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National Bravery Awards
National Bravery Awards for children are among the most esteemed civil awards given to children of the country for the acts of bravery.
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 National Bravery AwardsNational Bravery Awards for Indian Children were started in the year 1957 in recognition and honouring the brave acts of courage and heroism exhibited by them. National Bravery Awards are jointly presented by the Government of India and the Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW). The bravery awards are one of the most prestigious civil awards in India. There are a number of different awards given under the National Bravery Awards category and these awards include: The Bharat Award, (incepted in 1987), The Sanjay Chopra Award (incepted in since 1978), The Geeta Chopra Award (incepted in 1978), The Bapu Gaidhani Award (incepted in 1988), The National Bravery Award (incepted in 1957).

24 children below the age of 16 years receive the awards every year and the awards are given on the occasion of Children's Day that is on 14th November. The Government of India incepted the award in the year 1957 and total 756 children have been awarded, so far. Out of these children, 541 are boys and the rest 215 are girls. In the year 2009, 21 children were conferred with the National Bravery Awards.

History of National Bravery Award
National Bravery Awards The National Bravery Award was a brainchild of India's first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, who thought about it on 2nd October, 1957, while watching a performance at Delhi's Ramlila grounds, at the Red Fort. An accident occurred in that programme, when a fire broke out in a 'shamiana', due to a short circuit. A 14 year-old scout, named Harish Chandra reacted bravely at that time and he instantly ripped open the burning shamiana, using his knife. This boy saved hundreds of people who were trapped inside. Pandit Nehru was stunned and inspired with the brave act of that child and he instructed the authorities to constitute an award to honour brave children from all over the country. Action was taken immediately and Harish Chandra became the first one to receive this award on 4th February, 1989. The tradition has continued since then thanks to the efforts of Indian Council for Child Welfare or ICCW and the last award was given in the year 2009. The Government of India has also released a commemorative book titled 'Brave Hearts' in 2001 that features the winners of the 1999 National Bravery Awards. The Geeta Chopra Award and Sanjay Chopra Award were founded in the year 1978 to commemorate the two Chopra kids who died while resisting the attacks of their kidnappers. The Geeta awards and Sanjay awards are granted to girl and boys for their acts of boldness. In 1987, the Bharat Award was established while the Bapu Gaidhani Award was founded in the year 1988.

Selection Process of National Bravery Award
The selection of the National Bravery Awards winners is made from the applications received from different sources like the Central or State Government departments, Panchayats, Zilla Parishad (District Councils), School Authorities and also from the State and Union Territory Councils for child welfare. The Indian Council for Child Welfare constitutes a special committee for the selection of the awardees. However, the applications should be received by the ICCW within 30th September for the perfect eligibility of the candidates for these awards. National Bravery AwardsThe committee comprises representatives from the secretariats of the President and the Vice- President, various Government Ministries and Departments and also representatives from the Central Social Welfare Board, the Indian Police, All India Radio, Doordarshan, etc. Some of the leading NGOs in India like the National Bal Bhavan, SOS Children's villages of India, Ramakrishna Mission, also have their representatives in the committee and the senior ICCW members also share their opinions about the selection.

Ceremony of National Bravery Award
The National Bravery Awards were declared on 14th November, which constitutes the Children's Day. Later the awards were given by the prime minister on the eve of the Republic Day and before this event the President of India holds a reception in the honour of the awardees. Here, the children are permitted to interact with the media. The children awardees take part in the Republic Day Parade on 26th January, which is the Indian Republic Day, Delhi.

Awardees of National Bravery Award
The recipients of the National Bravery Awards get a medal, a certificate and also cash award. The Bharat Awardees receive a gold medal, while the other awardees receive silver medals. The Government of India also provides financial aid to the awardees to complete their schooling, without any hindrances. This financial assistance is given as a part of the sponsorship program of the Indian Council for Child Welfare and the Government of India also help the children to pursue specialized courses like medical and engineering, under the Indira Gandhi Scholarship Scheme. National Bravery AwardsReservation of some seats in Medical and Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics for the winners of the award has also been announced by the Government of India in the year 2009. Some of the recipients of the awards continue to get support from the government, till they complete their graduation.

The names of the award winning children are announced on 14th of November, every year and the children receive the award from the Prime Minister of the country, on a later date. A reception is also organized in their honour by the President of India and they take part in the Republic Day Parade at Rajpath, Delhi, on 26th January, as well.

Bharat Award
Awardees Year
Subhash Kumar 1995
Vardhana 1996
Sunil Singh 2000
Robert Cruiser 2000
Sunil Chand (Rajwar) 2000
Surjeet Singh 2001
Amrik Singh 2001
Chinmay Sharma 2002
Charu Sharma 2002
Shambhavi Ray 2002
C. Vanlalhruaia 2003
Ratul Chandra Rabha 2005
Rituparna Boro 2005
Babita 2007
Amarjeet 2007
Gaurav Singh Saini 2009
Kapil Singh Negi 2011
Tarang Atulbhai Mistry 2012
Kumari Mahika Gupta 2013

Sanjay Chopra Award
Prince Kumar and Ashish Kumar 2000
Rajput Hirani 2001
Moneesh Mohan 2002
Riyaz Ahmed 2003
Harry Chaudhry 2004
Sanmesh Kalyanpur 2005
V Teeja Sai 2006
C V S Durga Dondieswar 2006
Yuktarth Shrivastava 2007
Saumik Mishra 2008
Karan Nishad 2009
Priyanshu Joshi 2010
Om Prakash Yadav 2011
Gajendra Ram 2012
Shubam Santosh Chaudari 2013

Geeta Chopra Award
Heena Bakshi 2000
Prem Kanwar 2001
Guddiben Kalubhai Masher 2002
Ramseena R.M. 2003
Boya Geethanjali 2004
Seidalyne Mawtyllup 2005
Vandana Yadav 2006
Lalrempuii 2007
Prachi Santosh Sen 2008
Maibam Prity Devi 2009
Jismi PM 2010
Mittal Mahendrabhai Patadiya 2011
Renu 2012
Kumari Maleka Singh Tak 2013

Bapu Gaidhani Award
Name Year
Andy Fernandes, Ashwini Kamath, Shruthi Ullal, Sridevi Damodar 2001
Sweety Pandey 2002
Dhanajay Ramrao Ingole 2002
Rinku Burman 2002
Vivek Purkayastha 2003
Asit Ranjal Sama 2003
Lalramdinthara 2003
N. Kandha Kumar 2004
Master Lalthanzawna 2004
Majda alias Babli 2004
Dugi alias Minati 2005
C Susheela 2005
Mahesh Kumar 2005
Asma Ayyub Khan 2006
Sushila Gurjar 2006
Shilpa Janbandhu 2006
Raipalli Vamsi 2007
Boney Singh 2007
Amol Aghi 2007
Asu Kanwar 2008
Kavita Kanwar and Seema Kanwar 2008
Ranu Mishra 2009
Deepak Kumar Kori 2009
Vijith V 2009
Narendrasinh Solanki 2009
Vishnudas K. 2010
Moonis Khan 2010
Ipi Basar 2010
Adithya Gopal 2011
Uma Shankar 2011
Anjali Singh Gautam 2011
Hali Raghunath Baraf 2012
Vijay Kumar Sainik 2012
Akanksha Gaute 2012
Sanjay Navasu Sutar 2013
Akshay Jairam Roj 2013
Kumari Mausmi Kashyap 2013
Aryan Raj Shukla 2013

(Last Updated on : 27/11/2014)
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National Bravery Awards - Informative & researched article on National Bravery Awards
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