Indian Flora and Fauna of the Southern Zone - Informative & researched article on Indian Flora and Fauna of the Southern Zone
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Indian Flora and Fauna of the Southern Zone
Indian Flora and Fauna of the Southern Zone have a great contribution in the diversity of Indian ecosystem. They also allure numerous tourists across the globe.
 Indian Flora and Fauna of the Southern Zone exhibits an astounding variety. An array of plants and animals are the inhabitants of this region, owing to the amicable climate and fertile lands. Different flora of the region constitutes different types of forest like evergreen forests, temperate forests, deciduous forests, tropical forests and many more. Commercial and medicinal plants of south India are also famous that have contributed a lot in the medical arena of the country. Forest and numerous wildlife sanctuaries located in this region serves as the home for several species of fauna. Amphibians, reptiles, mammals of this region display a huge variety. A number of aquatic flora and fauna have also been recognized as significant parts of the ecosystem.

Indian Flora and Fauna of the Southern Zone Flora and Fauna of Andhra Pradesh
The state of Andhra Pradesh is nourished with two major river systems Godavari and Krishna for which a vast variety of flora and fauna thrive in this region. Flora of the state mainly belongs to dry deciduous type that includes different species of genera Terminalia, Pterocarpus, Dalbergias and Anogeissus. Other common plants of Andhra Pradesh are Cycas beddomei, Terminalia pallida, Pterocarpus santalinus, Shorea talura, Syzygium alternifolium, Shorea tumburgia, Psilotum nudam etc. Owing to the variety of flora and favourable climate the state also hosts diverse fauna. Common members of the fauna of the state include Panther, Wild Dog, Wolf, Sloth Bear, Black Buck, Chinkara, Nilgai, Sambhar, Cheetal, Tiger etc. The mangrove forests of the state have abundant Otters and Fishing Cats.

Flora and Fauna of Kerala
One of the richest sources of biodiversity in India is Kerala. Flora of this state comprises of 4000 varieties of flowering plants out of which 900 have medicinal value. Some of these species are found exclusively in Kerala and some of them are considered as endangered. Forests of the state also exhibit a great variety constituting tropical moist and dry deciduous forests, subtropical and temperate forests, tropical moist forests and tropical dry forests. Common plants of Kerala are bamboo, wild cardamom, wild black pepper, calamus rattan palm and aromatic vetiver grass. Fauna diversity of the state is also notable with 102 species of mammals, 202 species of freshwater fishes, 476 species of birds, 169 species of reptiles and 89 species of amphibians. Important species enlist Indian Elephant, Indian Leopard, Common Palm Civet, Grizzled Giant Squirrels, Great Hornbill, stinging catfish and many more.

Indian Flora and Fauna of the Southern Zone Flora and Fauna of Karnataka
A large portion of the geographical area of Karnataka is covered with forest which is the store house of a variety of flora and fauna. The diversity of the state in terms of vegetation is quite admirable that includes species like Lagerstromia Lanceolata, Dalbergia Latifolia, Adina cordifolia, Terminalia paniculata, Derris indica, Cassia fistula, Barringtonia racemosa, Dipterocarpus indicus, Dillenia pentagyna, Eucalyptus and Zizyhus Mauritania. Population of elephants and tigers is quite high in this region which is about 25 percent and 10 percent respectively. Mammals of the state include tiger, elephant, leopard, gaur, wild pig, pangolin, slender loris, bonnet macaque, barking deer etc. A variety of birds are also the residents of Kerala including ruby throated bulbul, Malabar whistling thrush, Indian Shama, orange Headed Trush, paradise flycatcher, cormorants, the great Indian Hornbill, white ibis, darter and many more. Some significant wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are situated in this state which hosts the flora and fauna of Kerala.

Flora and Fauna of Tamil Nadu
The richness of flora and fauna of Tamil Nadu can be explored in wildlife sanctuaries like Anaimalai, Mudumalai and Guindy national park. They serve as ideal homes for animals like bison, elephants, tigers, deer and monkeys. Tamil Nadu is also the storehouse of a plethora of plants with 3000 species. Majority of species grows in the mixed deciduous forests of the state. Common trees of this state are Kurinji, Cinchona, Eucalyptus, Palmyra, Sandalwood and Rubber. Many plants of this region have immense medicinal value.

Indian Flora and Fauna of the Southern Zone Flora and Fauna of Puducherry
Puducherry mainly houses vegetation belonging to dry and evergreen species. These species are very typical of the tropical regions. Trees which grow in this region provide abundant fore woods. Eucalyptus and tamarind are the most prominent trees of Puducherry. Fauna of Puducherry is also diverse including species like ducks, deer, rabbits etc. A huge variety of birds is also found in this region.

Forests of southern zone have preserved some of the endangered species of flora and fauna whereas some of the species are exclusively found in this region only. Owing to the enormous variety of Indian flora and fauna, the southern zone of the country has become an ideal place for exploration of the natural beauty. The tourism of the country is also greatly benefited for the same and tourists from different parts of the world visit these areas to witness and experience the picturesque nature.

(Last Updated on : 10/08/2013)
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Indian Flora and Fauna of the Southern Zone - Informative & researched article on Indian Flora and Fauna of the Southern Zone
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