known as Burhaghaugh Falls of Latehar district in Jharkhand, is a famous tourist site.
 Kakolat Falls
Kakolat Falls is a major tourist site in Nawada District of Bihar.
 Needle Rock View Point
Needle Rock View Point situated in the Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu is a famous tourist location. It provides a 360 degree view of the entire valley and grasslands of the Nilgiris.
 Tashi View Point
Tashi View Point is a famous tourist spot in Sikkim. It was established by Tashi Namgyal, who was a king of Sikkim.
 Forestry in North Dinajpur District
Forestry in North Dinajpur District is given much emphasis owing to a number of forest based small scale industries in the district.
 Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics
Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD) is a biotechnology research centre is providing the research in DNA Fingerprinting and many other subjects related to DNA.
 Tourism in Unnao District
Tourism of Unnao District in Uttar Pradesh comprises of a number of historical monuments, wildlife sanctuaries and religious monuments.
 Paalaru Falls
Paalaru Falls is one of the prime importance place located in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu.
 Agasthiar Falls
Agasthiar Falls is located in Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu. This waterfall in South India attracts a large number of tourists of national and international levels.
 Manimuthar Falls
Manimuthar Falls is a popular tourist attraction in Tiruvannamalai district of Tamil Nadu.
 Beemanmadavu Waterfalls
Beemanmadavu Falls is a prime important tourist attraction in Tamil Nadu. This waterfall acts as a nature tourism spot in South India.
 Dolphin`s Nose View Point
Dolphin`s Nose Viewpoint is a prime attraction in Tamil Nadu.
Ketti is a small pristine hamlet in South India. This village is located in Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu.
 Garhi Pukhta
Garhi Pukhta is a town in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. This place is famous for gardens.
Pandua is a semi urban settlement in Hugli District of West Bengal.
Situated on the Indo - Bangladesh border, Golokganj is a small settlement in Dhubri district of Assam.
Pfutsero is a hill station located in Nagaland. This hill station in Phek District is the coldest place in India.
 Crafts of Goalpara
Crafts of Goalpara have earned a name in Sitalpati industry. The Nadi and Dey communities of Dubapara and Paharsing Para chiefly practice the craftwork.
 Mirik Hill Station
Mirik is a popular tourist destination of West Bengal, displaying landscaped gardens and adventurous sports.
 Tourist Places in Kurseong
Tourist places in Kurseong are visited by hundreds of tourists round the year to enjoy the tranquility amidst natural.
 Darjeeling District
Darjeeling District, West Bengal, is one of the key locations in India that is known for tourism.
 Education In Darjeeling District
Education in Darjeeling district has attained a very high level of excellence, both academically and in terms of all round development. A number of renowned schools are seen found in the Darjeeling district.
 History of Darjeeling
History of Darjeeling is closely knitted with the history of Bengal and the British East India Company.
 Shopping in Darjeeling
Shopping in Darjeeling is a delight for tourists, who can shop a vast collection of mementoes and different antique.
Maddur is a temple town located in the Mandya district of Karnataka.
 Places of Interest in Sawai Madhopur
Places of Interest in Sawai Madhopur are many in number ranging from historical forts, lakes, to various old temples. Places of Interest in Sawai Madhopur attract travellers from different parts of the world.
 Tourism in Kollur
Tourism in Kollur is dealing with a large number of temples dedicated to Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Kollur is the place, where there is the congregation of pilgrims during the time of Vijaya Dashami.
Kollur is a small hilly town in Udupi District of Karnataka. This hill station is renowned for the presence of the number of temples dedicated to Hindu Gods and Goddesses.
 Festivals of Kalahandi
Festivals of Kalahandi are many as the place is home to people of different cultures, traditions, languages and beliefs. Dasara, Rathjatra and Nuakhai are some of the famous festivals of Kalahandi.
Murti is a small and pristine village allures the tourists for its natural beauty and the wildlife sanctuaries.
Totopara is a small village in Alipurduar District of West Bengal. Totopara is the home for Toto tribal people. That is why the name of the village is Totopara.
Mongpong is a prime attraction spots for the tourists of India and across the world. Mongpong acts as a picnic spot and the place where one can see the natural landscape beauty.
 West Siang District
West Siang district is a well known district in Arunachal Pradesh. This district is spotted as an ideal tourist destination in the state of Arunachal Pradesh.
 Neelkanth Mahadev’s Temple, Mandu, Madhya Pradesh
Neelkanth Mahadev’s Temple is one of the sensuous structures of Mandu which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Constructed by Shah Bagh Khan, this temple was erected for the Hindu wife of Mughal emperor Akbar.
Rinchenpong located in Sikkim is situated at a height of 5,500 feet. There are many places in Rinchenpong that are visited by tourists from different places.
The Lepcha population is concentrated in the central part of Sikkim. They are divided into four communities namely the Renjongmu, the Tamsangmu, the ilammu and the Promu. The Lepchas speak their own language called ‘Lepcha’.
 Baz Bahadur’s Palace
One of the most attractive attractions of Mandu, the Baz Bahadur palace is located at a slope of the hill which was erected by the last ruler of Malwa- Baz Bahadur.
 Neelkantha Palace
Neelkantha Palace, well known for its architecture and the age old Shiva temple which is located in Mandu, Madhya Pradesh. Built for the Hindu wife of Mughal Emperor Akbar this is an important palace.
 Ghoom Monastery
Ghoom monastery in Darjeeling is a popular tourist spot and also a school of Tibetan Buddhism.
 Kakatiya University
Kakatiya University is a public university located in Warangal, Telangana. It is one of the largest recipients of central government educational funds.
 Education in Telangana
Education in Telangana is dealing with the presence of educational institutions which are affiliated from Government of Telangana and Government of India.
 Rangaswamy Peak and Pillar, Kotagiri
Rangaswamy peak and pillar is an attractive sight in Tamil Nadu. Located in the Kotagiri district of Tamil Nadu, this is a conical shaped mountain peak which is known for the sacred legend of Lord Rangaswamy.
Bawana is a town of the north-western district in the state of Delhi.
 Adventure Tourism in Telangana
Adventure Tourism in Telangana is dealing with the trekking in the hilly regions of Bhongir, Vikarabad and Goconda.
Kamarpukur is well-known as the sacred birthplace of saint-philosopher Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa. Located in between Bishnupur and Tarakeshwar, this holy place also enchants people with scenic beauty of small villages that gives an idea of rural life in India.Located in between Vishnupur and Tarekswar, this holy place also enchants people with scenic beauty of small villages that gives an idea of rural life in India.
 Catherine Falls
Catherine falls located in the Nilgiris district in Tamil Nadu is a popular tourist destination. It falls from a height of about 250 ft.
 Ananthagiri Hills
Ananthagiri Hills is an important tourist destination in Telangana. It serves as the pilgrimage tourism site and the leisure tourism site in this state.
 Nature Tourism in Telangana
Nature Tourism in Telangana is replete with sites possessing the natural beauties of Telangana.
 Mount Harriet
Mount Harriet is the highest point in Andaman and Nicobar Island. Surrounded by picturesque gardens and view points, this is among the popular sites of the Island.
 Havelock Island
Havelock Island, a part of the Andaman Islands, contains tranquil and pristine beaches that provide a magnificent view of the Bay of Bengal.
 Badaghagra Waterfalls
Badaghagra Waterfall located in Orissa is one of the most popular picnic spots of Keonjhar district. It is sited on the Ghagra River.
 Kurusadai Islands
Kurusadai Islands houses rare and extinct marine species. This island is globally known for its coral reefs.
 Leisure Tourism in Telangana
Leisure Tourism in Telangana deals with the leisure tourist spots, where the national and international tourists visit to spend some comfortable moments with near ones.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Telangana
Pilgrimage Tourism in Telangana includes the temples like Chilkur Balaji Temple, Ramappa temple, Thopudsand Pillar Temples and many other temples.
 Nagarjuna Caves
Nagarjuna Caves are joined with the nearby Barabar Caves in one group of monuments. These caves are located in Bihar and share many similarities with Barabar caves.
 Bodhghat Sat Dhar
Bodhghat Sat Dhar is a famous waterfall in Chhattisgarh. This waterfall attracts a large number of inland and outland tourists.
 Arvalem Waterfall
Arvalem Waterfalls is one of the most rapturous sights in Goa. This waterfall is located at a distance of 9 kilometers south of Bicholim Town. Surrounded by Arvalem caves this is one of the picturesque waterfalls that lands up into a massive lake lying beneath the waterfalls.
 Barabar Caves
Barabar Caves in Bihar are the oldest surviving rock-cut caves in India that belonged to the Mauryan period.
 Nagapattinam District
Nagapattinam district is a coastline district of Tamil Nadu which is having the Bay of Bengal to its east. The long coastline of this district makes it one of the most thriving natural harbours in India.
 Tourism In Bankura District
Tourism in Bankura District is all about relaxing in nature’s beauty. Among places of pilgrimage here are the Bishnupur group of temples famous for their terracotta art.
 Economy Of Bankura District
Economy of Bankura District is heavily dependent on agriculture. Apart from having a significant resource in its forest wealth, mines and minerals also form a very important part of the economy of Bankura district.
 Geography Of Bankura District
Geography of Bankura district falls in the Rarh area of West Bengal; two Agro climatic zones, namely Undulating Red lateritic zone and the Vindhyan Alluvial zone, are found to exist simultaneously in the Bankura district.
 Dindigul District
Dindigul District is a flourishing district of Tamil Nadu famous for its lock and tannery industries. Dindigul District is well advanced in terms of education.
 Nature Tourism in Kerala
Nature Tourism in Kerala offers visits to some of the most beautiful tourist spots including beaches, backwaters, hill stations and wildlife sanctuaries. Kerala is indeed the place to explore the beauty of nature to the fullest.
Ayakudi is a panchayat town located at Dindigul district in Tamil Nadu. Batra Kaliamman Temple, Ponnalagu Amman Temple, Mariamman Temple, Vinayagar Temple are some of the important pilgrimage centres.
 Tourism in Tiruvallur District
Tourism in Tiruvallur district is a suitable combination of some of the most prominent ancient temples, churches, mosques and a number of other places of natural beauty.
 Geography of Tiruvallur District
Geography of Tiruvallur district possesses a small number of hills and hillocks of considerable height with some hillocks at Tiruttani in the district of Tiruvallur.
 History of Namakkal District
History of Namakkal district is almost the same as that of the Salem district since the district of Namakkal was previously a part of the Salem district in the state of Tamil Nadu.
 Namakkal District
Namakkal District is situated at an altitude of three hundred meters. The River Kaveri flows along the southern and western boundaries of this district in Tamil Nadu state.
 Tourism in Nilgiris District
Tourism in Nilgiris district is a wonderful experience. There are several hills and fountains and falls which are filled with the beauty of nature. Due to its location, the district of Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu always remains favourable and tourists enjoy visiting this place throughout the year.
 Nilgiris District
Nilgiris district is one of the well-known districts of the state of Tamil Nadu which is known for its various tourist destinations.
 History of Dharmapuri District
The history of Dharmapuri district dates back to British period as it has been seen all the ups and downs .
Bavikonda located in Andhra Pradesh is an important Buddhist heritage destination. Bavikonda comprises a Buddhist compound that has about 26 structures in three phases.
 Tourism In Hyderabad District
Tourism in Hyderabad District comprises a visit to the several monuments belonging to different categories of religious interest, museums and parks that are found here.
 Geography Of Cuddapah District
Geography of Cuddapah district is defined by its location in the scarce rainfall zone; the district is rich in minerals.
 Tourist places in Chittoor
Chittoor is a district of Andhra Pradesh, well known for various ancient temples and monuments.
 Srikakulam District
Srikakulam, a small district towards the northern part of Andhra Pradesh, was formed in the year 1950.
 Guntur District
Guntur District, located in Andhra Pradesh, is a region of historical and religious significance. The district has numerous temples, visited by several devotees.
 History Of Cuddapah District
History of Cuddapah District dates back to almost the second century BC; its history is rife with dynastic conflict for leadership over the region.
 Religious Monuments In Cuddapah District
places of religious interest in Cuddapah district are many in number; many temples are found scattered in and around Cuddapah district.
 Historical Monuments In Hyderabad District
Historical Monuments in Hyderabad District are many in number; forts, places and tombs are among the prime places of historical interest.
 Historical Monuments In Cuddapah District
Historical monuments in Cuddapah district mainly figure in the form of forts; both the forts found here stand along the banks of the Pennar River.
 Cuddapah District
Cuddapah district is located in the south-central part of Andhra Pradesh and is included in the Rayalseema region.
 Administration Of Hyderabad District
Administration of Hyderabad district is carried out according to the administrative enactments of the Andhra Pradesh Government.
 Tourism In East Godavari District
Tourism in East Godavari district comprises of beautiful natural sights and beauty; East Godavari district is an avid supporter of eco-tourism.
 Medak Church
Medak Church is situated in the South Indian state Andhra Pradesh.
 History Of East Godavari District
History of East Godavari district recounts a long tale of dynastic rule; its earliest history can be traced back to the Nanda dynasty.
 Geography Of East Godavari District
Geography Of East Godavari District,Andhra Pradesh
 Administration Of East Godavari District
Administration of the East Godavari district is carried out according to the enactments and administrative reforms of the State of Andhra Pradesh.
 West Godavari District
West Godavari is one of the districts of Andhra Pradesh situated in the coastal plains. It is known as the granary of India.
 Tourism In Vizianagaram District
Tourism in Vizianagaram district is full of journeys to the many beautiful temples located in and around here; the Vizianagaram fort situated here is the centre around which the town of Vizianagaram flourished.
 Prakasm District
Prakasm, the south eastern district of Andhra Pradesh, is the administrative district of the state.
 Pilgrimage Tourism In Nellore District
Pilgrimage Tourism in Nellore District comprises visits to a number of ancient temples located here; the Dargah of Khwaja Rahmatullah is a popular site of pilgrimage in Nellore district.
 Nellore District
Nellore District, located in the south-eastern part of Andhra Pradesh, is renowned for its paddy fields.
 Leisure Tourism In Nellore District
Leisure tourism in Nellore district is a fun-filled affair full of trips to historical sites, parks and sanctuary:; the Indian Space Research Organisation is located here at Sriharikota.
 Kurnool District
Kurnool District is a simple region in western Andhra Pradesh and is famous for the Nawab dynasty.
 Krishna District
Krishna District is located in the eastern part of Andhra Pradesh and was the oldest British administered area.
 Geography Of Nellore District
Geography of Nellore district is distributed between its two natural divisions from North to South; Nellore district is renowned for the high quality rice produced here.
 East Godavari
East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh is known for its paddy fields and coconut groves.
 Tourism In Gujarat
Tourism in Gujarat encompasses important religious places, historical monuments, museums, beaches, wild life and village tourism.
 Anantavarman Chodaganga
Anantavarman Chodaganga was one of the greatest kings of Eastern Ganges dynasty.
Sindhi Muslims have an ancient history and are scattered in several parts in India, primarily in Rajasthan.
