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Squids, Aquatic Animal
Squids are two gilled marine cephalopods consisting of about three hundred species. Like the cuttlefish, squids also possess eight arms and two long tentacles.
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 Hydra - Freshwater Animal
Hydra is a very tiny freshwater animal bearing radial symmetry. It possesses great power of regeneration and if cut into pieces it grows into new wholes.
 Small Cats - Wild Animal
Small Cats inhabit various parts of India and they comprise of a large variety.
 Cuttle Fish - Marine Animal
Cuttle Fishes are basically marine animals. Although their name suggests them to be some kind of fish but in reality they are mollusks. Cuttle Fishes are known as the most intelligent species among the invertebrates.
 Painted Grey Ware
Painted Grey Ware culture was prevalent during the Iron Age culture in the Gangetic plain. Painted Grey Ware culture is known to have existed approximately from1200 BC to 600 BC.
 Rangpur - Harappan City
Rangpur is one of the well-known sites of the Harappan civilization where houses prepared with the help of bud bricks were excavated.
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Squids, Aquatic Animal
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