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Museums of Sikkim
Museums of Sikkim are the best way to learn about the history, culture and society of the land. The museums are a window into the majestic past of the land.
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 Namgyal Institute of Tibetology
Namgyal Institute of Tibetology is a world-renowned centre for Buddhist philosophy and religion. The institute has emerged as a major tourist attraction in Gangtok.
 Watson Museum
Watson Museum is located at Jubilee Garden in Rajkot. It happens to be a multipurpose museum exhibiting copies of artifacts belonging from Mohenjo-Daro. It also contains exquisite collection of archeological items, traditional items and coins.
 Shri Chitrapur Math Museum
Shri Chitrapur Math Museum is a storehouse of inscriptions, coins, handicrafts, paintings and many more. The Ratha of Lord Bhavanishankar is an important aspect of the museum.
 National Council of Science Museums (NCSM)
National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) is an autonomous organization under Indian Ministry of Culture. It owns 24 science centers and museums.
 Srikrishna Science Centre
Srikrishna Science Centre is located in Patna, Bihar. It was named after the first Chief Minister of Bihar, Sri Krishna Singh.
style='margin-left:7px;color:#F8280E'>• Nehru Museum of Science and Technology
Nehru Museum of Science and Technology, founded in 1990, is located in Kharagpur, West Bengal.
 Hakim Karam Hussain Museum on History of Medicine and Sciences
Hakim Karam Husain Museum is a division of the Ibn Sina Academy located in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.
 Air Force Museum
The Air Force Museum in Delhi houses the historic photographs, memorabilia, uniforms and personal weapons of the Indian Air Force and is a place of attraction.
 Manipur State Museum
The Manipur State Museum is a reflection of the rich cultural heritage of the state as it displays historic articles related to the tribal history of Manipur.
 Victoria Memorial Hall
Victoria Memorial is a royal museum in Kolkata. It is a reminder of the British Raj in India. The museum houses a section of artefacts, paintings and memorials from the past. This monument was dedicated to the memory of Queen Victoria.
 Libraries in Hyderabad
Libraries in Hyderabad are famous for their large and rare collection of books, magazines, journals and several other documents. Among all the libraries, the most popular ones are State Central Library, Sundarayya Vignana Kendram, British Library and others.
 Assam State Museum
Displaying the rich culture and heritage of the state, the Assam State Museum is an important place in Guwahati.
 Bihar Museum
Bihar Museum is newly opened museum in Patna, the capital city of Bihar. It possesses artefacts related to Vaishali, Gaya and Nalanda.
 Rajon Ki Baoli
The Rajon Ki Baoli is a stepwell in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park of Delhi.
 National Science Centre
One of the largest science centres in Asia, the National Science Centre is an epitome of India’s scientific vision.
 Government Museum of Chennai
Government Museum of Chennai has a good collection of paintings and sculptures, both traditional and modern.
 National Gallery of Modern Art
The National Gallery of Modern Art depicts the social issues vividly through the silent expression of art.
 Museums in Delhi
Museums of Delhi bear the grandeur and majesty of India and display unique specimens from across the country.
 Indian Museum
Indian Museum at Kolkata is a versatile and multi disciplinary institution of national importance.
 Zonal Anthropological Museum
The Zonal Anthropological Museum at Shillong is a storehouse of cultural and physical anthropology.
 Bengal Natural History Museum
Bengal Natural History Museum of Darjeeling kindles a visitor’s interest about the marvellous world of the flora and fauna.
 Indian Science Museums
Science and technology have always been an integral part of Indian culture. The science museums preserve India’s scientific heritage while showcasing it to the common people.
 Sir William Jones
Sir William Jones is the founder of the Asiatic Society who had a deep interest in the literary works of the orient. For this purpose he set up the Asiatic society in order to explore and analyse as well as to preserve and propagate oriental work and culture.
 Aina Mahal
Aina Mahal is one of the supreme examples of Indo-Saracenic architecture constructed ever in India. It is the heavenly establishment of Ramsingh Malam.
 Dolls Museum
Dolls Museum is one of the important museums of Jaipur. It has an extensive range of attractive dolls.
 Museums of Karnataka
Museums in Karnataka with their plethora of collection bring out the glory of Karnataka. These are the storehouse of manuscripts, sculptures, statues, art and everything that is related to Karnataka.
 Kerala Science and Technology Museum
Kerala Science and Technology Museum is located in Kerala. It is a source of information about various developments in the field of science and technology.
 David Sassoon Library
David Sassoon Library was named after a businessman, David Sassoon and it was funded by this gentleman. The library was established for delivering lectures and technical education to adults.
 CIMAP Museum
CIMAP Museum at Lucknow is the leading institute in the field of Botanical research in the country. The full name of Plant Museum is Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Museum.
 Birbal Savitri Sahni Memorial Museum
Birbal Savitri Sahni Memorial Museum is a science museum situated at Birbal Sahni Marg in Lucknow.
 World Heritage Monuments in the South India
South India has the highest number of world heritage structure in India.
 Royal Gallery
Royal Gallery of Victoria Memorial Hall replete with oil-paintings, which are imitations of the works of illustrious British and Indian painters.
 Indian State Museums
Indian State Museums mainly represent and preserve the rich cultural heritage of their respective states. India is well known as a culturally rich country all over the world and is also renowned for large number of museums that it houses.
 Indian Libraries
Indian libraries have mingled with modern technology to provide information to people at a faster rate.
 Indian Museums
The various types of museums in India are the Indian art museums and galleries, Indian archeological museums, Indian historical museums and Indian science museums.
 Chandigarh Museums
Museums of Chandigarh are the most-visited tourist attractions where one can have a glimpse of the rich past of the city as well as India.
 Museums of Uttar Pradesh
Museums of Uttar Pradesh are the storehouses of a range of primitive art and architecture.
 Libraries in West Bengal
Libraries in West Bengal are literary organizations which possess unique manuscripts, books, magazines and other documents. They are visited by students, intellectuals, historians and all kinds of book lovers, residing in this state.
 Museums of South India
Museums of South India deal with the Museums of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Lakshadweep and Puducherry.
 History of Victoria Memorial Hall
History of Victoria Memorial Hall began after its erection in modern era, when India was under the rule of British Government in India.
 Museums in Haryana
Museums in Haryana are the major storehouses of the excavated evidences of the ancient civilization of the state.
 Libraries in Tamil Nadu
Libraries in Tamil Nadu provide reading materials of all possible disciplines to the users of all age and choices.
 Museums of Bihar
Museums of Bihar are the icons of ancient art and sculpture of India. The different museums of Bihar with their collections and aura illustrate the cultural legacy of the state. They also show the ancient history of India.
 Libraries of South India
Libraries of South India are significant sources of wisdom and knowledge.
 Libraries of West India
Libraries of West India deal with libraries like the Krishnadas Shama Goa State Central Library, British Council Library, Maharashtra Mitra Mandal Library, Daman District Library, Doorstep Library and many other libraries.
 Libraries in Kerala
Libraries in Kerala present a vast knowledge base to the people of the state, encompassing all disciplines. The state also hosts the first public library of India namely, State Central Library.
 Libraries in Karnataka
Libraries in Karnataka contain innumerable books, ancient manuscripts and various journals. They are famous sources of learning and wisdom for the students.
 Libraries of North India
Libraries of North India consists of Panjab Digital Library, State Central Library and many other libraries which cater to the education and research among the populace.
 Museums of Odisha
Museums of Odisha mirror the ancient tradition and rich cultural heritage of the state and its people.
 Museums of Puducherry
Museums of Puducherry venerate the glorious past of the union territory through its collections.
 Libraries of East India
Libraries of East India includes with the libraries like National Library, Maulana Azad Library, Vivekananda Library and many other libraries.
 Museums in West Bengal
Museums in West Bengal uphold national heritage and promote international understanding.
 Libraries in Uttar Pradesh
Libraries in Uttar Pradesh are the repertoires of books, manuscripts, journals, magazines and many other reading materials which illuminate the socio-cultural heritage of the country. The state also hosts the largest library of India, Maulana Azad Library.
