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Madhumati, Indian movie
`Madhumati`, The Indian movie directed by Bimal Roy stars Dilip Kumar and Vyjayntimala that released in 1958.
 Madhumati, Indian movieThe Indian movie, 'Madhumati', is a directorial piece of Bimal Roy, which was written by the famous filmmaker Ritwik Ghatak. The film is all about reincarnation. The film had a huge commercial success. It includes famous star cast of that era namely Pran, Dilip Kumar, Vyjayntimala, and Johnny Walker.

Synopsis of the Indian movie 'Madhumati'
On a stormy night with full of thunderstorm, Devendra played by Dilip Kumar drives down a hill road with his friend, to fetch his wife and child from the railway station. He is an engineer by profession A landslide blocks their path and the friends take shelter in an old mansion just off the road. Devendra finds the house uncannily familiar. In the large front room he finds an old portrait which he recognizes. The horror ambience extends to the doors of the haveli visually opening by it. But that is where the horror commonplaces end and what begins is a flashback of a love story. For Devendra suddenly goes through flash memories of a previous life. He recognizes places inside the mansion. He feels as if he has been there before. He knows that haunting voice he hears. A voice that echoes, 'Aaja re pardesi, Main to kab se khadi is paar'. Overwhelmed by all this, he goes into a hypnotic state and reveals everything to his friend about his previous life. His friend and the old caretaker join him, and Devendra, amidst flashes of memory from another life, sits down to tell his story while the storm rages outside.

Anand played by Dilip Kumar had come to Shyamnagar Timber Estate from a city. He comes there to work as its new manager. He is an artist in his spare time and to fulfill his this hobby he often roams the hills and forests with his sketching pad. Within a short period of time he falls in love with Madhumati played by Vyjayantimala. She is a tribal girl whose songs have haunted him from a distance. Soon Anand meets his employer, Ugranarayan played by Pran. He is a ruthless and arrogant man. He never gives respect to girls and think them as his servent. Anand refuses to bend down to him like the others, and incurs his wrath. Initially Madhumati's father played by Jayant was against to their relationship but later on he accepts it when Anand promises that he will marry his daughter. Ugranarayan is also enamored by Madhumati's beauty and begins to see her as a potential way of getting one over on the man he envies and detests.

On the otherhand, Anand also has enemies among his staff who have been fudging the accounts till his arrival. Left on her own for a few days while Anand and her father make important trips out of the village, Madhumati is tricked into falling into Ugranarayan's trap where she meets her tragic fate. Making this tragic discovery on his return to the village, Anand plunges into grief and despair. Anand learns from Charandas how Madhumati had been taken to Ugranarayan in his absence. He confronts Ugranarayan whose men beat him unconscious. Anand's life is saved, but his mind wanders. One day in the forest he meets a girl who looks exactly like Madhumati. Madhumati, Indian movieShe says she is Madhavi played by Vyjayantimala, but Anand refuses to believe her, and is beaten up by her companions when he tries to plead with her. Madhavi finds a sketch of Madhumati in the forest and realizes he was speaking the truth. She takes the sketch to the rest house where Anand now stays, and learns his story from Charandas. Meanwhile Anand is haunted by the spirit of Madhumati who tells him that Ugranarayan is her killer.

Seeing Madhavi at a dance recital where she dresses as a tribal girl, he appeals to her to pose as Madhumati and appear before Ugranarayan and help him get a confession out of him. She agrees. Returning to Ugranarayan's palace, Anand begs permission to do a portrait of him. Next evening with a storm brewing outside Anand paints Ugranarayan. At the stroke of eight, Ugranarayan sees Madhumati in front of him. Shaken, and pricked by Madhumati, he confesses the truth. He thinks that the ghost of Madhumati has come to him. The police who have been waiting outside the room now come and take him away. Anand suddenly realizes that the questions the false Madhumati asked to Ugranarayan were on matters even unknown to him. He becomes ashtonished and asks Madhavi how did she know where Madhumati was buried. The girl just smiles, and moves towards the stairs. Just at that time Madhavi dressed as Madhumati rushes into the room from the other side. She apololizes for her late, as the car failed on the way. Anand realizes that Madhumati herself had come and runs up to the terrace where her ghost waves him. She had fallen from the same terrace trying to escape Ugranarayan. Anand follows her falling to his death. Devendra's story is over.

'But,' he says 'I finally did have Madhumati as my wife. In this life in the form of 'Radha.' Just then news comes that the train in which his wife was travelling has met with an accident. The road has been cleared, and the two friends rush to the station. From one of the coaches, Devendra's wife Radha played by Vyjayantimala appears unhurt with her baby as well. It is often said that same man and woman live for seven births together, so if someone's love cannot get the proper end in one birth they will definitely be together in the next birth.

Cast and crew of 'Madhumati'
The casting of the film 'Madhumati' includes Dilip Kumar, Vyjayntimala, Pran, and Johnny Walker in pivotal roles. The movie is directed by Bimal Roy while it is written by Ritwik Ghatak. Dialogues are by Rajinder Singh Bedi. Editing is done by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Salil Chowdhury is the music director while the lyrics are penned by Shailendra.

Awards for 'Madhumati'
The movie is an award-winning movie, which has won many awards including filmfare best movie, best director, best actress, best music director, best supporting actor, best art direction, best female playback, and best editing. The actor Dilip Kumar got nomination for filmfare best actor award and Ritwik Ghatak was nominated for filmfare best story award.

(Last Updated on : 10/04/2014)
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Madhumati, Indian movie - Informative & researched article on Madhumati, Indian movie
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