Kaveri River Basin - Informative & researched article on Kaveri River Basin
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Kaveri River Basin
The Kaveri River Basin is the entire region featuring the tributaries of River Kaveri.
 Kaveri River BasinThe Kaveri River basin is probably 27,700 square miles (72,000 kmĀ²) with several tributaries including the Shimsha, the Hemavati River, the Arkavathy River, Honnuhole River, Lakshmana Tirtha River, Kabini River, Bhavani River, the Lokapavani River, the Noyyal River and the Amaravati River.

Rising in southwestern Karnataka state, River Kaveri flows southeast some 475 mi (765 km) to enter the Bay of Bengal. East of the city of Mysore it forms the island of Shivanasamudra, on either side of which are the scenic Shivanasamudra Falls that have a downfall of about 320 ft (100 m). The river is one of the major sources for an extensive irrigation system and for hydroelectric power. The river has supported irrigated cultivation for centuries and served as the life giver of the ancient kingdoms and modern cities of South India.

Cauvery River or Kaveri River is one of the major rivers of southern India, which is considered sacrosanct by the Hindus. The river rises at Talakaveri in the Brahmagiri hills of the Western Ghats in Karnataka. It flows in the south and east through Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and then across the southeastern lowlands and finally surrenders in the Bay of Bengal through two principal mouths.

Kaveri River Basin The Amaravati River is a tributary of Kaveri River in southern India. The Amaravati River begins in the Anjanda valley of Kerala State in India. The location of this river is in between the Aanamalai Hills and the Palni Hills near the bottom of Manjampatti Valley. The Pambar and Chinnar rivers feed it. It descends in a northerly direction through Amaravathi Reservoir and Dam at Amaravathinagar, later it was joined by the Kallapuram River at the mouth of the Ajanda valley in Udumalaipettai.

Arkavathy River is a river, which originates at Nandi Hills of the district of Kolar. The Arkavathy River is also considered to be an offshoot of River Cauvery. After flowing through the rural districts of Bangalore and Kolar, River Arkavathy merges at the Kanakapura confluence. The catchment area of River Arkavathy is about 4351 square kilometers.

Mettur Dam : Mettur is a dam in Tamil Nadu, which is situated about 30 kms from Salem. It is connected by rail with other parts of the state. Buses are also available from Salem to Mettur. Mettur dam is one of the largest of its kind in the world. Mettur Dam, Tamil Nadu, South IndiaMettur dam was constructed in a gorge where the river Cauvery enters the plains. It has a height of 65 metre, length 1616 metre, area 15,540 hectare and capacity 2648 cubic metre. This is a hydro-electric power station, which produces 240 mega watt power. During the floods and rains, water is stored here and let out for irrigating to the deltaic regions of the Cauvery.

Bhavani River is one of the tributaries of Kaveri River and is an important river in Tamil Nadu. A major tributary of the Cauvery River is the Bhavani River, which is the second largest river in Tamil Nadu. The river is two hundred and seventeen kilometers long and flows through the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The drainage basin of this perennial river is spread over an area of 6,200 square kilometers, out of which, eighty seven percent is in Tamil Nadu, nine percent in Kerala and four percent in Karnataka.

Kaveri River Basin The Hemavati River is a very important tributary of the Kaveri River. The river begins its journey in the Western Ghats at a height of about 1,219 metres, near Ballala Rayana Durga in the Chikmagalur District of Karnataka, in southern India. the river then flows through Chikkamagalooru, Hassan District and Mysore district before merging with the Kaveri near Krishnarajasagara. It is approximately 245 km long and has a drainage zone of about 5,410 sq km. A large reservoir has been built on this river at Gorur in the Hassan district.

Kabini River is a tributary of Kaveri and flows in the India state of Kerela. In the vast country of India, several rivers flow through the entire region, thereby making the country so rich in flora and fauna and also tracts of lush green trees and vegetation. In the southern part of India, Kabini River, also popular as Kabini only, has drawn the attention of so many tourists of India.

(Last Updated on : 22/05/2015)
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Kaveri River Basin - Informative & researched article on Kaveri River Basin
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