 Prithviraj III Chahamana ruler of India
Prithviraj Chauhan was the son of King Someswara, ruler of Ajmer. He was the last Hindu king to sit on the throne of Delhi.
 Jodhpur Division
Jodhpur Division is an important administrative unit in Rajasthan.
 Economy of Pali District
Economy of Pali district is well known for the textile industries of the district. Despite the existence of a number of dams here, agriculture in the district is primarily dependent on the monsoons.
 Economy of Jalore District
Economy of Jalore district is mainly agriculture-based. In terms of industries, the granite industry is a major industry in the district.
 Economy of Jaisalmer District
Economy of Jaisalmer district is dependent on industries to a large extent. Tourism, natural resources and mineral based industries are among the major industries in the district.
 Geography of Viluppuram District
Geography of Viluppuram district presents a suitable environment with moderate temperature. The district possesses a coastal length of about thirty two kilometers.
 Geography of Kanchipuram District
Geography of Kanchipuram District possesses 23,586 hectares of forest area while the total geographical area of the district of Kanchipuram is 4393.37 hectares.
 Education in Vellore District
Education in Vellore district is of very high level. The foundation of the American Arcot mission in 1853 facilitated the development of higher education in this district.
 Tourism in Karur District
Tourism in Karur District includes some of the best temples, natural beauties including river side parks, etc.
 Tourism in Kanchipuram District
Tourism in Kanchipuram District brings a lot of suitable options for the tourists. One can go for a tour of the temples or ancient monuments, bird sanctuaries, etc. There are also several entertainment options in the beach resorts like swimming and wind surfing.
 Tourism in Ariyalur District
Tourism in Ariyalur district presents some of the most beautiful old temples, a church and a number of natural beauties including a bird sanctuary.
 Madurai District
Madurai District is one of the districts of Tamil Nadu state which has a number of temples. A number of festivals are also celebrated in this district.
 Kanchipuram District
Kanchipuram district is one of the most popular districts in the state of Tamil Nadu due to the presence of a large number of temples with beautiful architecture.
 Ariyalur District
Ariyalur district possesses a number of ancient Hindu temples. This is a new district which was formed on the 23rd of November 2007.
Manthani is a village and Mandal headquarters situated in the Telangana state. It is located around 70 km from the district headquarters of Karimnagar. Manthani is a very ancient centre of Vedic learning.
Sarcarsamakulam is a panchayat town located in Coimbatore district in Tamil Nadu. Kaalakaleshwara Temple, Kavayakaliamman Temple, Shakti Mariamman Temple and Patthuraasi Amman temple are some of the important pilgrimage centres here.
Peelamedu is a suburb located in Coimbatore city in Tamil Nadu. Karivaradharaja Perumal temple, Mariamman temple, Akilaedeshwari temple and Anjeneya temple are some of the important pilgrimage centres here.
 History of Coimbatore District
The rich history of Coimbatore whispers the saga of the Sangam Age.
 Festivals in Chennai District
Festivals in Chennai district are celebrated with lots of zeal throughout the year. A majority of the Hindu festivals are celebrated in or close to most of the Hindu temples.
 Administration of Chennai District
Administration of Chennai District includes the Collector as the head and his team of officers. The district administration covers an area of 178.20 square kilometres.
 Coimbatore District
Coimbatore District is the third largest district in Tamil Nadu with high female literacy rate. Coimbatore District is one of the highly developed districts of Southern India.
Kattimedu is a small village located in Thiruvarur District in Tamil Nadu. Vellankani Church, Nagore Dharga and Perumal Temple are some of the important pilgrimage centres in the village.
 Virudhunagar District
Virudhunagar District is an administrative district of Tamil Nadu state. There are many tourist spots here that are visited by tourists from different places.
 Tourism in Madurai District
Tourism in Madurai district presents some of the most beautiful and old temples and palaces depicting the past history of the place.
 Thiruvarur District
Thiruvarur District is one of the newly-formed districts in the state of Tamil Nadu which is formed on 1st of January 1997. This district has two revenue divisions.
Kansapuram is located in Virudhunagar District in Tamil Nadu. Shri Muniyandi Swamy Temple, Shri Mangammaal Temple, Shri Vella Pillaiyar Temple are some of the important pilgrimage centres in the village.
 History of Madurai District
History of Madurai District preserves the memory of the rule of the Cholas, Pandyas and also the British till the independence of India.
 History of Erode District
History of Erode District is linked to that of the district of Coimbatore since this district was formed by a bifurcation of the Coimbatore district.
 Temples in Erode District
Temples in Erode district are the most prominent places of worship in the state of Tamil Nadu where devotees from various parts of the state as well as the neighbouring states visit in large numbers throughout the year.
 History of Chennai District
History of Chennai district states volumes about the rule of the British and their several works in India. It is situated in the province of Tondaimandalam in the state of Tamil Nadu.
 Geography of Erode District
Geography of Erode District is characterized by very less rainfall and a dry climate. The district is surrounded by land from all sides and it has no seashore of its own.
 Geography of Chennai District
Geography of Chennai District includes several well-maintained green belts in the district. Indigenous trees, like, mango, neem, banyan, etc are found in this district.
 Erode District
Erode District is one of the districts in the state of Tamil Nadu. The district of Erode is having a land-locked area with no sea coast.
 Economy of Erode District
Economy of Erode District depends mainly on its trade and industry. However, agriculture also contributes to the economy of this district along with animal husbandry, fisheries, etc.
 Bargarh District
Bargarh District, located at the westernmost corner of Orissa, was originally named ‘Baghar Kota.’ Bargarh district was formed in 1993 and is an administrative district of the state.
 Gokak Falls
Gokak Falls is a waterfall which is located on the Ghataprabha River in Belgaum district of Karnataka. The general characteristics of the fall, height, shape and speed appear to be a lot like Niagara Falls.
 Umlawan Cave
Umlawan Cave dating back to the ancient times is an important tourist spot in Meghalaya. Two other caves, Umskor and Kot Sati caves are also connected to it.
 Salem District
Salem District is one of the districts of Tamil Nadu state in India and it is famous for the surrounding hills and landscapes. It is also known as a Geologist’s Paradise.
Vanavasi is a town located in Salem district in Tamil Nadu. Anjaneyar Temple, Muthukumarasamy Temple, Pathrakaliyamman Temple and Omkaliamman Temple are some of the important temples located in the town.
Thammampatti is a town panchayat located in Salem district in Tamil Nadu. Kashi Vishwanathar Aalayam and Sri Ukra Khadali Narasimha Swamy Temple are some of the important pilgrimage centres here.
 Role of Missionaries in Nadar Struggle
Role of Missionaries in Nadar Struggle has been extremely instrumental in the social upbringing of the Nadar caste and protecting it from the cruelty of the Nair community.
Jalakandapuram is a panchayat town located in Salem district in Tamil Nadu. Sowdesweri Amman Temple, Kalyana Subramaniya Swamy Temple and shrines of Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman are located in the town.
 Tourism in Salem District
Tourism in Salem district has lots of options including several waterfalls, beautiful temples, view points, etc. There are also some parks and beautiful natural setting which draw a large number of tourists throughout the year.
 Marthanda Varma
Marthanda Varma was the ruler of the Hindu feudal kingdom of Travancore and succeeded his maternal uncle Dharma Raja.
 Vilavancode Struggle
Vilavancode Struggle took place in the Vilavancode Taluk region where the Nairs tried to prevent the Nadars and Christians from visiting Church, thereby, discouraging them to practice Christianity and imposing restrictions on them.
 Position of Nair Community
Position of Nair community was much secured during the post independent India period. They were one of the lowest among the high castes after the Brahmins and the Nambudiris.
 Marshal A. Nesamony
Marshal A. Nesamony, also known as Father of Kanyakumari, was instrumental in the struggle of Tamilians against the atrocities of Malayalees, especially, the Nair community.
 Kalakulam Struggle
Kalakulam Struggle was a revolt against the change brought about by Christianity of socially upbringing the Nadar community. They never wanted the lower caste to develop.
 Geography of Kanyakumari District
Geography of Kanyakumari District is segregated into three divisions called the Uplands, the Middle and the Lowlands. The favourable climatic condition of this makes it a favourable place for the cultivation of different varieties of crops.
Attoor is a panchayat town located in Kanyakumari district in Tamil Nadu. A Jain temple, a Lord Shiva temple and Sri Adikesavaperumal Temple are located in the region.
 Administration of Kanyakumari District
Administration of the Kanyakumari District comprises of the collect as the head and a number of revenue department officers who assist him in general administration. This district of Tamil Nadu has two revenue divisions.
 Tourism of Kanyakumari District
The tourism is really in higher position in Kanyakumari , which really enchant the tourists to come and visit the place
 Kanyakumari District
Kanyakumari District is one of the most famous districts in the state of Tamil Nadu which is known for its beautiful temples.
 Education in Kanyakumari District
Education in Kanyakumari district was largely influenced by the Christian Missionaries who were the founders of English education in this district. There are several schools and colleges in this district imparting education in diverse fields.
 Culture of Kanyakumari District
Culture of Kanyakumari District reflects the life of the people of this district and their mode of celebrating various fairs and festivals.
 Kynrem Falls
Kynrem Falls is located in Meghalaya. It is one of the tallest waterfalls that always has a decent flow.
 Kalahandi district
Formerly a princely state, Kalahandi is regarded as a land of forest and a treasury of precious stone.
 Bhauma Kara Dynasty
Bhauma-Kara Dynasty originally followed Mahayana Buddhism but the rulers were also tolerant towards other religious beliefs. Hence, a mix of Buddhist and Shaivite traditions was reflected in the cultural achievements of this era.
 Langshiang Falls
Langshiang Falls is located in the West Khasi Hills district in the state of Meghalaya. It can be viewed best from Mawpon village.
 Nohsngithiang Falls
Nohsngithiang Falls is one of the major waterfalls in Meghalaya known as Seven Sisters Waterfalls and the Mawsmai Falls. It is the fourth highest water falls in India.
 History of Bolangir District
The history of Bolangir is synonymous with the emergence of Raja Balaram Deo as the ruler of Patna.
 Festivals of Koraput District
Festivals of Koraput District reflect the religious beliefs of the people residing here. Several festivals are celebrated with immense enthusiasm throughout the year in Koraput District.
 Culture of Bargarh District
Culture is an integral part of Bargarh district, Orissa. There are several fairs and festivals which are celebrated almost all throughout the year which depicts the rich history and culture of Bargarh district.
 Tourism of Bolangir District
The religious significance and the scenic beauty encourages the prosperity of tourism industry of Bolangir.
 Tourism in Koraput District
Tourism in Koraput District includes various sightseeing options that are worth visiting. There are various waterfalls and forests in this district that add serenity to the entire travelling experience.
 Tourism in Bargarh District
Tourism in Bargarh district of Orissa has a lot to offer. Pilgrimage sites, temples, village tourism and wildlife sanctuaries are among the favourite destinations of the tourists.
 Kendujhar District
Kendujhar District, spread over an area of 8,240 sq kms, is as varied as the whole of Orissa with waterfalls roaring gorges, mountains and minerals. The manifold expressions of nature in Kendujhar District are considered as unique.
 Deogarh District
Deogarh District is an administrative district of Orissa and is known for its prosperous history. Deogarh District accounts for 1.2 percent of the total geographical area of Orissa while it is home to only 7 percent of the state`s population.
 Eagle Falls
Eagle falls in Meghalaya is close by known as Urkaliar or the falls into which Ka Liar slipped. It is nestled in outskirts of the city in the forested region.
 Tourism of Jajpur
the tourism industry of Jajpur has attained a thriving prosperity in the recent years.
 Tourism in East Khasi Hills District
Tourism in East Khasi Hills District offers a pleasurable experience to the travellers. Magnificent lakes, waterfalls, parks and caves are some of the tourist attractions offered by East Khasi Hills District.
 Iruppu Falls
Iruppu Falls in Karnataka, situated in the Western Ghats, is famous for its beauty and temple.
 Tourism in Dapoli
Tourism in Dapoli covers the forts, temples, mosques, historic monuments built during the time of Shivaji regime.
 Jajpur District
Jajpur District in Orissa is regarded as a holy pilgrimage site. It is also known as Biraja Khetra. Panikoili is the district headquarters.
 Economy of Boudh district
Economy of Boudh District in Orissa depends chiefly on agriculture, fisheries and animal husbandry. Textiles and Mining industries are also making their presence felt in the economy of Boudh District.
 Tourism in Mayurbhanj District
Tourism in Mayurbhanj district has a lot to offer to its tourists. There are a number of places of tourist’s interest such as national park, historical towns, temples, pilgrimage sites and places with stunning scenic beauty.
 Culture of Mayurbhanj District
Culture plays an imperative role in the lives of the people of Mayurbhanj district in Orissa. Apart from festivals, like, Makar Parva and Karama Parva the glorious heritage of Mayurbhanj district is reflected in their vibrant dance forms like Chhau and traditional folk song Jhumar.
 Jog Falls
Jog Falls in Karnataka is a popular tourist destination as well as the lifeline of the nearby Linganmakki Dam.
 Magod Falls
Magod Falls in Karnataka is a popular tourist destination in the Yellapur district.
Dapoli is a census town in Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra. This census town of Maharashtra is comprised of many pilgrimage tourism sites and the leisure tourism sites.
 Yavatmal District
Yavatmal is one of the districts of Maharashtra, which is located in the region of Vidarbha.
 History of Yavatmal District
History of Yavatmal district can be traced back to the time when it used to form a kingdom in the Mahabharata. The whole of Berar, of which the district was part, was handed over to the British in 1853. Following this the district has had a rather peaceful course of development.
 History of Satara District
History of Satara district has witnessed a long tradition of dynastic rule. It was at its peak under the rule of Chatrapti Shivaji.
 History of Dhule District
History of Dhule district reveals that the district was earlier known as Khandesh. It fiicially came into being in 1998, when the erstwhile Dhule district was divided into the two separate districts of Dhule anhd Nandurbar.
 History of Akola District
History of Akola District has been one of organisation and re-organisation till the Akola district of today came into being. The district was officially formed on first July 1998.
 Geography of Wardha District
Geography of Wardha district divides the district into three main units over which the entire physical and climatic conditions of the district prevail. The Wardha River is the most important river in the district.
 Geography of Gondia District
Geography of Gondia district is such that the entire area of the district is occupied by metamorphic rock and alluvium. The maximum use of land in the district is for the purposes of agriculture.
 Geography of Buldhana District
Geography of Buldhana district is marked by a dry and hot climate. Black cotton soil is dominant in the district, and the Deccan trap covers 80 percent of the total area of the district.
 Economy of Bhanadara District
Economy of Bhandara district is mainly dependent on agriculture, with industries and forest resources featuring in a small way. Fisheries also contribute to the economy in quite a substantial way.
 Geography of Bhandara District
Geography of Bhandara district is marked by two main kinds of topographical features - hilly and lowland region. The entire district is drained by the Wainganga River and one of its major tributaries, the Bagh River.
