Lines of Hand, Indian Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Lines of Hand, Indian Palmistry
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Lines of Hand, Indian Palmistry
Lines of Hand in Palmistry depicts the human behaviour, capabilities as well as a person’s destiny. Lines of hand in Indian palmistry also help in predicting the hidden potential of a person.
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 Lines of Hand, Indian Palmistry Every individual, according to Indian Palmistry, is heavily influenced by the various lines of hands present in the palm of a person. The destiny and behaviour of individuals are closely associated with the lines of hands. As per Indian palmistry, each of the lines has separate names and distinctive functions. It is also believed that these lines are of various lengths in different persons and it affects the life of the individuals to a great extent. Indian palmistry is described as the science of reading and decoding meanings in order to analyse inherent nature, probable abilities and predicting the future of a person. Indian Palmistry is also known as Samudrika. It has been in practice since several thousand years. It is stated that Indian palmistry helps the individuals in identifying their unknown potentials and also guides them towards achieving their goals by studying the lines of hands. The different lines on human hand are mentioned below -

The Life line is also called the Jeevan Rekha. Life line in a palm depicts the general characteristics of the life of a person. The lifeline moves down the hand from the Mount of Jupiter to Mount of Venus, which controls the thumb. A smooth and deeply carved life line in a palm depicts healthy constitution, and a decent quality of life. Any type of Island or break in the lifeline depicts some undesirable events or illness likely to take place in a person's life. It also indicates the passage of time, illness and death, and other important life events. The ideal lifeline is said to be the semi-circular one, without any irregularities, thin and deep, breaks, or crosses of any kind.

Head Line
Lines of Hand, Indian Palmistry The Head line on the hand is associated with the intellectual capabilities of an individual. Palmists are of the opinion that this is the most important line while assessing an individual's personality and attitudes. It also signifies the physical condition of the human brain. The head line usually starts at a point between the destructive Mount of Jupiter and the Mount of Mars. Head line often ends at the defensive Mount of Mars but generally at the Mount of Mercury or the Mount of Luna.

Heart Line
The Heart line is the last of the three major lines of human hand. Heart line denotes one's ability to love, emotional stability and sexual happiness. It also depicts the healthiness of the heart. The Heart Line starts from the edge of the hand that is from the side of the little finger and travels across the top of the palm. The heart line can either be straight or curved. Palmistry states that heart line is connected with all the emotions of a person's life that are centred on love. A straight short heart line shows an emotionally cool person, who either bases the relationships on sex, or other practical aspects. A straight long heart line reaching the middle space beneath mount of Jupiter and mount of Saturn shows a person with warm emotions, but a tendency to put them under constant scrutiny. If the heart line ends between the forefinger and the middle finger, the person is said to become highly emotional and passionate.

Lines of Hand, Indian Palmistry Ring of Venus
The Ring of Venus is said to represent the creative ability of a person. If any line originates between Index finger and the finger of Saturn and passes encompassing the mount of Saturn and ends in between finger and the finger of Apollo, then such Ring is called the Ring of Venus. The ring of Venus denotes weaknesses in a human mind. Hence people having such kind of Ring are found to be weak and frail.

Health Line
The Health Line can commence from the mount of Mars or from Life Line or from any other place but it generally terminates at the mount of Mercury. It represents the growth or development of the illness. Health line lies straight down the hand. According to Indian palmistry, the straighter health line is said to be the better one. Further, it is excellent to be without a health line as its lack reflects an extremely well structure. Thus, the presence of health line in any form on hand depicts the presence of some weak point of life.

Line of Apollo
According to Palmistry, the Line of Apollo or Sun is a symbol of happiness and achievement in a person's life. In Hindi language it is known as Surya Rekha. Although the line can generate from various places, but it invariably finishes at the mount of Sun. Lines of Hand, Indian PalmistryThe line of Apollo on a person's hand depicts conscious aspects of the personality. The line of Apollo or Sun is basically a minor line and it indicates the success of a person in work. Thus, line of Sun is obviously important.

Destiny Line
Destiny line is also called 'Dhana Rekha' or 'Karma Rekha'. It is said to be the support of the other lines on the palm, as per Indian palmistry. The destiny line varies based upon the different formation of the palm. However, Destiny line is less noticeable on the elementary and on the square hands. But it is deep marked on the philosophic, the conic, or the psychic hands.

Thus, lines of hand in Indian palmistry can be very helpful in determining one's true nature, abilities, hidden talents, compatibility in marriage and other useful information related to life, career and health.

(Last Updated on : 21/03/2014)
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Lines of Hand, Indian Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Lines of Hand, Indian Palmistry
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