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Provincial Architecture under Delhi Sultanate
Provincial architecture under the Delhi Sultanate drew inspiration from the Delhi style of architecture and includes palaces, mosques, tombs and forts.
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 Small Cats - Wild Animal
Wildcats in India encompass a rich diversity, with species like the Indian leopard, clouded leopard, and jungle cat roaming various habitats. Facing threats from habitat loss and poaching, these elusive felines play crucial roles in ecosystem balance.
 Hydra - Freshwater Animal
Hydra, freshwater hydrozoans, possess remarkable regenerative abilities and exhibit unique defensive and locomotive behaviors. They retract their tentacles and body column when alarmed, and can move by looping or somersaulting.
 Animal Motifs in Mughal Art
Animal Motifs in Mughal Art were very well known during the Mughal era and is a mark of royal art even today. Most of the artefacts which were produced during the Mughal era like oil lamps, paintings, metal crafts, etc. bore the motifs of several animals and birds.
 Cuttle Fish - Marine Animal
Cuttle Fishes are basically marine animals. Although their name suggests them to be some kind of fish but in reality they are mollusks. Cuttle Fishes are known as the most intelligent species among the invertebrates.
 Squids - Aquatic Animal
Squids are two gilled marine cephalopods consisting of about three hundred species. Like the cuttlefish, squids also possess eight arms and two long tentacles.
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Provincial Architecture under Delhi Sultanate
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