Yavatmal District , Maharashtra - Informative & researched article on Yavatmal District , Maharashtra
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Yavatmal District , Maharashtra
Yavatmal is one of the districts of Maharashtra, which is located in the region of Vidarbha.
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 Yavatmal District , MaharashtraYavatmal is a district of Maharashtra. It is located in the region of Vidarbha, in the east central part of the state. Also known as Yeotmal, it has derived this name from the old word ‘Yot Lohara.’ It is believed that, Yavatmal with the rest of the Berar province was part of the legendry kingdom of Vidarbha mentioned in the Mahabharata. Yavatmal district lies between 19.26’ and 20.42’ North latitudes and 77.18’ and 79.9’ East longitudes.

History of Yavatmal District
Yavatmal has been mentioned in the Mahabharata. Hence its history is steeped in Hindu myths. Yavatmal was part of the Berar region, which in turn was ruled by the Mauryan Empire. In fact this region had been reigned by a number of rulers, for instance, the Satavahanas Rashtrakutas, Vakataka dynasty, Chalukyas, Yadavas and was finally captured by the Muslim invaders in the 14th century.

Geography of Yavatmal District
Covering a total area is 13584 sq. kilometer, Yavatmal district is bounded by Amaravati District in the North, Wardha District in the northeast, Chandrapur district in the east, Washim district in the West and the Hingoli district in the Southeast.

The Yavatmal district experiences a minimum temperature is 5.6 Celsius and maximum is 45.6 Celsius and the average rainfall is 1056 mm. The climate of the district is generally hot and dry with moderately cold winters. May is the hottest month and December is the coldest month of Yavatmal.

There are 1005265 hectors of the total area is under cultivation, non-cultivation is 77309 hectors while the forests cover 224456 hectors. The chief river flows through the district are Wardha and Pengagga. Wardha is the only river, which is partly navigable. The bed of the river is very broad and deep. The Bembala and Nirguda are the main tributaries of the Wardha with in the district and both are perennial.

Flora and Fauna of Yavatmal are quite diverse as well. The varied climate and topography has resulted in good vegetable cultivation and animal husbandry. The land of Yavatmal is arid desert, tropical rain forest and mountain range. The different kinds of animals in reserved forests are like tiger, panther, bison, deer, antelopes, wild boar, bear and blue bull.

People of Yavatmal District
As per 2001 Census, Yavatmal had a population of 20.77 lakhs. While the rural population is comprised of 17.20 lakhs, the urban population is around 3.57 lakhs.

Yavatmal has a total literacy rate of 57.96%. As far as religious beliefs of the people of Yavatmal district is concerned 81% of the total population follow Hinduism, 9% are Buddhists and 8% are Muslims. Most of the population speaks Marathi language. Besides this Banjari and Kolami are also spoken in this district of Maharashtra.

The district of Yavatmal comprises a number of tribal communities including the Banjaras, Gond, Pradhans, Andhs, Kolam , Malis and others. The Kunbi community represents the class of farmers or cultivation group. The Banjara, on the other hand, are known as Labhana from there former occupation of carrying salts. They generally live a reputable life. The Andhs are mentioned in the census reports to be an aboriginal tribe. They employ Brahmans as their priests, and profess to be Vaishnavas by religion, wearing sect marks on their forehead. Agriculture is their primary occupation.

Administration of Yavatmal District
Yavatmal district has five sub divisions: Yavatmal, Darwah, Pusad, Kelapur and Wani. Besides this there are 16 Talukas and 16 Grampanchayat Samitis. There are a total of 2117 villages in this district. Out of these 1845 are inhabited.

Culture of Yavatmal District
Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism are followed by the masses dwelling in Yavatmal District. Festivals, such as, Gudi Padwa, Diwali, Rangpanchami, Gukulasthami, are celebrated with lot of enthusiasm. Among all Ganesh Mahostav is the most important festival of Yavatmal people. Ghanti Baba fair at Digras and Shri Ranganath Swami Fair at Wani are most famous fairs.

Education of Yavatmal District
In Yavatmal town except various schools, the main colleges are Ayurvedic Colleges, Polytechnic Institutions, Yavatmal's girls college, college for Physical training, College for Industrial training, medical colleges and Govt. B.Ed College.

Economy of Yavatmal District
Yavatmal town is the chief trading center of the district. Cotton grinning and pressing is the main occupation here. It is also called the cotton city. Major business establishment includes the Raymond factory, which produces the jeans fiber. It is 100% export unit from Raymond’s, which is a famous cloth brand.

The other local businesses in town are dominated by presence of agriculture supply facilities. Except Jowar and cotton the other crops are groundnut and pulses. The chief exports articles are cotton and teak wood. The other export items are cotton bales, lime, ice candy, wooden furniture, sugar, animal food items, oranges, Coal and Tendu leaves.

The small-scale industries are handlooms, Bidi rollings and hand made papers. The large scale industries are Ginning and pressing Mills, Sugar factories, spinning Mills, Cattle-feed made industries, Cement factories, Oil Mills and a Industrial estate, which is at Lahora near Yavatmal and at Wani and Pusad. Aluminum Utensils, synthetic Nylon fibers and other goods are manufactured at Lahora. Cement pipes, coolers and plastic goods are also made here.

Tourism in Yavatmal District
Kalamb is an ancient village situated on Nagpur- Yavatmal road. There is a typical underground temple dedicated to Shri Chintamani.A famous a water tank as 'Ganesh kunda'is available there. The village is situated in the riverbank of Chakravarti. The fair of Shri Chintamani is held in the month of December or Magh Shudha from Chaturthi to Saptami.

Wani is the tehsils head quarter, situated on the bank river of Nirguda. The famous temple of Shri Raghunath Swamy is situated in this place. Wani is an important center of trade in cattle and bullocks. There are coalmines near to Wani.

Datta Mandir and Khateswar Maharaj temples are famous in Jambhora. Hot water spring at Kapeswar on the bank of Peinganga river is a famous place. Jagat temple and Khojochi mosque are the important places in the Yavatmal town.

Transport of Yavatmal District

Nearest airport is Sone Gaon. Yavatmal is also interlinking with Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Nagpur. A 19- seated aircraft operating between Yavatmal and Mumbai can cater to the existing travel needs of the tourists.

Rail It is well connected with Mumbai- Nagpur Railway line.

Road It is well connected with all its neighbouring cities

(Last Updated on : 28/10/2014)
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Yavatmal District , Maharashtra - Informative & researched article on Yavatmal District , Maharashtra
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