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Indian Naturopathy
Employing natural elements in treating ailments is a century old healing disciple that made its presence felt when drugs and technology were not in vogue. Using nature and natural elements was always there and still stands as a constructive, drugless healing process which believes in staying healthy in accordance with the laws of nature.
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Sub Categories of Naturopathy
Nature Cure Treatments, Naturopathy  (342)
Nature Cure Treatments, Naturopathy
  Common Ailments  (67)
  Stomach Ailments  (49)
  Joint and Muscle Ailments  (33)
  Neurological Disorders  (24)
  Female Diseases  (21)
Indian Naturopathy  (141)
Indian Naturopathy
  Naturopathy and Diseases  (100)
  Weight Loss  (4)
  Diet Therapy  (2)
  Flower Remedies  (2)
  Water Therapy  (2)
Aromatherapy, Naturopathy  (109)
Aromatherapy, Naturopathy
  Aromatherapy Products  (59)
  Aromatherapy Massages  (22)
  Aromatherapy Oils  (11)
  Aromatherapy Oils Made of Trees ...  (1)
  Aromatherapy during Pregnancy  (1)
Magnetic Therapy, Indian Naturopathy  (29)
Magnetic Therapy, Indian Naturopathy
  Magnetic Therapy And Healing  (9)
  Magnetized Water  (6)
  Treatments in Magnet Therapy  
  Effect of Magnets on Body System...  
  Advantages of Magnetic Therapy  
Unani Medicine in India  (19)
Unani Medicine in India
  Development of Unani Medicine du...  (6)
  Development of Unani Medicine du...  (1)
  Development of Unani Medicine du...  
  Hakim Dawud Taqarrub Khan  
  Hakim Musammat Sati Al-Nisa  
Magnet, Naturopathy  (12)
Magnet, Naturopathy
  Types of Magnets  (1)
  Composition of Magnets  
  Magnetisation and Laws of Magnet...  
  Power and Qualities of Magnets  
  Magnetized Oils  
Primitive Medicinal Practices in India  (9)
Primitive Medicinal Practices in India
  Ancient Literature of Ayurveda  (5)
  Reformation of Ayurveda  
  Indo-European Mythical Medicine  
  Developments in Pre-Alexandrian ...  
Music Therapy, Naturopathy  (7)
Music Therapy, Naturopathy
  Music Therapy in Curing Disease  
  Techniques of Music Therapy  
  Autism Music Therapy  
  Music Therapy in Depression  
  Music Therapy in Alzheimer  
Mud Therapy, Indian Naturopathy  (5)
Mud Therapy, Indian Naturopathy
  Types of Mud Therapy  
  Mud Therapy as an Alternative Tr...  
  Mode of Treatment in Mud Therapy  
  History of Mud Therapy  
  Benefits of Mud Therapy  
Massage Therapy, Indian Naturopathy  (4)
Massage Therapy, Indian Naturopathy
  Types of Massages  
  Benefits of Massage Therapy  
  Methods of Massage Therapy  
  Disadvantages of Massage Therapy  
History of European Medical Education on Indian So...  (1)
History of European Medical Education on Indian Soil
  Growth of English Medicine in In...  
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