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Bharatnatyam, originating from Tamil Nadu, is the oldest among the contemporary Indian classical dances. It has its roots in Indian legends.
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Nautanki is a very popular dance form in Uttar Pradesh performed all over the state. The aim of this dance form is to entertain the masses, as it is one of most accepted leisure activity there.
 Classical Dances of India
Rooted in Hindu musical theatre, the classical dances of India or Shastriya Nritya seem to have evolved since the ancient times and have acquired a new dimension.
 Folk Dances of Manipur
Manipuri folk dances include the Pung Cholom, Raslila, Maibi dance, Khamba Thaibi, Lal Haraoba and the Nupa dance.
 Manipuri Dance
Manipuri Dance is one of the six famous classical dances of India which has a distinct aura of its own. This dance is especially noted for themes based on Vaishnavism.
 Types of Indian Dances
Types of Indian Dances reflect its cultural richness. Whilst the Classical dances form the very base of Indian dances, it is near impossible to overlook the tribal and folk elements that stand out as separate types of Indian dances.
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