Ramprasad Sen, Bengali Author - Informative & researched article on Ramprasad Sen, Bengali Author
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Ramprasad Sen, Bengali Author
Ramprasad Sen was a Shakta poet. His poems are known as Ramprasadi poems which are still popular in the state of West Bengal.
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 Ramprasad Sen, Bengali AuthorThe stories written by Ramprasad typically include legends and myths mixed judiciously with biographical details. He was born into a Tantric family in Halisahar in North Kolkata. He became a disciple of Agamavisha who was a Tantric scholar and yogi who was well known for his devotional songs and eventually became the court poet for the king Krishna Chandra of Nadia. His literary works include Vidyasundar, Kali-kirtana, Krishna-kirtana and Shaktigiti.

Although he impressed everyone with his intellectual abilities from an early age, he hardly showed any interest in taking up the family profession of Ayurveda or any profession, for that matter. His increasing otherworldliness and interest in spiritual practices worried his parents, who were afraid he would renounce the world. To head off that possibility, his parents married their meditative son to a beautiful young girl. He had learned Sanskrit grammar, literature, Persian and Hindi. At the age of twenty two he was married off to a girl named Sarvani. He devoted most of his time to sadhana.

Soon after the marriage, Ramprasad's father died, leaving the family in poverty. As the oldest son, the responsibility fell on Ramprasad to provide for the entire family. Despite his bright mind, Ramprasad struggled to find employment.

He created a new compositional form that combined the Bengali folk style of Baul music along with classical melodies and kirtan, the new style that was rooted in Bengali culture. Ramakrishna Roy Choudhury of the family had inherited spritual influence from his ancestors like Kamdev Brahmachari and he too worshipped Goddess Kali. He created the Panchabati and engaged himself in meditation. He became one of the renowned spritual figures of his time and was honoured much by the people of Bengal. The place where he worshipped came to be known as Ramakrishna Dham.

After his death, his daughter-in-law (eldest son's wife) Subhadra Devi requested Ramprasad to stay at Ramakrishna Dham and carry on the worship of the Goddess. She also wished to donate the land in favour of Ramprasad. Ramprasad also deeply influenced by Ramakrishna's devotion wished to meditate at the holy place and was highly pleased to accept the proposal. He thanked Suvadra Devi for giving him such an honour.

Later on circumstances forced him to move to Kolkata and work as an accountant in the household of Durga Charan Mitra. Durga Charan Mitra was moved by his piety and literary skill and sent him to his village and compose songs for Kali. The Maharaja Krishna Chandra of Nadia appointed Ramprasad as his court poet. Ramprasad dedicated his book Vidyasundar ("Beautiful Knowledge") to the Maharaja. He gave him the title Kaviranjana ("Entertainer of poets").

Ramprasad Sen is one of the notable figures of the Bhakti movement in Bengal in the eighteenth century. He popularized the Bhakti Shakta tradition and Shyama Sangeet. His literary works include Vidyasundar, Kali-kirtana and Shaktigiti. Kali-kirtana is a compilation of lyric and narrative poetry that describes the early life of Uma. Vidyasundar is written in a narrative style that tells the traditional love story of Vidya and Sundara. In Shaktigiti he expresses his deepest feelings and love for Goddess Kali.

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Ramprasad Sen, Bengali Author - Informative & researched article on Ramprasad Sen, Bengali Author
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