Kabul, Indian River - Informative & researched article on Kabul, Indian River
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Kabul, Indian River
The Kabul River is a tributary of Indus River and rises in the Sanglakh Range in Afghanistan.
 Kabul, Indian RiverKabul River, or Kabal River is a river that rises in the Sanglakh Range in Afghanistan. The Unai Pass separates it from the watershed of the Helmand. The Kabul River is the main river in the eastern part of Afghanistan. It flows 700 km before merging with the Indus River near Attock. It passes through the cities of Kabul, Chaharbagh, Jalalabad, and flows into Pakistan for some 30 km north of the Khyber Pass to a place called the Nowshera. The most important tributaries of the Kabul River are the Logar, Panjshir, Kunar, Alingar, and Bara rivers.

The Kabul River itself is little more than a trickle for most of the year, but it swells in summer because of melting snows. Its largest tributary is the Kunar River that starts out as the Mastuj River, flowing from the Chiantar glacier in Chitral, Pakistan and once it flows south into Afghanistan it is met by the Bashgal River flowing from Nurestan. The Kunar converges with the Kabul near Jalalabad. In spite of the Kunar carrying more water than the Kabul, the river continues as the Kabul River after this confluence, mainly for the political and historical significance of the name.

This river is mentioned in the Rig Veda, the earliest scripture of Hinduism, under the name of Kubh?. However, many of the rivers of Afghanistan are mentioned in the Rig Veda. The Sanskrit word for the river was later changed to K?bul. Biruni also called it "the River of Ghorwand". The Kabul River later gave its name to the region and later to the settlement of Kabul.

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Kabul, Indian River - Informative & researched article on Kabul, Indian River
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