 Tribes of Yavatmal District
Tribes of Yavatmal district are of many different types. Most of these tribals are mainly involved in agricultural activities.
 Nandurbar District
Nandurbar District is primarily a tribal district of Maharashtra. Nandurbar District is located in the north western side of the state.
 Gondia district
Gondia district is situated in the state of Maharashtra, along its north-eastern part. The district is also known as the Rice bowl of Maharashtra due to the major production of paddy here.
 Geography of Kolhapur District
Geography of Kolhapur district is determined to a great extent by the Deccan trap. Based on its geographical and topographical features, the district is divided into three regions- the Sahyadrian watershed region, the residual hill ranges and the river valleys.
 Tourism of Sambalpur
The fascinating natural splendor, which abounds the district is the key factor for the development of the tourism indust
 Tourism of Nayagarh
The natural beauty of the place along with their religious and historical significance, encourage the tourism industry.
 Tourism of Malkangiri
The historical and mythological significance associated with the district, encourage the tourism industry of Malkangiri
 Tourism of Gajapati
The tourism of Gajapati is significant enough in Orissa especially because of some exquisitely beautiful sites .
 Mukunda Deva
Mukunda Deva was a king of Puri for a period of thirty years. Mukunda Deva was not very involved in the management of the Jagannath Temple but still was revered by the people of Puri.
 Malkangiri District
Malkangiri District is considered as the hub of economically important minerals in Orissa. The present district of Malkangiri had a rich historical background.
 History of Sambalpur
The historical background of Sambalpur depicts the successive years of the transformation of Sambalpur district into a p
 History of Nuapada District
The history of Nuapada is associated with the civilization of several dynasties, which colonized the district.
 History of Nayagarh
The history of Nayagarh depicts the district closely associated with the mythological and supernatural beliefs.
 History of Nabrangpur district
The history of Nabrangpur is synonymous with the history of Koraput as an Atavika land.
 History of Kandhamal District
History of Kandhamal District specifies that this region was under the reign of several dynasties and rulers before the arrival of British in the country. As per the history Kandhamal District came into being in the year 1994.
 History of Jharsuguda district
The rich history of Jharsuguda district mirrors the socio-economic and political situations of the Jharsuguda district.
 History of Gajapati
The history of Gajapati, unambiguous enough is synonymous with the history of Gajapati rulers in the district.
 History of Bhadrak
The rich history of Bhadrak is manifested with the zealous political struggle against the British imperialism in India.
 Geography of Malkangiri District
Geography of Malkangiri District includes streams, vast forests, plains and hilly terrains. It also includes a moderate climate. Dry deciduous forests are mainly found in the district.
 Folk Dances of Nayagarh District
Folk dances of Nayagarh are an integral part of their culture. Accompanied by folk song and folk musical instructions, these dance forms are performed by the people of Nayagarh district.
 Education of Bhadrak
The schemes and program of the Government and the Bhadrak College alone shape the educational scenario of Bhadrak
 Culture of Sambalpur District
Culture of Sambalpur district has been at the centre of the custom, tradition, language and culture of western Orissa. Sambalpuri language, Sambalpuri dance, Sambalpuri songs, festivals or Sambalpuri sarees are famous nation wide.
 Culture of Puri
The cultural heritage of Puri is evident from the rich historical background of Puri.
 Culture of Malkangiri
The cultural tradition of the tribal Malkangiri is reflected from the dance and festivals of the local tribes .
 Culture of Gajapati
The cultural life of Gajapati embodies the essential traits of the tribal culture, which are the natives of Gajapati.
 Culture of Boudh
The rich culture in Boudh is rooted deep under the layers of civilizations ruler here for ages.
 Tourism of Jharsuguda
The historically significant temples dotted throughout the district are the key sites of the tourism of Jharsuguda.
 Tourism of Bhadrak
The tourism industry of Bhadrak is developed with prosperity due to the historical significance of the exquisite landsca
 Tourism in Boudh District
Tourism in Boudh district includes numerous religious and natural places. Travellers visit these places to savour the beauty of nature.
 History of Puri
The historical significance of Puri rests in its cultural antiquity.
 Gajapati District
Gajapati District in Orissa is considered as the hub of bamboo and cane handicraft work. This district was created from Ganjam district In October 1992.
 Bhadrak District
Bhadrak District is one of the administrative districts of Orissa. Other than being a prominent district of Orissa, Bhadrak is also considered as a prominent tourist spot.
 Hebbe Falls
Hebbe Falls, located in the Chikamagalur district, comprise of enthralling beauty.
 Jatar Deul
The Jatar Deul, located in the sunderbans, reminds of the ancient brick temples.
 Leisure Tourism in Nalgonda District
Leisure tourism in the Nalgonda district in Telangana has a lot to offer the tourists in terms of forts, dams and other places of historical interest.
 Buldhana District
Buldhana district is located in the state of Maharashtra in the western part of India. Buldhana district is believed to have been part of the legendary kingdom of Vidarbha mentioned in the Mahabharata.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Wardha District
Pilgrimage Tourism in Wardha District involves visiting places of religious interest of the Hindus, Muslims as well as the followers of Buddhism.
 Latur District
Latur District is located in the state of Maharashtra. It was initially a part of the Osmanabad district of Maharashtra till it was separated from the same. It came into being as a separate district in 1982.
 Geography of Yavatmal District
Geography of Yavatmal district is marked by a hot and dry climate with moderately cold winters. The major rivers flowing through this district are the Wardha and Penganga River.
 Geography of Satara District
Geography of Satar District is marked by a physiography showing immense variation and a variety of landscapes. The main rivers of the district are the Koyna and Krishna River.
 Geography of Ratnagairi District
Geography of Ratnagiri district exhibits a great contrast in its topography and relief. The district has a moist and healthy climate though thunderstorms are common in the post-monsoon months.
 Economy of Solapur District
Economy of Solapur district is dependent on handloom and powerloom to a large extent. Solapur has the largest beedi producing industry in all of Maharashtra.
 Tourism in Satara
Satara has a rich historical significance and tourism in Satara enables the tourists to visit the beautiful places .
 Tourism in Ratnagiri district
Tourism in Ratnagiri district offers opportunities for both leisure as well as pilgrimage. Since the seashore stretches across the entire district, there are a number of beaches found here at Ratnagiri.
 Tourism in Latur District
Tourism in Latur District is full of visits to places of great historical worth. Forts, palaces and ancient villages rank high among the various places of tourist interest located in the district.
 Tourism in Buldhana district
Tourism in Buldhana district will be incomplete without a visit to the famous Lonar crater, one among the five largest craters in the world. A number of places of religious significance are also situated here.
 Ratnagiri District
Ratnagiri district is most famous for the popular and delectable Alsphonso mangoes grown here. The district lies along the Konkan tract in the state of Maharashtra.
 Geography of Nalgonda District
Geography of Nalgonda district in Telangana is such that it experiences a hot and dry summer almost throughout the year; increased irrigation facilities have given a boost to agricultural activities in the district.
 History of Wardha District
History of Wardha district goes back to the 2nd century BC, when it was part of the empire of the King of Vidharba. It was separated from Nagpur district and labelled a separate district in 1862.
 Administration of Wardha District
Administration of Wardha district is headed by the District Collector. The Zilla Parishad has been established at the rural level in order to facilitate development administration at the rural level.
 Administration of Kolhapur District
Administration of Kolhapur district is the responsibility of the district Collector. The district as it exists today came into existence on 1st October 1956, following a number of changes in the boundary of the district.
 Administration of Dhule District
Administration of Dhule district is headed by the District Collector. He is aided in his administrative functions by a number of sub officers distributed at various levels.
 Tourism in Kolhapur District
Tourism in Kolhapur district has many picturesque sights to offer the tourists. All kinds of places are there on view ranging from hills, forts, dams and scenic natural beauty.
 Tourism in Dhule District
Tourism in Dhul district involves visiting the many ancient forts located here. There are also many temples constructed in the Hemadpanthi style which must be seen
 Leisure Tourism in Wardha District
Leisure Tourism in Wardha District involves visiting places which are of historical worth. Apart from this, picturesque spots like beautiful dams can also be seen in the district.
 Kolhapur District
Kolhapur District is one of the newly formed districts of Maharashtra lying in its southernmost end. It is one of the most advanced districts in Maharashtra in terms of agriculture and is also fast becoming industrialised.
 Geography of Dhule District
:; Geography of Dhule district leads to a relief feature divided into four different types. The climate of the district is basically dry except during monsoon. Humidity is also rather low and the air over the district is generally dry.
 Dhule District
Dhule district lies in the state of Maharashtra. It was famous for the production of pure milk obtained from milch cattle fed on a special diet.
 Tribes of Rayagada
Tribes of Rayagada have adapted to development and also retained their ethnical identity quite well.
 Transportation of Rayagada
The transportation of Rayagada is noted for its excellent services of railways, and buses.
 People of Nabarangpur District
People of Nabarangpur District are mostly tribal, nomadic and almost aboriginal. Some of them have come in touch with the civilised population in the township, but the Paraja, Kondhas and Gadava still live the primitive life style.
 History of Dhenkanal District
History of Dhenkanal District provides a brief outline of the important changes that had a great impact in its social and administrative evolutions.
 Festivals of Dhenkanal District
Festivals of Dhenkanal District reflect the religious culture of the region. Several festivals like Dussehra, Gaja Laxmi Puja and Maha Shivaratri are celebrated with great enthusiasm in Dhenkanal District.
 Economy of Balasore District
The economy of Balasore is supported collectively by the thriving prosperity of agriculture and industry of the district
 Dhenkanal District
Formerly a princely state, Dhenkanal District is one of the economically developed districts in Orissa. Economy of this district is based on agriculture. Moreover the district also has several industries.
 Demography of Angul District
The demographic reports approached that Angul is the most developed district in Orissa.
 Culture of Dhenkanal District
Culture of Dhenkanal District is an amalgamation of various religious beliefs and traditions. Vaishnavism, Saivism and Shaktism and Mahima Dharma strongly form the base of the religious culture of this district of Orissa.
 Culture in Balasore
The rich historical background embodies the verity of "Unity in Diversity" as the essential cultural trait of Balasore.
 Culture in Angul District
The culture of Angul owes its origin in the past history of Angul.
 Administration of Angul District
Administration of Angul district comprises 8 Blocks and 4 Sub-divisions which are covered with lush green forests and rich in wildlife.
 Tourism in Dhenkanal District
Tourism in Dhenkanal District offers a pleasant and memorable experience for all the travellers. At Dhenkanal District, there are several tourist attractions that are simply worth visiting.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Dhenkanal District
Pilgrimage Tourism in Dhenkanal District includes a visit to the various Vaishnavite and Shaivite temples of Dhenkanal District are considered as worth visiting.
 Folk Dances of Dhenkanal District
Folk Dances of Dhenkanal District are a reflection of the rich culture and tradition of the people residing here. There are various folk dances that have helped in keeping the rich ancient tradition of the region alive.
 Agriculture of Angul
Scientific and the technical utilization of the implements and processes, accentuate the agricultural growth in Angul.
 Education in Nalgonda District
Education in Nalgonda District in Telangana is carried out through a systematic process of administrative and educational reforms that have been consistently implemented by the state Government.
 Tourism in Raigad District
Tourism in Raigad District deals with numerous historical spots, nature tourism sites and the temples of medieval belongings.
 Medieval History of Raigad District
Medieval History of Raigad District covers the rule of Traikutakas, Shilaharas of South Konkan, Yadavas of Devgiri, Delhi Sultanates, Mughat Emperors and later the Marathas.
 Early History of Raigad District
Early History of Raigad District deals with the glorous rule of ancient tribes, later the Mauryas, Kushanas and Satavahana Dynasty.
 History of Raigad District
History of Raigad District deals with the battles and civil strife from the time of Satvahana Kingdom of ancient times to the Marathas of the medieval rule.
 Raigad District
Raigad District is one of the historical significant districts in Maharashtra.
 Culture of Bhandara District
Cuture of Bhanadara district is reflected in the lifestyle and habits of the people. A mix of different faiths is seen in the people of the district, and all respective festivals are celebrated here, such as Diwali, Holi and Id.
 Wardha District
Wardha district is located in the north-eastern side of the state of Maharashtra. The district has an agriculture-based economy. The literacy rates in the district are quite high, and it had even attained 100 percent literacy in the year 1992-93.
 Tourism in Chandrapur District
Tourism in Chandrapur district comprises visiting the various temples and places of natural beauty located here. The prime attraction of the district, and in fact all of Maharashtra, is the Tadoba - Andhari Tiger Reserve situated here at Chandrapur district.
 Sangli District
Sangli district is situated in the state of Maharashtra. The district shows remarkable variations in relief, and thus a variety of landscapes and physical features can be seen here.
 History of Solapur District
History of Solpur District reveals a unique incident of self-governance for three days during the era of British rule. A number of dynasties have ruled the district prior to the advent of the British.
 History of Nashik District
History of Nashik district finds place in the Stone Age as well as in India’s great mythological past. The district was named as Nashik when it came under the rule of the Peshwas.
 History of Mahbubnagar District
History of Mahbubnagar District in Telangana State, a newly formed state in India, says the glorious history of Nizams of Hyderabad.
Raghurajpur is the village of artistic beauty, where one will lose himself in the midst of natural colours.
Bolpur is a weekend gateway in Birbhum District, including places of tourism importance like Sriniketan, Shantiniketan, Sian, Dihipara, Khosakdampur, Paruldanga, Goalpara, Ballavpur, Bandhgara, Surul, Supur and Raipur.
 Tourism in Ranga Reddy District
Tourism in Ranga Reddy district in Telangana is a fun-filled experience as it has a lot to offer the tourist; temples, places of historical interest as well as a number of adventure sports are offered to the tourists in Ranga Reddy.
Sriniketan is a silent place where one can find the nature`s poetry. This place of green beauty allures the tourists and the artists.
 Geography of Osmanabad District
Geography of Osmanabad district is marked by a rather dry climate and intense heat in summer. The Bhima, Manjra and their tributaries are the major river systems in the district.
 Geography of Gadchiroli District
Geography of Gadchiroli district is marked by a largely undulating topography. The entire district lies in the drainage basin of the Godavari river.
 Geography of Akola District
Geography of Akola District divides the district into three physical units which is a mixture of hills and plains. The climate in the district is generally hot and dry except during the monsoon season.
 Economy of Jalna District
Economy of Jalna District is mainly agriculture-based, and the industries here are mainly agro-based. In terms of the development of industries, the district is quite backward.
 Administration of Osmanabad District
Administration of Osmanabad district is the responsibility of the District Collector. The office of the Collector is divided into many branches. Each deals with different aspects of governance.
 Tourism in Osmanabad District
Tourism in Osmanabad district offers visits to places of pilgrimage as well as those of historical interest. One of the Shkatipeeths, Tulja Bhawani of Tuljapur, is also situated here.
