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String Instruments
String instruments have a long tradition in Indian music. The bowed instruments came to be used in Indian classical music only in the last few centuries.
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 Clarinet Muscial Instrument
Clarinet is a wind instrument which came into being around the 18th century; it is extensively used in Indian Carnatic music.
 Bhawaiya Music
Bhawaiya is the folk music of Cooch Behar. The songs depict varied emotions of love, separation, ambitions and conflicts.
 Sarod Musical Instrument
Sarod is a classical Indian musical instrument belonging to the family of string instruments. The Sarod is played with a plectrum and is notable among string instruments for the absence of frets along the neck.
 Daf Musical Instrument
Daf, also called Dafli, is a musical instrument that has its use both in classical as well as popular forms.
 Gong Muscial Instrument
Gong is a percussion instrument which originated in South East Asia; in India the gongs are used for religious processions and music concerts.
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String Instruments
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