Phek District, Nagaland - Informative & researched article on Phek District, Nagaland
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Phek District, Nagaland
Phek District, an administrative district of Nagaland, came into existence in the year 1973. It has its headquarters located at Phek. Phek District is a land rich in culture and festivals. Festivals are held round the year.
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 Phek District, NagalandPhek District is located in the south-eastern part of Nagaland, bounded by Myanmar in the east, Zunheboto and Tuensang districts in the north, by Manipur in the south and Kohima District in the west. The name of this district was derived from the word "Phekrekedze" meaning watch tower. Earlier a part of Kohima District, Phek District was made a separate district on December 21st, 1973. It is mainly inhabited by the Chakhesangs and Pochurys. Phek District covers a total area of 2026 sq kms. As per 2001 Census, total population of this district is 1,46,483. Literacy rate of Phek District is 71.35 percent. Phek is the district headquarters.

Geography of Phek District
Geography of Phek District is basically hilly rich in flora and fauna. There are three important rivers namely Tizu, Lanye, and Sedzu and three important lakes called Shilloi, Chida and Dzudu. Phek District, NagalandPhek District is blessed with evergreen sub-tropical and temperate coniferous forests which support a myriad of flora and fauna. Summer is moderately warm and winter is cold. Monsoon sets in by the last week of May and retreats by the end of September. Crystalline limestone, Iron Chromium, Nickel, Cobalt, Copper, Chromite, Magnetite, asbestos, talc and marble are some of the mineral deposits found in the district.

Administration of Phek District
Administration of Phek District is headed by the Deputy Commissioner. He is the head of the administrative set-up in the district. There are 15 administrative centres under the administrative set-up of Phek District. Further, it also includes five Rural Development Blocks namely Kikruma Rural Development Block, Pfutsero Rural Development Block, Sekruzu Rural Development Block, Phek Rural Development Block and Meluri Rural Development Block.

Culture of Phek District
The Chakhesangs and Pochurys are known for their rich cultures and traditions. Phek District, NagalandThere are varieties of traditional attires and ornaments. The melodies folk songs and the lively folk dances are feast for the ears and eyes. The people are expert craftsmen and excel in making pots, baskets, sculptures and furniture. The societies are patrimonial but women enjoy a high status in their families. The customary laws are unwritten but practiced by all villages. These laws are binding to members of the society and were passed on from generation to generation by the word of mouth.

Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Phek District. Around 80 percent of the total population is engaged in agriculture. Terrace Rice Cultivation (TRC) is predominant. Besides agriculture people engage in salt making (in Meluri area) weaving, bamboo and wood carving, and in making fruit juice.

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Phek District, Nagaland - Informative & researched article on Phek District, Nagaland
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