 Museums of Tamil Nadu
The different Museums of Tamil Nadu amidst their rare collections exhibit the glory of the bygone era of the state.
 Museums of Punjab
Museums of Punjab are places of great importance for knowing the rich tradition and culture of the state.
 Libraries in Goa
Libraries in Goa are the repertoires of books encompassing every sphere of knowledge. These offer an exquisite collection of references, journals, research materials and books to the readers of the state.
 Museums of Mizoram
Museums of Mizoram stand as the insignias of the glorious past and archeological wonders of the state.
 Museums of Meghalaya
Museums of Meghalaya offer an insight into the tradition and culture of the state and its people.
 Libraries in Chennai
Libraries in Chennai offer knowledge and insight in all possible streams like history, science, literature, astrology, etc.
 Museums of Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Museums of Andaman and Nicobar Islands mirror the glorious tradition and culture of the ancient period of these islands.
 Libraries in Gujarat
Libraries in Gujarat are mostly state-owned institutions which boast of rare manuscripts, books, journals, magazines, newspapers and various literary documents.
 Museums in Uttarakhand
Museums of Uttarakhand are the most common ways to peep into the culture, history and archaeological treasures of the state.
 Museums of Manipur
Museums in Manipur display artifacts relating to the ancient archaeological excavations and Indian freedom struggle.
 Museums of Maharashtra
Museums of Maharashtra display antiquities and provide a glimpse into its history.
 Museums of Madhya Pradesh
Museums of Madhya Pradesh exhibit a very rare collection of items of archaeological and cultural significance.
 Museum of Nagaland
The museums of Nagaland aim to preserve the rich cultural and historical heritage of the state.
 Himachal Pradesh Museums
Himachal Pradesh Museums illustrate the rich cultural heritage and ethnicity of the state.
 Indian Archaeological Museums
Indian Archaeological Museums are famous worldwide for their wonderful collection of archaeological elements. They represent the national and cultural heritage of ancient India.
 Museums of Kerala
The different types of museums in Kerala will familiarize a person with the glorious past of the state.
 Museums of Assam
The museums of Assam aids in preserving the rich heritage of the state.
 Museum of Tripura
The museum of Tripura has preserved the glorious details of the past of the state.
 Museums of Gujarat
The museums of Gujarat represent the glorious art and culture of that state.
 Wax Museums in India
Wax Museums in India are storehouses of the wax statues of the famous personalities of India as well as the world.
 Museums of Rajasthan
Museums of Rajasthan are primarily found inside old palaces and forts, depicting the glorious history of the state.
 Museums of Goa
The different museums of Goa play a significant role in preserving its magnificent art forms.
 Museums of Andhra Pradesh
The various museums of Andhra Pradesh stand as the insignias of the glorious past and archeological wonders.
 Anthropological Museum
Anthropological Museum is located in the Indian state of Assam. The authentic ancient items preserved in this museum can broadly be classified as archeological objects, anthropological objects, ethnographic and prehistoric objects.
 Amar Mahal Museum and Library
Amar Mahal Museum and Library is located in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. This museum was inaugurated on 13th of April, 1975 by the then Prime Minister of India namely, Indira Gandhi. It is a treasure house of over 20000 books and several art forms of India.
 Museums of Jammu and Kashmir
Museums of Jammu and Kashmir stand as treasure trove of its society and culture. Some of the present museums of Jammu and Kashmir were earlier the palaces of emperors.
 Museums of Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village
The Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village located in Manipal in Karnataka has a number of museums and galleries preserving ancient items of historical significance.
 Places of Historical Importance in Halebidu
Halebidu is a temple -town located in the Indian state of Karnataka. The city of Halebidu is known to be the regal capital of the Hoysala Empire in the 12th -13th century. Presently, Halebidu is a famous tourist spot in the district of Hassan.
 Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum
The Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum houses some of the rare Hindu scriptures of the primitive period of India.
 Local Antiquities Museum
Local Antiquities Museum is located in the ancient district of Chitradurga in Karnataka. It was built in the year 1951. Chitradurga becomes the representation of ancient Indian history through local antiquities preserved in this museum.
 City Palace Museum
City Palace Museum in Udaipur houses artifacts that belong to the Rajput royal households.
 Kite Museum
Kite Museum located in Ahmedabad in Gujarat is one of its kinds in India and famous for its collection of kites.
 Nardah Museum
The Nardah Museum was established in the year 1974 and stands as a multi-purpose museum in Bihar.
 Rani Durgawati Museum
Rani Durgawati Museum located in Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh is the repository of various types of archaeological objects.
 Vikram Kirti Mandir
Vikram Kirti Mandir located in Ujjian is the treasure house of archaeological objects.
 Rastrakavi Govinda Pai Sanshodhana Kendra
Rastrakavi Govinda Pai Sanshodhana Kendra is located in the Indian state of Karnataka and today acts as a centre for post doctoral research. As an archaeological museum this Kendra is a storehouse of abandoned remnants in stone, metal and wood.
 Folklore Museum
The Folklore Museum is located in Mysore in Karnataka and is a storehouse of folk art and crafts. It was established in the year 1968.
 Sashwathi Museum
The Sashwathi Museum nestled in Bengaluru, Karnataka is a treasure house of ancient objects.
 Krishnapuram Palace Museum
The 18th century Krishnapuram Palace is a fascinating paradigm of the architecture of Kerala.
 Teak Museum
Teak Museum in Kerala is the first of its kind in India that deals in various aspects of the teak tree. The museum provides knowledge about teak growing and nurturing methods.
 Odisha State Museum
Odisha State Museum in Bhubaneswar has an exclusive collection of manuscripts.
 Mizoram State Museum
The Mizoram State Museum nestled at Aizwal exhibits different archaeological objects, musical instruments, etc.
 Kutch Museum
Artistically sited on the banks of the beautiful Hamirsar Lake, it is the oldest museum of Gujarat called the Kutch Museum.
 Keladi Museum
Established in 1960, this museum is a show house of manuscripts, paintings, historical records and many others.
 Patna Museum
Established in the year 1917, Patna Museum is one of the famous museums of India.
 Bharatiya Nritaya Kala Mandir
Bhartiya Nritya Kala Mandir, situated at Chajju Bagh, Patna, contains various types of elements of arts and crafts.
 State Museum at Bhopal
State Museum of Bhopal represents the rich cultural heritage of Madhya Pradesh.
 Archaeological Museum at Gwalior
The Archaeological Museum contains a huge collection of sculptures, which represents the development of sculptural art in India.
 Asutosh Museum of Indian Art
Asutosh Museum of Indian Art stimulates an art-lover’s affinity towards Indian art, located in Calcutta University.
 Regional Science Centre at Bhopal
The Regional Science Center is specially designed for students and children.
 Birla Industrial & Technological Museum
Birla Industrial & Technological Museum is situated in Kolkata which displays some of the best models in scientific development. It also offers the students with the practical sessions during summer and winter vacation.
 Arakkal Museum
Arakkal Museum is a part of the Arakkal Palace in Kerala, which served as the residence of the only ruling Muslim royal family of the state. The museum houses credible artefacts relating to the Arakkal dynasty and showcases splendid architecture.
 Archaeological Museum at Khajuraho
The Archaeological Museum at Khajuraho is a treasure-trove of Indian sculptures.
 Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum
Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum of Raipur is a multipurpose museum.
 Bharathiar Memorial Museum cum Research Centre
The Bharathiar Memorial Museum cum Research Centre at Puducherry is a standing embodiment celebrating the literary genius of the great Tamil poet, "Mahakavi" Bharathiyar.
 Jawahar Toy Museum
Jawahar Toy Museum is a top notch attraction in the serene town of Puducherry, particularly for children.
 Zonal Anthropological Museum
Zonal Anthropological Museum of the Anthropological Survey of India is located at Port Blair in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, known for exhibiting some pre-historic articles that define the lifestyle of the tribal people who inhabited the islands.
 Government Museum of Karnataka
Government Museum of Karnataka is a museum with the collection of the arts and artefacts of Nayaka Dynasty.
