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Indian Wolf, Wild Animal
The Indian Wolf is a subspecies of the gray wolf native to the Indian subcontinent. These elusive creatures inhabit diverse landscapes from grasslands to forests. Highly social, they form packs to hunt prey like deer and antelope.
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Indian deer, encompassing various species like the graceful chital, majestic sambar, and elusive spotted deer, are integral to India`s ecosystems. Adaptable and diverse, they inhabit forests, grasslands, and even urban areas.
The Indian rhinoceros is a significant species native to the Indian subcontinent. With a thick grey-brown skin and a single horn on its snout, it faces threats such as habitat loss and poaching. Conservation efforts by governments and organizations aim to protect its vulnerable population.
The Indian boar, also known as the Moupin pig, is a distinct subspecies of wild boar native to the Indian subcontinent. Recognized by its prominent mane and larger skull, it holds historical significance in Indian culture.
 Kamini Plant
Kamini is a handsome plant which has a number of medicinal properties. Kamini plant is commonly grown in gardens for its cluster of fragrant flowers.
 Alfalfa - Indian Herb
Alfalfa is a flowering plant which belongs to the Fabaceae family. The common name of the herb Alfalfa is Lucerne and is called Medicago sativa by the botanical name.
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Indian Wolf, Wild Animal
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