Dams in Odisha - Informative & researched article on Dams in Odisha
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Dams in Odisha
Dams in Odisha are built with the purpose of irrigation as well as generation of hydro-electric power generation.
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 Dams in OdishaDams in Odisha are built on several rivers flowing across the state like the Godavari River, Machkund, Indravati and a lot more. Post independence a number of dams have been built in India which have served many purposes. Soon the country became one of the most prolific dam-builders of the world. Some of the dams built are used as reservoirs for irrigation purpose, while others are used as hydroelectric power stations. Although the construction of these dams has evacuated many settlements in the respective regions, they have severed many important purposes too. These dams have also been useful in controlling floods. Apart from these, dams in Odisha also serve as inviting tourist spots.

Hirakud Dam
Hirakud Dam is the first major multipurpose river valley project in India, after India was liberated from British rule in the year 1947. Flood control is one of the main features of this project. Located at a distance of 15 kilometres from Sambalpur, the dam is built across the Mahanadi River. A 55 kilometre long lake called Hirakud Reservoir extends behind the dam. It supports two hydroelectric power houses.

Jalaput Dam
Jalaput Dam is built on the Machkund River which is a tributary of Godavari River. It stands along the Mudugal hills of Visakhapatnam district. The dam lies close to the Ondra Gadda that eventually becomes the boundary between Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. It is a hydroelectric dam.

Indravati Dam
Indravati Dam is renowned for the hydro-electric Project in Odisha. Built over the Indravati River, this dam is also a picnic spot and is frequently visited by the tourists for its picturesque surroundings. The water reservoir is not only a beauty of the region, but also generates ample hydroelectric power. The Indravati Dam has a catchment area of 2630 kilometres.

Dams in Odisha Balimela Dam
Balimela Dam is known as a joint project of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh Governments and the inflow into Balimela Reservoir is shared between the two states equally.

Mandira Dam
Mandira dam stands across the Sankh River near Kansbahal in Sundergarh district of Odisha. The water from the dam is utilized for Rourkela Steel Plant. Its construction began after the year 1957. It also serves as a tourist spot and offers boating facility to the visitors.

Patora Dam
Patora Dam is another significant dam of Odisha which has been built across Jonk River. It stands in the Patora village which lies at a distance of 18 kilometres from Nuapada in Nuapada district of Odisha.

Rengali Dam
Rengali dam is located over the Brahmani River in the Angul district of the state. It was built in the year 1985. Initially its construction met much opposition from the people who had to relocate owing to its construction. The reservoir created by the dam is credited as the second largest reservoir of the state. It has a catchment area mostly covered with forests and wasteland. It is used to generate electricity.

(Last Updated on : 12/07/2014)
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Dams in Odisha - Informative & researched article on Dams in Odisha
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