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Art & Culture
Indian Arts & Culture
India the colourful and vibrant land is as diverse as its people. The mosaic of art and culture, the potpourri of tradition, India stands as one of the oldest living civilization which has offered to the rest of the world the elemental sound ‘Aum,’ the concept of zero and the richness of yoga. A treasure of art and culture, India is just not a land but the storehouse of beauty, dream, tradition and verve.
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Art & Culture
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Art & Culture
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art_&_culture Categories of Indian Arts & Culture
Indian Monuments  (1505)
Indian Monuments
Sub Categories
 Indian Regional Monuments  (765)
 Indian Monuments  (336)
 Arts in India  (174)
 Indian Monasteries  (80)
 Palaces of India  (74)
Indian Festivals  (705)
Indian Festivals
Sub Categories
 Indian Regional Festivals  (311)
 Indian Religious Festivals  (98)
 Indian Customs and Rituals  (86)
 Indian Temple Festivals  (77)
 Indian Fairs or Melas  (56)
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Indian Dances  (696)
Indian Dances
Sub Categories
 Folk Dances of Indian States  (288)
 Classical Dances of India  (281)
 Indian Dancers  (42)
 Indian Regional Dance  (22)
 Indian Dance  (21)
Indian Crafts  (395)
Indian Crafts
Sub Categories
 Types of Indian Crafts  (212)
 Crafts of Indian States  (159)
 Indian Craft  (9)
 Crafts of Union Territories of India  (6)
 Indian Handicraft Associations  (4)
Indian Paintings  (256)
Indian Paintings
Sub Categories
 Painters of India  (126)
 Indian Painting  (44)
 Types of Indian Painting  (43)
 Indian Folk Painting  (23)
 Paintings in South India  (12)
Indian Sculpture  (229)
Indian Sculpture
Sub Categories
 Indian Temple Sculptures  (82)
 History of Indian Sculpture  (59)
 Indian Sculptures  (21)
 Indian Sculptors  (17)
 Types of Indian Sculpture  (15)
Indian Photography  (63)
Indian Photography
Sub Categories
 Indian Photographers  (23)
 Types of Photography  (20)
 Photo Journalism in India  (6)
 Indian Photography  (4)
 History of Indian Photography  (1)
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