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Rama Aarti
Rama is worshipped as Hindu deity though he is a mythological character and an ancient king.
 Rama AartiSri Rama is a mythological character as well as Hindu deity. Rama is thought to be the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu and hence is worshipped as Hindu God all over the India.

His aarti is as follows-
Shri Ram Aarti Shri Ramachandra kripalu bhaju man,
haran bhav bhai darunam.
Nav kanj lochan, kanj mukh,
kar kanj pad kanjarunam Kandarp aganit amit chhavi,
Navvnil jiraj sundaram,
pat pit manahun tadit ruchi,
Suchi naumi Janakasutavaram.
Bhuj din bandu dinesh danav,
dusht dalan nikandanam,
Raghunand anand kand Kaushal,
chandra Dashrath nandanam.
Sir krit kundaltilak charu,
udar ang vibhushanam,
Ajanubhuj san-chap dhar,
sangramajit kharadushanam.
iti badit Tulasidas Shankar,
shesh muni man ranjanam,
Mam hridai kanj nivas kar,
kamadi khal dal bhanjanam.
Manujahi racheu milahi so bar sahaj sundarsanvaro,
Karuna nidhan sujan silu sanehu janat ravaro.
Ehi bhanti Gauri asis suni,
Siya sahit hiya harshin ali,
TuIsi bhavanihin puji-puni mudit man mandir chali.
Jani Gauri anukal,
Siya hiya harshu na jai kahi,
Manjul mangal mul,
bam ang pharkan lage

This verse mainly describes the beauty of Rama, who eradicates all the terrible dreads of life. His eyes are like newly blossomed lotuses, his face, hands and feet all are as beautiful as lotus flowers. The boundless beauty of Ramachandra exceeds myriad of cupids. He is the consort of Devi Sita, and his complexion is like the rain-laden blue clouds, on which beautiful yellow attire gives the charm of flashes of lightening. Rama is the son of Dasharatha and Koshalas, a descendant of Suryavansham(Solar race)of Ayodhya and the extirpator of the evil demons and giants.

Ramachandra has a resplendent crown on his head, a pair of earrings on his ears, a sacred mark on his forehead and ornaments on his lustrous body. His arms reach the knee-length and he holds the bow and arrows by which he killed Khhara and Dushana(two of his demonic adversaries).

Concluding this festal song or Aarti, Tulsidas entreats Rama as the delight of Shiva and offers him to make his lotus heart as his abode.

(Last Updated on : 03/04/2015)
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Rama Aarti - Informative & researched article on Rama Aarti
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