Bet Dwarka, Dwarka, Gujarat - Informative & researched article on Bet Dwarka, Dwarka, Gujarat
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Bet Dwarka, Dwarka, Gujarat
Bet Dwarka is mainly known for the ancient pilgrimage and age old legendary temples which were dedicated to lord Krishna. This is a part of the legendary Dwaraka city which went beneath the sea after Lord Krishna left the place.
 Bet Dwarka, Dwarka, GujaratBet Dwarka is a small island located at a distance of 32 kms from Dwarka proper. It is often visited by a number of tourists. This place is mainly known for the legend which declares that Lord Krishna had killed the famous water demon named Shakasur on this island which is located in the Arabian Sea. It is one of the most attractive Beaches of Jamnagar which is never missed by the tourists of Gujarat. As a tourist spot Bet Dwarka can be easily approached through the ferry rides which are organised by the state to take its visitors to the Island. Bet Dwarka is one of the well known pilgrimages of Gujarat which is mainly known for the ancient temples like Ranchodrai temple, Devki temple and the temples which are dedicated to the chief queen of Lord Shri Krishna. The other attractions of the island are Mahaprabhuji Bethak, Bal Hanuman and Shankha Talav. With its legends Bet Dwarka is considered to be a major sight for historical excavations as well.

Bet Dwarka is also known as a major historical site for excavation. This place is famous for a number of legends. It is often believed that the city of Dwarka where Lord Krishna resided flourished gloriously in pre historic days. The place was full of luxurious palaces and other important hyistoricdal sights which sank the moment Lord Krishna left it. Besides its legends the place was one of the major trading centre in Ancient and medieval period which had a fabulous harbour. The place is supposed to continue trade relations with the Mediterranean countries around the Christian era. The old city was taken over by a team of archaeologists who continued some on shore and inter- tidal zonal excavations which helped to excavate some potential sites where large number of antiques was recovered. The excavations brought out a number of coins which would trace trade relations across the Mediterranean and Arabian Sea. These potential sections have been divided into some sections which are named as Bet Dwarka I, II, IV and IX.

The archaeological survey of India has catagorised the findings in two sections. The articles are divided according to the period. Some has been categorized as pre historic which include some seals of conch shell, some inscriptions, copper fish hook and late Harappan potter is along with coins and other trading elements. The present location of Bet Dwarka brought out some more historical objects like a number of stone anchors of different shapes and a number of shipwrecks which trace it to the Roman age. These trace out trade relations with Roman Empire. As such these reveal that Bet Dwarka was a popular trading centre located on the western coast of India.

The Archaeological explorations in bet Dwarka also bring out a large number of data which reveal India's external overseas trade and commerce. This makes India one of the busiest trading centres of fourth and fifth century BC. With these excavated articles the place can be calculated within one of the richest historical sights in India. Effort was also made to establish a Dwarka museum with some tube lights that could provide access to the public and allow them to see the most legendary city beneath the Arabian Sea. Presently the state government of Gujarat has been working on this project which is one of the most exceptional one. If completed this would be one of the most unique museums of India.

Thus Bet Dwarka has been one of the most popular sights which attract the tourists. With the legends of Dwarka city and excavated sites this has been one of the most exciting sites which encourage the cities to visit the area.

(Last Updated on : 29/04/2011)
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Bet Dwarka, Dwarka, Gujarat - Informative & researched article on Bet Dwarka, Dwarka, Gujarat
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