Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh - Informative & researched article on Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh
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Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh
Ujjain is situated on the banks of the Shipra in Madhya Pradesh. The ancient name of Ujjain was Ujjayini.
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 Ujjain map Ujjain is an ancient city of Malwa region in central India. It is located on the eastern bank of the Shipra River in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is the administrative centre of Ujjain District and Ujjain Division. According to legends, the Shiva of Avanti solemnized his victory over the demon-ruler of Tripura and changed the name of his capital, Avantipura to Ujjain. The meaning of Ujjaini is one who conquers with pride. Ujjain is sacred to Lord Shiva. It is one of the four sites of the Kumbha Mela pilgrimage. It is also known by the name of Avantika which means `the victorious.`

History of Ujjain
During the time of Lord Buddha, Ujjaini was the capital of Avanti Kingdom. It was also the residence of Emperor Ashoka. The city was ruled by the Sunga Dynasty and the Satavahana Dynasty in the Post- Mauryan period. After the end of the Satavahana dynasty, the city was retained by the Sakas from the 2nd to the 4th century CE. The Sakas were later conquered by the Guptas. Ujjain was the traditional capital of King Chandragupta II (Vikramaditya). During the 6th and 7th centuries, Ujjain was a major mathematical and astronomical research centre where Brahmaputra, Varahamihira and Bhashkaracharya were worked.

Gwalior state became the princely state of the British Raj after its defeat in the Third Anglo-Maratha War. After 1947, Ujjain became a part of the Madhya Bharat state and in 1956, Madhya Bharat merged into the Madhya Pradesh state.

mahakaleshwar-temple Geography of Ujjain
Ujjain is located on the banks of river Shipra. According to Hindu Mythology, Shirpa has originated from the churning of the Oceans by the Gods and the Demons, with Vasuki, the serpent as the rope. The river is sacred for the Hindus. The city of Ujjain is situated in a unique geographical region from which the tropic of cancer passes. It is the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) of India for Panchang.

Tourism in Ujjain
The important places of interest are Bade Ganeshji Ka Mandir, Chintaman Ganesh Temple, Pir Matsyendranath, Bhartrihari Caves, Kaliadeh Palace, Durgadas Ki Chhatri, Harsiddhi Durga Temple, Siddhavat, Kal Bhairava, Sandipani Ashram, Gadkalika, Mangalnath, Gopal Mandir, Navagraha Mandir (Triveni), Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga Temple, The Vedha Shala (Observatory), Vikram Kirti Mandir, Vikram University, Kalidasa Academy.

Other places of interest are Ram Janardhan Temple, Ram Ghat, Harihara Teertha, Mallikarjuna Teertha, Ganga Ghat, Bohron Ka Roja, Begum Ka Maqbara, Bina Neev Ki Masjid, Maulana Rumi Ka Maqbara, and Digambara Jain Museum. It is also known for its linga of light called Mahakala Shiva.

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Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh - Informative & researched article on Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh
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