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The diverse landscape and its vastness have made India a ‘sub-continent.’ Guarded on the northern frontier by the lofty Himalayan peaks, Thar Desert in the West, the Indian Ocean in the South and the Bay of Bengal in the East, India stands tall amidst the several other Asian countries. The rivers, lakes, deserts and forests are equally impressive. The tropical climate of the subcontinent is also a major reason for such richness.
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Sub Categories of Geography of India
Resources in India  (755)
Resources in India
  Water Resources in India  (727)
  Mineral Resources in India  (11)
  Power Resources In India  (5)
  Renewable Resources of Energy in...  (2)
  Non Renewable Resources of Energ...  
Indian Mountains  (158)
Indian Mountains
  Mountain Peaks of India  (67)
  Himalayan Mountain Range  (36)
  Indian Mountain Ranges  (23)
  Gangotri Group of Mountains  (4)
  Indian Mountains of Western Regi...  (2)
Indian Airports  (79)
Indian Airports
  Airports in West Bengal  (2)
  Indian Airlines  (1)
  Visakhapatnam Airport  
  Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Inter...  
  Safdarjung Airport  
Indian Transport  (70)
Indian Transport
  Indian Railways  (61)
  Roadways in India  (4)
  Waterways in India  (1)
  Airways In India  
Indian Natural History  (69)
Indian Natural History
  Indian Snails  (3)
  Indian Sea Turtles  (3)
  Indian Crustaceans  (1)
  Spider  (1)
  Indian Sponges  (1)
Indian Astronomy  (58)
Indian Astronomy
  Vedic Astronomers  (17)
  Indian Astronomers  (11)
  Space Technology in India  (5)
  Astronomical Siddhanta  (4)
  History of Indian Astronomy  (2)
Indian Physiography  (41)
Indian Physiography
  Indian Wetlands  (4)
  Central Highlands in India  (3)
  Indian Water Bodies  (2)
  Eco-regions in India  (2)
  Deccan Traps of India  (1)
Indian Islands, Geography of India  (39)
Indian Islands, Geography of India
  Nicobar Islands  (1)
  Great Nicobar  
  Car Nicobar  
  Narcondam Island  
  Neil Island  
Zoos in India  (30)
Zoos in India
  Zoos of Western India  (3)
  Zoos of Northern India  (3)
  Alipore Zoological Gardens  (1)
  Nehru Zoological Park  
  Indira Gandhi Zoological Park  
Indian Vegetation  (22)
Indian Vegetation
  Indian Crops  (12)
  Agriculture in India  (6)
  Altitudinal Zones of Vegetation ...  
  Vegetation in Indian Semi-Desert...  
Indian Climate  (21)
Indian Climate
  Cycle of Seasons  (4)
  Indian Climatic Regions  (3)
  Dry Climate Group of India  (2)
  Types of Indian Climate  (1)
  Factors Of The Indian Climate  
Indian Industries  (18)
Indian Industries
  Iron and Steel Industry in India  (1)
  Engineering Industry in India  
  Electronics Industry In India  
  Chemical Industry in India  
  Petrochemicals In India  
Indian Soil  (14)
Indian Soil
  Soil Erosion in India  (4)
  Types of Soils in India  (1)
  Soil Conservation in India  
  Alluvial Soil  
  Regur Soil  
Indian Mines and Minerals  (14)
Indian Mines and Minerals
  Indian Coal mines  (1)
  Indian Gold Mines  (1)
  Indian Silver Mines  
  Indian lead Mines  
  Indian Bauxite Mines  
Animal Husbandry in India  (8)
Animal Husbandry in India
  Fishery in India  (6)
  Livestock in India  
Indian Demography  (5)
Indian Demography
  Road Density Of India  
  Density of Population in India  
  Regions of high density of Popul...  
  Distribution of Population Among...  
  Distribution of Population in Ur...  
Communication in India  (5)
Communication in India
  Indian Communications Services  (3)
  Information Technology in India  
Indian Telecommunications  (2)
Indian Telecommunications
  Wireless Planning and Coordinati...  
  History of Indian Telecommunicat...  
Indian Trade  (1)
Indian Trade
  Indian Trade under the British E...  
Indian Geology  (1)
Indian Geology
  Geological History of India  
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