 Solapur District
Solapur is a city of Maharashtra and is a leading centre for cotton mills and power looms.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Jalna District
Pilgrimage Tourism in Jalna district is all about visiting the various temples located in the district dedicated to different gods and goddesses. Apart from the temples, a Kali Masjid also features among the many places of pilgrimage tourism in Jalna district.
 Nature Tourism in Nashik District
Nature tourism in Nashik district is replete with visits to lakes, dams, waterfalls, beautiful hill stations and picnic spots. Ratnagad is much visited for mountaineering and trekking.
 Leisure Tourism in Nashik district
Leisure tourism in Nashik district comprises visiting a number of different places such as meditation centres, memorials, an artillery centre and even a museum. Dhammagiri is a world famous meditation centre where one can enjoy utmost relaxation and peace of mind.
 Jalna District
Jalna District is located centrally in the state of Maharashtra. The district is well connected with other parts of the state and the rest of the country. Jalna is well known for being the birthplace of Chatrapati Shivaji’s guru, Sant Ramdas Swami.
 Geography of Solapur District
Geography of Solapur District is marked by three natural zones found here- the eastern, western and central zone. The Bhima and Sina are the major rivers flowing in the district and the entire district lies in the basins of these rivers.
 Geography of Jalna District
Geography of Jalna District is marked by an undulating topography, and the major part of the district falls in the Godavari river basin. The district experiences a sub tropical type of climate.
 Gadchiroli District
Gadchiroli district is located in the state of Maharastra in the Deccan plateau. The district has a high tribal population because of which the district has been categorised as a tribal district.
 Akola District
Akola district is situated in the state of Maharashtra along the western parts of the Nagpur division. Vidharba’s only university of agriculture is situated here in the Akola district.
 Geography of Ranga Reddy District
Geography of Ranga Reddy district in Telangana is determined by its location at the central portion of the Deccan plateau; the entire district is divided into three broad basins.
 Brahma Kund
Brahma Kund is a religious pond in Sihor region of Bhavanagar District of Gujarat. Thousands of people come and visit this place.
 Nature Tourism In Kodagu District
Nature tourism in Kodagu district is a beautiful journey, full of visits to waterfalls, hills and parks; the source of the river Kaveri, Tala Cauvery, is also located here.
 Hari Parbat
Hari Parbat is one of the hill that overlooks the Srinagar and Kashmir valley. This hill top is mainly famous for the Durrani fort, the ancient shakti temple and the number of Gurdwaras and mosques which are situated on the slope of the hill.
 Chashma Shahi Garden
Chashma Shahi garden is one of the smallest Mughal gardens of Kashmir valley. This Garden is famous for its digestive water which comes from the natural fresh water streams of Kashmir.
 Geography of Khammam District
Geography of Khammam district in Telangana is responsible for the primarily agricultural nature of production in the state; a number of different crops are found grown in the district.
 Administration of Khammam District
Administration of Khammam district in Telangana is carried out through a number of administrative bodies as well as social welfare organisations looking to the well-being of the people.
 Parbhani District
Parbhani District is located in the Marathwada region in the state of Maharashtra. Parbhani has been called the land of Saints as a number of well-known saints and holy men hail from the district.
 Culture of Pune District
Culture of Pune district is typically Marathi, and this is reflected in the lifestyle and food habits of the people. Pune is famous for the delectable Aamras Puri and Shrikhand sweet.
 Administration of Nashik District
Administration of Nashik district is carried out by the District Collector. He also supervises the workings of other Government departments in the area. There is seen here the establishment of a Zilla Parishad to facilitate development administration at the rural level.
 Thane District
Thane District forms a part of North Konkan Region. Thane District of Maharashtra is the third major industrialised district of the state.
 Pune District
Pune district is located in the western part of the state of Maharashtra. It is the most industrialised district in western Maharashtra and also an important military base.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Pune District
Pilgrimage tourism in Pune district comprises visiting the many beautiful temples located here. One of the five Jyotirlingas in the district of Maharashtra as well as five Ashtavinayak temples is found located here in the district.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Nashik District
Pilgrimage tourism in Nashik district involves visiting the various places of Hindu and Jain worship located here. Some of the holiest sites for Hindus in all of India are found in the Nashik district.
 Nature Tourism in Pune District
Nature tourism in Pune district involves visiting the various parks and picnic spots located here. Mulshi is one of the most attractive picnic spots developed here, replete with hills, plateaus, dams and even two forts located close by.
 Nashik District
For proper administration Nashik district of Maharashtra state has been divided into fifteen taluks.
 Mumbai Suburban District
Mumbai Suburban District is the second smallest district of Maharashtra. Mumbai Suburban District, population wise, is one of the largest districts in the country.
 Leisure Tourism in Pune District
Leisure tourism in Pune district is all about the various historical monuments located here, such as forts and palaces. Most of the forts are associated with the legendary hero Chatrapati Shivaji and tell the tales of his valour and conquests.
 Hingoli District
Hingoli district was carved out of the Parhbhani district in 1999, and is one of the newest districts of Maharashtra. It is known for the production of jowar and cotton.
 Geography of Pune District
Geography of Pune district divides the district into three parts, namely Ghatmatha, Maval and Desh. The district is a part of the tropical monsoon land and therefore shows significant variation in temperature as well as rainfall conditions.
 History of Khammam District
History of Khammam district in Telangana shows that it has produced a number of leaders who were part of the freedom struggle; Khammam district was initially part of the larger Warangal district.
 Ethipothala Falls
Ethipothala Falls is a waterfall that allures the nature lovers. This waterfall is located in Andhra Pradesh.
 Geography of Thane District
Geography of Thane District mainly comprises hill ranges, forest lands and vast cultivated areas. Thane District has a tropical climate in general. Geography of Thane District consists of Vaitarna and Ulhas rivers.
 Tourism in Jalgaon District
Tourism in Jalgaon district has a lot to offer the tourists. Temples, forts, places of natural beauty and hot water springs comprise the tourist attractions in the district.
 Tourism in Bhandara District
Tourism in Bhandara district offers varied sights to the visitor such as ancient temples, beautiful scenic landscapes as well as a visit to the weaving industries of the district.
 Tourism in Amravati district
Tourism in Amravati district is mainly a tour of the many ancient temples that are located here. Also situated here is Chikhadara, the place where Bhim is said to have Keechaka in the Mahbharata.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Hingoli District
Pilgrimage Tourism in Hingoli district involves visiting the beautiful temples located here. The eighth of the twelve sacred Jyotirlingas is found here in the district.
 Temples In East Godavari District
Temples in East Godavari district are many in number; the district is a much-visited tourist spot.
 Unchali Falls
Unchali Falls is one of the popular picturesque spot in Karnataka. The origin of Unchali Falls in Karnataka is the Aghanashini River.
 Kalhatti Falls
Kalhatti Falls is one of the popular attractions of Karnataka which is located in the district of Chikmagalur. It falls from a height of 403 feet from atop the mountains.
 Lalguli Falls
Lalguli falls is one of the popular tourist spots in Karnataka. It is located at Yellapur in Uttara Kannada.
 Abbey Falls
Abbey falls is one of the popular waterfalls located in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. This 70 foot waterfall is well maintained and is visited by tourists from various places of the world.
 Mallalli Falls
Mallalli Falls is a popular tourist hotspot of Karnataka. This waterfall allures the romantic tourists and the natural beauty is conducive for honeymoon travellers.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Karimnagar District
Pilgrimage tourism in Karimnagar district in Telangana includes a visit to many various beautiful temples of ancient times.
 Tourism in Karimnagar District
Tourism in Karimnagar district in Telangana offers many tourist spots of the historical and natural importance.
 Beed District
Beed district is one of the prominent administrative divisions in the state of Maharashtra. It was under Nizam rule and a part of Hyderabad state before independence and later became a part of the Mumbai state. There are many tourist attractions here which contribute in a major way towards the tourism sector of all of Maharashtra.
 Chandrapur District
Chandrapur district is located in the state of Maharashtra in the Nagpur division. The district has a hot tropical climate with high temperatures throughout the year.
 Amravati District
Amravati district became a part of the state of Maharashtra in the year 1960. It is placed on the Deccan plateau and faces extreme variation in temperatures throughout the year.
 Pulwama District
Pulwama District is centrally located in the valley of Kashmir and is a resting place for adventure lovers since it is full of clean water streams, lakes, magnificent trees and mighty mountains.
 Nature Tourism in Budgam District
Nature Tourism in Budgam District offers some of the most interesting tourist locales where man finds himself in close compassion with nature.
Kokarnag is one of the largest fresh water springs that flows in the Kashmir valley. Situated at a height of 2020m, Kokarnag is almost 70 kms from Srinagar which provides a unique site for tourism in Jammu and Kashmir.
 Hazratbal Mosque
Hazratbal Mosque which literally means ‘majectic place’ is one of the most revered places in Srinagar. It is often believed that the shrine preserves the hair of Muhammad Prophet which is revered by all religions.
Avantipur is the ancient capital of Kashmir which was founded by the Hindu ruler Maharaja Avanti Varman. The place which is located at the outskirts of Kashmir valley at a distance of 29 kms south of Srinagar is marked by the ruins of ancient Shiva temple. The area also includes the shrine of Vaishnu which is half a mile above Avantipuram.
 Tourism in Srinagar District
Tourism in Srinagar District comprises visits to several popular holy sites, beautiful gardens and amazing lakes. All the tourist places offered by Srinagar District are worth seeing.
 Tourism in Pulwama District
Tourism in Pulwama District comprises exploring opportunities of various historical and religious sites. Tourism in Pulwama District also includes visiting various natural wonders like waterfalls and lakes.
 Tourism in Jammu District
Tourism in Jammu District is really popular among the tourists as there is no dearth of tourist spots in this place. Tourism in Jammu District offers visits to various temples, forts as well as ancient villages.
 Tourism in Budgam District
Tourism in Budgam District offers several fascinating tourist locales where man finds himself in close communion with nature.
 Jammu District
Jammu District is the largest populated district of Jammu and Kashmir and second largest in terms of population density. Jammu District derived its name from the name of Jammu city and is famous for temples.
 Fairs and Festivals of Jammu District
Fairs and Festivals of Jammu District reflect the rich culture and traditional beliefs of the people of the region. Fairs and Festivals of Jammu District are many in number.
 Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary
Dachigam Wild Life Sanctuary is one of the biggest attractions of Jammu and Kashmir tourism. This sanctuary was set up in 1910 under the management of Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir.
 Budgam District
Budgam District of Jammu and Kashmir came into existence in 1979, prior to which it was part of Srinagar district.
 Tourism in Nizamabad District
Tourism in Nizamabad district in Telangana has a variety of sights to offer the tourist; the Asok Sagar is an eco-friendly tourist place located here.
 Geography of Karimnagar District
Geography of Karimnagar district in Telangana is defined by the vast natural resources found within the state; agricultural production is a major source of income found here.
 History of Chandrapur District
History of Chandrapur district has seen had a long succession of Hindu and Buddhist kings before it was taken over by the British. The district had a long period of organisation and re-organisation till it was finally divided into Chandrapur and Gadchiroli following the 1981 census.
 History of Amravati District
History of Amravati district can be traced back to the 11th century AD. Following its acquisition by the British, the place was modernised and a number of Government buildings were constructed herein.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Beed District
Pilgrimage tourism in Beed district comprises visiting the many ancient temples located here. Apart from being places of religious importance, the temples also have historical significance since they are ancient constructions.
 Jalgaon District
Jalgaon district is situated in the state of Maharashtra along its northern side. It has made remarkable advances in horticulture, and is the largest banana growing district in India.
 History of Aurangabad District
History of Aurangabad district can be traced right back to the time of the rule of the Satavahana dynasty.
 Administration of Udhampur District
Administration of Udhampur District of Jammu and Kashmir state is managed by the Deputy Commissioner who is the Executive Head of the District.
 Leisure Tourism in Rajouri District
Leisure Tourism in Rajouri District offers quite a few places of tourist interest, such as, Dhanidhar Fort, Chingas Shrine, Mangaladevi Fort etc.
 Administration of Karimnagar District
Administration of Karimnagar District in Telangana is mainly carried out through the Gram Panchayats.
 Karimnagar District
Karimnagar District is located now in Telangana, which is a newly formed state in India after bifurcation from Andhra Pradesh.
 History of Hyderabad District
History of Hyderabad district in Telengana is full of the glory and grandeur of the various dynastic rulers; it was the former seat of the fabulously wealthy Nizams of Hyderabad.
 Tourism in Gandhinagar District
Tourism in Gandhinagar District in Gujarat involves several famous tourism centres like Adalaj Step Well, Akshardham Temple, Sarita Udyan and many others.
 Panch Pandava Gufa
Pancha Pandava Gufa is located in Somanth, depicts the mythological truth of Mahabharata.
 History of Nagpur District
History of Nagpur District can be traced as far back as the 1st century B.C. The history of the district is closely connected to that of the city of Nagpur and must be studied along with it.
 Nagpur District
Nagpur District lies located in the state of Maharashtra. All the major highways and the major railways trunk route pass through the district.
 History of Sindhudurga District
History of Sindhudurg district is one with that of the Konkan district since the district lies along the southern border of the Konkan. It was initially a part of the Ratnagiri district till its division into the two separate districts of Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg in 1981.
 Geography of Aurangabad District
Geography of Aurangabad district is marked by a general incline towards the south and the east. The major rivers flowing through the district are The Godavari and Tapi rivers.
 Aurangabad District , Maharashtra
Aurangabad district is one of the most important districts with a rich historical background.
 Tourism in Nanded District
Tourism in Nanded District offers a number of beautiful pilgrimage sites to the tourists. Apart from the temples, mosque and Gurudwara located here; there are also some forts which the tourists may visit at leisure.
 Tourism in Nagpur District
Tourism in Nagpur district is a packed experience, comprising visits to forts, magical palaces and beautiful temples. The Sitabuldi fort is one of the most important landmarks of the district.
 Places Of Interest In Aurangabad
Places of Interest In Aurangabad include caves, Sunheri Mahal Museum, University Museum, Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum and other sites.
 Nature Tourism in Nagpur District
Nature Tourism in Nagpur district is bound to provide the tourists with a lot of rest and relaxation. There are beautiful lakes and parks located here are a must-visit when on a trip to the district.
 Kakatiya Musical Garden
Kakatiya Musical Garden, in Telangana, offers a refreshing time to the visitors with its enchanting musical fountain, lush greenery, vibrant blossoms, soothing boat ride and many more recreational facilities.
 Geography of Hyderabad District
Geography of Hyderabad district in Telangana is determined by its location on the Deccan plateau; the district has a fairly moderate climate.
 Tourism in Adilabad District
Tourism in Adilabad district in Telangana offers certain waterfalls and a site of religious worship; the irrigation project at Kaddam is also much visited.
Ainavilli is a small village in Andhra Pradesh. This small village is considered as the tourist spots because in this village there are a large number of Hindu temples.
 History of Nanded District
History of Nanded district has seen a long legacy of dynastic rule. It has been the permanent abode of Guru Govind Singh, the tenth spiritual leader of the Sikhs. It was initially a part of the state of Hyderabad but became a district of Maharashtra consequent to its creation.