 Shree Chhatrapati Shahu Museum
Shree Chhatrapati Shahu Museum is a museum in Kolhpur in Maharashtra constructed in 1877 with the collection of Maratha era artefacts and a zoo with deer and swans.
 Puducherry Museum
Puducherry Museum is a treasure vault of different historical objects of Puducherry and the other parts of India.
 Archaeological Museum of Vaishali
Archaeological Museum of Vaishali has a huge collection of terracotta, seals and sealing, beads of semi-precious stones. This museum is one of the cynosures of Bihar tourism.
 Botanical Survey of India
The Botanical Survey of India (BSI) is an institution set up by the Government of India in 1890 to survey the plant resources of the Indian empire.
 Nalanda University Archaeological Complex
Nalanda University Archaeological Complex is an archaeological institution in Bihar possessing the artefacts that were found during the excavation.
 Nalanda Archaeological Museum
Nalanda Archaeological Museum contains different types of elements related to Buddhist and Bramhanical faith. It possesses artefacts related to Gautama Buddha and the Gupta Empire in India.
 Allahabad Public Library
Allahabad Public Library is in Allahabad; Uttar Pradesh that attracts numerous researchers, as this library is famous for maintaining the documents related to Indian Freedom Movement.
 Allahabad Museum
Allahabad Museum is the centre of attraction in Allahabad, where the glorious history of the state and India is portrayed through the collections.
 Birla Academy of Art and Culture Museum
Birla Academy of Art and Culture Museum, Kolkata, gives one an intriguing insight into the opulence of art and culture.
 Kolkata Tram Museum
Kolkata Tram Museum is also known as "Smaranika", picturing the history of tram operation in Kolkata and the history of Kolkata- the City of Joy.
 Chitradurga Fort
Chitradurga Fort of Karnataka is a spectacular monument that bears testimony to India’s glorious past.
 Museums of Hyderabad
Museums of Hyderabad deals with a number of museums preserving the properties of Nizams and the Mughals that were brought from different countries
 Archaeological Museum and Portrait Gallery
Archaeological Museum and Portrait Gallery, established in 1964, consists of three wings displaying an array of sculptures, portraits and other artefacts of early Goa.
 Bhuri Singh Museum
Bhuri Singh Museum is the storehouse of Chamba`s rich cultural heritage.
 Goa State Museum
Goa State Museum has a huge collection of over 8000 articles.
 Himachal State Museum
Nestled at Shimla, the Himachal State Museum holds the rich cultural heritage of Shimla.
 Institute Menezes Braganza
Institute Menezes Braganza contains various types of paintings and other works of the Portuguese period.
 Loka Sangraha
Loka Sangraha of Bhimtal has a huge collection of multipurpose objects.
 Museum of Christian Art
The Museum of Christian Art is the treasure house of church art and craft of the Portuguese period.
 Museums and Galleries In North Goa
The museum and galleries of North Goa aids in showcasing the rich heritage of the place to the flocking tourists.
 Museums of Arunachal Pradesh
The different museums of Arunachal Pradesh with their varied and valuable collection showcase the historical saga.
 Victoria Jubilee Museum
The black granite statue of Lord Buddha, and His limestone figure draws the special attention in Victoria Jubilee Museum
 TTD Museum
The multipurpose Ttd Museum is located at Tirupati housing several stone sculptures, woodcarvings, paintings & many more
 State Museum
Oldest museum of Hyderabad, originally known as the `Hyderabad Museum`, the A.P. State Museum is a heritage in itself.
 Jagdish And Kamila Mittal Museum Of Indian Art
A true effort to preserve the Indian cultural art is seen in the Jagdish & Kamla Mittal Museum Of Indian Art,Hyderabad.
 Archaeological Museum, Amravati, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
Located in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, it is rich in its collection of art, paintings and sculptures.
 Nizam’s Museum
Nizam’s Museum located in Telangana houses the artefacts and gifts received by the seventh and last Nizam of Hyderabad, the late Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan.
 B. M. Birla Science Museum
B. M. Birla Science Museum is a modern museum built in independent India by the Birla Industries.
 Museums of Telangana
Museums of Telangana includes the different museums like Nizam Museum, City Museum of Hyderabad, Salar Jung Museum and the Brila Science Museum.
 Indraprastha Museum of Art and Archaeology
Awesome antiquity rules at the Indraprastha Museum of Art and Archaeology, New Delhi.
 Archaeological Museum, Delhi
Archaeological Museum, Delhi, retains the glory of India`s rich heritage.
 Salar Jung Museum
Salar Jung Museum is situated on the banks of the Musi river in the heart of Hyderabad, which is now located in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
 Mother’s Wax Museum India
Mother’s Wax Museum India is the wax museum, situated in Kolkata, where one can see the wax statutes of famous national personalities.
 National Rail Transport Museum
National Rail Transport Museum, New Delhi, showcases a rare collection of rail vehicles-parts.
 National Police Museum
National Police Museum, New Delhi, attests the crime-curbing caliber of Indian Police.
 National Museum of Natural History
National Museum of Natural History, in Delhi, propagates the mantra of environmental awareness.
 Museum of National Archives
Museum of National Archives, New Delhi, immortalizes history in its invaluable repertory of documents.
 Craft Museum
Encouraging the antiquity and the novelty of Indian crafts, was the mission of the Crafts Museum, Delhi.
 Archaeological Museum, New Delhi
Archaeological Museum at Purana Qila of Delhi, resurrects the past heritage before the viewer .
 Shankar`s International Dolls Museum
Shankar`s International Dolls Museum, Delhi, is a dream destination for doll-loving children.
 National Museum
National Museum was formally inaugurated by the Governor General of India, Shri R.C. Rajagopalachari.
 University Museum of Himalayan Archaeology and Ethnography
University Museum of Himalayan Archaeology and Ethnography has unique collection of archaeological elements.
 Tripura Government Museum in Agartala
Tripura Government Museum in Agartala stands as a true effort in storing the excavated and archaeological items.
 State Museum at Kohima
Different aspects of the Naga tribal life are presented in the State Museum at Kohima, Nagaland.
 Peoples` Museum
This museum is a treasure house of different musical instruments, pottery, clothes, etc.
 Museum Of Fine Arts at Chandigarh
Museum of fine arts, located at Chandigarh showcases various types of Indian contemporary painting.
 Manipur University Museum at Canchipur
The Manipur University Museum at Canchipur is a rich house of ancient articles of Manipur.
 Kashmir Museum
The rich past of the Jammu and Kashmir is echoed amidst the collections of the various museums of Jammu and Kashmir.
 Kanchenjunga Museum
Kanchenjunga Museum showcases different components of mountaineering.
 Herbarium & Museum
Herbarium & Museum of Chandigarh has unique collection of Botanical specimens.
 Government Museum & Art Gallery
Government Museum and Art Gallery is one of the famous multidimensional museums of India.
 Botany Department
Botany Department of Punjab University contains various types of plant materials.
 Vrindaban Research Institute
Vrindaban Research Institute is famous for its manuscript collection.
 University Museum
University Museum of Sardar Patel University is repository of miscellaneous objetcs.
 Regional Science Centre
Regional Science Center contains different types of science models.
 Rani Laxmi Bai Palace and Collection of Sculptures
Rani Laxmi Bai Palace is a treasure-trove of sculptures.
 Rajkiya Baudh Sangrahalaya
Rajkiya Baudh Sangrahalaya exhibits miscellaneous elements.
 Prabhas Patan Museum
Prabhas Patan Museum, established in the year 1951, is mainly an archaeological museum.
 Pharmacology Geology Museum of L.L.R.M. Medical College
The department of Pharmacology, Meerut contains several biological and non-biological elements.
 Museum of National Botanical Research Institute
The museum of National Botanical Research Institute of Lucknow is famous for its collection of Botanical objects.
 Maharaja Banaras Vidya Mandir Museum
Maharaja Banaras Vidya Mandir Museum contains different types of objects collected mostly from Varanasi
 Madosa College Museum
Madosa College Museum is the storehouse of archaeological objects.
