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Kolkata Circular Railway
Kolkata Circular Railway which is also known as Chakra Rail operated by the Eastern Railways encircling the entire city of Kolkata.
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 Laterite Soil in India
Laterite soil is rich in iron oxides and proves versatile in both agriculture and construction. It is mainly found in plateaus and hilly regions in India such as Western Ghats, Easter Ghats, Chotanagpur plateau, etc.
 Arabian Sea
Arabian Sea is a region of the Indian Ocean surrounded on the east by India, on the north by Pakistan and Iran.
 Padma River
Padma is a major trans-boundary river between Bangladesh and India. It is originated in the Gangotri Glacier of the Himalayas and runs to the Bay of Bengal through India, entering Bangladesh at Shibganj in the district of Chapai Nababganj.
 Banas River
Banas River has religious and economic significance. It is believed that sage Vashishth meditated and brought the river down from heaven. Dantiwada Dam on Banas River acts as a tourism product of India.
 Sabari River
The Sabari River is one of the significant tributaries of Godavari, flowing through the states of Odisha, Chhattisgarh, and Andhra Pradesh in India. With its origins in the western slopes of the Eastern Ghats, this river plays a vital role in the ecological and economic landscape of the region.
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Kolkata Circular Railway
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