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Indian Philosophy

This section will focus on the various approaches and issues relating to philosophy with special reference to Indian Philosophy.The old civilisation of India was a concrete unity of many-sided developments in art, architecture, literature, religion, morals, and science so far as it was understood in those days. But the most important achievement of Indian thought was philosophy. It was regarded as the goal of all the highest practical and theoretical activities, and it indicated the point of unity amidst all the apparent diversities which the complex growth of culture over a vast area inhabited by different peoples produced.Indian philosophy denotes the philosophical speculations of all Indian thinkers.

Upanishads  (256)
  Eleven Principal Upanishads  (234)
  Later Upanishads  (1)
  Advaya Tarakopanisad  
Schools of Indian Philosophy  (125)
Schools of Indian Philosophy
  Jain Philosophy  (51)
  Sufi Philosophy  (22)
  Samkhya Philosophy  (15)
  Vedanta Philosophy  (12)
  Nyaya Philosophy  (12)
Indian Philosophy  (67)
Indian Philosophy
  Islamic Philosophy  (10)
  Theories of Creation  (7)
  Charvaka Philosophy  (3)
  Advaita Monism  (1)
  History Of Indian Philosophy  (1)
Buddhist Philosophy  (56)
Buddhist Philosophy
  Buddhahood  (4)
  Yogakara school of thought  (1)
  Arhats, Buddhism  (1)
  Three Marks of Existence  
Indian Philosophers  (27)
Indian Philosophers
  Kapila  (2)
  Dignaga  (2)
  Madhavacharya  (1)
  Adi Sankaracharya  (1)
  Ramanuja, Indian theologian  
Hindu Philosophy  (13)
Hindu Philosophy
  Samadhi  (3)
  Atman  (2)
  Sources of Hindu Philosophy  
Indian Philosophy
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