 Lok Kala Sangrahalaya
Lok Kala Sangrahalaya contains different types of art works.
 Kacchchh Museum
Kacchchh Museum of Bhuj is a multipurpose museum.
 Gujarat Museum Society
The Gujarat Museum Society is the storehouse of miscellaneous elements.
 Government Museum
Government Museum of Jhansi holds the rich cultural legacy of Jhansi.
 Ganganath Jha Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha Museum
Ganganath Jha Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha Museum houses several manuscripts in different languages.
 District Science center
District Science center is the famous science museum of Gujarat.
 Arts And Crafts Museum
The Arts and Crafts Museum has an outstanding collection of art works.
 Museums in Kutch
Museums in Kutch include Aina Mahal, Kutch Museum and Bharatiya Sanskruti Darshan.
 State Museum and Zoo
The State Museum and Zoo is a heritage in itself for its various collection of art and animals.
 Regional Science Centre and Planetarium
The items related to science, technology and planetarium are the main exhibits of this center.
 Pazhassi Raja Aarchaeological Museum
This museum located in the East Hill, Calicut is a majestic archaeological museum.
 Pareekshith Thapura Museum
The Pareekshith Thapura Museum at Ernakulam in Kerala is a fascinating archaeological museum .
 Natural History Museum
The Natural History Museum at Thruvananthapuram in Kerala exhibits the illustrations of the local fauna.
 Munnar Tea Museum
Munnar Tea Museum located in Kerala was established by the Tata Company. The museum displays artefacts and information about the evolution and growth of tea plantations in Munnar.
 Koyikkal Palace
Dating back to the 15th century, the Koyikkal Palace is a treasure house of folklore and numismatics.
 Department of Anatomy Museum
The medical Museum of Department of Anatomy, located at Lucknow contains mounted and dissected specimens of human body.
 Commerce Museum
Commerce Museum, Gorakhpur is an educational museum under the Commerce Department of Gorakhpur University.
 Art Museum
The Art Museum at Thirvananthpuram is an old museum housing different articles like art, craft, images, etc.
 Art Gallery and Krishna Menon Museum
The Art Gallery and Krishna Menon Museum is a unique museum in the name of Mr. Menon, the great India leader.
 Archaeological Museum , Cochin, Kerala
The Archaeological Museum at Ernakulam in the state of Kerala is a major site of attraction for historians, scholars.
 Archaeological Museum, Badami, Karnataka
Known by ancient names Vatapi, Vadavi, Badami is exquisitely interesting for the Archaeological Museum.
 Archaeological Museum at Thrissur
The Archaeological Museum at Thrissur in Kerala is a famous museum and a wonder in its collections of murals and relics.
 Zonal Anthropological Museum
Zonal Anthropological Museum is the storehouse of various objects of Tribal people.
 Theosophical Society Museum
The Theosophical Society Museum at Chennai in Tamil Nadu is a religious museum with valuable objects for display.
 The Central Museum at Indore
The Central Museum of Indore is the repository of archaeological museum.
 Tamil University Museum
The important museum of Thanjavur is the Tamil University Museum. It is a storehouse of valuable objects of the past.
 Sri Vasavi College History Museum
The Sri Vasavi College History Museum at Erode in Tamil Nadu exhibits the rare manuscripts, coins, etc.
 Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple Museum
This museum at Srirangam in Tamil Nadu is a show house of old manuscripts, ivory idols, icons and a lot more.
 Scindia Oriental Research Institute
Scindia Oriental Research Institute has a huge and rare collection of manuscripts.
 Saraswati Mahal Museum
The Saraswati Mahal Museum at Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu recalls the ancient past with its valuable collections.
 Royal Palace Museum
The Royal Palace Museum at Thanjavur is a multipurpose museum displaying objects like textiles, photo, oil paintings.
 Regional Railway Museum
Regional Railway Museum is a railway museum in Chennai that was constructed in the year 2002. The museum displays many artefacts and models representing the Indian Railways.
 National Telecom Museum
National Telecom Museum is famous for its unique collection of telecommunication equipments.
 Jammu & Kashmir Rifles
Jammu & Kashmir Rifles of Jabalpur contains different types army objects.
 Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya
National Museum of Man is unique museum of India, which concentrates on communities rather than objects.
 H. H Maharaja Jiwaji Rao Scindia Museum
H.H. Maharaja Jiwaji Rao Scindia Museum is the repository of miscellaneous objects.
 Birla Museum
Birla Museum represents the glorious cultural and historical heritage of Madhya Pradesh.
 Bharat Bhawan
Bharat Bhawan is one of the famous centers for the performing and visual arts of India.
 Sanchi Archaeological Museum , Madhya Pradesh
It was established in 1919 atop a hill and the majority of the objects and beautiful sculptures as old as 2000 years.
 Ramalingavilas Palace Museum
The Ramalingavilas Palace Museum at Ramanathapuram in Tamil Nadu is a museum exhibiting objects like glass paintings.
 Padmanabhapuram Palace at Thuckalai
The Padmanabhapuram Palace at Thuckalai in Tamil stores objects of the ancient history of Tamil Nadu .
 Marine Biology Museum
The Marine Biology Museum at Parangipettai in Tamil Nadu is a show house of marine organisms.
 K. Sreenivasan Art Gallery & Textile Museum
The K. Sreenivasan Art Gallery & Textile Museum at Coimbatore is famous for its numeral original paintings, sculptures
 Government Museum, Sivaganga
The Government Museum at Sivaganga in Tamil Nadu is built in order to store objects of art, archaeology, anthropology.
 Government Museum at Vellore
The Government Museum at Vellore in Tamil Nadu is showcase of famous archaeological, anthropological.
 Government Museum at Udhagamandalam
The Government Museum at Udhagamandalam in the state of Tamil Nadu exhibits different objects of art, archaeology etc.
 Government Museum at Tiruvayur
The Government Museum at Tiruvayur in Tamil Nadu is a storehouse of objects of art, archaeology, anthropology etc.
 Government Museum at Tirunelveli
The Government Museum at Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu stores historical objects of art, archaeology, anthropology, etc.
 Government Museum at Tiruchirapalli
For the storing the objects of anthropology, numismatics, zoology, the Government Museum at Tiruchirapali is established
 Government Museum at Salem
The Government Museum at Salem in Tamil Nadu is a storehouse of archaeology, anthropology, numismatics and a lot more.
 Government Museum at Pudukkottai
The Government Museum at Pudukkottai in Tamil Nadu is built to store objects like art, botany, epigraphy and many more.
 Government Museum at Madurai
The Government Museum at Madurai in Tamil Nadu houses objects of art, archaeology, anthropology.
 Government Museum at Krishnagiri
The Government Museum at Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu is a multipurpose museum built to store objects of art, archaeology.
 Government Museum at Kanyakumari
The Government Museum at Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu is a multipurpose museum housing art, archaeology, anthropology.
 Government Museum at Cuddalore
The Government Museum at Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu is a multipurpose museum built to store objects of art, archaeology.
 Government Museum at Coimbatore
The Government Museum at Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu is a multipurpose museum founded to exhibit objects of the ancientpast
 Government Museum at Chennai
The Government Museum at Chennai, Tamil Nadu is a multipurpose museum with a variety of collections in it.
 Gass Forest Museum at Coimbatore
The Gass Forest Museum at Coimbatore in the state of Tamil Nadu is a forest museum exhibiting forestry, wildlife, etc.
 Fort St. George Museum at Chennai
known as the multipurpose museum, the Fort St. George Museum at Chennai exhibits objects like arms, uniform, medals.
 District Science Centre
District Science Centre is a unique institution in the district of Tirunelveli whose main objective is to infuse scientific temper in the minds of general human beings.
 State Museum
State museum which showcases the culture and life of the tribal people of Bihar is situated at the Tribal Research Institute building at Morabadi. It houses prehistoric implements, stone sculptures, terracotta, numismatics etc.
 Sundarayya Vignana Kendram
Sundarayya Vignana Kendram of Hyderabad is a famous Library founded by a Voluntary trust in memory of late Shri Sri Putchalapalli Sundarayya, a renowned freedom fighter.