 Geography of Sindhudurg District
Geography of Sindhudurg District is marked by a moist and humid climate with minimal temperature variations. Due to the undulating topography of the land, most of the rainwater is subject to surface run-off.
 Sindhudurg District
Sindhudurg district is situated in the state of Maharashtra. It came into existence when it was carved out of the distance of Ratnagiri in 1981. Sindhudurg district is famous for the world famous Alphonso mangoes.
 Nature Tourism in Sindhudurg District
Nature Tourism in Sindhudurg District is a packed experience as there are a number of beaches, waterfalls, lakes, mountains and the beautiful backwaters. The district is best known for its beautiful beaches.
 History of Rajouri District
History of Rajouri District narrates an interesting account of its significance during the ancient time to its transformation into a district.
 History of Kargil District
History of Kargil District depicts the origin of its name along with the various religion and rulers which have exercised their dominion over this place.
 Administration of Kargil District
Administration of Kargil District is quite different as compared to the other districts in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
 Tourism in Rajouri District
Tourism in Rajouri District is a traveller’s delight. There are several places which are worth visiting in this district of Jammu and Kashmir.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Rajouri District
Pilgrimage Tourism in Rajouri District offers quite a few places like Ziarat Shahdara Sharief, Gurdwara Chhati Badshahi, Mangla Mata Dev Asthan, Panj Peer Shrine, Chani Prat Temple, and Manma Mata Temple.
 Culture of Rajouri District
Culture of Rajouri District is a fundamental part of the people residing there. Arts and crafts, folk songs and dances are integral part of their cultural heritage.
 Mogadalapadu Beach
Mogadalapadu Beach, in Andhra Pradesh, is the site of magnificent natural beauty and fun filled water sports and attracts a number of tourists from different parts of India.
 Culture Of Adilabad District
Culture of Adilabad district in Telangana is contained in the art and handicraft works of the place; Adilabad district is well known for toy making and Dhokra casting crafts.
 Geography of Nagpur District
Geography of Nagpur district is marked by its location in the very centre of the Indian state. The district has a typical seasonal monsoon weather pattern.
 Education in Nanded District
Education in Nanded district is a well systematised process, with arrangements made for all academic fields.
 Districts of Maharashtra
Districts of Maharashtra boasts of rich cultural heritage of and is manifested in the historical monuments scattered in the districts.
 Culture of Sindhudurg District
Culture of Sindhudurg district is most prominently seen in the art form of the Dasavatar. It is a performance of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu.
 Administration of Nanded District
Administration of Nanded district is the chief responsibility of the District Collector. There are a number of officers and sub-officers under him who help to facilitate the administrative process right down to the grassroots level.
 Geography of Naded District
Geography of Nanded district is marked by a number of regional variations in the topography and use of the land. The district has a mostly dry climate except during the time of the south-west monsoon season.
 Nanded District
Nanded District is situated in the south eastern part of the state of Maharashtra. It is well known for the Sachkhand Gurudwara which is one of the most holy sited for the Sikh community.
 Administration Of Adilabad District
Administration of Adilabad district is approved by means of its division into a number of divisions. The most part of the administrative facilities in Adilabad District is stressed in health, electricity; road and irrigation.
 Sri Pallalamma Ammavari Temple
Sri Pallalamma Ammavari Temple, in Andhra Pradesh, is regarded as one of the most important and powerful temples of the state. Various legends are also associated with the temple.
 Mahbubnagar District
Mahbubnagar is located towards the southern part of Hyderabad and is the second largest district in Telangana.
 Nalgonda District
Nalgonda district is located in the geographical centre of Telangana and proudly proclaims its past glory.
 History of Ahmadnagar District
History of Ahmadnagar district follows a long period of dynastic rule, and can be traced right back to the time of the mighty Mauryan empire. It played a significant role in India’s freedom struggle, and the flag of Independent India was hoisted for the first time in the Ahmadnagar fort.
 Ahmadnagar District
Ahmadnagar district is located centrally in the state of Maharashtra and is the largest district in the state. The entire region forms a part of the Deccan traps.
 Uppada Beach
Uppada beach is a famous beach in Kakinada area of Indian State, Andhra Pradesh.
 Govinda Rajula Gutta
Govinda Rajula Gutta is a historical village, located in the newly formed state of India, Telangana.
 Nizamabad District
Nizamabad is an important district in Telangana and has been named after the Nizams of Hyderabad
 Automobile Industry in India
Automobile Industry started flourishing in India after its independence. Before that, only automobile parts were assembled in India.
 Charmadi Ghat
Charmadi Ghat is a scenic marvel of the Western Ghats in Karnataka endowed with vibrant greeneries, exquisite mountain streams and charming waterfalls. A heaven for trekkers, the picturesque beauty of the Ghat can be best enjoyed in monsoons.
Miryalaguda is a town, located in Nalgonda District of the newly formed state of India, Telangana, with the capital Hyderabad
Gongoni is located in Midnapore District of West Bengal. It is often termed as the Grand Canyon of Bengal.
Adilabad is a place of natural beauties. Kuntala Waterfalls and Pochera Waterfalls are the main attraction of this spot.
 Adilabad District
Adilabad District is a district located in Telangana, a newly formed state in India with the capital Hyderabad for 10 years. This city is also known as "City of Cotton".
Roopkund is a natural glacial lake in Uttarakhand that bears the mythological mysticism. It also offers one to walk on the snows and skeletons.
 Medak District
Medak District is a small district in the Telangana region of Telangana to the north of Hyderabad.
 Tourism in Telangana
Tourism in Telangana deals with a bouquet of tourism sites of historic, leisure and natural importance. Tourism of Telangana came into existence with the advent of the new state of India- Telangana, after it got separated from Telangana.
Chalsa, situated in Jalpaiguri district, is famous for its magnificent natural beauty.
 Pochera Waterfalls
Pochera Waterfalls is an ideal nature tourism site in Telangana. This waterfall offers picturesque and beautiful scenery, which attracts a large number of tourists.
 Kuntaala Waterfall
Kuntaala Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Telangana. It was termed as the highest waterfall in Andhra Pradesh. Kuntaala waterfall is located amidst the dense forest of Neredi Konda village.
Maharashtra is an Indian state which is dotted with forts, caves, hill stations, shrines and is known for the Hindi film industry.
Kavaratti is the capital city of Lakshadeep Island, the Union Territory of India. This island is attracted by the national and international tourists.
Kodinhi is a village in Kerala which is famous for having an unusually high twinning rate, the scientific reason of which is still not known. It also hosts the first association for twins in India called The Twins and Kins Association.
 Tourism in Port Blair
Tourism in Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, is a delightful combination of nature sightseeing and thrilling adventure sports. The place also offers a chance to explore many aspects of Indian history.
 Leisure Tourism in Sindhudurg District
Leisure Tourism in Sindhudurg District is all about visiting the various magnificent forts constructed here. The name of the district itself has been derived from the Sindhudurg fort located here.
 Kaleej Valley
Kaleej Valley is a hamlet in Sikkim where birdwatchers and nature lovers enjoy a delightful time. The place shelters numerous and a vast variety of tourist spots.
Biksthang, in Sikkim, is a small hamlet with beautiful landscapes and serene environs. The exotic winged members of the hamlet attract a number of bird watchers.
 Society of Delhi Sultanate
Society during the time of Delhi Sultanate was divided into different section which included the foreign Muslims, the Indian Muslims and the Hindus.
 Invasion of Timur
Invasion of Timur in India took place in 1398 A.D. The invasion destroyed the power and prestige of the Delhi Sultanate and also the dynasty of the Tughlaqs.
 Koilsagar Dam
Koilsagar Dam shows the architectural excellence and the brilliance in protecting the villages of Telangana. Koilsagar Dam also acts as the tourist destinations who are visiting Telangana.
Peerlamarri is an ancient banyan tree located in Mahabubnagar district of Telangana.
Garshalboni, in West Bengal, presents a striking combination of natural beauty and Indian history. An exquisite weekend gateway, the place is ideal for spending a rejuvenating time.
Dhanushkodi is a town located in the south eastern tip of Pamban Island or Rameshwaram Island
Mashobra is a marvel of Himachal Pradesh stuffed with spectacular natural beauty. It is the home to one of the only two Presidential retreats in India.
 Mathura District
Mathura District is a part of Agra Division of Uttar Pradesh in India. Mathura District is rich in ancient and medieval history and it has a large number of tourist attraction sites
 Archaeological Tourism in Purulia District
Archaeological Tourism in Purulia is well known for the remains of ancient past that narrates the history of exquisite art and architecture of India.
Gadwal is a municipal town in Mahbubnagar District of Telangana, a newly formed state in India.
 Zarwani Waterfalls
Zarwani Waterfalls is one of the prime tourist attractions in Gujarat. It acts as a nature and leisure tourism site that refreshes and rejuvenates the mind and mood of the tourists.
 Tourism in Dahod District
Tourism in Dahod district invites numerous tourists and pilgrims towards its beautiful temples and enchanting landscapes. Many of the tourist sites are closely associated with Indian mythological characters.
Hemavathi is an ancient historic village of the South Indian states Andhra Pradesh.
 Leisure Tourism in Jamnagar District
Leisure tourism in Jamnagar District in Gujarat consists of interesting historical monuments, forts and palaces which bear testimony to the rich historical accounts associated to this part of the nation.
Surathkal is a suburb of Mangalore, in Karnataka, where the renowned National Institute of Technology Karnataka is situated. Surathkal beach also serves as a popular tourist destination
 Districts of Meghalaya
Districts of Meghalaya comprises a total of seven administrative districts. Administration of each district is headed by a Deputy Commissioner.
Tamilakam is used to denote a single area where the Tamil was a natural language and culture for common people.
 Jubilee Garden
Jubilee Garden is located in Rajkot District of Gujarat. It is a large open park where the local and outstation visitors come and visit this place.
 Girmal Waterfall
Girmal Waterfall allures the tourists of national and international level for its breathtaking scenic beauty.
 Baba Pyara Caves
Baba Payara Caves are the tourist destination in Gujarat. People from all parts of the world visit the caves of Baba Payara for its sculptural excellence.
 Buddhism in Gujarat
Buddhism in Gujarat is mirrored in ancient caves, Ashokan relics in different areas and the ancient forts of Buddhist kingdoms.
 Junagadh Buddhist Cave Groups
Junagadh Buddhist Cave Groups are the group of Buddhist Caves present in the Indian state of Gujarat.
 Caves of Gujarat
Caves of Gujarat attracts the tourists of both national and international arenas. Not only the tourists, the students from all over the country come and visit this place.
 Indian Forests
Forests in India have always been one of the richest resources. Indian forests are ancient in nature and composition.
 Tourism in Bhojpur District
Tourism in Bhojpur district constitutes a booming industry, thanks to the innumerable temples and beautiful historical sites located here.
Uppinangadi is a well developed town in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka.
 Sathanur Crocodile Farm
Sathanur Crocodile Farm is a prime attraction of the tourists who are exploring Bengaluru.
Samsing, in West Bengal, is a hill village endowed with lush greenery, lofty hills and magnificent tea gardens. The exotic winged members of the place have made it one of the most cherished tourist destinations.
Birpara, a commercial town of West Bengal, is the home to several ethnic groups of people. The place is surrounded by tea gardens which once served as the main economy of the region.
 Tourism in Mayabunder
Tourism in Mayabunder includes the tourist attraction sites like Karmatang Beach, the mangrove lined creeks, Karmatang Beach, Rampur Beach and many beaches.
Jayanti, in West Bengal, is a forest village where the nature exhibits a distinct charm and vibrant hues. There are a number of pilgrimage sites in and around the village.
Bindu is a small village of West Bengal nurtured in the scenic surroundings of snow capped Himalayan ranges, dense forest and the beautiful Jaldhaka River.
Yadgir is a municipal town of Yadgir district in Karnataka. This is the administrative headquarter of Yadagir taluka.
Shorapur is a town of Yadgir District of Karnataka, with a population of 43, 591. This town is popular for Sri Venugopla Swami Temple
Lakshmeshwara is a town of religious importance located in Gadag district of Karnataka.
 Tribes of Rayagada District
The tribes of Rayagada district with their culture and ethnicity reflect the true color of the district.
 Important places of Rayagada
Charming locales, magnanimous temples etc have made the important places of Rayagada ideal retreats of the tourists
 Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh, the Indian state, is located in the south-eastern part of India and is popular amongst tourists for its enthralling beaches. Andhra Pradesh is one of the 29 states of India. It was formed due to the States Reorganization Act of 1956 which merged Telugu-Speaking areas of Hyderabad State, which was the Princely state with the already existing Andhra State.
 Nimbhore Budruk
Nimbhore Budruk is the name of a census town, which is situated in Jalgaon district of the state of Maharashtra
 Bombay State
Bombay State, a former state of India, comprised of many earlier princely states. During the rule of British colonial empire, Bombay State was under Bombay Presidency.
 Silver Beach
Silver Beach is the pristine beach in south east coast of India. This sea beach is the cynosure of the tourist who loves to enjoy peace and isolation.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Warangal District
Pilgrimage tourism in Warangal district is an enriching experience as there are a lot of ancient temples situated here which are well worth a visit.
 Leisure Tourism in Warangal District
Leisure tourism in Warangal district involves a number of fun-filled activities and places to be visited; the musical garden located here is a must-visit.
 Warangal District
Warangal district is a district in Telangana and was an important seat of the Kakatiya Dynasty.
 Tourism in Warangal District
Tourism in Warangal District covers the medieval architectural styles of Kakatiya Dynasty, different natural and artificial lakes and the temples of beautiful architectural styles.
 Culture of Rayagada
Exotic cuisine, colorful fairs and festivals, tribal lifestyle enrich the tradition and culture of Rayagada
 Tourism of Rayagada
The tourism industry of Rayagada is blessed with the beautiful places, invested with historical and religious significan
 Koraput District
Koraput District is the storehouse of rich and diverse mineral resources and is a tribal dominated district of Orissa. Koraput District came into existence in the year 1936.
 Khordha District
Khordha District, originally was the Kingdom of Kalinga Dynasty, and is famous for its heroism, the Paika rebellion and architectural beauty. The history of Khordha District is linked with the history of Kalinga.
 Jharsuguda District
Jharsuguda District, rich in mineral wealth is considered as the industrial hub of Orissa. Jharsuguda District came into existence in 1994.
 Cuttack District
Cuttack District is located in Orissa and is the hub of economical progress of the state. Cuttack District has witnessed much of the developments of Orissa and today is considered as one of the most flourishing and productive districts of eastern India.
 Nayagarh District
Nayagarh District of Orissa is known for its rich archaeological and cultural heritages. Nayagarh District came into existence in the year 1995. Kushinagar was created in 1994 by taking north and east portion of Deoria District.
 Sambalpur District
Sambalpur District is an administrative district located in the western part of Orissa. Sambalpur District is famous for its handloom textile works which has earned international fame in recent times.
