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Wali, Sufi Saints
Walis or Sufi Saints are those who have established a connection with the universal consciousness. They are closely connected to God to the extent that some of them remain cut-off from the real physical world as in the case of the condition of Wilayat Awwal. There are different levels of Wali depending on the extent of love and unity with the Almighty that they feel and exhibit in their behaviour.
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 Shamsuddin Habib Allah
Shamsuddin Habib Allah was another great Sufi saint having a liberal attitude towards various religions. Also known as Mirza Zanzana, he was a Master of the four Tariqats- Naqshbandia, Qadiria, Suhrawardia and Chishtia Orders. He was killed by unknown persons and died a martyr and his mausoleum, situated near Jama Masjid in Delhi, is called the `Shahid Sahab ki Mazar`.
 Shaikh Ahmad al-Faruqi
Shaikh Ahmad al-Faruqi was a Sufi saint who was educated in all the three Tariqats- Suhrawardia, Qadiria, and Chishtia -at a very young age, and yet found himself greatly attracted to the Naqshbandi order. He went on to train under Baqi Billah and become one of the greatest saints of this order. A lot of miracles are associated with Shaikh Ahmad al-Faruqi and he is said to have been granted a power of attraction that allowed him to reach every human being that God had created.
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Wali, Sufi Saints
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