 State Central Library
State Central Library is located in Hyderabad. It is the abode of more that 500000 old books.
 Sri Krishna Devaraya Andhra Bhasha Nilayam
Sri Krishna Devaraya Andhra Bahasha Nilayam is an oldest library in Andhra Pradesh.
 Tipu Sultan Museum at Srirangapatna
The great historical museum exhibiting the possessions of Tipu Sultan is what treasured in the Tipu Sultan Museum .
 Gandhi Memorial Museum, Madurai
Gandhi Memorial Museum situated in Madurai shelters the rare belongings of Mahatma Gandhi.
 Archaeological Museum at Lothal
Archaeological museum has a huge collection of archaeological objects recovered from the ruin Harappan town of Lothal.
 Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum
Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum is the treasure house of different types of art works.
 Museums in Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad is home to some legendary museums, housing a collection of prized collection.
 Museum and Picture Gallery
The Museum and Picture Gallery of Vadodara is the right place for the art lovers.
 Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum
Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum is one of the informative tourist destinations of Gujarat and a treasure-trove for booklovers
 Darbar Hall Museum
Darbar Hall Museum is the treasure house of royal collection of the Junagadh Nawabs.
 Nehru Children`s Museum
Nehru Children`s Museum is a place of imagination and a dream world for children.
 Indian Historical Museums
Indian historical museums are preserving historical evidences and also educating people about India`s rich historical.
 Uttarpara Jaykrishna Public Library
Uttarpara Jaykrishna Public Library, West Bengal has been declared a Group A library by the State Government of West Bengal and was once visited by luminary personalities and contains about 45, 000 ancient books of the 17th and 19th centuries and much more.
 North Bengal State Library
North Bengal State Library, West Bengal boasts of numerable ancient manuscripts, 75, 000 books and is enriched with a rich history of about 125 years, being an important cultural heritage of Cooch Behar.
 Saraswathi Mahal Library
Saraswathi Mahal Library, Tamil Nadu is said to be one of the oldest libraries of Asia and possesses 39, 300 manuscripts and over 60, 000 volumes of books. The State Government of Tamil Nadu owns it since 1918.
 Mahakavi Bharathi Memorial Library
Mahakavi Bharathi Memorial Library, in Tamil Nadu, was established in the memory of Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathi, who delivered his last public speech here. It is a repository of vast collection of books encompassing all subjects
 Daniel Poor Memorial Library
Daniel Poor Memorial Library, in Tamil Nadu, is the central library of The American College. It is also famed as the place where gender activist Gopi Shankar penned the first Tamil book on Genderqueer.
 State Central Library
State Central Library, Kerala is the most ancient library in India which is home to over 709 books in English, Malayalam and other languages and it was erected during 1829 AD.
 Goa State Central Library
Goa State Central Library, in Goa, claims to be the first public library of India established during Portuguese rule. Apart from being the treasure house of knowledge, it has special sections for children and visually challenged people.
 Kerala Library Association
Kerala Library Association, Kerala was erected during 1971 for ensuring the provision of improved library sciences and enhancing the professional etiquettes of various local librarians through different events and programmes.
 Sayaji Vaibhav Public Library Navsari
Sayaji Vaibhav Public Library Navsari, Gujarat is one of the biggest libraries of Gujarat which has been the recipient of the Late Amin Library Award five times and possesses 88, 000 books in various languages.
 Oriental Research Institute
Oriental Research Institute, Karnataka was built during 1891 upon the orders of the king of Mysore, Chamarajendra Wadiyar X and possesses over 33, 000 ancient manuscripts besides a number of other books.
 Hazrat Peer Mohammad Shah Library
Hazrat Peer Mohammad Shah Library, Gujarat is one of the oldest libraries of India and its unique collection of manuscripts and ancient books can be attributed to the Sufi saint named Hazrat Peer Mohammad Shah.
 Desasevini Grameena Vayanasala
Desasevini Grameena Vayanasala, in Kerala, serves as an information base for the people of Puliyanam region. The library receives government grant which helps in the enrichment of its collection every year.
 Edayar Grameena Vayanasala
Edayar Grameena Vayanasala, in Kerala, is a great knowledge centre for the people of Edayar region. Constant addition to the existing collection and cultural events in the library has made it an important part of the society.
 Bookworm Children`s Library
Bookworm Children`s Library, Goa is a children friendly library which arranges regular workshops, programmes for inspiring children to practise reading.
 Nehru Memorial Museum and Library
Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi was established during 1964 after the death of Jawaharlal Nehru and is enriched with various kinds of books and private papers of B.C. Roy, Sarojini Naidu, Jayaprakash Narayan and others.
 Libraries in Bengaluru
Libraries in Bengaluru, Karnataka, provide great reading materials to the knowledge seekers and others in quest of enriching leisure time. They house a great and unique collection of books, manuscripts, journals and magazines and other literatures.
 Dr Francisco Luis Gomes District Library
Dr Francisco Luis Gomes District Library, in Goa, provides information services, encompassing all disciplines, to the people of the state. The library has been divided into various sections for the convenience of the users.
 Libraries in Delhi
Libraries in Delhi are the hub of knowledge and serve the people belonging to all ages and sections of the society. Apart from proving an enriching literature they also host cultural events and discussions during various occasions.
 Libraries in Kolkata
Libraries in Kolkata, West Bengal, are the treasure house of knowledge encompassing all possible disciplines. They house a number of rich and rare collections of books, manuscripts, journals and many other reading materials.
 Anna Centenary Library
Anna Centenary Library, in Tamil Nadu, is a Government owned library and is one of the largest in Asia. It is also the first library in Asia which has been awarded the LEED NC Gold rating from IGBC.
 Collections of Rampur Raza Library
Collections of Rampur Raza Library comprises a plethora of rare manuscripts, historical paintings and unique publications and make a world of knowledge easily accessible to the people.
 Libraries in Mumbai
Libraries in Mumbai, Maharashtra include the various libraries of this part of the country which contain innumerable books, periodicals, etc. as well as an online book reading service which issues paperback editions of books to its readers.
 Vintage Collection of Classic Car Museum
Vintage Collection of Classic Car Museum, in Rajasthan, is a paradise for car loves with its astonishing collection of splendid vintage cars. The luxurious possessions of Maharajas of Udaipur along with some new additions form an exclusive assortment of automobiles in the museum.
 Rampur Raza Library
Rampur Raza Library in Uttar Pradesh is a treasure house of rare manuscripts, plethora of multilingual books and beautiful miniature paintings.
 Sayaji Rao Gaekwad Library
Sayaji Rao Gaekwad Library is the main library of Banaras Hindu University, having a huge collection of books including some of the rarest ones. Over years many personal and family collections have been donated to the library to add to its collection.
 Sir Arthur Cotton Museum
Sir Arthur Cotton Museum, in Andhra Pradesh, exhibits the construction model of Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage and other testaments of advanced engineering skills. Built in the memory of the great engineer, the museum forms an excellent site of educational tour, especially for engineering students.
 Tulsi Archaeological Museum, Satna, Madhya Pradesh
Tulsi Archaeological Museum mainly houses archaeological objects.
 State Archaeological Museum, Kolkata, West Bengal
Cultural, Architectural and Archaeological possessions of West Bengal are displayed in the State Archaeological Museum.
 District Archaeological Museum, Chhattisgarh
District Archaeological Museum in Chhattisgarh was in the year 1988 by the state government. The museum reflects the rich tradition and culture of the district.
 District Archaeological Museum, Nizamabad District, Andhra Pradesh
District archaeological museum in Nizamabad district is a storehouse of valuable items belonging to different eras in history; the exhibits are divided into archaeological, decorative and bronze and decorative gallery.
 District Archaeological Museum, Rewa, Madhya Pradesh
District Archaeological Museum contains several archaeological objetcs, collected from nearby region.
 District Archaeological Museum, Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh
District Archaeological Museum of Vidisa is a treasure trove of archaeological objects.
