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Princely State of Maihar
Princely State of Maihar was a 9 Gun Salute State and covered a total area of 407 sq miles and comprised of a total population of 79,558 in 1941.
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 Land Revenue System of Delhi Sultante
Land Revenue System during the reign of the Delhi Sultanate was based on the kind and measurement of the lands.
Mariam-uz-Zamani, made a considerable impact on the personal, administrative and religious life of her husband, Emperor Akbar and was the mother of Akbar’s successor, Jahangir.
 Background Of Cellular Jail
The proposal for the construction of Cellular Jail was devised in 1890. The construction began in 1896 during British colonial rule in India and completed in 1906. Located on the remote Andaman Islands, it was designed to isolate and incarcerate Indian freedom fighters.
 Political Prisoners in Cellular Jail
Political prisoners in Cellular Jail, situated in the Andaman Islands during British rule, faced severe restrictions on their freedom. Their unwavering commitment to India`s independence struggle led to incarceration, where inadequate medical care, grueling labor, and limited communication were the harsh realities they endured.
 Manual Labour in Cellular Jail
Manual labor in Cellular Jail, a British colonial prison on the Andaman Islands, was grueling and brutal. Arduous manual labour in the form of oil-grinding, coir-making or rope-making was accompanied by regular physical tortures like whipping. Political prisoners were subjected to even more severe labor and abuse, leading to physical and mental suffering.
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Princely State of Maihar
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