Bidar District, Karnataka - Informative & researched article on Bidar District, Karnataka
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Bidar District, Karnataka
Bidar District in Karnataka is located in the extreme North-eastern part of the state of Karnataka; a mix-pot of cultures is found present among the people of the district.
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 Bidar District, KarnatakaBidar District is situated almost 700 kilometres from Bengaluru, at the farthest north-eastern corner of Karnataka. Bifurcated and truncated during the re-organisation of states in 1956, it is only a fraction of its vast expanse in the erstwhile state of Hyderabad. Bidar district as it exists today covers an expanse of 5448 sq. kilometres of land. It lies between 17 degrees 35 minutes and 18 degrees and 25 minutes North latitude and 76 degrees and 42 minutes and 77 degrees and 39 minutes east longitudes. Lying on the east are the districts of Nizamabad and Medak in Andhra Pradesh, and the districts of Nanded and Osmanabad in Maharashtra lie on the west. On the south lies the Gulbarga district of Karnataka. This central position in the Deccan had for long imparted to Bidar, the pre-eminent position in the history of the Deccan.

History of Bidar District
The history of Bidar has followed a long tradition of dynastic rule right until its reorganisation and formation in 1956. The earliest known ruling dynasty in Bidar was the Satavahana dynasty. In 231 B.C. the Satavahanas who were ruling at Paithan as vassals of the Maurya Empire proclaimed independence. They ruled over Dakshinapatha for about four centuries and a half. The Vakatakas dominated the Deccan. Following the Satavahanas, a number of different dynasties came into power here such as the Kadamba dynasty, the Rashtrakura dynasty, the Chalukya dynasty and the Kalachuris. It came under Muslim rule sometime in 1322 when Bidar Town which was on the frontier of Telengana and Baswakalyan forts were taken by Ulugh Khan (Muhammad-Bin-Tughluq) who was then a prince. In 1656, Bidar was annexed to the Mughal dynasty. Asaf Jahi rule succeeded Mughal rule in 1724 and Bidar now came under the rule of Governors. The last member of the Nizam Shahi dynasty came, Mir Osman Ali Khan, became the Nizam. Nizam rule came to an end on 17th September 1948, and Hyderabad district became a part of the Indian union. Finally in 1956, Bidar district along with other districts of Hyderabad Karnataka became part of Mysore state but only with four talukas.

Geography of Bidar District
Bidar district is situated wholly in the Deccan Plateau. While the Southern part of the district is a high plateau, the northern part is characterised by expanses of level and treeless surface punctuated here and there by flat and undulating hillocks, black soils and basaltic rocks. The climate of the district is pleasant throughout the year. During the hottest months of April and May the heat is often broken by sudden and sharp thunder showers. Though the rainfall is never excessive its irregularity and excessive variation is often the cause of severe droughts. There are two distinct river basins in the region, the Godavari River basin and the Krishna River basin. The main river of the district is the Manjra River.

Demography of Bidar District
The people of the Bidar district represent a mix of various racial strains, ethnic groups and socio-cultural clusters. There has been the constant influx here of different groups of people such as the Turks, Mughals, Iranians, Afghans and Arabs who were welcomed and encouraged to settle down in the area. As a result of these admixtures there has been a cultural mosaic.

Tourism in Bidar District
Tourism in Bidar district will involve visiting a number of places both of historical as well as religious interest and also a tour of the natural beauty of the district. Among the various places of religious interest located here are the Guru Nanak Jhira, the Papnash Shiva temple, the Manik Prabhu temple and the Chidambaram ashram among others. Among the various places of historic interest are the various monuments located here such as the Bidar fort, the Chowbara clock tower, the Barid Shahi tombs, the Chalukyan fort etc. Eco tourism is being popularised in Bidar in a big way, and one of the prime exhibits herein is the Dev Vana or Botanical Gardens.

Visiting Information on Bidar District
By Air: Rajiv Gandhi International Terminal, Begumpet, Hyderabad is Just 120 Kms away from Bidar District Head Quarters. Its just 2 and half hours drive from the airport to Bidar on NH9 till Zaheerabad and a diversion of 28 Kms after Zaheerabad.

By Rail: Rail facility is available from Bengaluru and Hyderabad. One may also take an Express train from Bengaluru to Gulbarga and take a bus from there to Bidar.

By Road: From Bengaluru many Govt Luxury Buses of KSRTC ply daily via Hyderabad, Its 16 hours journey from Bengaluru via Hyderabad on NH 7 and NH 9. It is a 20 hour journey from Bengaluru via Gulbarga and Bellary.

(Last Updated on : 26/04/2013)
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Bidar District, Karnataka - Informative & researched article on Bidar District, Karnataka
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