71st Coorg Rifles, Madras Army - Informative & researched article on 71st Coorg Rifles, Madras Army
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71st Coorg Rifles, Madras Army
71st Coorg Rifles Unit was an infantry regiment that was formed by the Honourable English East India Company in the year 1767. It was also known as 11th Coorg Infantry.
 The 71st Coorg Rifles Unit was an infantry regiment that was raised by the Honourable British East India Company in 1767 and later functioned under the British Indian Army. It was under the Madras Army, which was the armed forces of Madras Presidency and one of the 3 Presidency Armies in British India. The Army of Madras was formed with the purpose of protecting the commercial interests of the British East India Company. After the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, the British Presidency Armies were merged to form the British Indian Army in 1903. The army unit was also incorporated as a part of the Madras Command. The 71st Coorg Rifles regiment was also known as the 11th Coorg Infantry regiment.

History of 71st Coorg Rifles
The 71st Coorg Rifles was formed in the year 1767 as the 15th Battalion Coast Sepoys. The troops took part in the Third Mysore War, but mostly remained inactive during the 19th century. The battalion was re-constituted and reformed as the 11th Madras Infantry. The basis of recruitment modified to Coorg soldiers from Madrasi soldiers. In 1901 as the 11th Madras Infantry, it was reorganised and the basis of recruitment modified to Coorg soldiers from Madrasi soldiers.

Afterwards, the regiment was titled as the 71st Coorg Rifles in the year 1903. The battalion consisted dark green uniforms with scarlet facings. The unit was dissolved due to insufficient recruits in 1904. Moreover, the mess funds and silver were bestowed to the newly formed 2/9th Gurkha Rifles. The 71st Coorg Rifles unit was re-established and was made a part of the newly formed 1st Coorg Battalion in 1942. This regiment consisted of a badge of crossed Coorg knives. The army unit was developed as the 37 (Coorg) Anti-Tank Regiment of the Royal Indian Artillery in the year 1946.

Designations of 71st Coorg Rifles
The 71st Coorg Rifles held a many titles through out its existence during the restructuring of the British Indian Army, like the other regiments. These are listed below -
* 15th Battalion Coast Sepoys - 1767
* 11th Madras Infantry - 1901
* 11th Coorg Infantry - 1902
* 71st Coorg Rifles - 1903
* Disbanded - 1904
* 1st Coorg Battalion - 1942

(Last Updated on : 30/10/2012)
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71st Coorg Rifles, Madras Army - Informative & researched article on 71st Coorg Rifles, Madras Army
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