Geography of Berhampur, Orissa - Informative & researched article on Geography of Berhampur, Orissa
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Geography of Berhampur, Orissa
Berhampur also spelt, as Brahmapur is one of the largest cities of Orissa.
 Berhampur, Orissa is a significant city in the whole of Indian continent. It also can be spelt as Brahmapur. It is one of the ancient most and also the largest city of Orissa. To all the people of the country it is popularized as the Silk City due to its treasures of silk, exquisite temples and also the commercial capital of the city. Before venturing into the city, it becomes inevitable on the part of a tourist enthusiast to get acquainted with geography of Berhampur, Orissa. It lies in the east coast line of the state. Berhampur lies approximately at 19.32|N| and 84.78|E|. It rises to height of 27 meters or 88 feet above the mean sea level.

Demographic details help one to identify the geography of Berhampore. A special mentioning may be made of the Census report, which has been issued forth in the year 2001. It is a vital document which depicts facts like literacy rate, population status etc. As per this report, the city of Berhampur, Orissa has shown a total population counting of 307,724. Out of it, male population constitutes 52 %. In comparison female populace is less and thus comprises of 48 % only. Children who are below six years of age constitute 11 % of the total population. Experts say that it is the 3rd most populated one urban region of the state.

Literacy rate too acts as vital information about Berhampore's demography. According to this report, its average literacy rate constitutes 74 %, which is even higher than that of the entire nation, which measures 59.5 %. To be specific, male literacy rate is 83 %, while the rate of female literacy is 64 %.

Water bodies are found which proves that geography of Berhampur, Orissa is quite an improved one. Lying about thirty kilometers from Berhampur, exquisite beach at Aryapalli is calm and appealing with swapping waves washing into the shores. Its serene climate invigorates any tourist and adds newness to his life. In the lap of Mother Nature one basks into the sun light, enjoy surfing, play with the sands and feels to be at the top of the world.

(Last Updated on : 23/03/2009)
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Geography of Berhampur, Orissa - Informative & researched article on Geography of Berhampur, Orissa
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