 District Archaeological Museum, Mahboobnagar, Andhra Pradesh
This Museum, Mahboobnagar preserves the prehistoric artifacts,contemporary arts and a lot more for historians & visitors
 District Archaeological Museum, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh
It is a well-maintained museum with ancient artifacts, painting, sculptures and a lot more .
 Archaeological Museum, Chandragiri, Andhra Pradesh
The Archaeological Museum of Chandragiri, Andhra Pradesh is famous for its bronze statues and historical figures.
 Archaeological Museum, Medak, Andhra Pradesh
Located at Kondapur, it is a storehouse of terracotta figurines, beads, potteries and coins of the Satavahana Period.
 Archaeological Museum, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
Nagarjunakonda Archaeological Museum of Guntur, is a storehouse of artifacts, sculptures, inscriptions and antiquities.
 Archaeological Museum, Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Archaeological Museum, Hoshiarpur contains several excavated items of Hoshiarpur and surrounding region.
 Archaeological Museum , Kamalapur
The Archaeological Museum at Kamalpur in Karnataka is a saga of ancient past.
These museums comprise of National and regional museums, whereby every Indian region includes atleast 50 of them.
 Gurusaday Museum
Gurusaday Museum exhibits the unique rural and folk traditions of the country. The rich collection of Gurusaday Dutt is now the museum under the maintenance Bengal Bratachari Society.
 National Rail Museum
National Rail Museum at New Delhi is a well known Museum that concerns itself with the heritage of rail and anything and everything that is related to Railway.
 Indian Art Museums and Galleries
Indian art museums and galleries are the treasure houses that preserve the rich heritage of Indian art and culture.
 Government Oriental Manuscripts Library
It is one of the world`s largest and best manuscript libraries, established in 1867.
 Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum
Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum of Rajasthan has exquisitely preserved and displayed the rich cultural heritage of the bygone eras. Different section of the museums exhibit varied artefacts which constitute some of the rarest collections unfolding the history of Bikaner.
 Museums in South Goa District
Museums in South Goa district are reputable historical buildings which contain numerous masterpieces of Christian art, sculpture, terracotta artefacts and much more.
 Vadodara Museum and Picture Gallery
Vadodara museum and picture gallery, in Gujarat, is famed for housing the most unique and exclusive collections and art, sculpture and many other artefacts. A blue whale skeleton and an Egyptian mummy are the two major attractions of the museum.
 Mehrauli Archaeological Park
Mehrauli Archaeological Park is situated in Delhi and comprises some historical structures like Tomb of Balban, Quli Khan’s tomb, Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb, Rajon Ki Bauli and others.
 Maharaja Chhatrasal Museum
Maharaja Chhatrasal Museum is housed in the Palace of Maharaja Chhatrasal, Madhya Pradesh. Artefacts belonging to different dynasties, which ruled over this region, have been displayed in the museum.
 Museum of Sabarna Roy Chowdhury
Museum of Sabarna Roy Chowdhury comprises various historical objects like ancient metalware, candle stands and also the famous `Kabilatipatras`.
 Government Museum of India
Government Museums of India deals with the museums which are aided by the Central and State Government.
 Shri Bhavani Museum and Library
Shri Bhavani Museum and Library abounds in a plethora of enchanting statues, sculptures, sacred texts, weapons & so on.
 Museums of Central India
Museums of Central India deals with the museums of Madhya Pradesh. Some of the prominent museums of Madhya Pradesh are Sanchi Archaeological Museum, Bharat Bhawan, Aoc Corps Museum and many other museums.
 Museums of North India
Museums of North India consists of Puratatva Chenta Sangh, Shri Chandra Mani Kashyap Museum, Bhuri Singh Museum and many other museums.
 Museums of West India
Museums of West India includes the Indian States like Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat and Rajasthan.
 Museums of East India
Museums of East India are preserving the rich heritage of Indian states of the eastern region.
 Sardar Vallabhai Patel Museum
Sardar Vallabhai Patel Museum is an exposition centre and museum in Gujarat, which has been constructed in the memory of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.
 Albert Hall
Albert Hall located in Jaipur is also known as Government Central Museum. It was designed by Samuel Swinton Jacob and houses antiquities like miniature paintings, royal portraits etc.
 Bharat Kala Bhavan
Bharat Kala Bhavan is situated in within the campus of the Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi. It is an art and architecture museum that houses 100,000 miniature paintings and has many galleries.
 Vangiya Sahitya Parishad
Vangiya Sahitya Parishad is a literary society in West Bengal founded by L Leotard and Kshetrapal Chakraborty in the year 1893.
 Museums in Jodhpur
The museums in Jodhpur are the pivotal source to know more about the royal people and their lifestyle.
 Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery
A show house of an abundant of exquisite paintings and artifacts is the Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery at Mysore.
 Tribal Cultural Research And Training Institute
This is an interesting anthropological institute that embodies the materials used by the tribals of Andhra Pradesh.
 Science City
Science City, Kolkata illuminates perfectly an eager learner in quest for scientific knowledge.
 Indian War Memorial Museum
The Indian War Memorial Museum, in Red Fort, of New Delhi, commemorates the valiant sons of the soil.
 Sarnath Museum
Sarnath Museum was created at the initiative of Sir John Marshall the then Director General of Archaeology.
 Museum of Kerala History
Museum of Kerala History is a famous museum in Kerala that has different departments exhibiting beautiful paintings and sculptures, Art Gallery and a doll museum.
 Revi Karuna Karan Memorial Museum
Revi Karuna Karan Memorial Museum located in Kerala is dedicated to Revi Karuna Karan who had devoted immensely for the growth of the coir industry.
 Priyadarshini Museum
Priyadarshini Museum located in Kerala houses a variety of advanced equipments and projectors. The spectators here are shown various aspects of the universe from a close angle.
 Maritime Museum Cochin
Maritime Museum Cochin highlights about the valour of the Indian Navy. Various artefacts stored in the museum reflect about the glory and achievements of the Indian navy over the years.
 Indo Portuguese Museum
Indo Portuguese Museum located in Kerala highlights about the strong influence of the Portuguese rulers in the region. The museum attracts many tourists.
 Submarine Museum
Submarine Museum located in Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh is the first submarine in the whole of Asia to be converted into a museum. It is of Russian origin and serves as a popular tourist spot.
 Mumbai Natural History Society
Mumbai Natural History Society is an organization that disseminates the mantra of natural conservation. It mainly nurtures nature and its resources.
 History of Asiatic Society
History of Asiatic Society reveals patient and persistent efforts being made towards the upkeep and development of the Society. It was through the efforts of Sir William Jones that the Society was set up and slowly acquired followers and supporters who gradually gave the society an organisational structure as well as propagated the works in India and abroad.
 Library of Asiatic Society
Library of Asiatic Society contains an impressive collection of old works and manuscripts. Most of the works contained in the library are gifts from members and well-wishers.
 Asiatic Society
Asiatic Society has done much towards the preservation of Indian archaeological and literary works. The Society, currently housing a Library and Museum, was set up by Sir William Jones in 1784.
 Museums of Jaipur
Museums of Jaipur is a repository of preserving the imperial artifacts like paintings, jewelry etc.
 Survey Museum
Survey Museum of Roorke boasts off old and modern surveying equipments.
 Government Archaeological and Educational Museum
Government Archaeological and Educational Museum, located at Uttaar Pradesh is the repository of archaeological objects.
 Government Educational Museum
Government Educational Museum of Muzaffarnagar contains various types of objects including paintings, terracotta etc.
 Museum of College of Arts and Crafts
Museum of College of Arts and Crafts, of Lucknow is the treasure house of various art forms.
 Museum Of Pathology
Museum of Pathology, located at Meerut is the storehouse of various pathological objects.
 Museum Of Pathology
Museum Of Pathology of Lucknow is mainly an educational museum consists of several objects related to pathology.
 Pd. Govind Ballabh Pant Government Museum
Pd. Govind Ballabh Pant Government Museum is the treasure house of art works and archaeological objects.
 Zoology Museum
Zoology Museum of Muzaffarnagar houses rare collection of Zoological objects.
