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Jnana Yoga, Types of Yoga
Jnana Yoga is one of the important steps in the practice of sadhana for yoga and it needs to be performed after the completion of Karma Yoga. The self realization that is achieved via this process is said to come gradually in stages following which the individual is able to experience the true nature of his own self.
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 Compassionate Body in Kundalini
It is the basic understanding form, in which humans learn to discern abstractness from other materialistic feelings.
 Emotional Body in Kundalini
It comprises the key portion within a human, with all its feelings and secretiveness to attain its destination.
 Exercises for brain training in Kundalini
Exercises are required to educate the 4 brains towards a definite direction, with brilliant body and sound mind.
 Exercises for Handling Involuntary Release
Strongly recommended exercises are vital to organise a proper channel of Kundalini release.
 Laya Yoga Sadhana
The aim of Laya Yoga Sadhana is to attain a liberated soul or "mukti" through some stages of Yog Sadhana.
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Jnana Yoga, Types of Yoga
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