Sikar District, Rajasthan - Informative & researched article on Sikar District, Rajasthan
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Sikar District, Rajasthan
Sikar District is situated in the state of Rajasthan. There are a number of ancient temples located here which are the prime tourist attractions of the district.
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 Sikar District, RajasthanSikar district, located in the state of Rajasthan, has a great historical past. The district headquarters is at Sikar city. Sikar district presents a good many facts for the tourists. Sikar is as much a part of Shekhawati as Jhunjhunu. It was the biggest Thikana (Estate) of the state of Jaipur. It lies on the highway 11, midway on route Bikaner to Agra. It is 116 kilometres away from Jaipur, 320 kilometres from Jodhpur 240 Kms from Bikaner and 301 Kms. from Delhi. Sikar was the capital town of the Thikana Sikar. The total population of the district is around 2287229. Further details about the Sikar district are furnished below.

Location of Sikar District
Sikar District, Rajasthan Sikar district covers a total area of 7742.44 Sq.Kms. It lies between the longitudes of 74.44 degrees to 75.25 degrees, and the latitudes of East 27.21 degrees to 28.12 degrees north.

History of Sikar District
The primitive name of Sikar was 'Beer Bhan Ka Bass'. In order to mitigate the enmity on account of the murder of Daulat Singh's father Jaswant Singh, Bahadur Singh, the raja of Khandela gifted the village to Daulat Singh. He laid down the foundation stone of the fort on the raised ground of this village. Later on his son Shiv Singh who was a very strong and clever ruler, made a magnificent fort on it, and Sikar is still surrounded by high walls comprising of seven gates. Shiv Singh was the most prominent Rao Raja of Sikar. He developed the village into a beautiful town. It is surrounded by a strong boundary wall.

Geography of Sikar District
The region has a rather hot summer and extremely cold winter. During summer the maximum temperature reaches 48 degree Celsius, while winter temperature dips to a minimum of 1 degree Celsius. The average rainfall received in the region is 45.98 cms. The best season to visit the district, when the temperature is most pleasant is between October and March.

Sikar District, Rajasthan Administration of Sikar District
Administration of the district of Sikar is carried out by the District Collector who is the head of administration here. For the purposes of convenience in administration, the district is divided into six sub divisions, each headed by a sub divisional officer. It is further sub divided into tehsils, sub tehsils and patwar mandals. In order to facilitate administration at the rural district level, the Panchayati Raj system has been put in place here. Accordingly, the Zilla Parishad takes care of developmental plans and other aspects of administration for the same.

Tourism in Sikar district
Tourism in the district of Sikar revolves around the many ancient temples located here. Apart from being religiously significant, these temples also hold a great amount of historical importance due to the time and circumstances of their construction. The various places of tourist interest here include Ganeswar, Jeen Mataji Temple, Harshnath Temple and the Khatushyamji Temple.

(Last Updated on : 20/02/2014)
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Sikar District, Rajasthan - Informative & researched article on Sikar District, Rajasthan
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