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Indian Metal Craft
Indian Metal Craft consists of items made of metal like iron, copper, silver, bronze and gold. This is an ancient craft that dates back to the period of Indus Valley civilization. The craft has evolved with time under the influence of several dynasties that ruled India.
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 Enamel work in India
Enamel Craft in India is best seen in Jaipur in the state of Rajasthan along with few other places too. Enamels of Jaipur in Rajputana rank are of unparalleled artistic perfection that enjoys popularity worldwide.
Dhokra art is one of the earliest known methods of non-ferrous metal casting known to human civilization.
 Jute crafts
Jute craft in India is an established form of art that represents the craftsmanship of Indian artisans. Besides gifting the country a host of decorative and utility items, Jute is also a means of livelihood for several craftsmen in different parts of India.
 Metal Craft of Kerala
Metal Craft of Kerala is an integral part of the life stream of culture of Kerala. Among the exclusive metal crafts of the state, Brass and Bell metal works stand out reflecting the extraordinary skills of its master craftsmen. Lamps of most artistic beauty are made by Kerala craftsmen.
 Lace Craft in India
Lace Handicraft in India has been introduced very recently. Lace Handicraft is found in some specific parts of India like Chennai, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab. This craft has already taken the textile industry by storm is also becoming popular in home decorative items.
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Indian Metal Craft
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