Handicrafts Industry in Jalore District, Rajasthan - Informative & researched article on Handicrafts Industry in Jalore District, Rajasthan
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Handicrafts Industry in Jalore District, Rajasthan
Handicrafts Industry in Jalore district produces a variety of items. These items range from articles of daily use to those items which are traditionally produced here. Items made of granite are produced in a big way due to the easy availability of granite tiles in Jalore district.
 Handicrafts Industry in Jalore District, RajasthanHandicrafts Industry in Jalore district is varied in type and production. The handicrafts industry in the district of Jalore produces a number of items, ranging from objects of everyday essential use like utensils and shoes to unique showpieces typical to the district such as artefacts of granite, wooden toys paintings etc. Due to the easy availability of granite in the district, artefacts made of granite are produced in a big way here. These include paintings, name plates, chakla, kharal etc. The various items produced by the handicrafts industry in Jalore district are discussed below.

Wooden Toys
In Ramdeo Colony of Jalore district headquarters is located a small cottage industry of wooden toys. Old and Middle Ages artistic imitations of wood are made here. Dolls, face masks, birds, animals swings, bullock carts, chowki etc are all made in wood. Jalore Panchayat Samiti's Akoli, Leta, Bagra, Deegoan, Chandna, Siyana, Chura and Sarat villages are engaged in this industry. Panchayat samiti Ahore's Ghana and Ahore itself, Sanchore Panchayat Samiti's Akoli, Panchayat Samiti Jaswantpura's Ramseen, Mudtara-Sili and Punang Kala and Bhinmal's Panchayat Samiti's Juna Rauta and Borta, and in Raniwara Panchayat Samiti's Bhatip, Kodka and Adarvada villages are employed in building toys from wood.

Woollen Handicraft -Khesla, Dari, Patte, Galicha(Carpets) Within a circle of 5 kilometres of Jalore, nearly 100 families are employed in this type of handwork and it is run as a family business. They make woollen blankets known as Khesala and Pattu weaving in the local area. Leta's Khesala is famous in the whole of Marwar region. Handloom Development Corporation has established a small industry in this village. Here, cotton Khes and woollen blankets are made. A small industry has been developed in the Jalore district headquarters by the Veeram Khadi Sangh Siyana. It is known for the well made woollen daris. Panchayat Samiti Sanchore's Dedva, Ranodar, Jhotra, Dhamana and Lalpura are also engaged in the making of Woollen Pattu. Dari -Kaalin(Carpet) is woven at Sirana of Sayla block, Nasoli of Bhinmal Block, Borta and Nimbawas of Bhinmal Block. Clothes are woven at Narta and Bareta Dhani. Pattu is made at Bagotara. Batip, Deegaon and Sevada of Raniwara tehsil are also engaged in cloth weaving.

Utensils and idols of Soil:
Utensils made of soil as well as idols, toys, Gangaur, horses, horse-ridesr ,horses of Mamaji and many more artistic items are made at Panchayat samiti Jalore's Deegoan, Chandana, Siyana and Chura villages, Panchayat samiti Ahore's Dayalpura, Paota, Ahore and Harji villages, Panchayat Samiti Jaswantpura's Mudtara Silli and Bhutwas villages, in Sayala Panchayat samiti Avloj village,Bhinmal Panchayat samiti's Juna Rauta,Naya Rauta,Borta,Bagora,Khera, Juni Morseem, Fagotara and in Kaleti villages, Panchayat samiti Raniwara's Dhanwara,Ropsi,Samrani, Kot Ki Dhani and in Singawas villages Cheelam and Hukkas are made in Mandoli.

Shoe Making:
Shoes made in Jalore, Bhinmal and Badgoan are famous all over Marwar. Apart from these Chandna, Nimbla, Mudatrasilli, Mandwala, Balwara, Borta ki Dhani, Navapura, Mindavas, Bagoda, Bali, Bargaon, Roopavati kala,Ropasi, Aaldi, Bhatip, Kotka, Samrani and Jalora khurd villages are the centres of leather works like colouring and designing shoes.

Artefacts of Granite:
Due to the easy availability of granite in the district, artefacts made of granite are produced in a big way here. The various coloured and polished stones found in the district are worked upon and beautiful works of art are produced. Paintings made on the tiles include those of chariots led by Lord Krishna, Ganpati, Lord Hanuman, Bhairuji, Maharana Pratap Singh, Mahaveer Swami and women in Manipuri dresses and watches as well. Apart from this, name plate, pen stand, Chakla, Kharal, ashtray and key chains of different types are also produced.

Beautiful traditional paintings are made by painters in the villages and towns of Siyana, Noon, Guda Balotan, Basda Dhanji, Punang Kala, Sayala, Bagoda, Nandiya, Nasoli, Narta, Dhumadbiya, Samrani, Jalore, Sanchore etc.

Thus mentioned are the various products of the handicrafts industry in Jalore District.

(Last Updated on : 24/02/2014)
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Handicrafts Industry in Jalore District, Rajasthan - Informative & researched article on Handicrafts Industry in Jalore District, Rajasthan
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