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Meditation Centres in India
Meditation centres in India make people aware of the beneficence of the ancient form of meditation and now it is one of the parts of medical tourism and the leisure tourism in India.
 Meditation Centres in IndiaMeditation centres in India are playing an important role in freeing people from stress and in religious unification through science that was evolved from the early era. The profound philosophies of yoga and the deep spiritualism of meditation are almost synonymous in India and also with the idea of perfect health where the human being is in perfect harmony with his physical, spiritual and mental needs.

What is Meditation?
Meditation is the continuous process of knowing the self whilst journeying towards inner self. The ultimate end of meditation is the destruction of primal ignorance (avidya) and the realization of the inner self and establishment in the essential nature of the Self. . Since the past era India has been distinguished for Meditation and Yoga methodology.

Emergence of Meditation Centres in India
As a result of the popularity of meditation and Yoga in India, many meditation and Yoga centres have mushroomed in India. The centres propagated in India are acclaimed for their distinctiveness in Indian as well as global arena. Some of the famous meditation and yoga destinations, learning centres and ashrams in India are in Haridwar, Rishikesh, Varanasi and Nashik City, Maharashtra.

Mediation and Yoga in Meditation Centres
Meditation and yoga places in India have added on with time but the traditional and original element remains confined to these places only. The aim of these meditation centres is to bring Passion, Truth and Experience to the practitioners and learners with an addition to heal the mental and physical strength and flexibility. With the progression of time and practice of yoga and meditation, the mental and emotional body begins healing itself allowing students to achieve holistic health through natural movement.

Concentration of Meditation Centres in India
The Indian meditation and yoga centres are located in all parts of India. Some of the major meditation centres in Western India are located in Maharashtra, Igatpuri, Nashik, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, Nagpur; Sugata Nagar; Dhule, Pune City, Pune , Aurangabad, Gujrat, Kutch, Ahmedabad, Rajkot , Jaipur, Rajasthan, New Delhi, Kammaspur Village and Karnal at Haryna, Dehradun at Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Sarnath, Shravasti, Lucknow at Uttar Pradesh and Hoshiarpur at Punjab. Some other meditation centres located in Central India are established in Belaghat, Bhopal at Madhya Pradesh. Even some centres are settled in Eastern India, Kolkata at West Bengal; Muzzaffarpur, Bodhgaya in Bihar and Machmara in Tripura. The meditation centres in Southern India include the centres in Hyderabad, Nizamabad, West Godavari, Nagarjunasagar at Andhra Pradesh, Chennai at Tamil Nadu, Bangalore at Karnataka and Chengannur District at Kerala.

Meditation Centres in IndiaYogas Practised in Meditation Centres
Keeping in pace with the theories of the Hindu and Buddhist ways of meditation, the meditation centres aid in the total upliftment of the practitioners whilst promising him a rather holistic growth. The meditation centres in India generally follow some authentic methods of meditation, based on the theories of Kundalini yoga, Sahaja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, and Raja Yoga. Some other yogas and meditation are also practiced in the meditation centres of India like Surat shabd yoga, or "sound and light meditation", Japa Yoga, in which a mantra is repeated aloud or silently, Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of love and devotion, in which the seeker is focused on an object of devotion, Hatha Yoga, in which postures and meditations are aimed at raising the spiritual energy, also known as Kundalini, which rises through energy centres known as chakras.

Buddhist Mode of Mediation in India
Meditation centres in India which are guided by the Buddhist meditation theory are usually concerned with two themes like transforming the mind and also using it to explore it and other phenomena. Most forms of Buddhism discriminate between two classes of meditation practices, viz. 'shamatha' and 'Vipassana' that are essential for attaining enlightenment. The former consists of practices aimed at developing the ability to focus the attention single-pointedly; the latter include practices which are aimed at developing insight and wisdom through seeing the true nature of reality. The 'anapanasati' meditation is said to start off as a 'shamatha' practice but that goes through a number of stages and ends up as a 'vipassana' practice.

Theravada Buddhism in Mediation
Theravada Buddhism emphasises the meditative development of mindfulness and concentration, as part of the Noble Eightfold Path, in the pursuit of Nibbana (Nirvana). Quite ideally therefore the traditional popular meditation subjects of the meditation centres based on the Buddhist meditative process include the breath (anapana) and loving-kindness (metta).

Hindu Mediation in India
Hinduism is thought to have developed out of man's need to find Brahman's (God's) true nature. It is the sheer need of finding the true self whilst uniting it with the Supreme Divinity is the crux of meditation in Hinduism. The meditation centres based on this philosophy supports one to be united with that supreme consciousness amidst meditation techniques like breath control, yoga and through complete relaxation.

Mediation for All
There are some Indian meditation centres which offer meditation classes free of cost and people from all over the world join the camps to enjoy the all pervading beauty and purity of inner soul and mind. There are also some well known meditation centres in all over India that are renowned for their assistance, faculties and process of teaching meditation. Meditation Centres in IndiaThe Sahaja Yoga meditation centres are located in Adilabad District, Ananthapur, Guntakal, Hyderabad, Patancheruvu, Ramachandrapuram, Secunderabad in AndhraPradesh, Patna in Bihar, in Chandigarh and Delhi. In addition to that there are some authentic meditation centres in Dagshai, Dharamshala, Hamirpur, Kullu, Nalagarh, Shimla, Solan District in Himachal Pradesh Ambala, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Hissar, Jagadhari, Karnal, Kurukshetra, Narwana, Palwal, Panchkula, Panipat, Rewari, Rohtak, Sonepat, Yamuna Nagar in Haryana. Other well known centres that have achieved their popularity all over India are situated in Bangalore, Belagum, Dharwar,Kadur, Karkala, Kolar, Mangalore, Mysore, Sedam, Tumkur, Udupi in Karnataka. Badwani, Betul, Bhopal at Madhya Pradesh are the destination of meditation centres. Moreover, a lot of people flocks to attend meditation classes in the meditation centres located in Akola, Amravati, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune in Maharashtra; Amritsar, Jalandhar, Punjab, Ludhiana , Punjab, Moga, Mohali, Pathankot in Punjab; Bharatpur in Rajasthan; Chennai in Tamil Nadu; Ghaziabad, Noida in Uttar Pradesh and Haridwar, Roorkee in Uttaranchal.

(Last Updated on : 30/10/2015)
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Meditation Centres in India - Informative & researched article on Meditation Centres in India
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