Music of Assam - Informative & researched article on Music of Assam
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Music of Assam
Music of Assam expresses every feeling of Assamese people.
 Music of AssamMusic of Assam is one of the globally acclaimed musical genres in Indian Musical History. Music of Assam tells the sensation and the passion of the Assam's heart. Not only this musical genus expresses the joy, sorrow, fun and frolic of Assam, it communicates with the people of North East. In recent times starting the late eighties popular artistes have modernised the music that caters to local popular demand.

Historians claim that a distinctive culture of the conglomeration of Songs, Musical Instruments and Dance was observed in Assam from the 2nd century. The legend of Princess Usha of Sonitpur (now Sonitpur District) and her associate Chitralekha also enlighten the people on the musical expertise of the Assamese women. History also claims that Assamese Music was admired even in China. During the period of the Early Vedic times and the later Vedic times, Assam was introduced with "Ragas" and "Dhrupad Shailee" of the Indian Classical music. The connoisseurs however have divided the classical Assamese music into two parts - Borgeet and Oja-pali. The composer of Borgeet, Srimanta Sankardeva and his disciple Madhavdeva gave a new definition to the Assamese music.

A basic characteristic of the ethnic music of Assam is its descending scale, which differentiates it from the raga-based or folk music from the rest of India. This style is shared by ethnic music of the hill people surrounding the state of Assam, and by the music of Thailand, Myanmar and China. Furthermore, the tunes are structured in a pyramid form, in contrast to the music of rest of India which is "meend" based. Meend in Indian Classical Music is a term that actually describes a large variety of glissandos between two pitches. In a strict sense, it designates a glissando executed very slowly; other, more rapidly sung forms are designated by their own technical terms.

Just as the geography of Assam and varied people co-exist, the pulsating Bihu songs and the Bihu Dance co-exist with languorous music of other forms. It happens because Assam is the state of where the original inhabitants and the Bengali people live. Music has been imperative in the Assamese subsistence. There is no precise attestation to substantiate the dawning of Assamese music, however, it could be stated that Assam has been musically affluent since the naissance of the Brahmaputra River.

Regional Folk Music
In regional music, there are Kamrupi Folk Song, Goalpariya Lokageet, Oja-pali, Tokari geet, Deh Bisaror Geet, Baramahi geet and Malita (ballad)

Ethnic Folk Music
Jhumur song and Bharigaan songs are the famous ethnic folk music in Assam.

Bihu songs
Bihugeet and Husori songs are the categories of the Bihu songs

Allied Syles Music of Assasm
Borgeet, Biyanaam, Nisukoni geet, Gorokhiya Naam and Bongeets are the major classifications of the Allied Style Music of Assam.

Bhakti Music of Assasm
Borgeet, Zikir and Zari, Ainaam, Dihanaam and Hiranaam are the Bhakti Music of Assam.

Contemporary Music
In contemporary music of Assam, the musical instruments ate taken like Dhol, Gogona Pepa, Taal, Toka, Xutuli, Khol, Mridanga, Madol, Dotara, Dogor, Baanhi, Nagera, Ektara Bhortala, Doba, Bah jantra (Bamboo sound), Zuri tala and Kaali are found. Some of the well-known cotemporary music artists like Bhupen Hazarika, Bishnuprasad Rabha, Jayanta Hazarika, Jyoti Prasad Agarwala, Khagen Mahanta, Pratima Barua Pandey, Rameshwar Pathak and many others. Some other prominent composers of Assamese songs are Axl Hazarika, Angaraag "Papon" Mahanta, Ambikagiri Rai Choudhury, Beauty Sharma Barua, Begum Parveen Sultana, Bornali Kalita, Debojit Saha, Dipak Sarma, Jim Ankan Deka and many others who entertain the people of Assam and the North East and the rest of India as well.

(Last Updated on : 24/10/2015)
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Music of Assam - Informative & researched article on Music of Assam
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