Satpura Mountain Range - Informative & researched article on Satpura Mountain Range
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Satpura Mountain Range
 Satpura range is basically located in the central India, beginning in the eastern part of Gujarat adjacent to the Arabian coast. It extends through Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh finally terminating in Chhattisgarh, running for a span of 900 km. The Satpura range is 'angular' in shape and its apexis at Ratnapuri and it runs parallel to the Vindhya range. Their location actually demarcates the Indo-Gangetic plains from the Deccan plateau.

Satpura  Mountain Range Tapti, Godavari and the Mahanadi drain different parts of the hilly range. It is one of the most important plateaus in India.The Satpura Range had an extraordinary reserve of forestry, which has been cleared lately. Still certain species of animals can be found taking refuge in these jungles. Like gaur, dhole,chousingha, sloth bear, tiger and blackbuck.

The Satpura hill ranges houses typical forestry. Basically which constitutes the tropical dry deciduous, tropical moist deciduous and sub-tropical forests- teak, Sal and mixed forests.

Places where one can visit are Dhoopgarh, Pachmarhi, Jambudweep, Bee fall and so on. Rainfall is highest in the eastern region and the eastern ranges jointly with the Eastern Ghats constitute the Eastern highlands moist deciduous forests region.

In the Satpura ranges we have the Satpura Tiger Reserve, which has a huge wildlife accumulation. Animals like tiger, bison, elephants, wild buffaloes, panthers, and barasingha can be spotted out there. Some of the species of birds in the jungle mainly comprises of include jungle fowls, partridges, pigeons, quails, parakeets, bee eaters, king fishers, wood peakers, owls, doves, myna, bulbull, king fishers paradise fly catcher, sparrows, vultures, falcon, eagle and several others.

The Satpura ranges therefore has huge variety of forestry and animal reserve making it an interesting holiday jaunt. The rivers, the peaks, the rocky terrain make it a happening place for trekking, fishing and other activities. All these actually make the place more exciting and calls for a visit next time.

(Last Updated on : 08/08/2013)
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Satpura Mountain Range - Informative & researched article on Satpura Mountain Range
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