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Religious Festivals of Western India, Indian Festivals
Religious Festivals of Western India depict the religiosity associated with western India. The religious festivals of western India are numerous and wide and confirm to the Indian cultural scenario.
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 Jammu and Kashmir Temple Festivals
Jammu and Kashmir temple festivals are closely knitted with north Indian culture and tradition. The state celebrates many religious occasions in complete fervor. These temple festivals now represent a part of the culture and tradition of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
 Uttar Pradesh Temple Festivals
Uttar Pradesh Temple Festivals include almost all national festivals along with some of the regional festivals of north India. this state celebrates each festival with great fervor mirroring the cultural and social unity of the people.
 Hindu Festivals
Hindu festivals are observed according to the lunar and solar calendars. These are festivals that are celebrated throughout the year. They are region specific and bear different names.
 Chhattisgarh Temple Festivals
Chhattisgarh temple festivals are some of the spectacular events in the state, participated by all age groups. These festivals not only reflect the culture of the natives but also mirror social harmony among people in this state.
 Mizoram Temple Festivals
Mizoram temple festivals, influenced by tribal rituals reflect the aboriginal culture of the state. Majority of festivals are focused on agricultural harvest and are celebrated with dance, family get together and grand feats.
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Religious Festivals of Western India, Indian Festivals
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