 Mangroves of Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Mangroves of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the salt tolerant plants and comprise one fifth of the total mangrove forests of the country. Mangroves of this region are considered to be the densest in India.
 Tourism in Nabrangpur district
Tourism in Nabarangpur district in Orissa will prove to be a unique experience for the visitors. The temples, the waterfalls, historical places and dams are the most visited tourist destinations of this district.
 Culture of Nabarangpur District
Culture of Nabarangpur District is diverse and varied. There are three prominent religions in this district and hence there are a variety of festivals which are celebrated almost all throughout the year.
 History of Nabarangpur district
History of Nabarangpur district is inextricably linked with that of Koraput District ruled by the Solar Dynasty of Jeypore. As a district, Nabarangpur came into being on 2nd October 1992. Prior to that, it was a big Sub-Division of the erstwhile Koraput District.
 Tourism in Balasore District
The charming beauty of the landscape and its historical significance enhanced the tourism industry in Balasore.
 Tourism of Nabrangpur
The tourism of Nabrangpur flourishes by the myth of the historical legends regarding the beautiful places.
 Alipurduar District
Alipurduar District is a newly formed district in West Bengal. This district consists of the municipalities of Falakata and Alipurduar. Alipurduar district covers the tourist attraction sites like Bauxa Tiger Reverve, Bhutan Hills and many others.
 Katraj Snake Park
Katraj Snake Park, located in Maharashtra, is known for its great contribution towards the conservation of reptiles and also exhibits a vast variety of the same.
Tandur is a municipal town of the Indian state Telangana known for being a major producer and distributor of blue limestone in India.
Kaleshwaram is a famed village of Telengana set at the confluence of Rivers Godavari and its tributary Pranahiti. It hosts a Shiva temple which holds much religious significance.
 West Bengal
West Bengal is a state that is located in eastern region of the country. It is the fourth most populous state. West Bengal is the place of rich cultural history, which is reflecting in daily lifestyle of Bengali people.
 Mandya District
Mandya District is a district of the Indian state of Karnataka, situated about 100 km from Bangalore.
 Tourist places in Tumkur
Tumkur is a district of the Indian state Karnataka and there are various tourist places here.
 Culture of Kandhamal District
Culture of Kandhamal District is vast and diverse. The indigenous traditions, beliefs, festivals, art and dance forms of the tribal people contributes to the culture of this district.
 Kandhamal District
Kandhamal District, originally a subdivision of Boudh District is one of the economically undeveloped districts of Orissa. More than 50 percent of population of the district constitutes Scheduled Tribe community of aboriginal tribal races.
 Nuapada District
Nuapada District, a composition of six hundred and fifty three Revenue villages, was carved out of undivided Kalahandi District on 1st April 1993.
 Tourism at Nuapada
The historical significance including the untamed natural beauty encourages the tourism industry to flourish.
 Tourism in Kandhamal District
Tourism in Kandhamal District includes visits to its popular sightseeing options. This district offers the travellers a complete enriching and rejuvenating travelling experience. It attracts tourists from different parts of the world.
 Geography of Nuapada District
Geography of Nuapada District consists of rugged hill ranges and large forest areas. Further, the topographical features of Nuapada District also include rivers, waterways and canals.
 Triveni Sangam
Triveni Sangam is the confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and the legendary Saraswati River near Allahabad, India.
 Districts of Telangana
Districts of Telangana comprises of ten erstwhile districts of Andhra Pradesh. These districts are rich in pilgrimage, leisure and nature tourism.
 Assan Barrage Bird Sanctuary
Assan Barrage Bird Sanctuary, in Uttarakhand, shelters a number of exotic birds including the migratory ones, making the place highly enjoyable for the bird watchers and ornithologists.
 Mayurbhanj District
Mayurbhanj District of Orissa enjoys the unique distinction of having a vast forest dotted with varied flora and fauna. This is one of the agricultural districts of Orissa and one of the ideal tourist spots.
 Balangir District
Balangir District is an administrative district located in the western part of Orissa. Balangir District is basically a rural district of Orissa.
 Barhgarh District
Barhgarh, the administrative district, is one of the hill- caped region of Orissa, casting an exquisite beauty.
 Telangana Rebellion
Telangana Rebellion is a labour movement organised in Independent India, which was drawn by enraged peasants against the feudal lords of Andhra Pradesh.
 Early History of Telangana
Early History of Telangana coves the glorious dynastical rule of ancient Hindu kingdoms, which showed their architectural excellence. Now, also the monuments of Telangana are the place of attractions for its sculptural and architectural excellence.
 History of Telangana
History of Telangana is much similar with the history of Andhra Pradesh. The region which is now called Telangana was dominated by the rulers of Chalukyas, Kakatiyas and Satavahanas.
 History of the Ganjam district
The history of Ganjam, though antique enough, was documented right from the beginning of the French settlement in Ganjam
 Ganjam district
Ganjam District of Orissa is located nearly along the border of Andhra Pradesh. This district is known as a famous historical district of the state and is specially recognized as the land of beaches.
 Festivals of Ganjam District
Festivals of Ganjam District are a reflection of the culture and traditions of the district. Several colourful festivals like Ratha Yatra, Dola Yatra, District Cultural Festival, etc. are celebrated in Ganjam District.
 Education of Ganjam district
The socio-economic genesis of Ganjam encourages the growth of the education in the district.
 Culture of the Ganjam district
The folk culture of Ganjam is the representation of their everyday life and habits of the native inhabitants.
 Tourism in Ganjam district
The district of Ganjam is a historical place, which added a splendor to the scenic beauty of the district.
 Eco Tourism in Bankura District
Eco tourism in Bankura District covers the journey through the sal forest and the Biharinath Hills.
Shamirpet is the semi urban area in Ranga Reddy district. This is the place famous for a lake and a deer park.
 Culture of Pathankot
The ennobled culture of Pathankot is highlighted in its various cultural facets like fairs, festivals, cuisine etc.
 Tourism in Pong Dam
Tourism in Pong Dam covers the vast water body made by nature and its scenic beauty.
 Geography of Pathankot
Pathankot is a place of significance, which falls under the jurisdiction of the state of Punjab.
Kurseong is a hill station and is a widely popular tourist spot in Darjeeling.
Deuljhari is a fortress of Shaivism. This place of natural beauty is located in the Angul District of Odisha. It is popular for hot spring.
 Places of Interest Mumbai
Places of Interest around Mumbai include a number of caves to national parks as well as lakes.
 Tourism in Damdama Lake
Tourism in Damdama Lake comprised of a fresh water lake, an ancient temple of Lord Shiva and many others.
 Kodanad View Point
Kodanad view point is located near Kotagiri town of Nilgiri district in Tamil Nadu. It offers mesmerising view of Nilgiri Hills, river of Moyar, Rangasamy Pillar etc.
Didihat a small town in Pithoragarh district of Uttaranchal, is the pilgrim route to Kailash Mansarovar.
 Tourism In Kolkata
Tourism in Kolkata consists of religious monuments, heritage buildings, colonial architecture and amusements parks.
 Angul District
Angul District is a centrally located district of Odisha. Angul District is known for making significant contribution towards the rich and glorious culture as well as its socio-economic development of the state.
 Tourism in Angul District
Tourism of Angul centres round the varieties of flora and fauna invested the entire tract of Angul.
 History of Angul District
History of Angul relates that the district existed in the proto-historic times and still retains its cultural identity.
 Economy of Angul District
Scientific and the technical utilization of the implements and processes, accentuate the agricultural growth in Angul.
 History of Hamirpur District, Uttar Pradesh
History of Hamirpur District comprises three stages – ancient period, medieval period and modern period. According to the history, Hamirpur District came into existence in the year 1823.
 History of Hamirpur District, Himachal Pradesh
History of Hamirpur District says that this district was formerly ruled by the Katoch Dynasty. Hamirpur District was carved out of Kangra District in the year 1972.
 Tourism in Hamirpur District, Uttar Pradesh
Tourism in Hamirpur District provides ample opportunity to the visitors to explore its several religious and historical sites. Major attractions of Hamirpur District mostly include pilgrimage sites.
 Tourism in Hamirpur Districtt, Himachal Pradesh
Tourism in Hamirpur District comprises visits to some of the very popular temples, forts and historical places. The tourist spots are worth seeing and they draw the attention of a large number of visitors every year.
 Hamirpur District, Himachal Pradesh
Hamirpur District is one of the 12 administrative districts of Himachal Pradesh and is popularly known as the land of martyrs. About 92 percent population of this district lives in the rural areas and they are agriculturists.
 Hamirpur District, Uttar Pradesh
Hamirpur District is an administrative district of Uttar Pradesh and it belongs to Chitrakoot Division. Hamirpur District is known for its various religious sites.
 Thoothukudi District
Thoothukudi district is one of the well-known districts in the state of Tamil Nadu is India. The district of Thoothukudi possesses a number of temples of great importance.
 Karaikal District
Karaikal District is an administrative district of Puducherry. Karaikal District is well known for its holy sites and festivals.
 Geography of Karaikal District
Geography of Karaikal District mainly includes the fertile region of Kaveri delta. Karaikal District has a tropical climate with moderate rainfall.
 Puducherry District
Puducherry District has a rich French cultural heritage, having been the capital of the French colonies in India since the 17th century.
 Tourism in Karaikal District
Tourism in Karaikal District includes several tourist places in and around Karaikal that are worth exploring. Tourism in Karaikal District also offers visits to its wonderful beaches apart from its holy sites.
 Yanam District
Yanam District is one of the four administrative districts of Puducherry. Yanam District is regarded as one of the agriculture friendly districts of the Union Territory.
 Government and Politics of Puducherry
Puducherry is a union territory and falls directly under the authority iof Central Government.
 Tourism in Theni District
Tourism in Theni District covers the picturesque beauty of nature and a vast number of pilgrimage tourism spots which attracted a large number of tourists.
 Theni District
Theni district is located in the southern parts of the state of Tamil Nadu and it is spear over an area of 3242.3 square kilometres. The district possesses a number of temples, dams and natural falls.
Uttarakhand is described as the land of celestial beauty. Uttarakhand is one of the most bewitching and enchanting regions of northern India.
 Tourism in Mahasamund District
Tourism in Mahasamund District offers a visit to the temples situated in this district. Travelling in Mahasamund District offers great scope of exploring its rich culture and traditional beliefs.
 History of Mahasamund District
History of Mahasamund District is the epilogue to the culture and the contemporary life at the district.
 Mahasamund District
Mahasamund District of Chhattisgarh is an administrative district and Mahasamund city is its headquarters. Mahasamund District was created in the year 1998.
 Janjgir-Champa District
Janjgir-Champa District is a district of Chhattisgarh with its headquarters at Janjgir. This district offers some beautiful tourist attractions. Janjgir-Champa District was formed in the year 1998.
 Tourism in Janjgir-Champa District
Tourism in Janjgir-Champa District is meant to give the travellers a pleasurable experience. Here, at this district, people can experience both nature and religious tourism.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Janjgir-Champa District
Pilgrimage Tourism in Janjgir-Champa District is popular for its beautiful temples and grand celebrations of religious fairs and festivals. These temples are of architectural beauty and have a great significance in mythology and history.
Mylapore in Tamil Nadu is known for the several old temples and the temples also bear testimony to the fact that Mylapore is an old city.
 Tourism In Puducherry
Tourism in Puducherry encompasses ashrams, temples, churches, museums, lush gardens, heritage buildings and beautiful beaches.
Arikamedu an important archaeological place reveals a lot about the French and Roman civilization of those days.
 Chunnambar Backwater
Chunnambar Backwaters in Puducherry is a tropical sea side paradise which is filled with a quiet creek on one side.
 Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is one of the unique structures of Puducherry. This mainly attracts the tourists with its unique architecture and gothic architecture.
 French War Memorial
French War Memorial is a major attraction of Puducherry which reflects the French colonial rule in Puducherry. This was mainly created to pay a tribute to the French warriors who laid their lives in First World War.
 Administration of Jhalawar District
Administration of Jhalawar district is the responsibility of the District Collector. The Zila Parishad is responsible for implementing the programs of Riral Development.
 Leisure Tourism in Jhalawar District
Leisure Tourism in Jhalawar District comprises visiting the many forts and places of historical beauty located here. The Jhalawar Fort is one of the most visited tourist spots in the district.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Jhalawar District
Pilgrimage Tourism in Jhalawar District will take one on a visit to the various temples located here. Most of the temples here are dedicated to Hindu and Jain Gods.
 History of Jhalawar District
History of Jhalawar district is closely linked with the Chauhan clan of the Hadas. Jhalawar was founded in the year 1838 out of the Kota territory.
 Geography of Jhalawar District
Geography of Jhalawar district is such that it has the highest rainfall in the state of Rajasthan. Hot dry summers and pleasantly cold winters characterise the climate of the region.
 Durg District
Durg District is a heavily populated district of Chhattisgarh with its headquarters at Durg. This district is rich in mineral resources and a huge portion of its total area is covered by forests.
 Culture of Durg District
Culture of Durg District provides a glimpse into the traditional and indigenous lifestyle of the people. Culture of Durg District is mainly tribal in nature.
 Bundela Rajputs
Bundelas are a Rajput clan who has originated from Maharaja Hemkaran.
 Rajput Society
Rajput society reflects the essential features of Indian social system which deal with the rights and duties and status of the four Varnas along the lines laid down in the religious texts.
 Social Condition of India during the Pratihara Rule
Caste system prevailed in society during the time of the Pratiharas. The society was framed with Vedic societal culture of ancient times.
 History of Lalitpur District
History of Lalitpur District makes it clear that initially this district was a part of Chanderi. According to the history Lalitpur District was formed in the year 1974.
 History of Kaushambi District
History of Kaushambi District dates back to the period of Brahmanas. Kaushambi District came into existence in the year 1997; initially it was a part of Allahabad District.
 History of Gorakhpur District
History of Gorakhpur District states that this region formed part of Koshal kingdom in the past. Gorakhpur got the status of a district when this region was transferred in the hands of East India Company in 1801.
 History of Sultanpur District
History of Sultanpur District states that in the past this region was under the control of the Rajputs and Nawabs of Avadh. Further, as per historical accounts, British rulers also annexed Sultanpur District.
 History of Rajasthan
The history of Rajasthan is dotted with tales of valor, chivalry, camaraderie and romance.
Gangotri lies in the Uttarkashi district and is one of the most important places of pilgrimage for the Hindus in India. One among the Char Dhams, it is said to be the place where the Ganga first came down to earth as a result of Bhagiratha’s penance.
Tapovan is so-called as Sadhus performed penance here for hundreds of years. It lies at an altitude of 4463 metres.
 Teerathgarh Waterfall
Teerathgarh Waterfall, near Jagdalpur in Bastar district, is a popular tourist destination of Chhattisgarh and is known for its majestic and splendid natural beauty.
 Korba District
Korba District is in Chhattisgarh and it was formed in the year 1998 with its headquarters at Korba city. Tribal people constitute a major portion of the total population of Korba District.
