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Festivals of Assam , India
Assam is full of colors and diversities which is well reflected in the chain of festivals like Bihu,Baishagu,Rongker etc
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 Festivals of Assam , IndiaAssam the eastern most state of the Indian subcontinent is full of colors and diversities, which is well reflected in the chain of festivals of different tribes throughout the year. It seems as if the locals of the state of Assam momentarily forget their tough lives and cross the threshold to come together with festive abandon. The perfect fusion of rich glory of the ancient heritage and spirituality of the tribes and sub tribes has made the state of Assam the home of a long procession of the most colorful festivals which are full of passion, compelling, mesmerizing, reflecting the true secular spirit, tradition and lifestyle of the people. The specific aim behind the celebration of these festivals is to bring all the people together who might otherwise be scattered in far-flung villages. A spirit of accommodation and togetherness characterizes the celebration of all festivals.

Religious Festivals
Bihu Festival
Bihu is the most awaited festival in the state of Assam. The major festival of Assam is Bihu, which is celebrated, in three different forms in three different times of the year, viz Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu in April, Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu in January and Kati Bihu or Kongali Bihu in the months of October/November.

Rajini Gabra and Harni Gabra
Festivals of Assam , India This festival is the most special and the much-awaited festival for the colorful Dimasa tribe. It is in fact regarded as a socio-religious festival and is generally observed as an introductory festival before the starting of a new cultivation. The festive celebration of the Rajini Gabra is done during the daytime. The village headmen also known as the ‘Kunang’ propitiates the family deity by closing the gate of the village on the date of worship. On the same night in a warm and cordial function called ‘Harni Gabra’ the presiding deity is worshipped for the welfare of the people.

The festival of Baishagu is generally celebrated by the Bodo Kachadis during mid-April. It is in fact the most cherished festival of the Bodo tribe. The Bodo tribe celebrates this festival in the season of spring at the advent of the New Year. This festival is devoted to Lord Shiva or ‘Bathou’ as he is worshipped during this festival with utmost devotion and offerings of chicken and rice beer are made.

Rongker and Chomangkan
Festivals of Assam , India The two most important festivals of the Kabris, an indigenous tribe of the Karbi Analong are Rongker and Chomangkan. The former one is a springtime festival and is performed at the beginning of the year, in the month of April. This festival also embodies various shades of merriment and is observed to propitiate different deities both male and female for the well being of the entire village. The main reason for celebrating this festival is to make the people free from the diseases and natural calamities throughout the year and also seek the blessings for bounteous yield of crops. The women-folk are not allowed to enter the premises of the worship during this auspicious festival. The latter one is a festival desiccated to the dead. It can be redefined as a death ceremony. This is nonstop four days and four nights celebration and demands participation from every Karbi.

The festival of Majuli is held on the bank of the River Luit in the state of Assam, which is indeed a backdrop of immense scenic beauty. The most striking phenomenon of this festival is the assimilation of different ethnic groups under one sky to exemplify the resplendency of their culture and heritage. Special events are organized round the clock and give a lot of scope to the general folk to participate in it.

Dehing Patkai Festival

This special festival of eastern Assam has derived its name from the lofty Patkai range and the playful Dehing River and is organized in the month of January every year. The festive celebrations are regarded as a heady cocktail of ethnic fairs, tea heritage tours, golfing, wildlife excursion, adventurous sports and down memory lane trips to World War II cemeteries and the Stilwell Road (once used as the passage to the Golden land of Myanmar).

Bohaggiyo Bishu Festival
Regarded as the most fascinating springtime festival of the Deoris, one of the four divisions of Chutiyas who are believed to have been members of the great Boro race, this is a time of merriment throughout the state of Assam. The term ‘Bishu’ claims to have its origin from the Chutiya word ‘Bishu’. The literal meaning of this term after breaking up the whole words stands as ‘Bi’, which signifies, extreme and ‘Su’ signifies rejoicing like other springtime festivals.

Festivals of Assam , India This springtime festival of the Mishing tribe is the most colorful festival held every year on the first Wednesday of the month ‘Ginmur Polo’ or the months of February/March. The literal meaning of the festival stands as ‘Ali’ signified as root/seed, ‘Ai’ which means fruit, and ‘Ligang’ means sow. The ceremonial sowing of paddy starts on this day. The young boys and girls perform a dance, which features brisk stepping, flapping and flinging of hands as well as swaying of hips thus representing youthful passion and reproductive urge. The festival continues for five days and rice, beer, pork and dried fish is essential for this feast. Certain social taboos and superstitions are maintained during this festival.

Baikho is another springtime festival, which is only celebrated to propitiate the extreme powerful Goddess of Wealth ‘Baikho’. The Rabha community of Assam, who do not have any national festival of their own mainly celebrates this festival with equal amount of pomp and grandeur. In the present times however the pomp and grandeur of this widely popular festival is not to be seen.

Dosa Thoi! Long Nai

Festivals of Assam , India This is one of the very important religious dance performed at the ‘Bathou Puja’ or while worshipping the destroyer of the Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva. During the performance of this widely popular dance the priestess called Deodhani dances with a bowel on her head, which stores the sacred blood of a sacrificed fowl. It is believed by the locals that while the priestess will perform this sacred dance Lord Shiva will snatch away the bowel from her head and drink the blood.

State Festivals
Elephant Festival
This is an important festival organized by the Forest Department and Tourism Department of the Government of Assam and is held at Kaziranga National Park every year for conservation and protection of Asiatic elephant. The festival will be marked by various activities from the domestic elephants as well as different cultural performances.

Brahmaputra Beach Festival
The Brahmaputra Beach Festival is organized by the Assam Boat Racing and Rowing Association of Guwahati on a sandy beach of the mighty River Brahmaputra in association with Tourism Department of the Government of Assam. This annual festive celebration is marked with different cultural programmes and adventurous participation in the arena of sports.

(Last Updated on : 20/03/2013)
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Festivals of Assam , India - Informative & researched article on Festivals of Assam , India
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