South Indian Tribes - Informative & researched article on South Indian Tribes
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South Indian Tribes
South Indian tribes are known for their simplicity and their brilliant craftsmanship.
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 South India occupies an enormous portion in India, with the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu comprising the four primary states. The most amazing fact that can be stated here is that all the four states redefine magnanimity and variety in every domain of existence. Beginning from metropolitan life to villages, hills or forests, South India governs its population and nature in a fantastic manner, blessed as they seem to be with God-gifted beauty. It becomes pretty obvious that tribes of South India are bound to be several in count, building up a separate life of their own. The numbers of South India tribes are perhaps unlimited with their motleyed existence, which has now gained popularity throughout the country. The ethnic consciousness and awareness that still prevails amongst the tribes, is mirrored through the activities and celebrations that they perform.
South Indian Tribes
The tribes of Tamil Nadu comprise significant number of population ranging from dwindling to massive. A striking fact about these Tamil tribes is the hugely contrasting and complementing relationship that they share. On one hand, a specific tribe is engaged in intellectual activity like tea or coffee cultivation, or mass milk producing and on the other hand some other tribe is engaged in yet-primordial activities like witchcraft or occult. The Todas occupy central position amongst Tamil Nadu tribes, with the most happening activities being performed by them. They are also legendary for their too artistic houses with ornate motifs. Kannada and Tamil are the dominant languages with the south-Indian tribes. The Kotas and the Irulas are also noteworthy within the tribals section in Tamil Nadu, excelling in handicrafts work and agriculture.

Tribes in Karnataka are astoundingly enormous in number, with the count exceeding a bare minimum. Karnataka being itself a state much under the presence of literacy, its tribes are also not lagging far behind. With Hinduism being the most prevalent religion, other religions are also seen to have their existence. Kannada being the most spoken language, Malayalam and Hindi also find place in this south-Indian tribe. Cultural performances in the form of theatrical representations, dances, dance-dramas are hugely popular in Karnataka tribes.

Simplicity and leading a peaceful way redefines tribes of Andhra Pradesh. Essentially divided into two categories of physical appearances, Andhra tribes also count to a huge number, mainly residing in the coastal areas of Bay of Bengal and mountainous regions of laid-back regions. South Indian tribes, a subject of interesting study, have essentially built a closed-up community, far away from the bustling cities. Hinduism being the basic religion of the numberless Andhra Pradesh tribes, rituals and ceremonies are strictly maintained. Contrary to such an ordered act, it is believed to bring down the wrath of the aboriginal God or clan-head.

AndhraPradesh Tribes Tribes of Kerala are perhaps the most unique among all the south Indian tribes discussed. Residing basically in the mountainous terrains of the state, they have been striving to uphold their indigenous traditions and customs from any foreign influence. That might be a solid reason for the tribes in Kerala to have remained exactly the way they were, for example 100 years back. Descending from the Dravidian clan, these south-Indian tribes have proven their every point every time they have embarked on to something. Wholly relying in rituals and tribal customs, they are heavily dependent on their own Almighty.

South Indian tribes excel in population count, with uniqueness emoting from domains of cuisine, costumes and ritualistic ceremonies. Rewriting the Dravidian system of existence, these non-Aryans have never been laid-back in their endeavours.

(Last Updated on : 24/12/2008)
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South Indian Tribes - Informative & researched article on South Indian Tribes
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