 Dhamtari District
Dhamtari District, a district of Chhattisgarh, is located in the fertile plains of the state. The district headquarters are located at Dhamtari. Dhamtari District was formed in the year 1998 by dividing Raipur and Mahasamund.
 Mandra Waterfall
Mandra waterfall in Jagdalpur is a stunning natural waterfall that lures numerous tourists and is renowned for its impressive natural beauty.
 Narayanpur District
Narayanpur District is a district in the Chattisgarh state that has carved a niche of its own from the pre-existing Bastar district. The people of Narayanpur District are mostly dependant on agriculture.
 Tamda Waterfall
Tamda waterfall, situated in the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh, is popular for its serene and stunning landscape and attracts several tourists to the region.
 Tirunelveli District
Tirunelveli district is one of the most prominent districts in the state of Tamil Nadu which has several temples with beautiful sculptures, churches, dargahs, wildlife and bird sanctuary, etc.
 Kabirdham District
Kabirdham District, an administrative district of Chhattisgarh, is situated on the southern bank of Sakri River. Kawardha is the district headquarters. Kabirdham District was formed in the year 1998.
 Raigarh District
Raigarh District is located in Chhattisgarh which was created by merging the princely states of Sarangarh, Udaipur (Dharamjaigarh), Raigarh and Jashpur.
 Bemetara District
Bemetara District is located at Chattisgarh and is nominated as one of the progressive states although it is a comparatively newly formed state.
 History of Kabirdham District
History of Kabirdham District depicts the course of formation of the district.
 Raksham Chitkul Wildlife Sanctuary
Raksham Chitkul Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttarakhand is also recognised as Sangla Wildlife Sanctuary and was erected during 1962. It is enriched with beautiful forests, several kinds of Ayurvedic herbs and wild creatures like Himalayan Black Bear, Musk Deer, Goral and others.
Nestled in the Bishnupur district of Manipur state of India, Ningthoukhong town has got a total population of 10446.
Alchi shelters an extraordinary collection of ancient wall paintings and wood sculpture that is preserved.
Khajjiar, titled as the Mini Switzerland on the world tourism map, is one of the most picturesque hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. Lake, pasture and forest ecosystems coexist beautifully in Khajjiar creating an ideal destination for nature tourism.
 Dutch Rule in Kerala
Dutch Rule in Kerala is less remembered as compared to the Portuguese influence in the state. The Dutch never tried to have political control over the state and were concerned more about the trade.
 Sultans of Malabar
the Sultans of Ma`bar were famous for shedding blood and invading the riches of the South India.
 Perambalur District
Perambalur district was carved out by the trifurcation of the district of Tiruchirappalli in the year 1995. This district possesses a number of temples, a fort and the famous Sathanur Fossil Tree.
 Ramanathapuram District
Ramanathapuram district is spread over an area of four thousand one hundred and seventy five square kilometres and the total population is 1187604. This district of the Tamil Nadu state is having a hot tropical climate.
 Tourism in Perambalur District
Tourism in Perambalur District provides scope to view some of the most beautiful temples along with their great work of architecture. The Ranjankudi Fort is also one of the major attractions of the district of Perambalur.
 History of Ramanathapuram District
History of Ramanathapuram district bears a testimony to the earlier days when the Pandyas, the Marathas, the Cholas and also the British ruled over this district of Tamil Nadu state.
 History of Perambalur District
History of Perambalur district deals with the Marathas, Nawabs of Arcot, the great warrior Tipu Sultan and the British.
 Tourism in Ramanathapuram District
Tourism in Ramanathapuram district gives a nourishing experience with the presence of a number of beautiful temples, a Shrine containing the statue of Arul Anandar, a tomb, the Sea World Aquarium and number of other natural beauties.
 Adventure Tourism in Port Blair
Adventure tourism in Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, offers a memorable experience of enthralling activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, sea walking and many more which can be greatly cherished under the guidance of trained professionals.
 History of Port Blair
History of Port Blair dates back to 1789 and narrates the events of its establishment and development. The Cellular Jail in the city stands as a witness of the brutalities encountered by the Indian convicts during the freedom movement.
 Port Blair
Port Blair, located in the Andaman archipelago, is the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The city serves as a wondrous tourist spot exhibiting glimpses of Indian history and spectacular natural beauty.
 History of Kanchipuram District
The history is very colourful as different people come at different time in Kanchipuram and enhanced it culturally.
 Sanketam in Medieval Kerala
Sanketam in Medieval Kerala is in law a singular corporation and acts through its officers. It was a creation of the Brahmins.
 Local Administration in Medieval Kerala
Local Administration in Medieval Kerala was supervised by Dasavalis, Naduvalis and the Pramanis. They mostly belonged to high class society.
 Judicial Administration in Medieval Kerala
Judicial administration in medieval Kerala had no written rules. King was considered as the fountain of justice.
 Invasion of Kerala by Kings of Mysore
Invasion of Kerala by kings of Mysore took place in the eighteenth century. Hyder Ali was the first ruler of Mysore kingdom who invaded the southern state.
 Tourism in Thanjavur District
Tourism in Thanjavur district houses several old temples and forts. This district also possesses a number of churches and some places of worship for the Muslims
 History of Thanjavur District
History of Thanjavur district is witness to the rule of the Cholas, Pandiyas, Nayaks, Marattas and the British.
 Thanjavur District
Thanjavur District is considered to be the ‘Rice Bowl’ of Tamil Nadu and it is also called the granary of south India. One of the famous temples in this district is the Sri Brahadeeswarar temple.
 History of Devaswom
History of Devaswom is not very ancient and can be dated back to late seventeenth century.
 Fatehpur District
Fatehpur District is an ancient district of Uttar Pradesh and falls under the Allahabad division. Besides having a grand religious and historical background, Fatehpur District is the land of many freedom fighters and renowned Hindi poets.
 Hathras District
Hathras, a district in Uttar Pradesh, has a rich historical background and is now an upcoming industrial hub.
 Sitapur District
Sitapur is a town and a municipal board in Sitapur district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.
 Bareilly District
Bareilly District, which was a part of the ancient panchala, is in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
 Balrampur District
Balrampur District of Uttar Pradesh is considered as one of the Minority Concentrated Districts of the country on the basis of 2001 census data on population, socio-economic indicators and basic amenities indicators.
 Bahraich District
Bahraich District of Uttar Pradesh comprises dense forests and fast flowing rivers. Economy of Bahraich District is basically agrarian in character.
Bhadohi is a city located in Ravidas Nagar district in Uttar Pradesh. It is also known as the "Carpet City".
 Bulandshahr District
Bulandshahr District is one of the administrative districts of Uttar Pradesh. Bulandshahr District is known for its rich historical past.
 Chandauli District
Chandauli District is one of the four districts of Uttar Pradesh, which come under Varanasi division. Chandauli is the district headquarters.
 Sant Ravidas Nagar District
Sant Ravidas Nagar District of Uttar Pradesh came into existence in the year 1994. Sant Ravidas Nagar District is famous for its carpets in the country and abroad.
 Pratapgarh District
Pratapgarh District is one of the older districts of Uttar Pradesh that came into existence in the year 1858. Pratapgarh District is basically an agrarian district.
 Kanpur Dehat District
Kanpur Dehat District is also known as Akbarpur District. Kanpur Dehat District is a backward district with around 50 percent literacy rate. More than three fourth of the total population of the district is engaged in agriculture and allied activities.
 Jyotiba Phule Nagar District
Jyotiba Phule Nagar District is one of the four districts of Uttar Pradesh, those come under Moradabad Division. Jyotiba Phule Nagar District came into existence in the year 1997.
 Faizabad District
Faizabad District of Uttar Pradesh is known for its pilgrimage sites. This district has agriculture based economy.
 Firozabad District
Firozabad District is a part of Agra Division in Uttar Pradesh. Firozabad District came into existence in the year 1989.
 Ambedkar Nagar District
Ambedkar Nagar District of Uttar Pradesh is a part of Faizabad Division. District Headquarter of this district is Akbarpur. Approximately ninety one percent of the total population lives in villages and their main occupation is farming.
 Gautam Budh Nagar District
Gautam Budh Nagar District, an administrative district of Uttar Pradesh, has a good industrial status. Gautam Budh Nagar District came into existence in the year 1997.
 Hardoi District
Hardoi District in Uttar Pradesh is a part of Lucknow Division. Hardoi District has an agriculture based economy.
 Mau District
Mau District forms a part of Azamgarh Division of Uttar Pradesh. This district came into existence in the year 1988 and before that Mau was an important town of Azamgarh District.
 Moradabad District
Moradabad District is famous for brass metal handicrafts not only in India but also abroad since ancient times. Moradabad was established by Murad, son of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan; as a result the district came to be known as Moradabad.
 Mirzapur District
Mirzapur District of Uttar Pradesh is well known for the Vindhyavasini temple in Vindhyachal. It is one of the holiest places in India and is situated exactly in the middle of two pious cities Prayag and Kashi.
 Agra District
Agra District is an administrative district of Uttar Pradesh. Agra, the city of Taj Mahal, is the district headquarters. Economy of Agra District is basically agrarian in character.
 Gorakhpur District
Gorakhpur District, a district of Uttar Pradesh, is known for its cultural and historical importance. Gorakhpur is an important centre of eastern Uttar Pradesh and it is the headquarters of North-Eastern Railway.
 Lakhimpur Kheri District
Lakhimpur Kheri district is a part of the Lucknow division, located in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Dudhwa National Park, the only national park in Uttar Pradesh, is located here.
 Sultanpur District
Sultanpur District is an agricultural district of Uttar Pradesh. Sultanpur, district headquarters, is the only town of importance having municipal board.
 Shahjahanpur District
Shahjahanpur District is located in Uttar Pradesh state and the major city is named Shahjahanpur as well. The district is a part of Bareilly division.
 Muzaffarnagar District
Muzaffarnagar District is amongst the 70 districts of the state of Uttar Pradesh and is headquartered in Muzaffarnagar town. It is a part of Saharanpur division.
 Tourism in Agra District
Tourism in Agra District includes a visit to the world famous Taj Mahal. This district is one of the major tourist places of the country and it is well known for its ancient monuments.
 Revenue System in Medieval Kerala
Revenue System in Medieval Kerala revealed that no land tax was levied by the Kings on tenants.
Noida is the short form of New Okhla Industrial Development Area. It came into administrative existence on 17 April 1976.
 Treaty of Mavelikkara
Treaty of Mavelikkara was signed on 15th August 1753. This treaty left Marthanda Varma free to pursue a policy of conquest and annexation.
 Social Life in Medieval Kerala
Social Life in Medieval Kerala emphasized economic importance for women. Marumakkatayam system was also one of the important features of the social life in Medieval Kerala.
 History of Mahoba District
History of Mahoba District states that this district came into being in the year 1995. History of Mahoba District also says that for a long time, it was under the rule of Chandella Dynasty.
 Kaushambi District
Kaushambi District of Uttar Pradesh is known for its deep history. This administrative district is a part of Allahabad Division.
 Rae Bareli District
Rae Bareli District is one of the six districts of Lucknow Division. Rae Bareli District of Uttar Pradesh enjoys a very long history of traditional arts. From the literary point of view Rae Bareli District has always been in a high position throughout the nation.
 Tourism in Barabanki District
Tourism in Barabanki District will be enriching experience for the tourists. The tourist places offered by Barabanki District are worth exploring and through them the travellers can get a glimpse of the rich history of the district.
 Mahoba District
Mahoba District of Uttar Pradesh formerly constituted a part of Hamirpur District. Mahoba District is known for its rich history.
 Tourism in Kaushambi District
Tourism in Kaushambi District comprises visits to several religious as well as historical places of interest. The travellers can explore the rich history of Kaushambi District through its tourism sites.
 Ballia District
Ballia District, an administrative district of Uttar Pradesh, is located in the eastern part of the state. District headquarters Ballia is a very popular commercial market of the state.
 Geography of Ballia District
Geography of Ballia District is mainly composed of vast plain lands and several streams. Geography of Ballia District is also characterized by an extreme climate. However, it does not include much of forest lands.
 History of Ballia District
History of Ballia District dates back to the year 1879. As per historical accounts, Ballia District underwent several administrative changes before it was declared a separate district.
 Geography of Rae Bareli District
Geography of Rae Bareli District consists of vast plain lands. Ganga River is the main river flowing through the district. Rae Bareli District experiences an extreme climate.
 Geography of Lalitpur District
Geography of Lalitpur District includes undulating hilly terrains. Betwa River is the main river flowing through the district. Geography of Lalitpur District is also characterized by a sub-tropical climate.
 History of Barabanki District
History of Barabanki District dates back to the Mahabharata era. As per the history of Barabanki District, initially Dariyabad was its headquarters but ultimately it shifted to Nawabganj, which is now Barabanki.
 Lalitpur district
Lalitpur district is an important district in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
 Tourism in Rae Bareli District
Tourism in Rae Bareli District includes visits to several places of interest like botanical gardens, bird sanctuaries and historical cities. All these tourist spots are worth exploring.
 History of Cuddalore District
The history of Cuddalore district boasts the glorious past of the Cuddalore.
 Cuddalore District
Cuddalore District is famous for its religious centers as well as scenic beauty, which enthrall the people. The world famous Lord Natarajan Temple is situated in Cuddalore District.
 Tourism of Cuddalore District
Tourism in Cuddalore district is very renowned as it has many tourist`s spots like pilgrimage centers, rivers, etc.
 Vellore District
Vellore District is one of the most advanced districts in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. A large number of people of this district serve in the Military service of the country.
 Tourism in Viluppuram District
Tourism in Viluppuram district brings with a number of options for enjoying the beauty of nature. This district also possesses several temples, churches and mosques which speak volumes of the past glory of the Viluppuram district.
 Tourism in Vellore District
Tourism in Vellore district brings a lot of options for nature as well as pilgrimage tourists. There are several historical monuments which speak of the glorious past of the district which the natural settings of Vellore offer a golden opportunity to the nature lovers and general tourists as well.
 History of Viluppuram District
History of Viluppuram district is witness to the rule of several dynasties including the Cholas, Pallavas, Pandyas, Mughals, etc.
 Saptarishi Kund
Saptarishi Kund is one of the holy pilgrim sites in India and the actual source of the Yamuna River. It is said that the seven great Rishis performed austerities in this Kund for many years.
 Lakshman Jhula
Lakshman Jhula is the hanging bridge which attracts the tourists who visit Rishikesh. This is one of the unique bridges that connect the most important Hindu shrines of Badrinath and Kedarnath.
Gwaldam is a located in the state of Uttarakhand on the borders of Kumaon Hills and Garhwal Hills. It is situated at a distance of 40 km from Kausani and offers fascinating view of Himalayan peaks.
Chopta, located in Uttarakhand, is perched at an altitude of 2900 meters and is popularly known as "Mini Switzerland". The best time to visit the place is from June to November.
