Tourism in Rajouri District - Informative & researched article on Tourism in Rajouri District
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Tourism in Rajouri District
Tourism in Rajouri District is a traveller’s delight. There are several places which are worth visiting in this district of Jammu and Kashmir.
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 Tourism in Rajouri DistrictTourism in Rajouri District of Jammu and Kashmir is an amusement for the visitors. Rajouri district has quite a good number of charming spots. There is a wide scope for pilgrimage, leisure, and nature and adventure tourism in this district. Places worth seeing near Rajouri district are Rajouri fort, Gurudwara Chhati Badshahi, Balidan Bhavan, Rama Temple Jama Masjid and Shiv Mandir among others.

Pilgrimage Tourism in Rajouri District
Pilgrimage Tourism is very popular in Rajouri District. Ziarat Shahdara Sharief is about 30 Kms in the north of Rajauri. Thousands of people from all religions visit the shrine every year and offer their prayers. Apart from a number of Gurdwaras existing in the District, Gurdwara Chhati Badshahi Rajouri is a very significant religious place which has been constructed in the memory of 6th Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji (1595-1646 AD). Mangla Mata Dev Asthan is situated near village Bhawani in Nowshera Tehsil of District Rajouri. People from near and far visit this place for darshan every year. Temple at Peer Badesar is another religious site. All the four sides of the temple and both the sides of the passage to the temple are covered with a number of bells which on shaking produce harmonious sound. It is said that this temple belongs to the Lord Shiva and Goddess Sati. This temple was got constructed by Kanishka in the memory of Veer Vadweshavar, the son of Lord Shiva. Another similarly important place of pilgrimage is the shrine of Sain Ganji Sahib Qadri located about 10 kms, from Rajouri town over-looking Darhal nallah, which too attracts thousands of pilgrims throughout the year particularly on the eve of the annual Urs which generally takes place in the first week of October every year. The Shrine is regarded as an icon of purity and lenience and it is because of the sacredness of the place that a large number of people belonging to diverse religions visit there to seek the blessings of the Saint. Other well known pilgrim destinations are Panj Peer Shrine, Chani Prat Temple, and Manma Mata Temple.

Nature Tourism of Rajouri District
Nature Tourism of Rajouri District is indeed a delight for the travellers. Dehra Ki Gali is a beautiful picturesque spot is situated at a height of plus 6600 feet above sea level, in the Pir Panjal Range and is one of the passes connecting Rajouri and Poonch districts. It experiences profound snowfall during winter months. Thick vegetation cover attracts and charms the visitor. Kotranka at the distance of 40 kms is a gorgeous tourist spot located on the right bank of river Ans. During summer this spot affords a great attraction to the nature lovers and tourists. This is a picturesque charming and peaceful spot to retire to in the summer heat. This is the coldest place of the district Rajouri, which remains under the blanket of snow for more than four-five months. Klhad is another striking place near Budhal. It is a small and attractive plateau and the waters there remains cold in summer and hot in winter. The Pir Panjal falling under the authority of Rajouri district is a storehouse of beautiful lakes situated at an altitude between 13000 ft. to 14500 ft.

Pir Panjal area is full of lakes and meadows and a place to be well enjoyed by the tourists. Bhag Sar is the biggest lake. Most of the big lakes are located at the boundary line between Jammu division and the Kashmir valley and drain into the Kashmir valley. The important lakes are Sukh Sar, Bhag Sar, Diya Sar, Chandan Sar, Katori Sar, Akal Dakshni, Nandan Sar, Raviwalli marg group of lakes, Chamar Sar, Padyaran Sar I and II, Katori Sar in Bela Marg and Smat Sar. A visit to these lakes gives ever lasting life long memories. Nature lovers shall certainly find their heaven in these lakes.

Tourism in Rajouri District Leisure Tourism in Rajouri District
Leisure tourism in Rajouri District promises its visitors with quite a few historical places. Thanna Mandi is an imperative historical place right from the time of Mughals, who used to stay there during their journey from Delhi to Kashmir and vice-versa. An old Mughal Sarai still exists there which speaks of its splendid time. The climate of this place is very delightful and in fact it is a health resort. It is also renowned for its artistic wooden products. The Mughal remains spread on either banks of the Tawi River comprise of forts cum palaces, sarais, mosques and gardens etc. These buildings are now taken by Civil Hospital, police and forest departments and almost stand renovated leaving only a portion of these in their Original position. The remains of a small mosque in the market are still in existence. The garden situated on the slope of a plateau is most fascinating of all the Mughal remains in Rajouri. Mangaladevi Fort is one of the largest forts in Rajouri district. It is an invincible fort difficult of access because of extreme sublimity and strong fortification. On three sides it is amazingly enclosed by a river and on the remaining side it had an arduous uphill ascent. Dhanidar Fort is another major attraction for the leisure tourists.

Adventure Tourism in Rajouri District
Rajouri district is a gifted place for adventure tourists. Trekking satisfies one of man's basic impulses, the urge to travel forth and seek adventure. Rajouri town is located at the foothills of Pir Panjal Range. The snow-clad Pir Panjal Range has its own magnetism. In fact it stands out more outstanding than the Himalayas as it is nearer to the plains and its imposing slopes are awe-inspiring. The crest of Pir Panjal is covered with snow and there are numerous climbed and virgin peaks between 15290 ft. to 16000 ft. like Dhakyar-15290 ft., Brahma-15400 ft., Kotoria-15000 ft., Budhal Pir-15170 feet, Tatakuti-15557 ft. Sun set-15510 ft., Kagha Alana and Handoo Peak near Chamcchi Sar Lake calling for the mountaineer's interest. There exist more than twelve passes on the Pir Panjal Range between the Rajouri-Poonch Valleys and the Kashmir Valley. These are Galli Medhan pass, Chor Galli, Choti Galli, Jamina pass, Noor Pur Galli, Pir Galli, Budhal Pir Pass Handoo Pass, Ruperi Pass, and Pir Panjal near Konsarnag lake (between 11500 ft. to 15000 ft.) which one can cross from one side to the other.

(Last Updated on : 27/09/2014)
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Tourism in Rajouri District - Informative & researched article on Tourism in Rajouri District
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