Indian Cash Crops - Informative & researched article on Indian Cash Crops
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Indian Cash Crops
Indian Cash Crops are meant for commercial gains and these significantly contribute to the growing economy of the states and as well as the country.
 Indian Cash CropsIndian Cash Crops refer to those crops that are grown generally for money and the very term Cash Crop differentiates it from subsistence crops which feed the live stocks of the producer and his family. Cash Crops in India form the strong base over which the Indian trade and commerce flourish both within and outside the country. Earlier, cash crops were grown in a very small scale but today these are grown in large scale and form a major contributor to the nation's economy. Fibre crops form the most important Indian cash crop and Jute is one of the notable Indian cash crops which accounts for the maximum profit among all the cash crops in India. In Central India, Cotton is considered as the major cash crop.

Cash Crops of Jammu and Kashmir
One of the major occupations of the people of India is agriculture and a huge percentage of the total population depends on it. Like for instance, around 80% of the total population of the state of Jammu and Kashmir is dependent on agriculture. This Indian state is mainly rain-fed and comprises mono-cropped economy. The prominent crops are maize, wheat and rice. The level of productivity for paddy is also moderate in the valley of Kashmir which is counted as the highest in the country. Recently, oil seeds, wheat and other cash crops have been introduced in this state. Mushroom is another notable cash crop in Jammu and Kashmir which provided good profit to the farmers.

Cash Crops of Haryana and Punjab
The cash crops of Haryana include cotton, sugarcane, oilseeds, vegetables and fruits cultivation in India. Cultivation of diverse varieties of crops like castor, groundnuts, soyabean, and some other horticulture crops are also cultivated here. Millets, barley, sugarcane and cottonare grown as cash crops in Punjab. However, the leading cash crop of Punjab is wheat and there are also several fruit orchards.

Cash Crops of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh
In the state of Rajasthan in India, tobacco and cotton are the major cash crops. However, edible oil is also produced in a large scale in this state and it ranks as the largest producer of edible oil in India. Rajasthan is also the biggest wool-producing Indian state.

Further, Uttar Pradesh is one of the major agricultural states in India and the notable crops include wheat, rice, pearl millet, barley and gram. The leading cash crop of this state is sugarcane.

Cash Crops of Madhya Pradesh
The newly formed state of Chhattisgarh produces about half of the total food grains and about one third of the total crops that were grown in Madhya Pradesh at the time of Kharif season. The prominent Rabi crops of Chhattisgarh include Gram, Jowar, Urad, Moth and Moong. This state produces around 45% of the total production of Jowar and more than 80 % of gram which was previously produced in undivided Madhya Pradesh. Wheat is not produced much. One fourth of the total pulses produced in Madhya Pradesh at the time of Rabi season comes from the state of Chhattisgarh.

Cash Crops of Orissa
Orissa also produces various cash crops. About 80% of the state's population dwells in rural areas and thus most of them rely on agriculture. The cash crops grown in this state include fibre crops which are of special importance. Jute is produced in most of the areas. Other cash crops are cashew, cotton, tea, rubber, gram, sesame, maize and mustard.

Cash Crops of West Bengal and Bihar
In West Bengal, jute is the prominent cash crop. Some of the other cash crops of the state are tea, jute and oil seeds. The major cash crops in Bihar include potato, onion, jute, sugarcane, oilseeds, and chillies. The aromatic and medicinal plants are of great value and are regarded as cash crops in the state of Jharkhand.

Cash Crops of Maharashtra
Maharashtra is another state of the country, where agriculture forms the basis of economy. It produces several cash crops such as sugarcane, groundnut, cotton and turmeric.

Cash Crops of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
Andhra Pradesh is considered to be the largest rice producers of the country. The state is also the chief producer of several cash crops such as turmeric, cotton, jute, chillies, groundnut, sugar and oilseeds. Sugarcane is the prominent cash crop of Karnataka. Some of the other cash crops include tea, grapes, coffee, cardamom, cashews, and betel (areca) nut.

Cash Crops of Kerala and Tamil Nadu
In Keralacash crops like tea, ginger, coconut, coffee, and cashew. In Tamil Nadu several cash crops are grown like sugarcane, cotton, oilseeds, rubber, coffee, tea and chillies.

Apart from these there are several other cash crops grown in different states of India which contributes to the country's economy and its overall growth.

(Last Updated on : 22/01/2014)
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Indian Cash Crops - Informative & researched article on Indian Cash Crops
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