Second Battle of Tarain - Informative & researched article on Second Battle of Tarain
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Second Battle of Tarain
The second battle of Tarain was the succession of first battle where Prithwiraj Chauhan was defeated by Muhammad Ghori.
 The Second Battle of Tarain, also known as the Second Battle of Taraori held between Prithwiraj Chauhan and Muhammad Ghori at the same site of Tarain on 1192 where the first battle of Tarain took place one year ago. Tarain is near Thaneswar in present day Haryana, approximately hundred and fifty kilometers north to Delhi.

Muhammad of Ghor lost the first battle of Tarain to Prithwiraj Chauhan and was imprisoned in the battle. Prithwiraj's vassal Govind Raja wounded Muhammad in the battle. However, he managed to beg for mercy and release and Prithwiraj released him. Muhammad attacked Prithwiraj at the same site in the very next year.

In 1192, Muhammad Ghori returned with a larger army and met again Prithwiraj's army at Tarain. This time the force of Prithwiraj was also larger and it included many Rajput forces from Northern India. Muhammad Ghori delivered an ultimatum to prithwiraj Chauhan that either he changed his religion to Muslim or be prepared to be defeated by Muhammad Ghori. Prithwiraj Chauhan in reply offered him a cease-fire to consider a retreat with his army.

Muhammad Ghori adopted a tactic and replied Prithwiraj with a letter indicating the acceptance of the truce. The Rajput army believed it and they started celebrating with their guards in a relaxed and casual mood. In the mean time Ghori's army attacked Prithwiraj's army in the very early hours of morning, as they were unprepared for the battle. However the Rajput army could raise a protection against Muslim army and they retreated. Muhammad's army sent waves of mounted archers to attack the Rajput forces but had to set back as Prithwiraj's elephant force advanced. At dusk Muhammad Ghori was able to achieve the victory as he charged the center of Rajput defense with a heavily armored horsemen and made them confused.

About hundred thousand Rajput soldiers are said to have died in the battle. Prithwiraj was imprisoned and was taken to Ghazni. The second battle of Tarain is believed to be most decisive battle in the Indian History as it opened the path for conquerors of India. Muhammad and his successors were able to conquest over the Rajputs and established an Islamic Empire in India, the Sultanate of Delhi.

(Last Updated on : 31/01/2009)
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Second Battle of Tarain - Informative & researched article on Second Battle of Tarain
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