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Indian Oil Painting, Indian Paintings
Indian oil painting expresses the consciousness, thoughts and imagination of Indian artists. The oil paintings of India deal with themes including the great epics, myths and legends, etc and thus possessing a great variety.
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 Jhoti Chita
Jhoti Chita is a traditional art of Odisha, which is done with rice paste on walls and floors during puja or ocassions. It is mainly drawn using fingers as well as brush and represents different patterns of religious or spiritual significance.
 Patachitra in West Bengal
Patachitra in West Bengal is a traditional folk art form which is known for its intricate details as well as mythological narratives and folktales.
 Paitkar Painting
Paitkar painting is one of the most popular and ancient paintings in Jharkhand. Paitkar painting is a folk painting found in East India in the form of scrolls.
 Mithila Paintings
Women of the Mithila region of northern Bihar, used to do wall and floor paintings, known as Mithila painting. One famous and very distinct style of Indian art is Mithila Painting or as commonly known, Madhubani painting, discovered by William Archer, a local Collector of a small province in 1934.
 Indian Tribal Paintings
Indian tribal paintings are an integral part of the tribal tradition. It is an art form where life and ingenuity are fused and it can never be separated. It reflects the culture of the people in the most authentic way.
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Indian Oil Painting, Indian Paintings
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