Kurumbranad, Ancient Hindu Kingdom in Kerala - Informative & researched article on Kurumbranad, Ancient Hindu Kingdom in Kerala
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Kurumbranad, Ancient Hindu Kingdom in Kerala
Kurumbranad was a former Nair Hindu feudal kingdom in Kerala. The extended family is known as Kurumbiathiri Swaroopam.
 Krumbranad was a powerful kingdom that ruled Mapayil, Puthuppanam and Vadakara. The area starts from sea at West side and Karnataka in the East, North Kolathu Nadu and Polanad at South.

The Raja of Kurumbranad was awarded South East Wynad. As a result of disputes Kurumbranad Raja gave up his country to the king of Kottayam except for the palace and some landed properties. He divided it into ten Swaroopams (Naads) and appointed governors to rule them. These were again divided into Chiefdoms which were ruled by Moopil Nairs. The administrative subdivisions of Waynad were:
(1) Muthornad - This division was placed under the direct control.
(2) Ellornad (Elankurnad) - This was placed under the direct control of the second Raja of Kottayam.
(3) Wynad Swaroopam - Placed under the third Raja of Kottayam.
(4) Porunnanur - Placed under the third Raja of Kottayam.
(5) Nallurnad
(6) Kurumbalanad - Comprises Kurumbala and Kottathara Amsams.
(7) Edanataskur - Comprising Amsams of Kottapadi, Kalpatta and Vythri.
(8) Tondernad - Placed under the Tonder Nambiar.
(9) Muttil-Pakkam - Placed under Bhagiam (Pakam) Swaroopam.
(10) Veliyambam - Placed under Veliyambam Vazhunnavar (Nanthillath Nambiar, who married the Vedar princess).

The senior most king of Kurumbranadu helped the British in their fight against Tipu Sultan. Absolute monarchy prevailed in the regions managed by Kurumbranad. Parts of Kurumbranad were surrendered to Nediyirippu Swaroopam of Eradi.

Thacholi Meppayil Kunjhu Othenan
Thacholi Meppayil Kunjhu Othenan was a legendary hero from North Kerala who lived in the 16th century and was born in the Kurumbiathiri family. He is also praised in Vadakkanpattu or ballads of North Kerala.

Othenan was born into the feudal Nair family of Manikoth in Thacholi which is a small town in Kerala, called as Thacholi Koottam. He practised Kalarippayattu and grew up to be a skilled warrior.

Temples and Forts of Kurumbranadu
Balussery Vettackorumakan Kavu
There is a small temple at Balussery. It is situated in the east of Quilandy 25 km from Kozhikode.

Lokanarkavu Devi Temple
Lokanarkavu Devi TempleLokanarkavu Devi Temple is an arrangement of three temples. The other two temples are Sree Mahavishnu temple and Sree siva Temples. Mandala pooja is observed grandly. The

Balussery Fort
This fort is around 25 km from Kozhikode. It was the fort of Rajas of Kurumbranadu.

(Last Updated on : 05/11/2011)
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Kurumbranad, Ancient Hindu Kingdom in Kerala - Informative & researched article on Kurumbranad, Ancient Hindu Kingdom in Kerala
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