 Zoological Museum
Zoological Museum of Gorakhpur contains different Zoological elements.
 Zonal Museum
Zonal Museum of Dehradun exhibits anthropological elements of the North Western India.
 War Museum
The War Museum of Ranikhet exhibits various army materials.
 Garhwali Museum
The Garhwali Museum showcases various types of elements used by the Garhwal Regiment.
 Social and Preventive Medicine Museum
Social and Preventive Medicine Museum is a medical museum.
 Ram Katha Sangrahalaya
Ram Katha Sangrahalaya is a multi purpose museum.
 Rajpur Regimental Museum
Rajpur Regimental Museum is an army museum.
 Mahatma Gandhi Hindi Sangrahalaya
Mahatma Gandhi Hindi Sangrahalaya has a huge collection of archaeological objects.
 Janpadiya Sangrahalaya
Janpadiya Sangrahalaya of Sultanpur is a storehouse of archaeological objects.
 Group Museum And Archives
Group museum and archives of Roorkee is an army museum.
 Rahul Sangrahalaya
Rahul Sangrahalay of Gorakhpur houses several types of archaeological objects.
 Government Educational Museum
Government Educational Museum, located at Bulandshaha is an educational museum.
 National Council Of Science Museums
National Council Of Science Museumsof Gwalior provides basic knowledge of science to the common people of the locality.
 Aoc Corps Museum
Aoc Corps Museum of Jabalpur contains various types of army elements.
 Madhvarao Sapre Smiriti Samachar Patra Sangrahalaya And Research Institute
Madhvarao Sapre Smiriti Samachar Patra Sangrahalaya is the storehouse of newspapers, magazines and research papers.
 State Museum
State Museum of Dhubela Nowganj is the storehouse of archaeological objects.
 Municipal Museum
Municipal Museum of Gwalior is a Multi Purpose Museum.
 Hari Singh Gaur Archaeological Museum
Hari Singh Gaur Archaeological Museum is the storehouse of rare archaeological elements.
 AEC Museum
AEC Museum of Panchmari contains various types of army materials.
 Vechaar Utensils Museum
Vechaar Utensils Museum generates curiosity among the tourists for its uniqueness.
 Tribal Museum
Tribal Museum, Ahmedabad shows different aspects of tribal life Of Gujarat and surrounding region.
 Shri Girbharbhai Sangrahalaya
Shri Girbharbhai Sangrahalaya, located at Amreli is mainly a children museum.
 Museum Of Antiguities
Museum of Antiguities is the storehouse of archaeological objects.
 Lady Wilson museum
Lady Wilson museum of Dhrampur contains miscellaneous objects from all over India.
 Barton Museum
Barton Museum of Bhavnagar mainly possesses different types of archaeological objects.
 Zoology Museum at Chandigarh
Zoology Museum is an educational museum, which contains different types of Zoological objects
 Bishnu Museum
The city of Shillong boasts the Bishnu Museum with accumulation of the objects related to army.
 Thangjing Museum at Bishnupur
A religious museum, The Thangjing Museum at Bishnupur, Manipur is a storehouse of clothes of Lord Thangjing .
 Police Museum at Imphal
As the name suggests, this museum stores articles related to the Police Department of India.
 Orient Museum at Tamenglong
Established in 1985, the Orient Museum at Tamenglong in Manipur is a renowned place of interest for historians, scholars
 Mutta Museum at Imphal
The Mutta Museum at Imphal contains famous painting of Shri Bhadra and a variety of other rare collections.
 Medical Museums at Lamphel
As the name suggests, this museum exhibits items of the departments of Anatomy, Eye and various others.
 Children`s Museum Cum Doll House at Imphal
The Children`s Museum Cum Doll House at Imphal in Manipur exhibits beautiful dolls of different states.
 Biological Museum at Imphal
The Biological Museum at Imphal in Manipur exhibits the rare specimens like the horns of sangai, found only in Manipur.
 Anthropological Musuem at Canchipur
The Anthropological Museum at Canchipur in Manipur is a storehouse of weaving implements, tribal costumes and many more.
 Agriculture Museum at Imphal
Besides being a paradise of natural beauty, Imphal is a storehouse of agricultural items in its Agriculture Museum.
 Maratha Lirc museum
The Maratha Lirc museum at Belgaum, is an army museum housing articles related to the military department.
 Sita Ram Upadhyay Museum
Sita Ram Upadhyay Museum, located at the Buxar Quila, contains miscellaneous objects.
 Sikh Regimental Centre
The Sikh Regimental center is an army museum, which contains different types of army elements.
 Maharaja Lakshmishwar Singh Museum
Maharaja Lakshmishwar Singh Museum houses various elements, which were mostly contributed by Darbhanga royal family.
 Diwan Bahadur Rakhakrishna Jalan Museum
Established at Quila House in Patna, the Diwan Bahadur Rakhakrishna Jalan Museum is a famous multi purpose museum.
 Gaya Museum
Situated at the campus of Gaya District Board the Gaya Museum is the storehouse of archaeological objects.
 Chapra Sangrahalaya
located inside Dhai Aakhar Bhawan at Chappra , the Chapra Sangrahalaya houses various types archaeological objects.
 Channdradhai Museum
Chandradhai Museum contains mainly the personal collection of Babu Chandradhai Singh.
 Chandrashekhar Singh Museum
Chandrashekhar Singh Museum is a multi purpose museum, situated at Jamui in Bihar.
 Biharsarif Sangrahalaya
Nestled at the district of Nalanda, Bihar, Biharsarif Sangrahalaya has huge collection miscellaneous objects.
 Bhagalpur Museum
Bhagalpur Museum exhibits miscellaneous objects including sculptures, terracotta and arms.
 Museum Of Veterinary Science
The Museum of Veterinary Science, has rare collection of Specimens of Veterinary Science.
 Regional Science Centre
Regional Science Center is a science museum for children located in Guwahati.
 District Museum at Sonitpur
The District Museum, Sonitpur is an archaeological Museum.
 District Museum at Mangaldai
The District museum of Mangaldai is a multipurpose museum.
 District Museum at Barpeta
located at the Barpeta district in Assam, the District Museum is famous for its rare collection of cultural objects.
 Shreemanthi Bai Memorial Government Museum
Established in the year 1960, this museum is a storehouse of the objects of the ancient past.
 Museum of Art and Archaeology
The lush city of Mysore is a treasure house of the archaeological museum like the Museum of Art and Archaeology.
 Museum Department of Forensic Medicines
The Museum Department of Forensic Medicines at Mysore in Karnataka displays objects related to the medicines
 Museum Department of Anatomy
The Museum Department of Anatomy at Mysore, Karnataka is a place of interest for medical practitioners.
 Mahatma Gandhi Museum
The Mahatma Gandhi Museum at Mangalore, Karnataka exhibits educational items.
 Madras Sappers Museum and Archives
The Madras Sappers Museum and Archives at Bangalore in Karnataka exhibit items related to the army.
 Kittur Rani Channamma Memorial Government Museum
This Government Museum is a showcase of art and archaeological items.
 Kannada Research Institute at Dharwad-3
This Institute embodies objects of historical importance like inscriptions, copper plates, sculptures and many others.
 Janapada Loka in Karnataka
The true effort of Mr. H.L. Nage Gowda is the Janapada Loka in Karnataka.
 Government Museum at Fort Madikeri
The Government Museum at Fort Madikeri is a legend of the ancient objects of Madikeri and its allied areas.
 Government District Museum at Shimoga
With an abundant of natural beauty, the Government District Museum at Shimoga, is rich in its historical elements.
 Archaeological Museum at Helibid
The Archaeological Museum at Helibid in Karnataka exhibits idols, coins, copper inscriptions and a lot more.
 Archaeological Museum at Kamalapur
Different archaeological items like gold, miniature paintings, metal objects, enrich the possessions of the Museum.
 Anthropological Museum
The Anthropological Museum at Mysore, Karnataka, is a central attraction of tourists.
 Shree Moolam Shastyabdapurti Memorial Institute
This museum is a storehouse of the objects of arts and crafts of the ancient Kerala.
