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Indian Literature

Indian literary tradition comprises of both oral and written works. Reckoned as the earliest seat of learning India has produced some of the most awe-inspiring Indian litterateurs. Every regional language in India has its own history of literature and collections of literary works. With the passage of time the themes and styles have changed. However even today the literary works produced in the sub-continent possess a taste that is essentially Indian.

Regional Indian Literature  (820)
Regional Indian Literature
  Tamil Literature  (234)
  Bengali Literature  (171)
  Assamese Literature  (126)
  Urdu Literature  (67)
  Rajasthani Literature  (38)
Indian English Literature  (112)
Indian English Literature
  R K Narayan  (26)
  Women Writers in Indian English ...  (20)
  Bharati Mukherjee  (10)
  Vikram Seth  (5)
  Rohinton Mistry  (4)
Vedas  (112)
  Rig Veda  (45)
  Atharva Veda  (43)
  Yajur Veda  (7)
  Vedangas  (4)
  Sama Veda  (4)
Sanskrit Literature  (97)
Sanskrit Literature
  Kalidasa  (13)
  Kalhana  (5)
  Banabhatta  (2)
  Panini  (2)
  Sanskrit Scientific Literature  (2)
Indian Literary Personalities  (77)
Indian Literary Personalities
  Rabindranath Tagore  (14)
  Anita Desai  (9)
  Jim Corbett  (6)
  Khushwant Singh  (5)
  Jhumpa Lahiri  (3)
Indian Literature
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