Indian Shrubs - Informative & researched article on Indian Shrubs
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Indian Shrubs
Indian shrubs are of diverse kinds and they attach multiplicity to the flora of the country and they grow in almost all soil types.
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 Indian shrubs are extensively available in a variety of categories that add multiplicity to the flora of the country. The best small Indian shrubs generally have flowers and attractive leaves in spring or summer seasons. In autumn, the shrubs produce berries in reds, yellow or gold. For winter, woody Indian shrubs are considered ideal for the addition of shape and texture to an otherwise bare yard. Indian shrubs are the semi-woody or woody perennial plants. Some of the Indian shrubs are little prostrate that are considered as excellent ground flowers. Usually the branches of the shrubs arise from the base growing up to 3 to 4 m of height. Flowers alone are not enough to make a great garden, thus shrubs fill up the empty spaces making the look of the garden complete. Several small shrubs, mainly those with flower like lilacs, hydrangeas and crab-apples are regarded as the spine of the landscape similar to that of the trees.

Indian Shrubs Types of Indian Shrubs
Indian Shrubs offer a wide range of colour, shape, size and adaptability. A shrub, like a tree, may be grown as a focus of attention in a lawn or rockery, surrounded by a mass of annuals, or in herbaceous border. Azalea, Buddleia, Camelia, Gardenia, Hydrangea are some of the popular Indian shrubs. Shrubs may be grown collectively in a corner called the shrubbery or the shrub border. Shrubs like azaleas and rhododendron can be grown in a mass for grand effect. The shrubs may be either evergreen or deciduous. They may be foliage shrubs with very attractive leaves. A carpet annual like Tagetes Signata Pumila or Mesembryanthemum grown as a border of the shrubbery lends it a mass appeal; Lilies and other bulbous plants can also be grown intermixed with the shrubs. An evergreen low creeping plant like Pilea Mucosa under a shrub breaks its aloofness.

Currently, the popular trend is not to separate flowers in their own garden beds, but to plant a mixed border; small flowering trees and shrubs are planted along with the flowers to make a pleasing arrangement that looks good in all the seasons. Interestingly, trees and shrubs do not need much maintenance, if chosen carefully; they can be the easiest-care plants. Some of the Indian shrubs make attractive standards, like Bougainvillea, Byra and Hibiscus.

The moisture, soil and sunlight requirements of the chosen shrub should match the conditions in the yard. For example, woody plants that grow best in moist situations will do poorly in dry soil areas if they never get watered. Thus, popular Indian shrubs create a lovely and composite picture in the gardens. Red Bell Bush, Golden Shower, Purple Wreath, Moonbeam, Poinsettia, Yellow Oleander, Brilliant Gardenia, Gardenia, Hibiscus Shrub, Ixora Shrub, Golden Dewdrops, Peacock Flower, Golden Champak, Rangoon Creeper, Allamanda, Camphire Shrub, Moonbeam, Railway Creeper, Purple Wreath, Brilliant Gardenia and Lantana Shrub are some of the most common Indian shrubs.

Indian shrubs are of various kinds and they attach diversity to the flora of the nation. Indian shrubs generally grow in almost all types of soil found in the country.

(Last Updated on : 14/12/2012)
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Indian Shrubs - Informative & researched article on Indian Shrubs
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