 Science Activity Corner, Sirsa
Science Activity Corner, located at Sirsa is a science museum.
 Sri Krishna Museum
Sri Krishna Museum located at Kurukshetra, contains different types of artworks related to God Krishna.
 Museum of Folk and Tribal Art
Museum of Folk and Tribal Art is the treasure trove of Folk, Tribal & ethnic Art.
 Haryana Prantiya Puratatva Sangarhalaya
Haryana Prantiya Puratatva Sangarhalaya contains different types of archaeological elements.
 Raja Serfoji II Memorial Hall
The multipurpose museum Raja Serfoji II Memorial Hall at Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu is an interesting museum.
 Raja Raja Cholan Museum
The Raja Raja Cholan Museum at Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu is an archaeological museum.
 Marine Museum of Mandapam
This museum located in the state of Tamil Nadu, showcases the varied marine objects.
 Madras Regiment War Museum
The Madras Regiment War Museum, Wellington (Nilgiris) in Tamil Nadu exhibits objects related to army and war.
 Kalaimagal Meenakshisundram Archaeological Learning & Research Centre
The Kalaimagal meenakshisundram Archaeological Learning & Research Centre at Erode in Tamil Nadu is an exquisite store.
 Government Museum at Erode
The Government Museum at Erode in Tamil Nadu is a multipurpose museum, which showcases art, archaeology, anthropology .
 The Department of Ancient History and Archaeology
The Department of Ancient History and Archaeology in Chennai, Tamil Nadu is an archaeological museum housing antiquities
 Department of Anatomy Museum at Vellore
The Department of Anatomy Museum at Vellore in Tamil Nadu is a well-known museum of anatomy.
 Central Sikh Museum
Central Sikh Museum, Amritsar contains several elements of Sikh history.
 Archaeology Site Museum
Archaeology Site Museum at Fatehgarh Sahib contains the excavated materials from Sanghol.
 Archaeological Museum, Ropar
Archaeological Museum, Ropar houses different types of archaeological items of Harappan civilization.
 Chacha Nehru Gyan Pushp
Chacha Nehru Gyan Pushp, Aligarh contains various types of i subjects like history, biology and geography.
 D N Majumdar Museum
D N Majumdar Museum, Lucknow is an ethnographic Museum.
 Geology Museum of Lucknow University
The Department of Geology is the storehouse of various geological elements.
 Botany Museum
The Botany Museum, Gorakhpur contains numerous species of plants, which are very important for Botanical research.
 Dr. Raj Bali Randey Puratatva and Kala Sangrahalaya
Dr. Raj Bali Randey Puratatva Sangrahalaya, Deoria is the storehouse of different types of archaeological elements.
 Ethnological Museum
Ethnological Museum has rare collection of Ethnographic elements of North India.
 Department of Zoology
Department of Zoology of Lucknow University is famous for its rare zoological collection.
 Crafts Museum
Located at Uttar Pradesh, the crafts museum Lucknow is the storehouse of Indian traditional art.
 National Handicrafts and Handloom Museum
National Handicrafts and Handloom Museum, New Delhi, glorifies our rich heritage of handicrafts and handlooms.
 National Children`s Museum
The ecstatic children`s education is the goal of the National Children`s Museum, New Delhi.
 Aitihasic Puratatva Sangrahalaya
Aitihasic Puratatva Sangrahalaya, New Delhi, focuses on the Indus Valley Civilization.
 Anthropology Department Museum
The Anthropology Department Museum, in Delhi University, has scaled anthropology to new heights .
 Archaeological Museum at Bodhgaya
Archaeological Museum, Bodhgaya contains the elements related to Buddhist religion.
 Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum
The Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum at Bangalore is a notable pride of India.
 State Museum
The State Museum of Lucknow is famous for its miscellaneous collection.
 Museums of Berhampur
The museums of Berhampur preserve all the antics and also attract a large number of tourists.
 Museums of Jaisalmer city
The various museums of Jaisalmer city stand as the insignias of the glorious past of the Jaisalmer city.
 Calcutta Gallery
The concept Calcutta Gallery blossomed under the guiding forces of Dr. Ashin Dasgupta and Dr. Barun De
 Karnataka Government Museum and Venkatappa Art Gallery
The blend of the ancient and the modern in different forms of ancient objects and art can be observed here.
 Government Museum at Hassan
The Government Museum at Hassan is an archaeological museum housing different kinds of object from the whole of Karnatak
 District Museum
The historical items displayed in the District Museum, Gulbarga in Karnataka deepens the cultural past.
 Site Museum
The Site Museum, situated in the City of (Hyderabad is a storehouse of various items like paintings,weapons,manuscripts.
 Sri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum
Sri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum, Satara , exhibits the awesome grandeur of the royal Maratha kingdom.
 Archaeological Museum at Bijapur
The Archaeological Museum at Bijapur in Karnataka is a storehouse of the antiquities of Adil Shahi.
 Archaeological Museum of Aihole
Established in 1970, the Archaeological Museum of Aihole, Karnataka houses six galleries .
 Shri Chandra Mani Kashyap Museum
Shri Chandra Mani Kashyap Museum, Mandi contains different types of archaeological elements.
 District Museum
District Museum of Baragarh has rare collection of Stone sculptures,coins, palm-leaf manuscripts and musical instruments
 Branch Museum
Branch Museum, located in Cuttack contains various types of ancient art of the region.
 Puratatva Chenta sangh
Puratatva Chenta Sangh of Mandi contains 6,000 rare archeological photographs.
 Yeleswaram Pavilion
The historical artifacts unearthed from the excavations at Yeleswaram and other archaeological sites are preserved here.
 Salar Jung Museum
The wonder of Hyderabad, the Salar Jung Museum is an Institution of National Importance in India.
 Sri K.S.R. District Archaeological Museum
The Museum keeps a collection of ancient sculptures, paintings, bidri ware, etc, to relish the flavor of Indian past.
 Rallabandi Subbarao Government Museum
The Rallabandi Subbarao Government Museum, Rajahmundry is a tribute in itself focusing at the sturdy cultural past.
 Health Museum
The museum to portray the effects of deadly diseases and the procedure of health improvement through placards & snaps.
 Gandhi Centenary Museum
The Gandhi Centenary Museum, Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh exhibits items of ancient history like arms, weapons & sculpture
 Bhagwan Mahavir Museum
Located in the district of Guntur, the Museum is a place of interest for historians, researchers & visitors.
 Dhenkanal Science Centre
Dhenkanal Science Center disseminates basic knowledge of science among children and common people of the locality.
 Archaeological Site Museum
Nestled in the district of Andhra Pradesh, it embodies several sculptures, inscriptions arms and weapons.
 A.S.P. Govt Museum And Research Institute
It is an archaeological museum that houses the Palm leaf manuscripts, sculptures and paintings.
 Anatomy Museum
Located in the Andhra Medical College, The Anatomy Museum, Vizag is a place to view the human anatomy.
 State Archives Of West Bengal
Located in the Bhowani Dutta Lane, Kolkata,it is a treasure house of British, Persian, Bengali and several other records
 Prince of Wales, Museum
Artifacts of ancient India as well as Nepal and Tibet, enrich the repertory of the Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai .
 Raja Dinker Kelkar Museum
It is the fabulous repertory of myriad objects, gathered by the enthusiastic collector, Dr. Dinker Kelkar .
 Mahatma Phule Vastu Sangrahalaya
Mahatma Phule Vastu Sangrahalaya, Pune , reveals multiple items related to our lives and environment.
 Zonal Anthropological Museum
Zonal Anthropological Museum enriches visitors with knowledge of anthropology.
 Sangali State Museum
The Sangali State Museum, Sangli, attests the artistic repertory that India boasts of.
 Heras Institute of Indian History and Culture
Heras Institute of Indian History and Culture, Mumbai has spread the Indian essence, everywhere.
 Nehru Science Center
Nehru Science Center, Mumbai, is a core organization of scientific pursuits in India.
 Berhampur Branch Museum
Berhampur Branch Museum, located at Ganjam represents the art and culture of Orissa.
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