 Bhatta Falls
Bhatta falls has been developed as a major tourist spot in Mussoorie. Located at the distance of 7 kms from Mussoorie this is one of the most attractive sights in Uttarakhand.
 History of Vellore District
History of Vellore district speaks greatly about the contribution of this district in the struggle for the independence of India.
 Hunting in Korea District
Hunting in Korea District lays bare the primal instinct of the populace which even thrives to be the occupation of the populace.
 Geography of Korea District
Geography of Korea District revels about its rich resources, forests and other famous tourist spots. It also states about the important rivers of the district.
 Festivals of Korea District
Festivals of Korea District mirror the cultural climate of the region that is mapped by the topographical map as well as the cultural richness.
 Korea District
Korea District in Chhattisgarh came into existence on 25th May 1998. The district has many beautiful places for the tourists.
 History of Korea District
History of Korea District dates back to 1600 when the Balands were the actual rulers of Korea who had their capital in Sidhi.
 Minerals of Surguja District
Mineral Resources of the Surguja District aims at the classification of mineral deposits based on the geologic certainty and economic value.
 Geography of Surguja District
Geography of Surguja District comprises of the physiographic conditions, climate that controls the weather and charts the overall climatic conditions of the district.
 Culture of Surguja District
Culture of Surguja District reflects the tribal traditions and beliefs. Songs, dances and a number of fairs and festivals comprise the vibrant culture of Surguja District.
 Surguja District
Surguja District of Chhattisgarh is situated in the northern part of the state with its headquarters at Ambikapur. Majority of the population comprises tribal communities and agriculture is their main occupation.
 Tourism in Surguja District
Tourism in Surguja District includes nature as well religious tourism options. Caves, waterfalls and hills in Surguja District attract tourists from all over the world.
 History of Surguja District
Surguja District is located in the Chhattisgarh state, India and is memorable in history due to the visit of Lord Rama during the fourteen years of his exile as myth inscribed it.
 Karur District
Karur District is located centrally in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. This district is bounded by Namakkal district, Dindigul district, Tiruchirapalli district and the Erode district.
 History of Karur District
History of Karur District speaks of the glorious past of the place. The district of Karur was previously ruled by the Cholas, the Cheras, the Naickers and also the British.
 Geography of Karur District
Geography of Karur district is very favourable for agriculture. The perennial flow of the River Kavery in this district helps the cultivation of various crops.
 Viluppuram District
Viluppuram district in the state of Tamil Nadu is one of the foremost districts in this state. The district of Viluppuram was formed on the 30th of September 1993.
The present city of Delhi was formerly called Hastinapur and was the capital of the Kuru Dynasty.
 Khajoori Khas
Khajoori Khas is the name of a census town that is located in the North East district of Delhi state.
 Jharoda Majra Burari
Located in the North Delhi district Jharoda Majra Burari is a census town.
 Jiwan Pur
Jiwan Pur is a census town located in the North East Delhi district of Delhi.
 Barabanki District
Barabanki District being one of the four districts of Faizabad division is located in the heart of Awadh region. Barabanki town is the district headquarters.
 Bijnor District
Bijnor District is situated in Uttar Pradesh state and the district headquarters is at Bijnor city. it is drained and surrounded by the Ganga and Ramganga rivers.
 Deoria District
Deoria District is one of the most densely populated districts of Uttar Pradesh and is situated at the north-east end of the state.
 Lucknow District
Lucknow District of Uttar Pradesh is known for its rich traditions and culture. For centuries Lucknow has been famous for its various handicraft works.
 Leisure Tourism in Jaunpur District
Leisure Tourism in Jaunpur District offers visits to various historical monuments built during the reign of several rulers like Akbar. These historical sites offer a brief idea about the rich history of Jaunpur District.
 Farrukhabad District
Farrukhabad District is an administrative district of Uttar Pradesh and is well known for its sugar mills and sunflower cultivation.
 Tourism in Kushinagar District
Tourism in Kushinagar District offers the travellers the option to explore its several Buddhist sites. Apart from Buddhist temples tourism in Kushinagar District also includes Shiva Temple, museum and nature parks.
 Geography of Barabanki District
Geography of Barabanki District mainly includes vast plain lands and river systems. Ghaghara, Gomti and Kalyani are the main rivers flowing through the district.
 Baghpat District
Baghpat District is one of the seventy one districts of the state of Uttar Pradesh and comprises of 3 tehsils, Baghpat, Khekra and Baraut.
 Gonda District
Gonda District in Uttar Pradesh is popular for its religious places. Gonda town, district headquarter, is located close to Ayodhya, Lord Rama’s birth place.
 History of Kerala
History of Kerala can be interpreted from the inscriptions of Ashoka, Mauryan Emperor. History of Kerala is as interesting as its wide-ranging geographical features that make the land a place of versatile appeal.
 Jaunpur District
Jaunpur District is one of the largest administrative districts of Uttar Pradesh. Jaunpur District is holding the third position in the state as far as its population density is concerned.
 Shravasti District
Shravasti District is a newly created district of Uttar Pradesh carved out from Bahraich District. Shravasti District is considered as one of the Minority Concentrated Districts of the country.
 Kushinagar District
Kushinagar District is a part of the Gorakhpur Division and it came into being on 13th May, 1994. Kushinagar District is associated with Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira.
 Tourism in Gonda District
Tourism in Gonda District provides an opportunity to explore its various pilgrimage and historical sites. Tourist places of Gonda District are worth seeing.
 Tourism in Pilibhit District
Tourism in Pilibhit District offers visits to several ancient temples and many historic sites. Pilibhit District is also popular for its Tiger Reserve and Jama Masjid.
 Pilibhit District
Pilibhit District in Uttar Pradesh lies in the Rohilkhand division. Pilibhit District is known for its contribution to Urdu literature.
 Azamgarh District
Azamgarh District lies in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. Azamgarh District is known for several well renowned personalities like Zami Chiraiyakoti, Shabana Azmi and Shamsur Rahman Faruqi.
 Geography of Basti District
Geography of Basti District mainly comprises two rivers, Ghaghara and Rapti. This district has a moderate climate as compared to the other districts of the state of Uttar Pradesh.
 Geography of Azamgarh District
Geography of Azamgarh District mainly comprises plain lands and its topography is traversed by Ghaghara River. Azamgarh District enjoys a moist climate.
 Basti District
Basti District of Uttar Pradesh forms a part of Basti Division. Basti District is the 7th largest district in terms of area in the state.
 Geography of Saharanpur District
Geography of Saharanpur District includes Ganga and Yamuna as the main rivers flowing through district. Saharanpur District can be distinctly divided into four regions and enjoys a typical tropical climate.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Saharanpur District
Pilgrimage Tourism in Saharanpur District will include a visit to several Hindu temples. Besides the temples, there are mosques in Saharnpur district as well.
 Ootakamund (Ooty)
Ootakamund (Ooty) is a beautiful hill station which its illustrious tourist locales enough to attract tourist from far off provinces.
 Banda District
Banda District of Uttar Pradesh is a part of Chitrakoot Division. There are mainly three rivers in the district namely Ken River, Baghain River and Yamuna River.
 Geography of Unnao District
Geography of Unnao District has been largely influenced by the rivers, Ganga and Sai. The topology of Unnao district is divided into lowlands and uplands.
 Tourism in Banda District
Tourism in Banda District includes visits to several ancient forts and religious sites. Kalinjar Fort, Rangarh Fort, Bhuragarh Fort and Bamdeo Temple are some of the major places of interest of Banda District.
 Unnao District
Unnao is a district of Uttar Pradesh in northern India.
 History of Banda District
History of Banda District is really old and this district is known for its rich historical tradition. Banda District had contributed significantly in the freedom movement of the country.
 History of West Garo Hills District
History of West Garo Hills District includes the medieval and modern incidents which moulded the socio-political scenario of this region.
 Imphal West District
Imphal West District, an administrative district of Manipur, is mainly known for its handloom and handicraft products. Lamphelpat is the district headquarters of Imphal West District.
 Jaintia Hills District
Jaintia Hills District is an administrative district of Meghalaya and its headquarters are located at Jowai. Economy of Jaintia Hills District is mainly agrarian in character as most of the people are engaged in agriculture.
 Pilgrimage Tourism in Sikkim
Unspoiled nature has rendered a unique spirituality to the place whist adding to its .
 Temples of Sikkim
Temples of Sikkim portray the religious spectrum associated with the religion of Buddhism.
 South Garo Hills District
South Garo Hills District is an administrative district of Meghalaya with its headquarters located at Baghmara. South Garo Hills District is mainly inhabited by Garo Tribes.
 Religious Shrines of Kollam District
In Kollam district except temples, there are Churches and Mosques which have their own festivals attracting huge crowds.
 Tourism in Jaintia Hills District
Tourism in Jaintia Hills District implies visits to various, lakes, waterfalls, temples and forts. Jaintia Hills District is known for its splendid scenic beauty that enhances the charm of tourism experience of the travellers.
 Tourist Places around Peermade
Peermade is a small hill station in Kerala and there are various beautiful places around it.
 Tourism in West Garo Hills District
Tourism in West Garo Hills District comprises exploring several beautiful peaks as well as sites of historical importance. Wangala Dance festival of the Garo tribe is another major attraction for the travellers.
 Ancient history of Kerala
Ancient history of Kerala is still not clear among the historians. However, there are myths and legends with regard to the formation of the state and the first settlement.
 Auraiya District
Auraiya District is a part of Kanpur Division. Auraiya District is one of the backward districts in industrial sector declared by the government of Uttar Pradesh.
 History of Auraiya District
History of Auraiya District is described as one of the peaceful progress and reform, which was afterwards broken only by the interruption caused by the Mutiny of 1857. Auraiya District was formed in the year 1997.
 Ghazipur District
Ghazipur District of Uttar Pradesh is the land of Maharishi Parshuram, Pandit Uday Shankar, Veer Abdul Hameed. Administrative structure of Ghazipur District is divided in 5 Tehsils and 16 Developments Blocks.
 Medieval History of Kerala
Medieval History of Kerala begins approximately from the sixteenth century and the medieval period ends with the formation of a separate state of Kerala under the Indian Republic in 1st November 1956.
 Tourism in Ghazipur District
Tourism in Ghazipur District includes visits to several historical sites. Travellers can get a glance of the rich history associated with the district through these historical places.
 Economy of Auraiya District
Economy of Auraiya District is totally dependent on agriculture and agriculture associated activities. Auraiya District does not have any developed industry.
Devaswom is a socio-religious trust with community nominated members as trustees to manage temples in order to ensure its smooth running of it.
 Culture of Ghazipur District
Culture of Ghazipur District comprises traditional folk dances, music, festivals, fairs and religious beliefs of the people. Ghazipur District is known for its rich cultural heritage.
 Geography of Auraiya District
Geography of Auraiya District is spread over vast plain lands traversed by several major rivers and streams. Auraiya District has a humid climate.
 Geography of Ghazipur District
Geography of Ghazipur District includes portions of mid-Gangetic plains and it has three main divisions – northern, central and southern uplands. Ghazipur District has a moderate climate.
 Geography of Mainpuri District
Geography of Mainpuri District basically comprises vast plain lands. It includes two main rivers – Kali River and Yamuna River. Geography of Mainpuri District also includes forested areas.
 History of Ghazipur District
History of Ghazipur District focuses on the association of this region with the Epic age. It also states that Ghazipur District came into existence in 1818 and it played a major role in India’s Freedom Struggle.
 History of Mainpuri District
History of Mainpuri District dates back to the pre-historic period. History of Mainpuri District states that this district was a part of Kannauj Kingdom but it split with the downfall of this kingdom.
Illom is the joint family of Namboodiri Brahmins in the state of Kerala. The patrilineal joint family of these Brahmins is known as Illom which is very peculiar in nature.
 Mainpuri District
Mainpuri District is one of the main commercial centres of Uttar Pradesh. Mainpuri District has a sound agricultural base but the industrial potential is low.
 Legend of Sri Dharmasastha Temple
Legend of Sri Dharmasastha Temple states that Lord Ayyappa descended as the child Manikanta to the King of Pandalam. He instructed for the construction of a temple on Neelimala.
Sambandham is a marriage system prevalent in the medieval society of Kerala in which a Brahmin marries a Nayar or an Ezhava woman.
 Saharanpur District
Saharanpur, one of the districts in Uttar Pradesh of north India is famous for its several industries.
 Geography of Sant Kabir Nagar District
Geography of Sant Kabir Nagar District includes several physical divisions of the land, rivers and their tributaries. Sant Kabir Nagar District has a moderate climate as compared to the other districts of the state.
 Chitrakoot District
Chitrakoot District is one of the very popular tourist attractions of Uttar Pradesh as it is considered as Lord Rama’s birth place. Mostly people in this district are dependent on farming and other agriculture associated activities.
 Administration of Ghaziabad District
Administration of Ghaziabad District is headed by District Magistrate. Administration of Ghaziabad District includes four sub-divisions and one Municipal Corporation.
 Ghaziabad District
Ghaziabad District was formed on 14th of November 1976, before that it was a tehsil of district Meerut. After it became a district it developed very fast and its population too increased.
 Sant Kabir Nagar District
Sant Kabir Nagar District is one of the administrative districts of Uttar Pradesh with its headquarters at Khalilabad. Sant Kabir Nagar District was formed in the year 1997.
 Chitralam Art Gallery and Museum
Chitralam art Gallery and Museum is a major place of attraction for the visitors of Thiruvananthapuram. With a unique collection of paintings from China, Japan, Tibet and Bali along with Indian modern art, this art gallery has one of the finest collection of paintings which the tourists.
 Nilambur Teak Plantation
Nilambur Teak plantations are located around 40 kilometres from Malappuram town in north Kerala.
 East Garo Hills District
East Garo Hills District is one of the seven administrative districts of Meghalaya. Williamnagar is the district headquarters. East Garo Hills District is well known in north-east India for its handicrafts and textiles.
 East Khasi Hills District
East Khasi Hills District, an administrative district of Meghalaya, was formed after the bifurcation of Khasi Hills District. Shillong is the district headquarters of East Khasi Hills District.
 Culture of East Khasi Hills District
Culture of East Khasi Hills District is predominantly tribal as it reflects the lifestyle, conventions and beliefs of the tribal people residing here. Culture of East Khasi Hills District includes the festivals, dance forms, music, art and crafts of the tribal society of this region.
 Cities of Kollam District
Most of the places in kollam district are famous either as religious center, visiting places or as business centers.
 Chandel District
Chandel District is a hilly district of Manipur and has its headquarters at Chandel. This district of Manipur came into existence in the year 1974. Chandel District is rich in flora and fauna.
Yuksom located in Sikkim was the first capital of Sikkim. It serves a religious place for the Bhutias as many monasteries are located here.
Tura is a picturesque valley of Meghalaya. Located at the foothills of the Tura Hills and Tura Peak, this place is known for the ancient shrine of native god Durama who was believed to reside in the hills.
Tinkitam Rayong is a beautiful small village located in Sikkim. It is the home of Indian Soccer Captain, Baichung Bhutia.