Tributaries of Indus River - Informative & researched article on Tributaries of Indus River
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Tributaries of Indus River
The tributaries of Indus River delineated the Indian geography to a great extent.
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 The Indus, a misnomer for Sindh nadi also known as the Sindhu in Sanskrit, is the principal river of Pakistan. The Indus River system is probably the first river system in India giving birth to the ancient Indus valley Civilization. Quite ideally therefore Indus River is embedded in the history of India and gave the country its name.

Jhelum , Chenab, Ravi, Beas, Sutlej, Astor, Gar, Ghizar, Gilgit, Gumal, Hunza, Kabul, Kunar, Shigar, Shing, Shyk, Suru, Swaan, Zhob, Balram, Panjnad and Parbati are the several tributaries of Indus River.

Jhelum, Indian River: One of the five rivers traversing the state of Punjab is the Jhelum River. It is a tributary of the Indus River and flows for about 480 miles (772 kilometers).

Chenab, Indian River : From the merging of the Chandra and the Bhaga rivers the Chenab river is born .In the upper plains of the Himachal Pradesh it is also known as Chandrabhaga.

Ravi, Indian River : The Ravi River flows in India and Pakistan and is among the five rivers, which give Punjab its name. It is one of the tributaries of Indus River

Beas, Indian River : The Beas River is one of the most important rivers of Punjab in India and is one of the tributaries of Indus River.

Sutlej, Indian River : The Sutlej was known as Shatadru in the Vedic period. Sutlej River, an important tributary of the Indus River is the longest of the five rivers. It flows through Punjab in northern India as well as Pakistan.

Astor, Indian River : This is a tributary of Indus river and originates from the Ladakh tract. Astor River is a popular river in the Himalayan belt

Gar, Indian River: The Gar River is the source of Indus River in Tibet

Ghizar, Indian River : The Ghizar River is the main tributary of the Giglit River, It originates from the glaciers on the northern slopes of the Great Himalayan range in northwestern Jammu and Kashmir.

Gilgit, Indian River : The Gilgit River flows in the northern parts of Kashmir and is an important tributaries of Indus River.

Gomal, Indian River : Gomal River is a tributary of the Indus River and flows across Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Hunza, Indian River : The Hunza River, a tributary of Indus River, flows in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

Kabul, Indian River : The Kabul River is a tributary of Indus River and rises in the Sanglakh Range in Afghanistan.

Kunar, Indian River : The Kunar River is 480 km long, flowing in eastern Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan.

Shigar, Indian River : Shigar River is a tributary of Indus River and is located in Baltistan, Northern Areas, Pakistan.

(Last Updated on : 24/03/2009)
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Tributaries of Indus River - Informative & researched article on Tributaries of Indus River
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