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Folk Dances of Rajasthan
Folk dances of Rajasthan include various folk performing art forms. The traditional dances of this region are absolutely colourful, energetic, and reflect the culture and society of the people living in the region. Most of these dances are related to some folk festival or ritual that traces its origin thousands of years ago.
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 Kathakali Dancers
Kathakali dancers of India embody grace, passion, and storytelling prowess. Through their vibrant costumes, expressive movements, and intricate makeup, they bring ancient tales to life on stage.
 Sattriya Dance
Sattriya is a form of Indian classical dance which originated in the Indian state of Assam, a classification that traces its roots to ancient drama and music texts of India, particularly the Natya Shastra.
 Bharatnatyam Dancers
Indian Bharatnatyam dancers are skilled performers of the national dance form of India. With their expressive movements and deep-rooted cultural connections, they bring the beauty and grace of Bharatnatyam to life, captivating audiences both in India and around the world.
Odissi is an ancient classical dance which was originally developed in the temple of Jagannath in Odisha as a form of worship and meditation. This dance form traces its roots to the ancient Hindu text Natya Shastra and is known for its graceful movements, intricate footwork, and expressive storytelling.
 Kathak Dance
Kathak is one of the classical dances of India which had its origins in the northern parts of India.
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Folk Dances of Rajasthan
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